What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 46


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 16, 1967 on CBS



  • Notes

    • REVIEW: The panel may have had a rough night tonight only, going 1 for 3, but it still was a very fun night. What made it so special was that WML's producer, Mark Goodson, was sitting in with the panel. In the first game, the panel failed to guess that the two identical twins from British Columbia via Scotland were octopus hunters. In the second game, Arlene correctly guessed that the young pre-med student from the University of Michigan was a Good Humor woman. The big surprise came in the mystery guest round when the panel was absolutely stumped by the four hosts of the Goodson-Todman quiz shows; Gene Rayburn of "Match Game," Bud Collyer of "To Tell the Truth," Allen Ludden of "Password" and Ed McMahon of "Snap Judgment." This definitely was seen as a rib on Mark as all four of his employees stumped the panel. It also was a nice touch to bring Johnny Olsen to the stage because, at one time or another, he was the announcer for all four shows. This definitely was a nice way to end the night. - Sargebri (2008)

      THE FOUR GOODSON-TODMAN HOSTS: The four hosts of the remaining Goodson-Todman game shows on CBS network television were the mystery guests for the evening. Unfortunately, all four shows would be cancelled within a year after the hosts appeared on WML tonight. An interesting fact was that three of the four programs ("To Tell the Truth," "Password" and "Match Game") would return within a few years. Below is a brief history of what the four hosts and Johnny Olson did after their respective shows were cancelled. - Sargebri (2008)

      GENE RAYBURN: Following the cancellation of the original version of "Match Game" in September 1969, Gene would resume his acting career and would appear in several Broadway productions. He also would make frequent appearances on the syndicated revivals of WML and TTTT. Interestingly, Gene would make two appearances on the CBS WML panel during its final weeks on the air, including the penultimate (next-to-last) episode. However, in June 1973, he would return to host CBS's revival of "Match Game." That version would become one of the most popular daytime game shows on television, as well as one of the wildest, with its double-entendre laden questions and panel of zanies, including Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly. Also, Allen Ludden's wife, Betty White, was a frequent panelist on that show. Sadly Gene passed away in 1999.

      ALLEN LUDDEN: Following the cancelation of "Password" in September 1967, Allen, like Gene, resumed his acting career. However, in 1971, Allen would return to host "Password" when it returned to television. However, instead of airing on CBS, the show aired on ABC from April 1971 to June 1975. The show returned in 1979 under the new name "Password Plus" with a similar format and Allen once again hosting. Unfortunately, Allen suffered a debilitating stroke in 1980, which forced him to quit hosting the show. Sadly, he would pass away a year later.

      BUD COLLYER: Following the cancellation of "To Tell the Truth" from the CBS prime time schedule, Bud would continue to host the daytime version of the show until it left the air in 1968. Bud also took time to return to the role the made him famous, the voice of "Superman" on Filmation's "Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure." Unfortunately, when it was announced that TTTT was returning to television as a five-day a week syndicated program in 1969, Bud, who had been suffering from a circulatory ailment, was too ill to return to the show as host. He would pass away on September 8, 1969. Ironically, on the day of Bud's death, the syndicated TTTT made its debut in many of the markets that it was airing.

      ED MCMAHON: Following the cancellation of "Snap Judgment," Ed would continue his other job as Johnny Carson's sidekick/announcer on "The Tonight Show" until Johnny's retirement in 1992. Ed would also continue to act as well as serve as co-host for the annual "Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon" for muscular dystrophy. Today in February 2008, Ed is still working as a pitchman for several products.

      JOHNNY OLSON: As John Daly mentioned, Johnny Olsen worked as the announcer for three of the four shows ("Snap Judgment," "To Tell the Truth" and "Match Game"). Johnny would stay in New York and serve as announcer for the syndicated versions of WML and TTTT until 1972 when he moved to Hollywood to become the announcer for the revival of another Goodson-Todman show, "The Price is Right," where he would utter the most famous phrase in quiz show history, "COME ON DOWN." Johnny would also serve as announcer for the "Match Game" revival. Sadly, Johnny passed away in 1985 as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. FAREWELL SUE!!!! This was Sue Oakland's final appearance on the show. While not chic as Aileen "Suzy Knickerbocker" Mehle or as cutesy as Phyllis Newman, Sue was definitely a stylish and intelligent addition to the panel. As of this writing in February 2008, she is still alive and well and living in New York. - Sargebri (2008)

      CANCELLATION WATCH - 869 DOWN, SEVEN TO GO!!! Tonight was probably the most blatant admission of the show's pending cancellation as Mark mentioned the fact that there were just eight more episodes (including this one) before show went off the air. Arlene also talked about the show's cancellation during her introduction of Bennett. Also, one of the more subtle signs of the show's cancellation was the appearances of Allen, Gene, Bud and Ed in the mystery guest round, in what could have been considered a tribute not only to Mark, but to WML as well. - Sargebri (2008)