What's My Line? - Season 10

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  • EPISODE #479
    EPISODE #479
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Mr. O.E. Long (Oren Ethelbirt Long)(3/4/1889 - 5/6/1965) - "U.S. Senator from Hawaii" (salaried; Democrat; born in Altoona, Kansas, currently residing in Washington, DC; he has been Hawaii's Senator since last Monday and has lived in HI for 42 years; he was the territorial Governor of Hawaii from 1951-1953; in 1956 he was elected as the territorial Senator from Hawaii; he became a United States Senator when Hawaii gained statehood in 1959; Oren Long served as Hawaii's Senator from 1959-1963 until he was replaced by Daniel Inouye; Bennett disqualified himself from this round, but he gave the panel a huge clue when he first asked if the guest resided on an island off San Francisco)

    Game 2: Bernard Duddy - "Monkey Keeper (For Research Project)" (salaried; he works for Merck Laboratories; from Norristown, Pennsylvania)

    Game 3: Rick Nelson (5/8/1940 - 12/31/1985) (as Mystery Guest) aka Ricky Nelson, which is what Dorothy called him when she identified him.

    Game 4: Miss Candy Lee (b. 2/8/1942) - "Disc Jockey" (salaried; she broadcasts the "Candy Lee Show" on radio station WDOK in her hometown of Cleveland, OH; she is on the air on Saturday mornings from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM)
  • EPISODE #478
    EPISODE #478
    Episode 51
    Game 1: Miss Dixie Lee - "Bullfighter" (self-employed; her right hand and wrist were in a cast or bandage, because while bullfighting in Nogales, Mexico, she injured her hand on a bull's horn tip; she has been bullfighting for 3 years, prior to this, she was a fashion model; if her professional bullfighting name differed from Dixie Lee, it was not announced; from Jacksonville, FL)

    Game 2: Mr. J. A. Conlon (James A. Conlon) (2/21/1921 - 4/6/2000) - "Prints U.S. Paper Money (Bureau of Engraving & Printing)" (salaried; he is the Assistant Chief of the Currency and Stamp Production department at the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing; after his game, he gave John and the panel members the new U.S. 4-cent multi-color postage stamp featuring the U.S. Stars & Stripes flag with 49 stars; Arlene wore her stamp on her shoulder; later, from 1967-1977, Conlon served as the Director of the Bureau of E & P; from Burke, VA)

    Game 3: Tony Randall (2/26/1920 - 5/17/2004) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mr. Erland Stevens - "Paints Fire Hydrants" (salaried; he works for Arlington County where he paints 2400 fire hydrants; he is also a college student at Penn State University, the nickname for Pennsylvania State University; from Arlington, VA)
  • EPISODE #477
    EPISODE #477
    Episode 50
    Game 1: Archie Moore (12/13/1916 - 12/9/1998) - "World's Light Heavyweight Champion" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded; the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; African-American; he said that this coming April 1960, he will have been boxing for 24 years; John announced that Moore had won 128 fights out of about 175 fights, all by K.O., knock-out; even though Moore joked that his age was between 43 and 46, he was actually age 42 at the time of his appearance tonight)

    Game 2: Miss Leta Thomason - "Piccolo Player" (salaried; she is taller than John Daly who is 6 feet tall; she plays the piccolo in the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra; she is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas; from Granbury, TX)

    Game 3: Suzy Parker (10/28/1932 - 5/3/2003) (as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #476
    EPISODE #476
    Episode 49
    Game 1: Alexander Akalovsky (Alex Akalovsky) - "U.S. State Dept. Interpreter (Translated for V.P. Nixon in Russia)" (salaried; his occupation was identified very swiftly; for fun, Martin recited Shakespeare's line from "Hamlet," "To be, or not to be" in Russian, and Akalovsky correctly translated it; from Arlington, VA)

    Game 2: Mr. Rood Menter - "Sells False Teeth for Cows" (self-employed; he also raises cows; the cow dentures consist of 8 stainless steel teeth which are bridged and affixed to the lower part of the cow's jaw; this procedure allows the cow to live longer and thereby produce more milk over its lifetime; from Sedgwick, CO)

    Game 3: Julie London (9/26/1926 - 10/18/2000) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #475
    EPISODE #475
    Episode 48

