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Neil Sedaka on 1965 IGAS

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    On the March 15, 1965 episode of "I've Got a Secret," Neil Sedaka's secret was that he was preparing for the upcoming Tchaikovsky Competition. The event was the 3rd International Tchaikovsky Competition which was held in Russia in 1966. I did some net research, and it turns out that Juilliard-trained Sedaka did not participate after all. In the long run, Henry Morgan's skepticism was right. Sedaka was disqualified and gave the explanation that it was because he was a "rock and roller."
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    that's very interesting. I saw that episode and was suprised at how bad a lip syncer he was. I thought he was friendly enough. I wonder when Russia found out, like did it have anything to do with IGAS. Carol Channing was so sweet. She was so cute. I loved watching the stars of the Lucy Show but those were the episodes I believe right after this one.
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