What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 17


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Dec 25, 1966 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: The opening sponsor for tonight is Prell Concentrate shampoo.
      (2) "MEMOREX" WATCH: For tonight's prerecorded show, announcer Johnny Olson's intro leads off with the words, "And now, from New York..." for the second time since EPISODE #837 of November 20, 1966. This once-common practice of mentioning the show's origin on a pre-taped episode is an increasingly rare instance at this point in the show's history.
      (3) "WML?" PANEL WATCH: This evening, Suzy Knickerbocker becomes the fourth female guest panelist in the post-Kilgallen era, and the third outside of Phyllis Newman, to be introduced first. Announcer Johnny Olson's intro of Suzy seems modeled after that used for many years for the dear departed Dolly Mae, especially the final words "...and papers from coast to coast." However, once more, the "MISS KNICKERBOCKER" nameplate, with the smaller, hard-to-read type - and with a line of type still so long, it completely fills both ends of the nameplate - is displayed on the panel desk. It should be noted that John is now alternating between addressing Suzy by her first name and using the more formal "Miss Knickerbocker," mirroring the more formal nameplate. Also, this is Martin Gabel's seventh post-Dorothy appearance on the panel.
      (4) BAD PUN ALERT: As is customary in the holiday season, Bennett doesn't disappoint. This time he speaks of "our panel moderator" throwing a custard pie at "WML?" director Franklin Heller on Christmas Eve and nearly getting himself arrested for "carrying a congealed weapon" - a play on the phrase "carrying a concealed weapon." Mr. Cerf even manages to get a few chuckles from his fellow panel members, as well as from the audience, on this effort.
      (5) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: For GSN's January 28, 2008 airing of this episode, the shamefully disgraceful practice of "crunching" the end credit sequence is once again in force - although the cable and satellite channel waited until after Johnny Olson's ending announcement of who produced the show was over, to do so.
      (6) GSN's January 28, 2008 airing of tonight's show was followed by a rerun of the September 17, 1962 edition of "I've Got a Secret" hosted by Garry Moore, with the "classic '60's" panel of Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson, and celebrity guest Paul Anka. This episode was the first to employ a new logo design, with "I'VE GOT A" on two lines (set in Franklin Gothic), covering much of the screen, and a small, blinking "SECRET" (set in Alternate Gothic No. 3) inside the "A", which will be in use for the rest of its CBS run, as well as the accompanying jazzy theme music from the program's musical director, Norman Paris. It is also the first edition to announce that the show originated "live from New York," following in the footsteps of "WML?" which had done likewise effective with the previous (1961-1962) season. - W-B (2008)