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Steve Beverly's "WML?" Article Mistakes

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    In another thread you can read that Dorothy Kilgallen's tearful statement to Bennett about not guessing any lines "in three whole weeks" did not happen on her last night. Steve Beverly says it did. More errors:

    Steve Beverly wrote: On CBS, Walter Cronkite---who abhorred any news outside of Washington and the world and was never a fan of Kilgallen---did not report the story.

    Wrong ! A Kentucky daily newspaper called the Madisonville Messenger, which still exists, had a front-page article on Wednesday, November 10, 1965 about Katherine Williams Stone, the Line contestant who sold dynamite for the Atlas Powder Company. It said a kinescope clip of Kilgallen identifying Stone's line was included on Walter Cronkite's newscast two days earlier. Also, Cronkite had then and still has today a friend and TV / radio colleague named Marlin Swing. Swing was a close friend of Kilgallen and was photographed with her more than once. He is alive today and has the pictures.

    Steve Beverly wrote: In the years since, more than 50 books, research papers and lectures have speculated on the cause of Kilgallen's death.

    This is doubtful. There was the book by Lee Israel in 1979. There were many newspaper and magazine reviews of it in 1979 and 1980. None of them provided any insider information that wasn't in the book. There was an episode of the E ! Entertainment Television series Mysteries and Scandals originally broadcast in January of 2000. (It included sound bite interviews with Jean Bach, Steve Allen and F. Lee Bailey.) There was a 2007 article in the magazine Midwest Today, available both in paper copies and online.

    I'd like to know about the other 47 sources! Also, Mr. Beverly's description of Kilgallen's last on-air words in his last paragraph of Part 5 leaves a lot to be desired. He doesn't name the guest panelist sitting on her left, who was Tony Randall. What she said to him was, "Good night, Tony, please come again." Those weren't her last words on the air, however. Moments later she said to Bennett, in response to his silly comment about contestant Elinor Kaine, "Oh, I thought you were going to say something about a forward pass." Read more on that in the thread titled Steve Beverly's "What's My Line?" article

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    Beverly also failed to mention how Dorothy (In a pre-recorded episode) appeared on the daytime "To Tell The Truth" the day after she passed away.
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