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Untermeyer's Exit Made Him Very Sad

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    Untermeyer's Exit, Which Was Not Reported In Daily Newspapers, Made Him Very Sad:

    Do people know that Louis Untermeyer became severely depressed immediately after he left the show in 1951 ? During his year on the show, he never got rich doing it. He remained in the same Brooklyn neighborhood where playwright Arthur Miller also lived. Arthur says in his 1988 memoir Timebends that he became concerned when Louis disappeared from the streets of the neighborhood for a long time, so Arthur called his friend's phone number. Louis' wife answered and became evasive about why Louis disappeared.

    Arthur Miller, who was "a very infrequent television watcher" in 1951 (his words in Timebends), remembered Louis talking about his job on "Line" with enthusiasm, but Arthur did not know about the McCarthy - related pressure to fire him or about the firing itself. (Technically Untermeyer resigned, right?) If it was reported in newspapers, they were papers that Arthur did not read. He was very well - read. So Arthur did not find out until a year later that Louis, having left the TV show, was so depressed that he refused to leave his apartment for a year. Louis' wife fed him and handled incoming phone calls. Louis wrote a memoir in 1965 that includes three pages on his "Line" experiences, but he didn't say anything about depression or staying indoors for a year.

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