What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 45


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 09, 1967 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (This exchange took place during the introductions when Bennett Cerf, in the process of introducing Mr. Daly, was rudely interrupted by Henry Morgan.)
      Bennett Cerf: It's my pleasure tonight, as usual, to introduce our disgustingly articulate master of ceremonies. He's just back from his favorite, Tilton School up in New Hampshire, and he tells me, last night, one of the town folk came staggering in...
      Henry Morgan: (loudly interrupting Bennett) What time does this show go on?
      Bennett Cerf: Uh, may I finish, Henry?
      Henry Morgan: (sarcastically) I was hoping you would.
      Bennett Cerf: Uh, I won't bother. John Charles Daly.
      (John Daly comes out, takes his small bow, goes to his desk but does strike an slight, angry stare at Morgan. Daly is trying to smile, but it is quite clear that Daly is annoyed with Morgan.)
      John Daly: Well, actually, it's a good story so I'll finish it. If you don't mind, Henry, that is.
      Henry Morgan: Oh, I don't mind. I've got all night.
      John Daly: I don't know as we have, though.

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