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Variety: "Dorothy Kilgallen" Biopic in the works!

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    Producer John Davis has optioned "Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen," a proposal for an expose book by Paul Alexander that ties the syndicated columnist's death to her investigation of the JFK assassination. Book sold to St. Martin's Press.

    Davis will produce through his Davis Entertainment banner and will bring the project to Fox through his first-look deal.

    Alexander, whose previous books include "Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The Life of James Dean," will script a fictionalized conspiracy film supervised by screenwriter Shane Salerno.

    In her syndicated column Kilgallencovered subjects ranging from Hollywood to Sam Sheppard's murder trial. After the death of President John F. Kennedy, whom she considered a friend, Kilgallen became obsessed with proving a conspiracy and landed the only interview with Jack Ruby, the killer of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, for a book called "Murder One." Alexander's tome asserts that Kilgallen died mysteriously after turning in her book, with the chapters about JFK disappearing.

    "The striking thing about Paul's book proposal was that Dorothy wasn't reporting on the death of a president as much as she was investigating the murder of a friend," Salerno said. Salerno recently set up the spec "Reckless" with Davis and Fox and preemptively sold Fox his spec "The Doomsday Protocol."

    There's a chance this project could stall or take years to result in an actual movie being made, but it's definitely in the works. You can bet there would be re-enactments of "WML?" in this movie since it's the vehicle that made DK a star. Which brings the obvious casting question: what actress today could you see playing Dorothy Kilgallen in a movie? Even better, who'd you see playing Arlene, Bennett, Daly, etc.? Place your bets early and often!

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    I hate to say it, and I know it's unlikely to happen, but I can envision (ironically enough) Catherine O'Hara as Dolly Mae. Yes, we know that the SCTV alum "impersonated" her in that show's "What's My Shoe Size?" parody, but Ms. O'Hara's normal speaking voice sounds more like Miss Kilgallen's than the bizarro train wreck she played in the aforementioned spoof, comparatively speaking. Furthermore, Ms. O'Hara today is closer to the age at which Dorothy died than back when this spoof was done.
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    I'm more concerned about the screenwriter(s). If the dialogue stinks, it doesn't matter which actress plays Dorothy.
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    Yeah, 'What's My Line?' refused to suck, ever. The writing of today better dignify the show and Dorothy, the show's soul.
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