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WML? Owner Fremantle Starting Up Web Portals

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    Several months ago I posted that, in the future, program content owners might increasingly turn to DVD and the internet as a way to bypass the cable gatekeepers and get their shows directly to the viewing public. I thought that this might keep "What's My Line?" and other older shows from disappearing once a cable channel matures past the start-up phase when they rely heavily on cheaper, older programs. Yesterday there was some news regarding the company that owns the rights to the Goodson/Todman gameshow library.

    The industry website Broadcasting & Cable reported that FremantleMedia will be starting up a website on which viewers can watch the comedy shows that Fremantle owns. These are mostly British comedies that may have been seen on PBS stations. But what caught my eye is that this comedy show website (TVComedyClassics.com) will be, according to Fremantle,"the first in many programme genre portal websites."

    This might mean that the Goodson/Todman gameshows that Fremantle owns may at some point be available to view on the web on a Fremantle portal that specializes in gameshows, which make up a significant part of that company's program archives.

    This offers a ray of hope to viewers interested in this kind of programming, especially since I read on an industry website a few weeks ago that the person who replaced Rich Cronin as head of GSN is focusing mainly on developing new interactive gameshows.

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