What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 19


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 08, 1967 on CBS



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    • REVIEW: This was a fairly good night for the panel as they went a very respectable 2 for 3 on the evening. It was also "ladies night" because all the contestants, including this evening's mystery guest, were women. In the first game, Bennett correctly guessed that the grandmotherly lady from Phoenix, Arizona was the personal pilot of Senator Barry Goldwater. In fact, during the post game conversation, it was revealed that she taught both the Senator and his brother flying lessons. In the second game, the panel's luck went downhill because they were totally stumped by the rather cherubic lady who made thimbles. In the mystery guest round, Arlene, after the door was opened for her by Phyllis, correctly guessed that the mystery guest was Jane Fonda. Jane was on the show to promote her latest film, "The Game is Over," which was directed by her then husband Roger Vadim. John also brought up the fact that her father Henry and her little brother Peter were on the show a few weeks earlier and that now the whole family had appeared. This was definitely a nice way to end a very great night for the panel. - Sargebri (2008)

      GOLDWATER: As was mentioned in the first game, Mrs. Reinhold was the personal pilot of Senator Barry Goldwater. However, if things had gone as planned in 1964, Mrs. Reinhold wouldn't have played a role in one of the most ambitious plans in presidential campaigning history. In 1963, when Senator Goldwater was planning on running for the presidency, it was widely assumed that the 1964 election would be between him and President John F. Kennedy. The two candidates, who, despite their ideological differences, were very close friends, decided that they would tour the country by train and at each stop they would give speeches as part of their campaigns. Sadly, this plan never came to fruition due to President Kennedy's assassination. - Sargebri (2008)

      THE FONDA FAMILY: As John had mentioned following the mystery guest round with Jane Fonda, Jane's father Henry and her brother Peter were on the show a few weeks earlier. Interestingly, other than documentaries, all three Fondas never appeared in a film together. However, in 1981, Jane and Henry finally worked together in what would be Henry's final film, the classic "On Golden Pond." The film had a semi-autobiographical tone to it due to the fact that it was about the strained relationship between a father and his daughter. The film wound up winning three Academy Awards including Best Screenplay, Best Actress for Katherine Hepburn and Best Actor for Henry. In fact, this turned out to be the only Oscar win in his long and illustrious career. - Sargebri (2008)

    • NEW YEAR 1967: John and the panel happily celebrated the new year, as this was the first live show of the year. They were, unfortunately, unaware at the time that this would be their last year together as a group. - agent_0042 (2008)

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: Tonight's opening sponsor is Nytol sleep-aid tablets.
      (2) "LIVE" WATCH: This first live edition of 1967 is the 35th surviving kinescope of the post-Kilgallen era to retain the "live" wording uncut on the intro.
      (3) "WML?" PANEL WATCH: Phyllis Newman is once more seated on the far end of the panel. This is the ninth such occasion for her since Dorothy's tragic passing.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH AND GSN "REGULAR ROTATION" AIRING TALLY: On GSN's January 30, 2008 airing of this edition, "WML?" fans were once more painfully subjected to the distorted aspect ratio of the cable and satellite channel's "crunched" end credits. Aside from this 2008 airing in "regular rotation" and the 2006 airing as part of the Oscar tribute, the two prior "regular rotation" airings by GSN were on August 29, 2004, and before that, on June 5, 2002.
      (5) Following the January 30, 2008 airing of tonight's show, GSN ran the October 22, 1962 edition of "I've Got a Secret," hosted by Garry Moore, with the regular panel of Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson, and celebrity guest Janet Leigh. This was the first episode to have the end credits justified right towards the viewer's right side, while the overlay of the episode's sponsor (in this case, Toni Home Permanents) is on the lower left-hand corner. - W-B (2008)

