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  • Season 18
    • EPISODE #876
      EPISODE #876
      Episode 53

      Johnny Olson announced at the outset of this episode, "And now, live from New York, for the 876th and last time, let's meet our What's My Line? panel."



      Game 1: Arthur Feinberg, Dr. Seymour Kolodny, Pat Finch - (Dr. Kolodny signed in as S. W. Kolodny, and Pat Finch signed in as Patricia Finch. These three guests were also contestants on the very first episode. This first portion of the program is not played like a normal game. The three contestants walk on stage and place check marks by their pre-signed names on the sign-in board. John explains that they were previous contestants, and mentions that none of the panel members had been present on the first episode. Each panel member is then given a chance to guess what the contestant's occupation had been on the first episode 17.5 years earlier. The guesses are handled in a fashion similar to the early free wild guesses on WML. There are some hits and some misses from the panel, and even some confusion as to whether they are to guess their former or current occupation. After the guesses, John spoke individually to the contestants, and let them describe what their occupations were at the present in 1967. Arthur Feinberg is still an executive at the same company he worked for in 1950, Cascade Diaper Service. Seymour Kolodny, DVM is still a practicing veterinarian in Greenwich Village, New York. He mentions that this area of New York has changed quite a bit over the years. He still works primarily with cats and dogs. Pat Finch is the only contestant with a different line of work. She has been a stage actress, and mentions several Broadway plays she has preformed in. She now has a five year old son named Kenneth, but her married surname is never mentioned. John wishes them all continued success.)

      Arthur Feinberg
      Dr. Seymour Kolodny (4/17/1916 - 4/1992)
      Pat Finch (b. 12/12/1926)

      The next portion of this episode is a retrospective showing film clips. A television monitor on a tall stand has been wheeled on stage for the panel members to watch these old kinescope segments for the very first time. The monitor was situated in the area where the sign-in board usually resides. First shown is a clip of John from the first episode of February 2, 1950, followed by brief "memory clips" of each of the four panelists. These segments are: Early Arlene Francis on March 2, 1950; First Bennett Cerf on October 15, 1950; First Steve Allen on March 4, 1951; Early Martin Gabel on December 23, 1956. John also states that the show has had sadness too, and mentions both Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen as being missed.

      Game 2: Mr. Louis Furgiale (pronounced Fur-gee-elli) - "Claims Handler for the New York Unemployment Bureau" (Salaried. This portion of the show is played as a normal game. Mr Furgiale's first name is never given and John didn't ask. In the post-game conversation, the contestant said he doesn't really expect to see the panel members in his office!)

      Game 3: John Daly (2/20/1914 - 2/24/1991) (as Mystery Guest) This is an enormously fun segment! John walks quickly off stage, then walks back on and signs in to tremendous applause. He then answers the panel's questions in a very high-pitched voice.

      For the final portion of this episode, John brings Mark Goodson and Bill Todman on stage. They sit down and each give a brief speech. Executive Producer Gil Fates and Director Franklin Heller are also mentioned as being instrumental to the success of WML. John calls Johnny Olson up on stage, and Johnny walks behind the moderator's desk, shakes John's hand, but does not speak. Next, it's time for each panel member to say a very brief goodbye. As Arlene states, it is hard for them, in only a few seconds, to sum up they joy and gratitude they have felt for 17.5 years. John then says good night, and this brings an end to the c Goodson-Todman CBS 1950 to 1967 What's My Line?



      Martin's closing remarks are: "I've enjoyed it very much. Good luck to us all."

      Arlene's closing remarks are: "Twenty seconds is a very short time after seventeen and a half years to say goodbye to all of our friends. My feelings are too deep to make up for that ratio in time. But, thank you all deeply, and very good luck to our replacement."

      Steve's closing remarks are: "Arlene, you took the words right out of my mouth. Good night."

      Bennett's closing remarks are: "Well, this is the end of one of the most rewarding, wonderful experiences in my life. I've enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope a lot of you who have watched this have enjoyed it too. Thank you for supporting us. And John, I hope you're going to be a beautiful Voice of America."

      John Daly's closing remarks are: "Thank you, thank you Bennett, and good night, ladies and gentlemen, for having been with us for seventeen and a half years with What's My Line?"


      All 876 "What's My Line?" episode synopses have been written by Suzanne Astorino.


      For a 1950 to 1967 timeline of the CBS studios used by What's My Line?, see the notes to EPISODE #1.


      Dorothy Kilgallen first appears on EPISODE #1 of February 2, 1950
      Arlene Francis first appears on EPISODE #2 of February 16, 1950
      Bennett Cerf first appears on EPISODE #20 of October 15, 1950
      Steve Allen first appears on EPISODE #40 of March 4, 1951
      Martin Gabel first appears on EPISODE #340 of December 9, 1956

      Robert Q. Lewis first appears on EPISODE #59 of July 15, 1951
      Ernie Kovacs first appears on EPISODE #327 of September 9, 1956
      Tony Randall first appears on EPISODE #327 of September 9, 1956
      Phyllis Newman first appears on EPISODE #650 of February 3, 1963



    • EPISODE #875
      EPISODE #875
      Episode 52

      Game 1: Miss Brenda Bertke & Miss Judy Choate - "Count Worms" (salaried; these young teenage girls work for Elliott's Wholesale Bait Shop in their hometown of Brooklyn, MI; John was unaware that Michigan also had a Brooklyn; this is their summer job; they appear to be about age 14)

      Game 2: Miss Hazel Bryan - "United Nations Interpreter" (salaried; African-American; she translates both French and Spanish into English; she has been employed by the U.N. for 2 years; John said that she was a "simultaneous interpreter"; from Jamaica, West Indies)

      Game 3: Hugh O'Brian (4/19/1925 - 9/5/2016) (as Mystery Guest)

    • EPISODE #874
      EPISODE #874
      Episode 51
      Game 1: Miss Joan Gordon - "Private Detective" (salaried; she works for Baletti, Inc., and investigates bounced checks, among other duties; at Bennett's prompting, she divulges what today in 2004 would be considered confidential information, namely, that her firm also has been hired by the Governor of Florida, and when Bennett continues to pry, John wisely cuts him off; from Miami, FL)

      Game 2: Mrs. Ingrid Twinn - "Makes Horse Blankets" (salaried; she works for "C Bar M Enterprises, Inc." in her hometown of Colorado Springs, CO; as of 2004, this company is still in existence)

