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The Music Of What's My Line

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    A recent collection unearthed all the music cues for What's My Line from the 1968-1975 version. Although I love the original show the best, it is the music from the later run that always sticks out in my mind. I was amazed to hear all the cues written for that version on this in-house LP. Fifteen different cues were recorded and they all run longer than we've heard on the series. That's because they needed to sometimes stretch or shorten a sequence. Some of the titles on this collection include "Panel and Host Walk on", "Ticket Pickup", "St. Regis", "Mystery Walk Off and Announcement" among others as well as alternate versions of blues and easy rock.

    What fun music to just listen to.

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    The Score Productions music was/is memorable. The actual opening and closing theme can be heard in its entirety on a classic game show theme song CD that Game Show Network released around 2003.

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