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CBS (ended 1967)

The Block / Daly Chemistry

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    [1]Mar 22, 2008
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    It has been more of a relevation to me in viewing the past few weeks of early episodes that John Daly's humorous additions have generated more laughs from the studio audience than his later appearances in the series. By the late 50's, his attempts of humor had fallen rather flat with the crowd. In the early years, Hal Block provided a kind of "fall guy" for Daly. The chemistry between them was electric; Daly came off better, Block came off better and the balance between the panel was more varied.

    Let me say that I enjoy John, Arlene, Bennett and Dorothy but in the post Block era, they all seemed to be a part of the same fraternity, with Dorothy sometimes on the fringe. Hal Block obviously wasn't a part of the "club" but that's what makes these episodes so strong. When he goes into his "Blockisms", Daly seems ready for him and the two come off all the better as a result.

    It seems a little petty and rather sad that Bennett's views of some of the personality traits of Hal Block (and years later of Henry Morgan) would be almost the same aspects that he would adopt in his progressive years on the show. He would be guilty of "eyeing" the pretty girls and making puns and he thought nothing of interrupting a panelist, similar to how he was stopped by Henry Morgan in 1967.

    I'm treasuring these moments with Hal Block and I will be sad to see him go.

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    I think I am in agreement with you. Their interaction seems a lot more lighthearted than Bennett's later.
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    Stan, I completely agree with you. Unlike you, and as I've stated before, I never liked Bennett. I always enjoyed the show more when he was away and someone else was in his seat. Tonight was a special treat having Steve Allen in his place. Even while Hal Block was being inappropriate in his remarks, he was usually still funny. Bennett was never funny while he was leering at pretty women and his puns were lame. I wish the producers had gotten rid of him instead of Hal.
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