      Game 3: Jill St. John (b. 8/19/1940) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #873
      EPISODE #873
      Episode 50
      Game 1: Dwight Sullivan - "Catches Lightning Bugs (For Research)" (salaried; he works for Johns Hopkins University and is the Captain of his team which caught 600,000 lightning bugs using nets; the insects' bioluminescence is studied; in the fall, he will be a junior at the University of Tennessee; from Oak Ridge, TN)

      Game 2: Miss Daphne Ward - "Sells Paint" (salaried; she works for The Flecto Company, Inc.; she said that she is one of the few women in her specific line of work; she travels to all 50 states making calls on heavy industry such as lumber mills; from San Francisco, CA)

      Game 3: Woody Allen (b. 12/1/1935) (as Mystery Guest) He signs in as John Dillinger. . .moreless
    • EPISODE #872
      EPISODE #872
      Episode 49
      Game 1: Miss Elizabeth Collins - "Target in Knife Throwing Act" (self-employed; originally from London, England, currently from New York; she works with her father in their acrobatic circus act which is called Elizabeth & Collins; he stands on a slack wire and throws knives at her while she is on a rotating board; they have appeared on variety shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and Hollywood Palace; we were told that for many years before Elizabeth became the target in this knife throwing act, her mother had been the target; when John asked her why she looked so calm when she has daring work to do, she replied that her father always missed; even though only half the act appeared, I'll place a link to their database, Elizabeth and Collins)

      Game 2: Chuck Schack - "Sells Sandpaper" (self-employed; he is a jobber who carries 38 varieties of sandpaper; he sets up his display in a rack called The Schack Rack, which has a stop sign on the top; he is a great contestant who smiles a lot and has a sense of humor; his formal name is probably Charles Schack; he said that his surname is pronounced as shack, like an old house; from Kenmore, NY)

      Game 3: Jack E. Leonard (4/24/1910 - 5/9/1973) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #871
      EPISODE #871
      Episode 48
      Game 1: Miss Maureen Mardle - "Giraffe Keeper" (salaried; she works at the Plymouth Zoo in England where she takes care of 19 giraffes; from Plymouth, England)

      Game 2: Charles Rowly - "Builds Saunas (Finnish Dry Heat Baths)" (self-employed; for 3 years, he has been the President of Arctic Sauna Company; his grandfather also made saunas; from Somerville, NJ)

      Game 3: Peggy Cass (5/21/1924 - 3/8/1999) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Bobby Hearn - "Retrieves Lost Golf Balls" (self-employed; using a device with rubber disks on a harrow, he collects 1000 balls per week and sells them back to the golf clubs; he will be entering the University of Georgia in the fall; from Atlanta, GA) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #870
      EPISODE #870
      Episode 47


      Game 1: Miss Sylvia Hitchcock (1/31/1946 - 8/15/2015)(as Mystery Guest #1) - "Miss Universe 1967" (Sylvia Louise Hitchcock from Tuscaloosa AL; representing the USA; Pageant held July 15, 1967 in Miami Beach, FL)

      Game 2: A person who "Sells Doors"

      Game 3: Lauren Bacall (9/16/1924 - 8/12/2014) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: A female "TV Director"

      Immediately prior to tonight's live broadcast, the future EPISODE #875 of August 27, 1967 was taped for airing in several weeks. - Suzanne (2004)

      I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004)

    • EPISODE #869
      EPISODE #869
      Episode 46
      Game 1: John McGuire & Frank McGuire (identical twins) - "Octopus Fishermen" (self-employed; originally from Glasgow, Scotland; currently from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; they wear scuba gear, squirt copper sulfate in the lair to make the octopi scatter, and wrestle them to the surface; the octopi weigh up to 150 lbs and are sized up to 22 feet across)

      Game 2: Miss Sandy Driggin - "Good Humor Man" (salaried; she has her own white Good Humor truck and wears a uniform while on the job; she works in the Lindenhurst, NY area; very few women have her same position at the Good Humor Ice Cream Company; she is a pre-med student, a senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in economics; from Forest Hills, NY)

      Game 3: Bud Collyer, Allen Ludden, Ed McMahon, & Gene Rayburn (as Mystery Guests) - "Hosts of Goodson-Todman TV Shows."

      Bud Collyer (6/18/1908 - 9/8/1969)
      Allen Ludden (10/5/1917 - 6/9/1981)
      Ed McMahon (3/6/1923 - 6/23/2009)
      Gene Rayburn (12/22/1917 - 11/29/1999)

    • EPISODE #868
      EPISODE #868
      Episode 45
      Game 1: Mrs. Judith Danielsen - "Teaches Judo & Karate" (salaried; she works for Jukate, Inc. and teaches women and children a discipline called Jukate which is explained as being a combination of the two martial arts shown on the occupation overlay screen, Judo and Karate; she does not instruct men; she holds a black belt in Jukate; from Jamaica Estates, Long Island, NY)

      Game 2: Harry Ball - "Dentist For Horses" (self-employed; from Orlando, FL; he has been in this occupation for 26 years; he travels 75,000 miles per year and treats 2,000 to 3,000 horses annually; John mentioned that he was a contestant 13 years ago; indeed, he was a guest on EPISODE #196 of February 28, 1954, but at that time, he lived in Syracuse, NY; he is almost certainly a veterinarian, DVM, yet John calls him Mr. Ball; we never find out if Harry is a nickname for Harold or Harrison, but net research indicates his name may have been Harold R. Ball; see additional notes below)

      Game 3: Everett M. Dirksen (1/4/1896 - 9/7/1969) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as Everett McKinley Dirksen.

      Game 4: Bob Gusikoff (3/28/1936 - 10/19/2006) (better known as Bobby Gusikoff) - "Professional Ping Pong Player" (self-employed; he is the U.S. and the Canadian ping pong champion; he also performs table tennis exhibitions; from NYC) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #867
      EPISODE #867
      Episode 44
      Game 1: Corky Carroll (b. 9/29/1947) - "Professional Surfer (U.S. Champion)" (self-employed; John said he was the #1 surfer in the USA; he is 19 years old and uses a Hobie Surfboard; from Laguna, CA; see notes below)

      Game 2: Miss Barb Groom - "Raises Pigs" (self-employed; she is a college student at Washington State College, but her home town is Stockton, CA; she has a registered herd of over 100 high-quality Duroc pigs; 2 years ago, she had the champion female pig at the 1965 California State Fair; she later became a pharmacist, but as of 2004, Barbara Groom owns and operates the Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe in Eureka, California; visit their web page below)

      Lost Coast Brewery

      Game 3: Betty Comden & Adolph Green (as Mystery Guest Duo) He signed her name and she signed his name; the overlay screen read: Authors of "Hallelujah, Baby!" "Bells Are Ringing" "On the Town" etc.

