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The Harold Lloyd Trust vs. WML

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    There has been some discussion as why the Harold Lloyd episode of What's My Line was omitted from the schedule. Some of the posters put blame on the Harold Lloyd Trust, mentioning his granddaughter, Suzanne in light of her past lawsuit over Adam Sandler's The Waterboy screenplay. That led to notes ranging from not knowing who Harold Lloyd was and not liking him etc.

    I am in touch with The Harold Lloyd Trust and I put a call in to Suzanne. I previously had sent word that the show would be on and they were excited to know it would be on. Suzanne was very sad that the show was not televised. She said that in no way did they put a stop to the airing and she is as puzzled by it's omission as all of us are.

    The reason lies elsewhere. As for the lawsuit on the Adam Sandler film, Suzanne has been working for years to get the Harold Lloyd films released to revival theaters and on DVD because the Lloyd collection is amazing. So far, a first set has been released with an additional one in the works. She is in Buffalo, NY gearing up for a Harold Lloyd film festival this weekend. The Sandler script does contain a lot of similarities to Lloyd's The Freshman and she had every right to start a lawsuit. Win or lose, she had just cause.

    Harold himself sued Columbia over many films that were remakes of his own films and won. One of his former directors, Clyde Bruckman was working at the studio and simply put together scripts for the Three Stooges and other comics without caring about his theft of the material.

    In the past, many other films have taken liberties by lifting scenarios from well known works. Just because the Lloyd films are very old don't make them obsolete. I hope the poster who said that they didn't know who Lloyd was will seek out a few of his films because they are cinema gems.

    As for the WML episode, I hope that they will air it because it's a great show. He is promoting a re release of his 1925 film, The Freshman, which is one of his all time great films. Whatever the real reason is, it wasn't because of the Harold Lloyd Trust.

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    Thanks for clearing this up. I'm glad the Trust had nothing to do with the episode not being shown. I have the Harold Lloyd DVD set that was released a few years ago and it is simply amazing. The set contains almost all the films Harold made from 1922 to1936.
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    Which leads to this question: What could have caused GSN to skip this show, if as you emphasize Mr. Lloyd's trust had nothing to do with it?
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    Harold Loyd was one of the great comic geniuses of the Silent Movie Era. His films are shown frequently on the Turner Classic Movies channel.

    I'm glad it wasn't his family who prevented the episode on which he appeared to be bypassed. It's very disappointing, nonetheless, that we didn't get to see it. Thanks for the information, Stan.

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    Thanks for getting us the real info on this Stan. If only GSN would be more communicative...
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