What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 53


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 03, 1967 on CBS
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Johnny Olson announced at the outset of this episode, "And now, live from New York, for the 876th and last time, let's meet our What's My Line? panel."



Game 1: Arthur Feinberg, Dr. Seymour Kolodny, Pat Finch - (Dr. Kolodny signed in as S. W. Kolodny, and Pat Finch signed in as Patricia Finch. These three guests were also contestants on the very first episode. This first portion of the program is not played like a normal game. The three contestants walk on stage and place check marks by their pre-signed names on the sign-in board. John explains that they were previous contestants, and mentions that none of the panel members had been present on the first episode. Each panel member is then given a chance to guess what the contestant's occupation had been on the first episode 17.5 years earlier. The guesses are handled in a fashion similar to the early free wild guesses on WML. There are some hits and some misses from the panel, and even some confusion as to whether they are to guess their former or current occupation. After the guesses, John spoke individually to the contestants, and let them describe what their occupations were at the present in 1967. Arthur Feinberg is still an executive at the same company he worked for in 1950, Cascade Diaper Service. Seymour Kolodny, DVM is still a practicing veterinarian in Greenwich Village, New York. He mentions that this area of New York has changed quite a bit over the years. He still works primarily with cats and dogs. Pat Finch is the only contestant with a different line of work. She has been a stage actress, and mentions several Broadway plays she has preformed in. She now has a five year old son named Kenneth, but her married surname is never mentioned. John wishes them all continued success.)

Arthur Feinberg
Dr. Seymour Kolodny (4/17/1916 - 4/1992)
Pat Finch (b. 12/12/1926)

The next portion of this episode is a retrospective showing film clips. A television monitor on a tall stand has been wheeled on stage for the panel members to watch these old kinescope segments for the very first time. The monitor was situated in the area where the sign-in board usually resides. First shown is a clip of John from the first episode of February 2, 1950, followed by brief "memory clips" of each of the four panelists. These segments are: Early Arlene Francis on March 2, 1950; First Bennett Cerf on October 15, 1950; First Steve Allen on March 4, 1951; Early Martin Gabel on December 23, 1956. John also states that the show has had sadness too, and mentions both Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen as being missed.

Game 2: Mr. Louis Furgiale (pronounced Fur-gee-elli) - "Claims Handler for the New York Unemployment Bureau" (Salaried. This portion of the show is played as a normal game. Mr Furgiale's first name is never given and John didn't ask. In the post-game conversation, the contestant said he doesn't really expect to see the panel members in his office!)

Game 3: John Daly (2/20/1914 - 2/24/1991) (as Mystery Guest) This is an enormously fun segment! John walks quickly off stage, then walks back on and signs in to tremendous applause. He then answers the panel's questions in a very high-pitched voice.

For the final portion of this episode, John brings Mark Goodson and Bill Todman on stage. They sit down and each give a brief speech. Executive Producer Gil Fates and Director Franklin Heller are also mentioned as being instrumental to the success of WML. John calls Johnny Olson up on stage, and Johnny walks behind the moderator's desk, shakes John's hand, but does not speak. Next, it's time for each panel member to say a very brief goodbye. As Arlene states, it is hard for them, in only a few seconds, to sum up they joy and gratitude they have felt for 17.5 years. John then says good night, and this brings an end to the c Goodson-Todman CBS 1950 to 1967 What's My Line?



Martin's closing remarks are: "I've enjoyed it very much. Good luck to us all."

Arlene's closing remarks are: "Twenty seconds is a very short time after seventeen and a half years to say goodbye to all of our friends. My feelings are too deep to make up for that ratio in time. But, thank you all deeply, and very good luck to our replacement."

Steve's closing remarks are: "Arlene, you took the words right out of my mouth. Good night."

Bennett's closing remarks are: "Well, this is the end of one of the most rewarding, wonderful experiences in my life. I've enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope a lot of you who have watched this have enjoyed it too. Thank you for supporting us. And John, I hope you're going to be a beautiful Voice of America."

John Daly's closing remarks are: "Thank you, thank you Bennett, and good night, ladies and gentlemen, for having been with us for seventeen and a half years with What's My Line?"


All 876 "What's My Line?" episode synopses have been written by Suzanne Astorino.


For a 1950 to 1967 timeline of the CBS studios used by What's My Line?, see the notes to EPISODE #1.


Dorothy Kilgallen first appears on EPISODE #1 of February 2, 1950
Arlene Francis first appears on EPISODE #2 of February 16, 1950
Bennett Cerf first appears on EPISODE #20 of October 15, 1950
Steve Allen first appears on EPISODE #40 of March 4, 1951
Martin Gabel first appears on EPISODE #340 of December 9, 1956

Robert Q. Lewis first appears on EPISODE #59 of July 15, 1951
Ernie Kovacs first appears on EPISODE #327 of September 9, 1956
Tony Randall first appears on EPISODE #327 of September 9, 1956
Phyllis Newman first appears on EPISODE #650 of February 3, 1963




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