      Betty Comden (5/3/1917 - 11/23/2006)
      Adolph Green (12/2/1914 - 10/23/2002)

      Game 4: James Sorgi - "Makes Fireworks" (self-employed; he is the President of the American Fireworks Company, which was started by his father in 1904; he is the 4th generation of their family to run the business; from Hudson, OH)
    • PREEMPTED WEEK #25 OF 25
      PREEMPTED WEEK #25 OF 25
    • EPISODE #866
      EPISODE #866
      Episode 42


      Game 1: F. Lee Bailey (b. 6/10/1933) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Criminal Lawyer"

      Game 2: A female men's barber (the 13th and last of the lady barber run)

      Game 3: Betty Grable (12/18/1916 - 7/2/1973) (as Mystery Guest #2; read the transcript of this segment in the "Quotes" section below)

      Game 4: A person who lectures on the stock market in Grand Central Terminal, NY

      I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #865
      EPISODE #865
      Episode 41
      Game 1: Miss Jerry Watmore - "Trains Whales" (salaried; she works for the Seattle Public Aquarium; she trains a baby Killer Whale to shake hands and to roll over; there originally were 2 baby Killer Whales at the Seattle Aquarium but one died; the names of the whales were not stated; a Killer Whale is not really a whale, it's an Orca, which is the largest member of the dolphin family; John did not ask her if her first name was a nickname; from Seattle, WA; in the future, Jerry also appears on the syndicated version of WML; see notes below)

      Game 2: Miss Kelly Lange (b. 1/1/1937) - "Broadcasts Traffic Reports from Helicopter" (salaried; on the job, she is known as Dawn O'Day; from Los Angeles, CA; in the future, Kelly also appears on the syndicated version of WML; see notes below)

      Game 3: Melina Mercouri (10/18/1920 - 3/6/1994) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Geoff Sidebottom (12/26/1936 - 11/3/2008) - "Professional Soccer Player (New York Generals)" (salaried; from Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, he is a goalkeeper for the newly formed National Professional Soccer League; he'll be a goalie in a game against the "St. Louis Stars" on Wednesday)

      A note in Gil Fates' handwritten logs, written underneath the notation for Game 4 states: "Interrupted by U.N. Security Council." Net research shows that the U.N. Security Council passed "Resolution 236 (1967) of 11 June 1967" on the same day that this episode was broadcast. Resolution 236 dealt with issues regarding the situation in the Middle East between Israel and Syria. - Suzanne (2008)
    • EPISODE #864
      EPISODE #864
      Episode 40
      Game 1: Jean Shrimpton (b. 11/7/1942) (as Mystery Guest #1; other than her name, no occupation overlay screen was used; born in England, long-legged, square-jawed Jean Shrimpton was one of the top fashion models of the 1960s; she was visiting America to promote Londonderry hair products from Yardley; John also mentioned that she was going to appear in her first motion picture, which was the 1967 British film "Privilege")

      Game 2: Paul H. Smith "Makes Tents" (self-employed; this elderly man is the President of Smith Awning & Tent Company in his home town of Auburn, NY; he makes tents of all , from pup-tents to large circus tents)

      Game 3: Jack Jones (b. 1/14/1938) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: Mrs. Andrea Ritchie - "Sells Motorcycles" (salaried; she sells Honda Motorcycles at Sportscar Salon, Ltd. in Flushing, NY; she is originally from Miami, FL) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #863
      EPISODE #863
      Episode 39
      Game 1: Mrs. Tammy Thorne - "Teaches Weightlifting" (self-employed; her business, Thorne's Health Spa, is in her home town of Pendleton, Oregon; she can lift 170 lbs, which seems amazing when you see her, as she has a thin build)

      Game 2: Howard Kennedy - "Perfume Sniffer (Tests Fragrances)" (salaried; he is an apprentice in the "Quality and Odor Control" department of Revlon Cosmetics Company; originally from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, which is near Jacksonville, FL, but he works in the New York area)

      Game 3: Lawrence Welk (3/11/1903 - 5/17/1992) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #862
      EPISODE #862
      Episode 38

      Game 1: Miss Jeannette Campbell - "Deals Blackjack (for Gambling Casino)" (salaried; from London, England, she works at a Casino called "Room at the Top" in Ilford, England)

      Game 2: Trevor Bettles - "Kangaroo Keeper (at Expo 67)" (salaried; from North Australia, he is working in the Australian Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada, providing care to 20 kangaroos and 10 wallabies)

      Game 3: The Supremes (as Mystery Guest Trio) Diana Ross (b. 3/26/1944) Mary Wilson (b. 3/6/1944) Florence Ballard (6/30/1943 - 2/22/1976)

      Game 4: Miss Julie (surname not signed or given) - "Chauffeur for Rental Limousine" (when John asked her what her last name was, she replied, "I never tell"; salaried; she works for the "Bunny Limousine Service" and dresses up as a bunny for work; it is unknown if this service has any connection to Playboy Magazine, but I don't think so; she is the only female limo driver in NY; there was an article in the paper about her that Suzy had seen; from NYC) . .

    • EPISODE #861
      EPISODE #861
      Episode 37
      Game 1: Mrs. Edith Henderson - "Sells Screw Drivers" (salaried; she is the regional sales manager for Rosco Products, which is owned by Rosenberg Brothers & Company; her region is the entire Eastern seaboard; from Smithtown, NY)

      Game 2: Miss Carolann Collura - "Sells Hot Dogs From Push Cart" (self-employed; she is a licensed push cart peddler, as were her grandfather and both parents before her; she sells all-beef wieners in natural casings with all the fixings such as sauerkraut, onions and mustard; her sales territory is near the Kings County Hospital; from Brooklyn, NY)

      Game 3: Allan Sherman (11/30/1924 - 11/20/1973) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #860
      EPISODE #860
      Episode 36
      Game 1: John Gilbey - "Makes Gin" (he signed in as Mr. X to avoid name recognition and the panel was not blindfolded; self-employed; he said his great-grandfather founded Gilbey's London Dry Gin in 1857, and that the gin is now made in 30 countries; John said he was "the boss" at Gilbey's; from London, England)

      Game 2: Edward Balaza - "Washes Windows in Empire State Building" (salaried; he works for the Terminal Window Cleaning Company and cleans windows from the 50th to the 64th floors; from Bellmore, Long Island, NY)