    • GSN AIRS TRIBUTE TO ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS: GSN aired this episode on March 5, 2006 as part of a six-hour-long daytime tribute tying in to Academy Awards night. The tribute lineup that aired was as follows:
      a. "WML?" EPISODE #784 of October 3, 1965; with separate mystery guests Sean Connery and Henry Fonda.
      b. "WML?" EPISODE #844 of January 8, 1967; with mystery guest Jane Fonda.
      c. "WML?" EPISODE #489 of November 8, 1959; with mystery guest duo Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.
      d. "Password" (daytime edition), May 16, 1967, with celebrity panelists Elizabeth Montgomery and Martin Landau.
      e. "He Said, She Said" from 1970; with John Davidson, Sally Field, Nanette Fabray, Alejandro Rey and their respective spouses.
      f. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Michael Caine as mystery guest; taped May 14, 1970.
      g. "Match Game PM" from 1979; with panelists Bart Braverman, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Rita Moreno, Bill Daily and Patti Deutsch.
      h. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Gene Hackman ("Star of Film 'The French Connection'") as mystery guest; taped October 14, 1971.
      i. "I've Got a Secret" (syndicated 1972-1973 version, hosted by Steve Allen) with guest celebrity Cliff Robertson.
      j. "WML?" (syndicated version, color); with Dustin Hoffman as mystery guest and Joel Grey as guest panelist; taped December 10, 1968. - W-B
      k. "Password Plus" (from July 1979); with Patty Duke and Bill Cullen as guests.
      l. "Match Game '76" (from March 1976); with George Kennedy as guest panelist with fellow panelists Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Lee Meriwether, Richard Dawson and Betty White. - W-B (2006)

    • A visibly tired (she had bags under her eyes) but smiling Jane Fonda promoted her 1966 film which opened tonight, "The Game is Over." The French title is "La Curée." This film was directed by Jane's husband Roger Vadim. They were married from August 14, 1965 until their divorce on January 16, 1973. - Suzanne (2004)

      The panel had a pretty good night tonight. Bennett not only figured out that the first contestant was an employee of former presidential candidate Senator Barry Goldwater, he also cleverly deduced that she was his personal pilot. A comic at heart, Woody Allen got the biggest laugh of the evening when he asked her if she were Goldwater's psychiatrist. The next contestant totally stumped the panel. One point of confusion came when it was asked if the product could be worn below the waist. This really got the panel going, especially when the contestant was as feisty as Mrs. Brophy was. Phyllis asked her, "Is it made of either leather or plastic or metal?" Mrs. Brophy got a huge laugh when she replied, "Well, make up your mind." After the laughter calmed down, Phyllis said with a big smile, "I'm trying my best, Mrs. Brophy, you'll just have to bear with me." The panel was more successful in identifying mystery guest Jane Fonda. During the post round conversation, John mentioned the fact that her father, Henry, and brother, Peter, were both on the show a few weeks earlier. During this time period, Jane was married to French director Roger Vadim, a union which lasted from 1965 to 1973. A few years later, she would gain her infamous and long-lasting nickname of "Hanoi Jane" for her anti-war activities in Vietnam as she lent her support to the communist government in the north. She also lent her name to several radical causes. It it was through these activities that she met her second husband, former radical leader and Chicago Seven member, Tom Hayden. Five days after her marriage to Vadim ended, on January 21, 1973, she married Hayden. Her second marriage ended in divorce in 1990. But, it was during this Hayden period that she would win two Oscar Awards: a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as a call girl in the 1971 film "Klute" and a Best Actress Oscar for her role in 1978's "Coming Home." It was also during this period that she released a highly successful series of exercise videos. She married husband #3, media mogul Ted Turner, in 1991. They were married for ten years until their divorce in 2001. - Sargebri (2004)

    • In 1948, Reinhold and four other women established the Phoenix chapter of "The Ninety-Nines" (aka The 99s) an international flying organization of licensed women pilots. After years of flying Senator Goldwater around, she became the first women appointed to the Arizona Aeronautics Board, which eventually merged with the State Department of Transportation. - Julie Purdy, Pilot (2004)

    • Arizona has had its share of women aviators who have had an impact on history. Most notable was Ruth Reinhold, one of Arizona's first women pilots and author of "Sky Pioneering: Arizona in Aviation." Reinhold, who died in 1985, was Senator Barry M. Goldwater's personal pilot during his political campaigns. She was inducted into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame in 1991, a year after Goldwater, a World War II pilot who helped develop the Arizona Air National Guard, was inducted. - Thomas Ropp of The Arizona Republic, December 17, 2003

    • Tidbits: Phyllis Newman's right false eyelash was partially falling off during the evening. - Suzanne (2004)

    • Panel: Phyllis Newman, Woody Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

    • Brophy's Nu-Thimble is a pink plastic thimble with an opening for a long fingernail. It was patented by Stella Brophy in 1967. Stella was tired of waiting for engineers to manufacture a comfortable thimble, so she designed, patented, manufactured and distributed these thimbles herself! - Robbie Ann Crawford (2004)

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