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Get The Message with Frank Buxton

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    For those of you who saw the March 26th, 2007, airing of Get The Message after WML?, you might be interested to know a few things about host Frank Buxton I found. Among his many credits, he wrote my favorite episode of The Odd Couple, "Password", which guest starred Allan Ludden and Betty White. He also directed the Let's Make A Deal episode of that series. You should check out his credits at imdb.com. He really has an impressive history beyond this little lark of a show we watched after WML? this week! :-)
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    I believe Buxton was ABC's original choice to host "GET THE MESSAGE" in 1964 [he also hosted their Sunday morning "educational" series, "DISCOVERY", throughout the '60s]. For some reason, he was never comfortable behind the podium (and it showed during that one kinescope), and G-T brought their perennial host Robert Q. Lewis in to replace him after a few months. Lewis finished the show, and his career as a game show emcee, at the end of '64.
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