      Game 3: Leslie Uggams (b. 5/25/1943) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Mrs. Judy Kochy - "Drives School Bus" (salaried; she drives a bus for 50 children in Woodbridge Township in New Jersey; from Nixon, NJ)

      Immediately prior to tonight's live broadcast, the future EPISODE #861 of May 14, 1967 was taped for airing next week. - Suzanne (2008) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #859
      EPISODE #859
      Episode 35
      Game 1: Mrs. Karen Hidalgo (11/14/1923 - 3/19/1997) - "Conducts Orchestra For Broadway Musical: Illya Darling" (her professional name is Karen Gustafson, but she signed in under her married name of Hidalgo; she has also conducted other Broadway plays; salaried; the WML occupation overlay screen misspelled "Illya Darling" as "Ilya Darling"; from New York City, NY)

      Game 2: Walter Medrano - "Makes Hammocks" (self-employed; he owns a company in Venezuela named "Mini-Hamaca"; hamaca is Spanish for hammock; he designed a synthetic material that is partly nylon, and the compact hammock can hold up to 1,850 lbs., yet can still fold up flat and fit in a pocket or a suede pouch; from Guayaquil, Ecuador)

      Game 3: Raquel Welch (b. 9/5/1940) (as Mystery Guest)

      Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for a person who was a "Professional Soccer Player for the N.Y. Generals." - Suzanne (2008)
    • EPISODE #858
      EPISODE #858
      Episode 34
      Game 1: Miss Elisabeth Christenson - "Fishing Instructor" (salaried; tall blonde; employed as a fishing pro, she teaches people how to fish on the 1000 ft. pier at the Newport Resort Hotel in Miami Beach, FL; the hotel also owns a yacht and she takes groups on ocean fishing expeditions; she has a history of boating and water sports in her family because her father in Sweden designs and builds boats; born in Sweden, now from Miami, FL)

      Game 2: John Thompson - "Sharpens Pencils (in Pencil Factory)" (salaried; from Atkins, IA; he works at the Souvenir Pen and Pencil Company in Cedar Rapids, IA; they sharpen 50,000 pencils per shift; this game is notable for the segment where guest panelist Michele Lee points her pencil at the contestant during questioning, inadvertently generating audience laughter)

      Game 3: Groucho Marx (10/2/1890 - 8/19/1977) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in by writing "take the lead out," which was a reference to the guest in the previous game.

      Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for a person who "Designs And Makes Sunglasses." However, on the same day that this episode was taped, EPISODE #857 of April 16, 1967 was also aired live, directly after the taping of tonight's episode. The person who made sunglasses was a contestant on that live episode. Unfortunately, that episode is lost to history. - Suzanne (2004) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #857
      EPISODE #857
      Episode 33

      Game 1: A person who is a "Criminal Lawyer"

      Game 2: A person who "Sells Baby Carriages"

      Game 3: Candice Bergen (b. 5/9/1946) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: A person who "Designs And Makes Sunglasses"

      I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004)

      The name of the criminal attorney is not listed in Gil's logs, so evidently the person was not a celebrity. - Suzanne (2004) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #856
      EPISODE #856
      Episode 32


      Game 1: A person who "Makes Dice"

      Game 2: A person who is a "Registered Nurse"

      Game 3: Soupy Sales (1/8/1926 - 10/22/2009) (as Mystery Guest)

      Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for a person who "Raises Great Danes." However, on the day this episode was taped, March 5, 1967, EPISODE #852 of March 5, 1967 was also aired live. The lady who bred Great Danes, Miss Jean Lanning from England, was a contestant on that episode. - Suzanne (2004) I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004) . .

    • PREEMPTED WEEK #24 OF 25
      PREEMPTED WEEK #24 OF 25
    • EPISODE #855
      EPISODE #855
      Episode 30


      Game 1: Orson Bean (b. 7/22/1928) (Mystery Guest #1)

      Game 2: Frank Mills - President of a shopping cart manufacturer

      Game 3: Sid Caesar (9/8/1922 - 2/12/2014) & Imogene Coca (11/18/1908 - 6/2/2001) (Mystery Guest Duo)

      Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for a person who "Sells Guitars." - Suzanne (2004)

      I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004)

    • EPISODE #854
      EPISODE #854
      Episode 29

      Game 1: Vidal Sassoon (1/17/1928 - 5/9/2012) - "Hair Stylist" (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as "Mr. X" to avoid name recognition and the panel was not blindfolded; the normal questioning format was used; self-employed; he has 3 shops in London and 2 in America; he is in America to marry an American girl named Beverly Adams; he said he met his fiancee when she came into his London salon for a haircut)

      Game 2: Ernie Louie - "Sells Fortune Cookies" (self-employed; he is the Vice-President of charge of sales for Lotus Fortune Cookies, where they make 50,000 cookies each day; from San Francisco, CA)

      Game 3: Ursula Andress (b. 3/19/1936) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: Mrs. Doris Renninger - "Helicopter Pilot" (salaried; charming personality; she works for Hel-Air Helicopters in mid-town Manhattan, piloting chartered copters; she said there are currently 113 women helicopter pilots in the world, affectionately called "whirlygirls"; from Beechhurst, Long Island, NY, which she said was "out under the Throggs Neck Bridge")

    • EPISODE #853
      EPISODE #853
      Episode 28
      Game 1: Peter Gabel (b. 1/28/1947) & Jonathan Cerf (b. 4/3/1946) - "Editors of the Harvard Lampoon" (as Mystery Guest Duo and the panel was blindfolded; their names were pre-signed on the sign-in board and they placed check marks next to their names; Peter Gabel is the son of Arlene Francis and Martin Gabel; Jonathan Cerf is the son of Bennett Cerf and Phyllis Cerf; Jonathan is the President of the Harvard Lampoon Magazine; Peter holds the position of Ibis, which is the Lampoon's equivalent position to Vice-President; The Harvard Lampoon is America's oldest humor magazine, founded in 1876; both young men are juniors at Harvard University, majoring in English; they are also members in a band called the Central Park Zoo; they stumped the panel and their proud parents)

      Game 2: Mrs. Pamela Kemp - "Gets Sawed in Half (Magician's Assistant)" (salaried; originally from England, now from CA; she works with her husband, magician Raymond Kemp, and they are travelling performers; her magic trick involves laying between 2 sawhorses, not in the traditional box; she has appeared on CBS News recently in a spot covering their magic act)

      Game 3: Robert Morse (b. 5/18/1931) (as Mystery Guest #2)
    • EPISODE #852
      EPISODE #852
      Episode 27
      Game 1: Jacqueline Susann (8/20/1918 - 9/21/1974) (as Mystery Guest #1) - Author of "Valley of the Dolls" (the first edition of her book was published by Bernard Geis Associates and distributed by Random House; this novel has been on the best-seller list for a year now)