    Game 1: Paul Klatt, Jr. - "Inspects Jet Engines By Crawling Inside Them" (salaried; left-handed; very short of stature, approximately four feet six inches tall by observation; he works for Lockheed Aircraft at Westover Air Force Base; after flights, he climbs inside the jet engines to inspect for any damage, oil leaks or turbine trouble; John said that Klatt used to be in show business, but gave no details; IMDB has a listing for Klatt and shows that he starred in the TV series "Space Patrol" playing "Rollo" in episode "The Slaves of Planet X" on October 17, 1953; from Chicopee Falls, MA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Darris Miller - "Makes Pajamas For Dogs" (self-employed; John confirmed that her name was Darris, not Doris; she makes one-piece dog outfits, complete with plastic feet; from Oklahoma City, OK)

    Game 3: Eddie Hodges (b. 3/5/1947) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Joe Angrosini - "Sells Chinese Fortune Cookies" (salaried; he works for Twixt, Inc., where he sells 750,000 Chinese fortune cookies per year; he gave John one sample wrapped fortune cookie; he exited without shaking the hands of the panel members, which John commented upon; from New York, NY) . .

  • EPISODE #474
    EPISODE #474
    Episode 47
    Game 1: Mrs. Mirja Rose - "Lifeguard at Y.M.C.A." (salaried; she works at the YMCA's co-ed pool in downtown Portland, Oregon; from Portland, OR)

    Game 2: Mrs. Catherine Conrad - "Operates Lie Detector" (self-employed; the majority of her work is done for private organizations; John speculated that she might be the only woman in this line of work; from Boston, MA)

    Game 3: Cliff Arquette (12/28/1905 - 9/23/1974) (as Mystery Guest) He appears as his rumpled character Charley Weaver.
  • EPISODE #473
    EPISODE #473
    Episode 46

    Game 1: Miss Delores Naples - "Bartender" (salaried; she works at the Hob Nob Club, which is near Grand Central Station; she is a member of the Bartenders' Union; she was very shy; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Roy McKercher (b. 6/21/1943) - "Bat Boy for San Francisco Giants" (salaried; left-handed; Coronet magazine reported that he was named Bat Boy of the Year; he is also a student at Polytechnic High School; he said he would like to become a baseball player someday, and was trying to learn as much as he could from the team members; from San Francisco, CA)

    Game 3: The Andrews Sisters (as Mystery Guest Trio)

    Laverne Andrews (7/6/1911 - 5/8/1967)
    Maxene Andrews (1/3/1916 - 10/21/1995)
    Patty Andrews (2/16/1918 - 1/30/2013)

    Game 4: Miss Dorothy Fine (Dodie Fine) - "Dance Director" (salaried; she works for the Westchester Country Club which conducts the Sky High Varieties amateur show for dancing and singing talent, and they have just celebrated their 25th anniversary; she is a dear old friend of John's, he called her Dodie, which rhymes with coyote; from Rye, NY, which is also John Daly's current hometown)

  • EPISODE #472
    EPISODE #472
    Episode 45
    Game 1: Miss Jorunn Kristiansen - "Dental Nurse" (salaried; Miss Kristiansen, representing Norway at age 18 as "Miss Norway," was also a 1959 Miss Universe 1st runner-up! The Miss Universe 1959 pageant was held on July 24th, 1959 at the Long Beach Auditorium, Long Beach, California, USA; she came from a town that sounded like Mach or Mock, in Norway)

    Game 2: John Benteler - "Makes Roulette Wheels (For Gambling Casinos)" (self-employed; his firm, which was started by his father, has been in business for 29 years; after his game, his sense of humor shone - for instance, when Martin asked him if it was possible to illegally "fix" a roulette wheel, Benteler replied that the panel has already gotten their ten "no's," thereby humorously avoiding the sensitive question; when Arlene asked him which number was the best one on the wheel, he replied "the winning one"; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 3: Eartha Kitt (1/17/1927 - 12/25/2008) (as Mystery Guest) She seemed to enjoy herself very much, laughing heartily after she stumped the panel. She gave her voice an excellent disguise. . .moreless
  • EPISODE #471
    EPISODE #471
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Roy Fairman (b. 11/7/1945) - "Golf Caddy (Caddies for President Eisenhower)" (salaried; John gave him a "100" for his good penmanship on the sign-in board; he is age 13 and he will soon be in the eighth grade; left-handed; his photo was recently in the paper, because President Dwight D. Eisenhower had tipped him $5 when Roy went to church on a Sunday, instead of golf caddying; Roy said he'd like to become a doctor when he grows up; from Knoxlyn, Pennsylvania; a few months later, Roy appeared as the featured guest in the third game of the October 8, 1959 edition of "To Tell the Truth," hosted by Bud Collyer, with the panel of Polly Bergen, Don Ameche, Kitty Carlisle and Robert Q. Lewis)

