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Kitty Carlisle Was On CBS News "48 Hours" Last Night

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    Unfortunately, I didn't know in advance that CBS News "48 Hours" was airing a one-hour special on racing legend Mickey Thompson.   It included a clip of him on a 1962 episode of "To Tell The Truth" with Kitty Carlisle, Tom Poston and Johnny Carson.

    I watched it last night in the Pacific time zone.   That means it already played in other time zones, so I couldn't alert anyone.  I happened to be watching "Without A Trace," which aired immediately before "48 Hours."  During commercial breaks in "Trace" I learned for the first time that next up on the CBS schedule was the case against Michael Goodwin for murdering Mr. Thompson.

    CBS puts many clips from the hour special on its web site, but the "To Tell The Truth" segment isn't there.  I can tell you that Kitty voted for the wrong person, but Johnny Carson got it right.

    You can buy a VHS cassette or DVD of this "48 Hours."   If you are willing to watch 55 minutes about a murder case that took 17 years to prosecute and another few months to convict, you can start with this YouTube clip and then buy the entire episode. That way you can see Kitty and the others question Mickey Thompson.


    This particular "To Tell The Truth" episode prominently displays the logo for Salem cigarettes, which means GSN probably won't repeat it.   If CBS had any qualms about displaying the Salem logo for two minutes last night, that may have been overshadowed by the need to let a murder victim speak.  The kinescope preserved by Goodson Todman gives you a rare chance to hear Mickey Thompson speak.  99 percent of the other footage shown on "48 Hours" is silent home movies of him racing.  One of the sound clips has Mickey unveiling a painting of himself at a large gathering where people are talking over him.  So Goodson Todman did Mickey's family a huge favor by saving that kinescope.







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