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Merry Christmas!

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    It's a bit belated, but Merry Christmas WMLers. Let's talk about GSN's Christmas special programming. I only recorded a couple, and that was their To Tell the Truth airing followed by Tattletales (which I haven't watched yet.)

    The To Tell the Truth airing was interesting. Based on references to Bart Simpson and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I would assume that this was a more recent version of the program. I noticed they used an instrumental-only version of the vocal theme we've been discussing --- one that didn't even have the "bop bop bop ba bop ba ba!" or any of that.

    The first spot was interesting and the second one was kinda touching. The last one the end was pretty interesting. I thought the guy looked familiar and once they announced his two stories, I was about 99% certain he was Hank Ketchum.
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