    Game 2: Mrs. Annie Sebening - "Raises Spiders for Research" (salaried; she works for the Department of Pharmacology at the New York State College of Medicine where they test new drugs by putting the new medicine in the spider's body, and then analyzing the effects the drug has on the way the spider spins its web; from Syracuse, NY)

    Game 3: William Bendix (1/14/1906 - 12/14/1964) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #470
    EPISODE #470
    Episode 43
    GUEST MODERATOR: Eamonn Andrews (12/19/1922 - 11/5/1987)

    Game 1: Mr. Ruby Goldstein (Rueven "Ruby" Goldstein)(10/7/1907 - 4/23/1984) "Prize Fight Referee (Refereed Patterson-Johansson Fight)" (salaried; he officiated at the Patterson-Johansson match; the blindfolded panel guessed his occupation rather quickly; he also appeared as himself in the 1953 film "The Joe Louis Story")

    Game 2: Keith L. Gems - "Makes Figures for Wax Museums" (self-employed; he makes wax figures for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum; from London, England)

    Game 3: Red Buttons (2/5/1919 - 7/13/2006) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Becky Swanzy - "Sells False Teeth" (salaried; cute with lots of personality; she works during the summers for her father at the Charlotte Dental Laboratories; she is also a high school student; from Charlotte, NC)
  • EPISODE #469
    EPISODE #469
    Episode 42
    Game 1: Grover Criswell - "Buys and Sells Confederate Money" (self-employed; John shows the audience a $1,000 Confederate bill that the contestant brought with him, and states it is still worth $1,000 due to its historical value; after the game, the guest gave John and each panel member a $50 Confederate bill; from St. Petersburg Beach, Florida)

    Game 2: Miss Lynda Earnhardt - "Performs Stunts on Wings of Airplane" (salaried; she is a mere 13 years old and is also a student; John said Lynda also performs parachute jumps out of airplanes, just for the fun of it; from Kernersville, North Carolina)

    Game 3: Jack Benny (2/14/1894 - 12/26/1974) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Heifetz"

    Game 4: Miss Gloria Kates - "Designs Breadboxes" (HEY! That's funny! Too bad there was not enough time to finish this game; salaried; John stated the name of the company she works for, but over the applause, it was difficult to decipher, but sounded something like the Winchell Metal Products Company - or possibly the Winchell Metals Products Company - in Brooklyn, NY)
  • EPISODE #468
    EPISODE #468
    Episode 41
    Game 1: Miss Birgit Lundgren (b. 1937) - "Correspondent for Swedish Newspaper" (salaried; limited English-speaking skills; she works for the Swedish publication whose name translates to "Women's World" in English; Miss Lundgren is the fiancee of heavyweight boxing champion Ingemar Johansson; from Sweden)

    Game 2: Mrs. Mabel Page - "U.S. Airforce Sergeant" (salaried; she holds the rank of Master Sergeant and is stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey; she works in the comptroller's office, in the 'accounting and finance' division; the USAF is celebrating its 10th anniversary, but Mabel has been in the military service for 15 years, the first part of her service was spent with the Army Air Force; she is also a great-grandmother; from Chicago, Illinois)

    Game 3: Anthony Perkins (4/4/1932 - 9/12/1992) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #467
    EPISODE #467
    Episode 40

    Game 1: Mrs. Gloria Shiner Williams - "Sheep and Goat Rancher" (self-employed; she has been in this line of work for 9 years and is a member of both the "Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association" and the "Texas Angora Goat Raisers Association"; from Bandera, Texas)

    Game 2: John Halloran - "Private Detective (85 Years Old)" (self-employed; he is the head of the Halloran Detective Agency; from Grand Rapids, Michigan)
    Private Detective

    Game 3: The McGuire Sisters (as Mystery Guest Trio)

    Christine McGuire (b. 7/30/1926)
    Dorothy McGuire (2/13/1928 - 9/7/2012)
    Phyllis McGuire (b. 2/14/1931)

  • EPISODE #466
    EPISODE #466
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Five male students from Pingry School as follows:

    1) Dave Gelber
    2) Dave Ehrlich
    3) Richard duBusc (alternately spelled Richard du Busc)
    4) Tony Stein
    5) Lloyd Barnard

