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CBS (ended 1967)

I am amazed at this site!

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    I was looking for a book or two written by Bennett Cerf and what do I find but this site! It is a riot. It is Easter and I had family obligations but I was really anxious to get back to read some more on here. My hubster and I are addicts of WML; I DVR the show daily and we catch it when we can, and this is sort of a behind the scenes view. Thank you for all of your efforts with your posts. We will keep watching.

    I am a Hal Block fan but am kind of chagrined about some of the things I have read about him here. He is so silly with his facial expressions and flirting, he seems harmless to me though. I also like Bennett really well and I guess everyone has good and bad about himself. Anyway, happy Easter and I will go back to reading!

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    Well, thanks. If you can, make sure you at least attempt to let GSN know in some way too that you enjoy the show. They're the ones who broadcast it, so they're the ones we have to talk to if we want to make sure they keep it on the air and they don't pull anymore stunts like the weekly airings that we had to live with for over a year.

    Glad you're enjoying the guide! Remember, that as a member of this site, you too, can be a part of adding the information, so long as you're at least Level 2! Hear a funny quote uttered by one of the panelists? Notice something odd going on or spot some tidbit we didn't catch? It can all be added to the guide.
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