What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 41


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 11, 1967 on CBS



  • Notes

    • This is Melina Mercouri's second and final appearance on WML. Her first appearance as a mystery guest was on the memorable EPISODE #633 of October 7, 1962, when an intruder walked on stage during her game. Tonight, Melina promoted her appearance in the 1967 Broadway musical, "Illya Darling," which ran at the Mark Hellinger Theatre for 320 total performances. Her second husband, director Jules Dassin, was mentioned during her post-game chat. They were married from 1966 until her death in 1994. Melina said that he was taking a trip to Israel. This was a dangerous time to be travelling there, since a war had just ended. The second Arab-Israeli war, also known as the Six-Day War, began on June 5, 1967 and ended on June 10, 1967. Israeli's Six-Day War was fought on three fronts against three countries, the Egyptians, the Jordanians, and the Syrians. Israeli was victorious. As a side note, Melina's year of birth is often incorrectly listed on the net as either 1923 or 1925. At some point in time, it was discovered that she was actually born on October 18, 1920. - Suzanne (2004)

      During her game, Bennett asked Melina Mercouri if she were Moshe Dayan, Israel's defense minister. Israel's war had just ended, and trouble was brewing in Melina's native Greece too. During the period of the Greek Junta military dictatorship in Greece from 1967 to 1974, Mercouri lived in France. When the Greek officials proclaimed she was no longer a Greek citizen, she said, "I was born Greek and I will die Greek. Mr. Pattakos was born a dictator and he will die a dictator." When democracy returned to her home country, she returned, and became first a member of the Parliament, and then Minister of Culture. Her great 1971 autobiography, published on Doubleday, was suitably called "I Was Born Greek." - Dan Albertson (2004)