      Game 2: Mrs. Gail Mutrix - "Wine Steward (in Restaurant)" (salaried; she is a sommelier at Herb Evans Restaurant in NY; she is also a junior at Hunter College, majoring in Art History; from NYC)

      Game 3: Judy Garland (6/10/1922 - 6/22/1969) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: Miss Jean Lanning - "Raises Great Danes" (self-employed; from England, she is in America to be a judge at the Baltimore Dog Show; she published a book in 1961 titled "Great Danes" which was a "Foyles Handbook" and went on to write several more books; she has been a contestant on the British version of What's My Line?; she continued in this occupation and has many web references)
    • EPISODE #851
      EPISODE #851
      Episode 26

      Game 1: Ray Valentine - "Flying Trapeze Artist" (self-employed; 9 years old; from Houston, TX; shy but very polite; he has been a flyer since he was 3.5 years old; he works with his parents and another couple; he used to perform with the Polack Bros. Circus but is now going on tour with Charles Gatti Productions; he receives his formal education via correspondence classes from a school in Baltimore; as of 2004, there is a person named Ray Valentine who has long been a producer of the Shrine Circus in Houston and 53 other cities, he runs "Valentine's Circus" and this might be our contestant)

      Game 2: Mrs. Bette Kiehl - "Buys & Sells Hay" (self-employed; she and her husband own Kiehl & Son company; Bennett puns "Life with Fodder" which is a play on words of "Life with Father"; from Atchison, KS)

      Game 3: Steve Rossi (5/25/1932 - 6/22/2014) & Marty Allen (3/23/1922 - 2/12/2018) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as: Hello Dere, Rossi & Allen

    • EPISODE #850
      EPISODE #850
      Episode 25

      Game 1: Mr. Bong Way Wong (1920 - 12/8/1969) - "Bull Fighter" (self-employed; his American home is in Berkeley, CA, but he is currently living in Europe; Bong Way "Billy" Wong is credited as being the first Chinese bullfighter. This Chinese-American man was born in Arizona and attended University of California at Berkeley. John said Mr. Wong holds a degree in civil engineering and was working for the "highway department in California" (CalTrans) and read the book of the life of a great matador and decided that was what he wanted to do. He is now a novillero in Madrid, Spain. A novillero is a bullfighter who is required to fight bulls less than four years of age. John said the great matador El Cordobes (aka Manuel Benitez) retired this week. Mr. Wong has killed about 20 or 30 bulls so far. His "sometimes" bullfighting nickname is "El Chino" which means "The Chinese," but John correctly predicted that "the Madrid public will pick it up." A biographical book, "El Chino," was written in 1990 by Allen Say.)

      Game 2: Mrs. Cecilia Benner - "Makes Earplugs for Sleeping, Swimming, Etc." (self-employed; she and her husband produce and sell "Mack's Earplugs," which is owned by their company, McKeon Products, Inc.; the Benners invented and manufacture this efficient earplug; her husband is a bass player and she is a cello player; from Detroit, MI; a rare on-air reference is made to Gil Fates, when John states that Gil wanted these earplugs and wrote to Mrs. Benner; as of 2004, this company is still in existence)

      Game 3: Andy Griffith (6/1/1926 - 7/3/2012) (as Mystery Guest)

    • EPISODE #849
      EPISODE #849
      Episode 24
      Game 1: Miss Geraldine Livingston - "Shines Shoes (in Men's Barber Shop)" (salaried; this young woman works for Paul Mollet on Lexington Avenue in NY; a shoe shine costs 35 cents; from New York)

      Game 2: Robert Fox, Jr. - "Builds Fire Engines" (salaried; he works for Sutphen Fire Equipment Corporation in Columbus, Ohio; they only build fire fighting equipment; he builds the entire truck except for the tank and the final finish; he is age 23; from Columbus, OH)

      Game 3: Yves Montand (10/13/1921 - 11/9/1991) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #848
      EPISODE #848
      Episode 23
      Game 1: Miss Chris Noel (b. 7/2/1941) - "Disc Jockey for United States Armed Forces Overseas" (as Mystery Guest #1 but the normal questioning format was used; she signed in as Miss X and the panel was not blindfolded; salaried; her miniskirt, which was about 3 inches above the knee, was commented upon frequently; her radio program is called "A Date With Chris"; she said the men in Vietnam want to hear both rock & roll and country music; she is just back from a 2-week trip to Vietnam over the Christmas & New Year's holidays; John read extremely high accolades given to her from Associated Press Correspondent Hugh Mulligan; John said she is also an aspiring actress; from West Palm Beach, FL; see her bio at IMDB and her web page where she offers a DVD story of her life for sale; the URLS are below)



      Game 2: Ted Schmit "Sells Flagpoles" (salaried; he is a Vice-President of Electronic Flagpoles, Inc.; these flagpoles have a light sensor on them, and automatically lower and store the flag at dusk; from Chicago, IL)

      Game 3: Tony Randall (2/26/1920 - 5/17/2004) (as Mystery Guest #2) His overlay screen read: "New Recording Star" Tony Randall . .moreless
    • EPISODE #847
      EPISODE #847
      Episode 22

      Game 1: Miss Joan Ryba & Miss Jane Ryba (identical twins) - "Sell Barbells for Weightlifting" (salaried; they both work for Newman, Dukes and Klein Company; or maybe the spelling is Neuman, Dukes and Kline; they sell the "Weight Line" barbell set; from North Hollywood, CA)

      Game 2: Preston Porter & Russell Porter (identical twins) - "Teaches at U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis" (salaried; they are both the rank of Lt.(jg); they both graduated from Humboldt State College in Arcata, CA; they both joined the military and trained at Newport OCS; after training, they both served on refrigeration supply ships; currently, they both teach oceanography at Annapolis; from Whittier, CA)

      Game 3: The Smothers Brothers (as Mystery Guest Duo, but they are not twins! Tom was born on 2/2/1937 and Dick was born on 11/20/1938)

      Game 4: Miss Ethel Armstrong & Miss Edna Armstrong (identical twins) - "Interior Decorator" (salaried; they both work for W.J. Sloan Company; they both graduated from Mary Washington College with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees; from Washington, DC)

      All regular contestants on this episode are identical twins. The last time WML had a "twins night" was EPISODE #520 of July 3, 1960.
    • EPISODE #846
      EPISODE #846
      Episode 21
      Game 1: Vince Lombardi (6/11/1913 - 9/3/1970) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Coach of World Champion Green Bay Packers"

