What's My Line?

Season 18 Episode 53


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 03, 1967 on CBS



  • Notes

    • CANCELLATION WATCH - 876 DOWN, NONE TO GO!!! Tonight was the one episode that longtime fans thought never would come; the end of "What's My Line?" As Johnny Olson made that announcement, it was almost a sad occasion. However, the panel seemed to be happy as they walked to their respective spots on the stage. Also, because of the special nature of the evening, there was only one regular game and an unusual mystery guest round with a very surprising mystery guest. After the introductions, John called three very special guests to the stage; Patricia "Pat" Finch, Dr. Seymour Kolodny and Arthur Feinberg. The panel was then asked to guess what the three contestants were up to now by doing something that they hadn't done in a while, the wild guess. First up was Arthur Feinberg and it was Steve and Bennett who correctly guessed that he worked for a diaper service. In fact, Mr. Feinberg was still working for the diaper service that he was employed by when he first appeared on the show. However, he was now a high-ranking executive with the company. Next up, the panel had to guess what Dr. Kolodny was up to. Only Steve correctly guessed that Dr. Kolodny was still working as a veterinarian. Up last was Pat Finch, but none of the panel guessed what her occupation was at the present time. Pat, who was the inaugural contestant on WML all those years ago, had been working as a hat check girl at the time of her 1950 appearance on the show. She changed her occupation by finally becoming a working actress on both the Broadway stage and in television commercials. However, the biggest change for her was taking on the job of mom to a now five year old son. Next up, a television monitor was rolled onto the stage and various WML highlights were played on the screen, including the first appearances on the panel for Bennett, Steve and Martin as well as a classic clip of Arlene. John then paid the highest tribute to Arlene by saying that she had gotten more beautiful every year. In the only regular game of the evening, the panel never realized the rib that was being played on them when they failed to guess that the gentleman from New York worked for the Unemployment Bureau; not that any of them needed his services. In the mystery guest round, the panel really got ribbed when the mystery guest was none other than John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly himself. However, Bennett smelled a rat, or rather, eight of them, as soon as John opened his big mouth. After a couple of minutes, Bennett finally made the identification. It was at that point that John revealed after all those years that he himself was the stand-by mystery guest in case the scheduled guest didn't show up. John finally called out the show's producers, Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, to finally ring down 17 glorious years of "What's My Line?" The pair talked about all the changes that happened during the show's run and they said that it would be strange to not have the show on after that night. They then showed the class that the show was built on by bringing out Johnny Olson, and after that, it was over. "What's My Line?" - the longest running game show in prime time history - was no more. This truly was the end of the line. - Sargebri (2008)

      FRED AND DOLLY MAE!!! After showing the highlight package, John mentioned the late Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen. Unfortunately, there were no clips of either of them shown during the highlights. Perhaps it was done this way to help keep the mood lively rather than bring it down by showing clips of the two late panelists. But, if you listen closely to the clip of Steve's first appearance, you can hear Dorothy's voice in the background. - Sargebri (2008)

      PAT FINCH!!! Tonight marked the third, and final, appearance for Pat Finch on the show. Pat was the very first contestant on WML and she returned five years after that to appear on the show's fifth anniversary telecast. At the time of her second appearance, she had quit her job as a hat check girl and had become a chorus girl on Broadway. - Sargebri (2008)