    - "Own and Operate Baby Sitting Agency" (self-employed; these five bright teenagers attend Pingry School in Elizabeth, New Jersey and made their WML appearance all wearing their preparatory school blazers; they jointly own and run the Elizabeth Town Babysitting Agency; their child care rates are 60 cents per hour before midnight and 75 cents per hour after midnight; they donated their game winnings to Pingry School's Science Expansion Project; all from Elizabeth, NJ)

    Game 2: Mrs. Monique Benoit - "Writes 'Advice to Lovelorn' Column" (salaried; her newspaper column titled "Entre Nous" - which is French for "Between Us" - appears in the San Francisco Examiner newspaper; she works at home; she is originally from Paris, France, and is currently from San Francisco, CA)

    Game 3: Gypsy Rose Lee (1/8/1911 - 4/26/1970) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Francine Tieger - "Bubble Gum Tester" (salaried; she works for the Topps Chewing Gum Company; from Brooklyn, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #465
    EPISODE #465
    Episode 38

    Game 1: Miss Lia di Leo (alternately spelled Lia diLeo) - "Sculptor" (self-employed; John said that she works in bronze, stone and marble; in her Italian accent, she tells us that she has recently completed a bronze of Sammy Davis, Jr. and a bust of prominent Hollywood attorney Jerry Geisler; in addition, she said that she has also done a piece of artwork for City Hall in San Francisco and is currently working on a project for Georgie Jessel; she creates portraits and sculpts busts and statues and other works of art; originally from Italy; currently from Los Angeles, California)

    Game 2: Roy Biddlecom - "Makes Electric Bed Warmers" (self-employed; he owns the Biddlecom Manufacturing Company and produces round, hard bed warmers; from Glendale, California)

    Game 3: Debbie Reynolds (4/1/1932 - 12/28/2016) (as Mystery Guest) She donated her game winnings to The Thalians. Debbie Reynolds is one of the founders of this charitable organization. . .

  • EPISODE #464
    EPISODE #464
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Franklin Heller (8/15/1911 - 7/8/1997) - "Director of "What's My Line?" (Panel thinks he's in Europe)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded but the regular questioning format is used; salaried; Dorothy Kilgallen guessed his identity when the cards were at $30 down; in the post game chat, Heller mentioned that he was back from Europe, having visited London, England; Italy; Spain; and Paris, France; while in London, Heller said he had a "charming evening with Eamonn and his lovely wife"; in recapping the events that Heller had missed, John Daly mentioned the intruder from the previous episode and sarcastically joked that the panel had been so-so while he had been brilliant; upon exit, Heller did not shake hands with the panel, instead, he exited behind John to the viewer's right; from New York)

    Game 2: Harold Woehr - "Makes Blankets for Cows" (salaried; he is the Vice-President of R. Lackie and Company which markets the cow blankets under the trade name of "Can't Come Off"; John detailed three main uses for the blankets: sick cows; show cows in competition; and cows in transit; from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; he won the full $50 by stumping the panel)

    Game 3: Pat Suzuki (b. 9/22/1930) (as Mystery Guest #2) Dorothy Kilgallen guessed her identity when the cards were at $15 down. She used a Southern accent to try to fool the panel.
  • EPISODE #463
    EPISODE #463
    Episode 36
    Game 1: J. H. Edmondson (9/27/1925 - 11/17/1971) (James Howard Edmondson) - "Governor of Oklahoma" (salaried; he was the Oklahoma governor from 1959 to 1963; at 33 years old, John said he was currently the youngest governor ever in the history of Oklahoma; his Lieutenant Governor is age 31; Edmondson discussed the International Oil Exposition in Tulsa, OK)

    Game 2: Bud Knight - "Buys Maternity Clothes" (salaried; he works for Neiman Marcus Department Stores; from Dallas, TX)

    Game 3: Milton Berle (7/12/1908 - 3/27/2002) (as Mystery Guest) He signs in as "John Daly's Son"

  • EPISODE #462
    EPISODE #462
    Episode 35

    Game 1: Henry O'Mara - "Chief Superintendent of National Police of Ireland" (salaried; he was in the United States to visit his son who works at the New York Athletic Club; he discussed the fact that the police in Ireland are not armed with handguns; from Dublin, Ireland)

    Game 2: Mrs. Alice Bowring - "Owns and Operates Gold Mine" (self-employed; she has owned and operated her gold mine for 26 years; her mine was probably located in the area known as the Morobe goldfields - aka Morobe gold fields - in the mountainous interior on the New Guinea mainland; John said that during World War II, Mrs. Bowring was very active with the Red Cross and was known as "The First Lady of the South Pacific" to the American military men who were overseas; she was very appreciative of his kind comments; from Wau, New Guinea)