      Game 2: Mrs. Helen Corwin - "Saddle Maker" (self-employed; she owns Corwin's Leather Shop, where she makes and repairs saddles which cost from $250 to $600 with no silverwork; from Blythe, CA, on the Colorado River; Mr. Daly said that she was a contestant 8 years ago; indeed, she was a guest on EPISODE #449 of January 25, 1959)

      Game 3: Herb Alpert (b. 3/31/1935) & The Tijuana Brass (as Mystery Guest Group)

      The TB band members who appear with Herb Alpert are:

      Nick Ceroli:(12/22/1939 - 8/11/1985) Drums
      Tonni Kalash:(6/15/1937 - 5/15/2001) Trumpet
      Bob Edmondson:(b. 3/5/1935) Trombone
      John Pisano:(b. 2/6/1931) Guitar
      Lou Pagani:(11/6/1927 - 10/19/1998) Piano
      Pat Senatore: (b. 8/19/1935) Bass Guitar
    • EPISODE #845
      EPISODE #845
      Episode 20
      Game 1: Mrs. Karen Jones - "Steeplejack (Paints & Repairs Flagpoles, Smokestacks, Etc.)" (salaried; she has worked for 5 years with her father Tony Clough and her 2 brothers; from Catasauqua, PA)

      Game 2: Miss Mildred Hughes - "Sells Burglar Alarms" (salaried; she is employed by the Ballistics Control Company in Long Island City, Long Island, NY; the units are battery operated and police monitored; the units contain a "Tel/Emerg" feature for fire and medical assistance; she stated she was from both NY and Miami, FL)

      Game 3: Abbe Lane (b. 12/14/1931) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Gregory Moore - "Teaches Skiing Indoors (in New York City)" (salaried; he works at the Vanderbilt Athletic Club; he utilizes a plastic brush slope; from Asheville, NC)
    • EPISODE #844
      EPISODE #844
      Episode 19
      Game 1: Mrs. Ruth Reinhold (9/18/1902 - 12/1985) - "Personal Airplane Pilot For Barry Goldwater" (salaried; this petite woman flies an Excalibur, which is a conversion of a Twin Bonanza which has been customized by Swearingen Aircraft of Texas; she learned to fly in 1933, and is now aged in her 60s; she is an instructor with an instrument rating and has 1500 flight hours; from Phoenix, AZ; see notes below)

      Game 2: Mrs. Stella Brophy - "Makes Thimbles" (self-employed; she makes thimbles for her company, "Brophy's Nu-Thimbles" which manufacturers plastic thimbles of a new design; from Saint Clair Shores, MI)

      See a photo of her new open adjustable design: BROPHY'S NU-THIMBLE

      Game 3: Jane Fonda (b. 12/21/1937) (as Mystery Guest, and she signed in as "Woody Allen")
    • EPISODE #843
      EPISODE #843
      Episode 18
      Game 1: Miss Lucille Bohn - "Police Detective" (salaried; she works in the Juvenile section of the Reading, PA police department; from Reading, PA)

      Game 2: John C. Hayden - "Makes Candy for Dogs" (self-employed; his pet food product, "K-9 Treats" contains fish and chlorophyll; from Chicago, IL)

      Game 3: Gina Lollobrigida (b. 7/4/1927) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Mr. Surendra Bahadur - "Sells Kites" (self-employed; his shop, "Go Fly A Kite" is on East 80th Street, NY; originally from India, currently from NYC) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #842
      EPISODE #842
      Episode 17
      Game 1: Lt. (jg) Roger Mehle, USN (b. 12/28/1941) - two occupation overlay screens are used: "Suzy Knickerbocker's Son" & "U.S. Navy Submarine Officer" (Roger William Mehle, Jr., as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded; he is a supply officer aboard the USS Lewis & Clark, a Polaris nuclear submarine; he'll be receiving his full lieutenant status soon; he is almost 25 years old; this sweet young man is just back from "two months under" of submarine duty and wasn't due back in town until Thursday, so naturally his mother was extremely surprised; he graduated from Annapolis in 1963; his father, Roger W. Mehle, Sr., is an aviator and Admiral; see notes below)

      Game 2: Sam Snidermon - "Makes Kilts" (self-employed; from Toronto, Canada; he is Toronto's leading kilt maker; he was a tailor in the Canadian Army and is now the regimental tailor of the 48th Highlanders of Canada)

      Game 3: Eva Marie Saint (b. 7/4/1924) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: G. Avery West - "Sells Bells" (salaried; he works for Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Co. in East Hampton, which was established in 1832, 134 years ago as of 1966; they make bells up to 12 inches in diameter in their bell factory; from East Hampton, CT; as of 2004, the company is still in business) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #841
      EPISODE #841
      Episode 16
      Game 1: Miss Jayhan Waba or Jahan Wabba (she signed her name in Arabic, the spelling is phonetic) - "Guide at the Pyramids" (salaried; from Cairo, Egypt; she is a University graduate and speaks 4 languages - English, French, German and Arabic; she guides tours at the Giza pyramids; she discussed the Sound and Light Show at the Sphinx, a show which is still in existence as of 2008)

      Game 2: Raymond Koester - "Makes Billiard Balls" (salaried; he works for the A. E. Schmidt Company, which has been in business for 116 years since 1850; he has been employed by them for 40 years; he hand makes billiard balls out of aged African ivory for professional games; the ivory comes from Zanzibar, Africa; this sweet man who smiled a lot donated his earnings to Boys Town in Saint James, MO; he also gave the female panelists carved ivory bangle-bracelets; from Shrewsbury, Missouri; as of 2004, the company is still in business and has a web site)

      Game 3: Steve McQueen (3/24/1930 - 11/7/1980) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Peter Hayes - "Handles Camel In Xmas Stage Show (Radio City Music Hall)" (salaried; he works for Animal Talent Scouts Company; he is in the NY show and handles his camel throughout the show; from Newark, NJ)
    • EPISODE #840
      EPISODE #840
      Episode 15
      Game 1: Kitty Carlisle, Tom Poston, Orson Bean, and Peggy Cass (as Mystery Guest Team from "To Tell the Truth") Tom Poston signed in for the gang by signing "The To Tell The Truth Panel."

