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Garry Moore Milestone June 26th.

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    It will be thirty years ago that Garry Moore appeared before the camera on To Tell The Truth and announced that he was retiring and turned the hosting duties officially to Joe Garigiola.  Although he left the show after throat surgery the previous Christmas holiday, he was asked by Mark Goodson to come on the program to let everyone know that he was in fine health, that he wasn't at death's door and that hit was his wish to retire having enjoyed the time off with his wife so much he wished to give up the "five a week" grind.

    I wrote a note to GSN explaining this milestone in television history in the hope that they might air that episode for the 30th anniversary.  Garry Moore was, in his day, one of the most beloved hosts in television; he had been a fixture in homes on radio since the 1940's and his formal retirement was a big moment. 


    I would hope that all classic game show fans who read this will send an email to GSN and ask in a nice way to air this important episode for all to see.  We can only hope, right?  A toast to Garry Moore!

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