    Game 3: Andy Griffith (6/1/1926 - 7/3/2012) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #461
    EPISODE #461
    Episode 33
    Game 1: Tito Gaona (b. 8/29/1947) - "Flying Trapeze Artist" (salaried; age 11; he is performing with the Clyde Beatty Circus at Palisades Park in New Jersey; he performs with his brothers and turns full somersaults at a height of 55 feet in the air; originally from Guadalajara, Mexico)
    Read more about Senor Gaona here, including a list of his trapeze tricks and a biography: http://www.titogaona.com/

    Game 2: Mrs. Peggie Coufos - "Raises Mice For Research" (salaried; she works for Charles Pfizer & Company, and her goal is to raise a strain of perfectly healthy mice; from Teaneck, New Jersey)

    Game 3: Hermione Gingold (12/9/1897 - 5/24/1987) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Barbara Martin - "Piano Tuner" (self-employed; she tunes all the pianos at the Jordan College of Music at Butler University; from Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • EPISODE #460
    EPISODE #460
    Episode 32

    Game 1: Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. (9/8/1922 - 11/19/2000) (His Honor Samuel Riley Pierce) - "Criminal Court Judge" (salaried; African-American; Dorothy told him he was handsome; his court of general sessions is in New York; a lawyer, he is temporarily serving by appointment to an elected position, and the elections will again be held soon; he donated his game winnings to the New York Police Athletic Club; from New York, NY; Pierce went on to become the first black man to serve in President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet as the U. S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - HUD - and as such, has many net references)

    Game 2: Mr. H. Whitney (Harry Whitney) - "Bullfighter" (self-employed; he has attained the full ranking of matador and recently had a bullfight in Guadalajara, Spain; his professional name was not announced; from New Rochelle, New York)

    Game 3: Frankie Laine (3/30/1913 - 2/6/2007) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #459
    EPISODE #459
    Episode 31
    Game 1: Mr. Lou Kane - "Bill Collector" (self-employed; he runs the Creditors' Business Bureau and is licensed and bonded; he collects a little over a million dollars per year from debtors with past-due accounts; from Hollywood, California)

    Game 2: Louis C. Schneider - "Teaches Butchering at San Quentin Prison" (salaried; he has been employed at San Quentin State Prison for 14 years; from San Rafael, CA)

    Game 3: Jeanne Crain (5/25/1925 - 12/14/2003) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #458
    EPISODE #458
    Episode 30
    Game 1: Miss Margaret M. Henderson (Colonel Margaret M. Henderson)(2/6/1911 - 12/28/2004) - "Commandant of Women's Marine Corps" (salaried; from Lubbock, Texas)

    Game 2: Irving Thompson - "Sells Traffic Lights" (salaried; he works for the American City Supply Corporation; from Orange, Connecticut)

    Game 3: Cornelia Otis Skinner (5/30/1899 - 7/9/1979) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Giuseppe Ogna (11/5/1933 - 5/8/2010) - "Professional Bicycle Racer" (self-employed; his name is pronounced as OIN-ye, with the OIN sound the same as in COIN; he is described as a 6-day bike rider and is the sprint champion of Italy; his riding partner suffered an attack of appendicitis which took both men out of the most recent bicycling competition - his tandem partner is most likely Cesare Pinarello, with whom he has raced in the past and future; Ogna has several net references; from Brescia, Italy, which is located in North Italy)
  • EPISODE #457
    EPISODE #457
    Episode 29
    Game 1: Mr. D. Latham (Dana Latham)(7/7/1898 - 2/6/1974) - "U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue" (salaried; he is new to his appointment; from Los Angeles, California)

    Game 2: Nial O'Malley-Keyes - "Milkman" (salaried; his first name is pronounced the same as Neil; he works for the Excelsior Creamery Company; he arises at 3:30 AM each morning to service his route of 177 customers in Santa Ana, California; originally from County Mayo, Ireland; currently from Santa Ana, CA)

    Game 3: Lana Turner (2/8/1921 - 6/29/1995) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #456
    EPISODE #456
    Episode 28

    Game 1: Dr. Raymond Spahr - "Scientist in Charge of Research on Diapers" (salaried; he invented the pinless diaper and is in the process of refining it; he works for the Chicopee Institute, which is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson Company; from Cranbury, New Jersey)

    Game 2: Burt Riley Waters - "Sells Rolls Royce Automobiles (Youngest Rolls Royce Dealer in World)" (self-employed; his age was not given; from both Indianapolis, Indiana & Akron, Ohio)

    Game 3: Sammy Davis Jr. (12/8/1925 - 5/16/1990) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Bob Brookhouser - "Mounts Television Antennas on Rooftops" (self-employed; obese; since he was short of time, John Daly gave the panel a hint and told them that Bob did not look like a person who would be employed in this line of work; from Goehring, Pennsylvania) . .

