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List of WML? & IGAS Shows for December 2012

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    According to the website PRWeb, GSN will be having WML? & IGAS

    on for the weeks 12/17/12 - 12/21/12 and 12/24/12 - 12/28/12.

    Here is the schedule with the guest stars.

    What's My Line?" Mon-Fri 2:00 am
    Monday, Dec. 17th: Jack Benny
    Tuesday, Dec. 18th: Louis Armstrong
    Wednesday, Dec. 19th: Jerry Lewis
    Thursday, Dec. 20th: Esther Williams and Dick Clark
    Friday, Dec. 21st: Barbra Streisand

    Monday, Dec. 24th: Carol Burnett
    Tuesday, Dec. 25th: Fred Astaire
    Wednesday, Dec. 26th: Julie Andrews
    Thursday, Dec. 27th: Danny Kaye
    Friday, Dec. 28th: Paul Newman

    "I've Got A Secret" Mon-Fri 2:30 am
    Monday, Dec. 17th: Andy Griffith
    Tuesday, Dec. 18th: Ann Sothern
    Wednesday, Dec. 19th: Hugh Downs
    Thursday, Dec. 20th: Jonathan Winters
    Friday, Dec. 21st: Liberace and Wilt Chamberlain

    Monday, Dec. 24th: Neil Sedaka
    Tuesday, Dec. 25th: Julie Newmar
    Wednesday, Dec. 26th: Bobby Darin
    Thursday, Dec. 27th: Hugh O'Brian
    Friday, Dec. 28th: Arnold Palmer and Lauren Bacall

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