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CBS (ended 1967)

Another Sue Oakland Shocker

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    This one is very interesting. It seems that Sue's husband had an affair while he was station manager at WNBC - TV in New York City. The woman he had the affair with just revealed the secret news that she kept private. The woman..... Barbara Walters!

    She talked about it on television the other night and in her new book.

    Bad Baba.... Bad Wawa!

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    There are a few things I have to say. First, Sue's first husband, New York broadcast exec Ted Cott (who doubtless you're referring to) was with the NBC New York O&O's from 1950 to 1955, so what you described may've been within the latter part of that time period. Second, this was apparently in another book published several years ago (probably Robert Metz' history of the Today show). Third, Ted and Sue were married in 1956 (she apparently was his second wife, judging from one of his obits that mentioned that two of the five sons he had were from a prior marriage), and remained so until his death in 1973. If you look at the notes to EPISODE #824, there are a few additional tidbits I found out from a 1966 World Journal Tribune article on Sue; plus the obituaries of her first husband in The New York Times and Variety.
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