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CBS (ended 1967)

Who would be your dream Panel?

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    [1]Apr 24, 2008
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    Out of all the people who were panelists and guest panelists who would be your dream panel?

    I would like

    Arlene Francis, Steve Allen, Kitty Carlile(or how ever you spell it), and Groucho Marx.

    I don't know how successful they'd be, but I'd watch it and laugh a lot.

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    [2]Apr 25, 2008
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    I can't think of a better panel than Bennett, Dorothy, Arlene and Steve. Arlene and Kitty are too similar to be on the same panel--I can understand how they were confused. I wouldn't mind seeing Groucho on a panel. Wonder how Steve would've reacted to sharing the stage with a comic genius.

    I couldn't live without Bennett. I don't care how smug or how silly his puns are or even that he can't pronounce the letter 'r' to save his life.....He's the nerd I would've wanted in school. LOL

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