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Joan Alexander Stanton

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    From: "shecky465"

    Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008

    Subject: Joan Alexander (Name's The Same) In The News Today

    From today's Daily News. Joan Stanton is, of course, Joan Alexander, the long time panelist on "The Name's The Same" and if I remember correctly, was a panelist on WML once or twice in the very early lost years.



    Ex-voice of Lois Lane sues, calls adviser man of steal


    Thursday, April 17th 2008, 4:00 AM

    Where's Superman when Lois Lane really needs him?

    An elderly widow who once supplied the radio voice of the Man of Steel's gal pal is suing a money manager to the stars after he allegedly cost her millions through what her lawsuit described as a fraudulent "'The Producers'-type scheme."

    Joan Stanton, 90, had turned to accountant Kenneth Starr for financial guidance after her husband died in 1987 and left her a fortune of about $70 million.

    But according to a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Starr ripped Stanton off by making risky investments in pet projects and keeping her in the dark about his moves.

    "She placed her trust in this guy," said David Mills, a lawyer for Stanton. "She really was unaware of what he was doing for a long, long time."

    The suit says Starr - whose celebrity clients have included tough-guy actors Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes and newswoman Diane Sawyer - cost Stanton "tens of millions of dollars" with a series of shady moves.

    A spokesman for Starr & Co. countered that Stanton's assets "grew considerably" during the 20 years she employed his firm and said her case was without merit.
    "It will become clear during the course of this litigation that Mrs. Stanton was well-advised," said spokesman Peter Parcher.

    Stanton, who also appeared on Broadway and in radio productions of "Perry Mason," was married to Arthur Stanton, an auto executive who helped introduce the Volkswagen Beetle to America. After his death, the widow turned over almost her entire portfolio to Starr, paying him up to $228,000 a year to manage her finances.

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    The New York Post also mentioned this case in Thursday's paper. Only they referred to her as Joan Alexander Stanton.
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