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    Does anyone know if any of the What's My Line radio shows survived? The regulars were all there - John, Arlene, Bennett, Dorothy along with Hal Block.It ran from December 3rd 1952 until July 1st 1953. It would be wonderful to hear some of the radio mystery guests which included Marlene Dietrich and Marlon Brando. I'm sure the radio show was done from the same set as the TVshow. Now that would be nice to drive down the road and be able to listen to "new" What's My Line material.

    And as far as the few so called damaged WML TV shows that were allegedly destroyed during the WML reunion show, there remains a lot of questions. As a film editor myself for 30 years, this story doesn't make much sense. Sure, you can damage a film while editing but it is unlikely you would destroy the whole episode. Sounds like the film broke and the editor didn't want to fool with it and threw the whole thing away. I hope this is not the case. If so, the remainder of these "lost" shows can be repaired. That is if someone at the network didn't toss them in the garbage in the 70s when they were working on the anniversary show. Let's hope not. In any case, where are these films? They need to be repaired if they still exist. Just labeling them "lost" without explanation is disturbing. Sounds like someone just doesn't want to fool with them.

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    I've had my eye out for the radio version of WML? for a long time, but I've never seen it offered on any old-time radio site or in public domain.

    Answers.com has a long webpage devoted to all the versions of WML?, and the author of the page writes that recordings of some of the radio shows exist and can be heard at the Museum of TV & Radio in NYC. The WML? radio programs are believed to have been recorded, and many might be "buried" in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

    Here's the full article:


    (Scroll about half-way down the page to get to the radio version information.)

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    The page at Answers.com is an old page copied from Wikipedia. The most current page, written by many authors over the years, can be found here:


    I've never heard of any of the radio shows having surfaced. When I first wrote that particular "radio" paragraph at Wikipedia, I said that it was merely rumored that some of the recordings were buried at the Library of Congress. The text has been changed by others over the years. Until somebody here reports first-hand that they've listed to one of the elusive radio broadcasts, it's best for us to just assume they are all lost, but we can keep our fingers crossed for the best.

    Another explanation for the possibly incorrect information might be that the person who wrote it was confusing the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) transcriptions of the television show -- which were recorded on record albums -- as being the radio shows, when they are not. Those LPs are occasionally seen for sale on ebay, and they only contain the audio section of the television shows.


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    The WML radio show in the archives of the Museum of Radio & TV is indeed an AFRS transcription of a WML TV episode. I have listened to it. I believe Arnold Stang was the mystery guest. If an actual WML radio show is ever found I hope its the one that had Marlon Brando as the MG since he never appeared on the TV version of the show.
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