      Kitty Carlisle (9/3/1910 - 4/17/2007)
      Tom Poston (10/17/1921 - 4/30/2007)
      Orson Bean (b. 7/22/1928)
      Peggy Cass (5/21/1924 - 3/8/1999)

      Game 2: Mrs. Sue Cox (b. 5/1/1935) - "Predicts Weekly Football Scores on Television" (salaried; she works at WCCO-TV where her nickname is Bronco; she predicts both college scores and professional scores; her husband is football player Bobby Cox who was a quarterback for the University of Minnesota; from Minneapolis, MN)

      Game 3: George Segal (b. 2/13/1934) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: Walter Allen - "Sells Light Bulbs" (salaried; he works for the Royal Lamp Company, who are distributors for Westinghouse and Sylvania; from Manhattan, NY; he is also an acting student at the Lee Strasburg Actor's Studio; he is in a Christmas play for children at the Renata Theatre, "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp."
    • EPISODE #839
      EPISODE #839
      Episode 14
      Game 1: Gilbert Futter - "Guard at Tower of London (Beefeater)" (salaried; from London, England; he appeared in his full costume regalia; the panel was masked to avoid recognition of his occupation due to his uniform; he has held his current position for 16 years; he is a very entertaining and interesting guest)

      Game 2: Sampson Baker - "Catches Frogs" (self-employed; from Ft. Myers, FL; he catches frogs and sells them to wholesalers who then sell them to restaurants along the Eastern seaboard)

      Game 3: Angela Lansbury (b. 10/16/1925) (as Mystery Guest) She signed in as Angela "Mame" Lansbury. . .moreless
    • EPISODE #838
      EPISODE #838
      Episode 13
      Game 1: Frank Sinatra (12/12/1915 - 5/14/1998) (as Mystery Guest #1) After Frank's game, Frank joins the panel as a guest panelist for the rest of the episode.

      Game 2: Miss Lynn Castle - "Men's Barber" (self-employed; from Hollywood, she is a freelance barber who cuts Steve Allen's hair; she said she occasionally works at a barber shop named The Rogue; 80% of her clients are men; Bennett suggested that she cut her own long hair and she shook her head no; Mr. Daly said she was also a songwriter on the side, see notes about that below)

      Game 3: Mia Farrow (b. 2/9/1945) (as Mystery Guest #2) She signed in as Mia Sinatra.

      Game 4: Mr. Jodi Michaels - "Opera Singer (Member of Chorus Metropolitan Opera)" (salaried; he is 12 years old and a student at St. Francis de Sales school; this is his 4th season with The Met; in addition to singing in the children's chorus, he also occasionally does solo work; he's sung in operas such as "Tosca," "Turandot," "Wozzeck" and "Vanessa"; from Rockaway, NY) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #837
      EPISODE #837
      Episode 12

      Game 1: Miss Sheila Scott (4/27/1922 - 10/20/1988) - "Airplane Race Pilot" (self-employed; from London, England, she was the first British pilot to fly solo around the world; 31,000 miles in a Piper Comanche over a span of 33 days and 3 minutes from May 18, 1966 to June 20, 1966; she has won about 40 trophies including the De Havilland Trophy; she holds many world records; see more notes below)

      Game 2: Gerald Klieger - "Raises Worms" (self-employed; he raises, packages and sells 2 million worms per year; most of the worms are sold through the mail; he smiled a lot and was an excellent contestant; from Noel, MO)

      Game 3: Virna Lisi (9/8/1937 - 12/18/2014) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Miss Rosmare Trete (pronounced as Rosemary Tretta) - "Walks Race Horses (To Cool Them After Running)" (salaried; originally from Germany, now from New York; she "hot walks" the racehorses at Belmont Raceway) . .

    • EPISODE #836
      EPISODE #836
      Episode 11
      Game 1: Douglas Smith - "Sells Salt" (salaried; he works for The Canadian Salt Company Limited, dba Windsor Salt Co.; Windsor Salt, founded in 1893, owns a rock salt mine and evaporator plant; from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Doug sells salt industrially to meat packing plants, pickle factories, etc.; as of both 2004 and 2008, the company is still in existence and has a web page)

      Game 2: Miss Helen Quach (b. 7/4/1940) - "Symphony Orchestra Conductor" (self-employed; she said she was Chinese, but had spent most of her life in Australia; she is visiting America for the summer and has performed in Interlochen, Michigan and Houston, Texas; she is returning to conduct the Houston Symphony on February 4, 1967; she is an apprentice conductor in Australia; she went on to become quite famous)

      Game 3: Michael Caine (b. 3/14/1933) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Phil Walsh - "Manager of Empire State Building Observatory" (salaried; he manages 2 observatories, one on the 86th floor and one on the 102nd floor; he has 2 million visitors each year; from Wayne, NJ) . .moreless
    • PREEMPTED WEEK #23 OF 25
      PREEMPTED WEEK #23 OF 25
    • PREEMPTED WEEK #22 OF 25
      PREEMPTED WEEK #22 OF 25
    • EPISODE #835
      EPISODE #835
      Episode 8

      Game 1: Suzy Knickerbocker (6/21/1918 - 11/11/2016) - "Society Columnist" (as Mystery Guest #1; her column, "Suzy Says" is syndicated by King Features in "about 60" newspapers, she stated)

      Game 2: Miss Sharon Kocourek - "Makes Halloween Masks" (salaried; she works for Austin Arts Studio in Omaha, Nebraska; they make plastic masks; next Saturday, she is getting married; from Omaha, NE)

      Game 3: Ed Sullivan (9/28/1901 - 10/13/1974) (as Mystery Guest #2)

      Game 4: Mrs. Pat Carlsson (Pat Moss) (12/27/1934 - 10/14/2008) - "Auto Racing Champion" (salaried; she is the sister of famous Formula One auto racer Stirling Moss who was a mystery guest on EPISODE #407 of March 23, 1958; Pat and her husband, Erik Carlsson, are with the Saab Auto Company of Sweden; she said she was from a village near Oxford in England) . .

