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CBS (ended 1967)

John Daly's old job?

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    This sounds quite a bit like the job John Daly did for a few months after "What's My Line?" went off the air.


    The Voice of America (VOA) provides accurate, objective news and information to a worldwide audience of more than 115 million using radio, television, and the Internet. We are seeking a creative experienced senior manager with international broadcast-journalism experience to serve as Executive Editor, overseeing VOA content creation and related programming activities. The Executive Editor would also serve as Chief Operating Officer for VOA, coordinating research, marketing, media placement, human-resource and financial management support. The salary range for this senior executive service position ranges from $111,676 - $154,600.

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    Mr. Daly was titled as "Director", the person in charge of the entire VOA, and this position is noted as being in the Office of the Director in the announcement. I think it's a bit further down the heirarchy, likely reporting to the Director.

     The VOA has lost much of its prominence with the end of the Cold War. Being head of the VOA was a bigger deal in the 1960's than now.

    BTW, I did not realize that Mr. Daly's immediate predecessor as Director of the VOA was John Chancellor. Mr. Daly only lasted nine months in this position, September 1967 - June 1968.

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