What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 42


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 18, 1967 on CBS



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    • Before this kinescope was lost to history, the soundtrack of the "Mystery Guest" portion of this program was featured on the 1971 RCA Victor "dealers' premium" LP titled "The Golden Age of Television," which was commercially released in somewhat modified form on Warner Bros. Records in 1972.

      On the LP, in the section devoted to "WHAT'S MY LINE?," Arlene Francis is heard reminiscing about her years on the show while the recorded tracks of the show's opening {"WHAT'S MY LINE?, brought to you by Pronto, one-step floor care..."} and virtually the entire "Mystery Guest" segment are heard - although Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette" (aka "the Hitchcock theme") is also mixed in at times, even though that famous theme was never used on an episode of "WHAT'S MY LINE?" In spite of the additional background music, I was able to decipher virtually the entire sequence of dialogue. The transcript is presented below in a somewhat modified form.

      From: outoffog (aka Barry I. Grauman, 2006)

      John Daly: (to panel) Get your masks on. Are all of the masks in place, panel? [the panel acknowledges agreement]
      Bennett Cerf: Masks on.
      John Daly: Good! Will you enter, Mystery Challenger, and sign in, please?

      [The Mystery Guest - Betty Grable - enters and signs in on the chalkboard, to enthusiastic applause and appreciative wolf whistles from some overeager males in the audience. Betty then sits down next to Mr. Daly. At the time of this telecast, Betty Grable had just taken over the role of "Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi" as the star of "HELLO, DOLLY!" on Broadway.]

      John Daly: All right! Panel, as you know... {a few more wolf whistles are heard} ...we now revert again to the other form of questioning: one question at a time, in turn, moving clockwise. And we'll begin things with, um, Bennett Cerf.
      Bennett Cerf: Well, a couple of very big movies have opened in New York in the past few days. Are you connected with any one of them?
      Betty Grable: (in a little girl tone of voice) Nope!
      John Daly: [flips $5 card over] One down, and nine to go! Miss Newman.
      Phyllis Newman: Well, are you connected with the theater, or television?
      Betty Grable: (same girlish voice) Yep!
      John Daly: Mr. Grey.
      Joel Grey: (he says something "on the side" that could not be deciphered, but he ends by saying "Yep?" and the Mystery Guest answers "Nope!")
      Joel Grey: (now asking his game question) Are you appearing on Broadway at this time?
      Betty Grable: Yep!
      John Daly: Miss Francis.
      Arlene Francis: Are you appearing in a musical?
      Betty Grable: Yep!
      John Daly: Mr. Cerf.
      Bennett Cerf: A musical that has opened within the last four months?
      Betty Grable: (after a slight pause) Nope!
      John Daly: [flips $10 card over] That'll be two down, and eight to go! Miss Newman.
      Phyllis Newman: {on a hunch} Do you have terrific legs?
      [The audience responds approvingly, with several more wolf whistles in abundance.]
      John Daly: (with smug satisfaction) I'll answer that question, YES! Miss Francis.
      Arlene Francis: And, I'd rather imagine, it is the beautiful new "Dolly," Betty Grable?
      John Daly: That's absolutely right!

      [The panel chuckles as the audience applauds once more. At this point, the recording jumps to the point where Miss Grable is shaking hands with the panel. As she walks offstage, there is more wolf whistling in the background.]

      John Daly: Panel, you are due for some congratulations, and I give them to you! We'll have another contestant, after this word.

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