    • EPISODE #834
      EPISODE #834
      Episode 7
      Game 1: Miss Marie France Gervais - "Lawyer" (salaried; from Paris, France, she is a graduate of the University of Paris; she will be in New York for one year working in international law, giving counsel on French law as it applies to her company)

      Game 2: Jerry Houck (12/17/1933 - 6/1988) - "Raises Buffalo" (self-employed; along with his brother and his father Roy Houck, he owns Triple U Enterprises, Inc.; John said this company owns the largest private herd of buffalo in the United States, 1200 head of bison; from Pierre, SD; sadly, we have learned from Jerry's sister Kaye that Jerry passed away in 1988; as of 2004, the company is still in business and is listed on the net; the 1990 film "Dances With Wolves" was partially filmed on their land; the URL is below)



      Game 3: George Hamilton (b. 8/12/1939) (as Mystery Guest)

      Game 4: Richard Choi - "Makes False Eyelashes" (self-employed; originally from Seoul, South Korea, now from the United States; his company, Richard Lashes, manufactures false eyelashes in colors; the eyelashes are made at his manufacturing plant in South Korea where he employs 200 people)
    • PREEMPTED WEEK #21 OF 25
      PREEMPTED WEEK #21 OF 25
    • EPISODE #833
      EPISODE #833
      Episode 5
      Game 1: Danny Kaye (1/18/1911 - 3/3/1987) (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as "Sandy Koufax," and discussed his glee over the fact that the Dodgers won the baseball pennant; Danny also promoted his upcoming charity tour to generate contributions to UNICEF)

      Game 2: Miss Daisy Lewis - "Chimpanzee Trainer" (self-employed; from New York City, NY; she trains a chimp named Mr. Egor who has appeared on television; Daisy taught him how to skate and perform tricks; she described her job as being fun and profitable)

      Game 3: Abe Ribicoff (4/9/1910 - 2/22/1998) (as Mystery Guest #2) "U.S. Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff"

      Prior to the live airing of this episode, the future EPISODE #834 of October 16, 1966 was prerecorded.

      The original timing of this show runs only 25 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes, and is noted in Gil Fates' log.
    • EPISODE #832
      EPISODE #832
      Episode 4
      Game 1: Howard Pomerantz - "Makes Powder Puffs" (self-employed; he is the Treasurer of the family business, Victoria Vogue, Inc., which was started in 1934 by his father, Samuel L. Pomerantz; the powder puffs are marketed under the trade name "Luscious"; from Great Neck, Long Island, NY)

      SPECIAL NOTE: Howard E. Pomerantz' brother, Myron Pomerantz, was a contestant on EPISODE #652 of February 17, 1963, however, Mr. Daly did not mention this fact. More about that episode, and some Victoria Vogue company background too, on the guide to EPISODE #652.

      Game 2: Mrs. Charlotte Crowell - "Window Washer" (salaried; she works for New York Window Cleaners, Inc; she is also a member of the Building Service Employees Union Local #200; she works to a height of 10 floors, on electric scaffolding, but said that she prefers to use a belt; from Syracuse, NY; she signed her name vertically on the sign-in board, at a 90 degree angle)

      Game 3: "Dinner at Eight" Cast (as Mystery Guest Cast) "Arlene's Co-Stars in Dinner at Eight"

      Arlene's nine "Dinner at Eight" co-stars who appeared are:

      (in alphabetical order)

      Robert Burr (3/5/1922 - 5/13/2000) (as Mystery Guest)
      Mindy Carson (b. 7/16/1927) (as Mystery Guest)
      Ruth Ford (7/7/1911 - 8/12/2009) (as Mystery Guest)
      June Havoc (b. 11/8/1916) (as Mystery Guest)
      Jeffrey Lynn (2/16/1909 - 11/24/1995) (as Mystery Guest)
      Darren McGavin (5/7/1922 - 2/25/2006) (as Mystery Guest)
      Walter Pidgeon (9/23/1897 - 9/25/1984) (as Mystery Guest)
      Pamela Tiffin (b. 10/13/1942) (as Mystery Guest)
      Blanche Yurka (6/19/1887 - 6/6/1974) (as Mystery Guest)

      John explained that this is not the entire cast, but including Arlene Francis, it is the 10 main stars.

      Per Gil Fates' logs, there was not enough time for the fourth game, a person who "Walks Race Horses (To Cool Them After Racing)." This person, Miss Rosmare Trete, finally appears on EPISODE #837 of November 20, 1966. - Suzanne (2008)
    • EPISODE #831
      EPISODE #831
      Episode 3
      Game 1: Leontyne Price (b. 2/10/1927) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Metropolitan Opera Star" (When the Metropolitan Opera moved to Lincoln Center in 1966, Price christened the new house as Cleopatra in the world premiere of Samuel Barber's Antony and Cleopatra.)

      Game 2: Edward Libby - "Golf Caddy" (salaried; his age is 90 years, 6 months old; he caddies at the Atlantic City Country Club; he began this occupation at age 75, having formerly been a carpenter; from Pleasantville, NJ; as a sign of respect for his age, the entire panel stood up while shaking his hand and saying goodbye to Mr. Libby)

      Game 3: Peter Ustinov (4/16/1921 - 3/28/2004) (as Mystery Guest #2) Misery Loves Company: Both Peter Ustinov and John Daly were suffering from head colds this evening.

      Per Gil Fates' logs, there was not enough time for the fourth game, a "London Bus Driver." - Suzanne (2008) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #830
      EPISODE #830
      Episode 2


      Game 1: Mrs. Janice Toppino - "Decorates Garbage Cans" (self-employed; she owns a company named Cans By Jan; she is a Junior at the University of New Mexico; from Albuquerque, NM)

      Game 2: Larry Leake - "Demonstrates Trick Billiard Shots" (self-employed; from Downey, CA, he is 8 years old; he is sponsored by Brunswick Corporation and knows 25 trick shots; to sign in, he stood on a wooden step-stool he carried out with him, enabling him to reach the sign-in board; his surname is pronounced "Lake")

      Game 3: Warren Beatty (b. 3/30/1937) (as Mystery Guest)

      Per Gil Fates' logs, there was not enough time for the fourth scheduled game, a "Poodle Clipper." - Suzanne (2008)

      FIRST COLOR EPISODE: However, the closing credits won't be seen in color until EPISODE #850 of February 19, 1967. - Suzanne (2008) . .moreless
    • EPISODE #829
      EPISODE #829
      Episode 1
      Game 1: Miss Claudia Buob (b. 4/23/1948) - "Bat Girl For Baseball Team" (salaried; from Modesto, CA; she works for the Modesto Reds, which is a "Class A" farm team of the Kansas City Athletics; she has red hair and is engaged to one of the players, pitcher Rich Bisek; they plan to be married on home plate!)

      Game 2: Mr. Donn Hutchison - "Sponge Diver" (self-employed; Donn owns and operates his boat, the Catherine II; from Tarpon Springs, FL; his finest and most expensive sponge is the Rock Island Wool Sponge, which can require dive depths to 100 feet; Bennett asked if pollution was harming the sponge beds and Donn replied that while there was not much of a pollution problem, the sponge's worst current threat was from fresh water from rains and hurricanes)

      Game 3: Joey Bishop (2/13/1918 - 10/17/2007) (as Mystery Guest)
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