  • EPISODE #455
    EPISODE #455
    Episode 27

    Game 1: Robert Reinhart - "Runs Charm School for Women" (salaried; he manages a chain of 4 charm schools named The Loretta Young Way; his mother had started the chain with Loretta Young, and he took over management when his mother became ill; the program teaches young women about wardrobe, poise, make-up, modeling and more; John also mentioned that Reinhart had formerly played football for the Toronto Argonauts and that in 1956, he was the third ranking passer in college football; from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 2: Miss Bobby Kuykendall - "Anesthetist" (salaried; she works as a specialty nurse at Providence Hospital in Waco, Texas; from Waco, TX)

    Game 3: Fred MacMurray (8/30/1908 - 11/5/1991) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Olga Wank - "Mounts Butterflies for Museum" (salaried; Olga's surname was pronounced "Vank"; she prepares butterfly mounts for the Museum of Natural History, for both display and study; originally from Hamburg, Germany; currently from Jackson Heights, NY) . .

  • EPISODE #454
    EPISODE #454
    Episode 26
    Game 1: Masako Katsura (she signed her name in Japanese characters; aka Mrs. Greenleaf)(1/2/1913 - 2/7/1995) - "Professional Billiard Player (World's Women's Champion)" (self-employed; petite; she has been playing billiards since she was age 13; she is in New York performing exhibition games around town; originally from Tokyo, Japan; currently from San Francisco, CA; see notes below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Shirley Morabito - "Medicine Taster for Drug Manufacturer" (salaried; she works for the Charles Pfizer Company, tasting both liquid and solid drugs; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Noel Coward (12/16/1899 - 3/26/1973) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #453
    EPISODE #453
    Episode 25

    Game 1: Edwin S. Roger - "Bridal Consultant" (self-employed; heavyset; he owns The House of Bridal and arranges weddings; his company has two stores which are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Lafayette, Indiana; he is age 29 and is married; from Indianapolis, IN)

    Game 2: Miss Jan Dietrich - "Chief Pilot for Aircraft Company" (salaried; she flies Cessna airplanes for Air Oasis Company; from Long Beach, CA; see notes below)

    Game 3: Johnny Mathis (b. 9/30/1935) (as Mystery Guest) He donated his winnings to the Heart Fund.

    Game 4: Don Stewart & Karl Marlow - "Hold Cue Cards For Perry Como" (self-employed; from Brooklyn, NY) . .

  • EPISODE #452
    EPISODE #452
    Episode 24

    Game 1: Mrs. Helen P. Mann - "Tracks Missiles at Cape Canaveral" (salaried; she works for RCA which is under contract to the U.S. government; she holds a master's degree in the field of science and also determines the exact location of missile nose cones; born in Boston, Massachusetts, currently from Florida)

    Game 2: Mrs. Helen Mitchell - "Sells Sewer Pipe" (self-employed; she owns The Outlet Pipe Company; from Irwin, PA)

    Game 3: Maria Schell (1/15/1926 - 4/26/2005) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: John Mulldowney (aka Jack Mulldowney) - "Makes Flea Powder" (salaried; he works for "House of Houston, Inc.," an pet insecticide manufacturing company; originally from Mount Carmel, PA, currently from Trenton, NJ) . .

  • EPISODE #451
    EPISODE #451
    Episode 23
    Game 1: Miss Denise Hiver (or possibly Hivet, her signature was not clear) - "Private Secretary to the Duchess of Windsor" (salaried; during the year, she lives 8 months in France and 4 months in New York; from France; see notes below)

    Game 2: Miss Norma Dean - "Dives 40 Feet Into Tank on Horseback" (salaried; she works at Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ, and dives into about 10 feet of water; originally from Miami, FL)

    Game 3: Gower Champion (6/22/1919 - 8/25/1980) & Marge Champion (b. 9/2/1919) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

    STEEL PIER DIVING HORSES: What's My Line? loved the Steel Pier diving horses featured in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and featured this occupation 4 times: EPISODE #314 of June 10, 1956; EPISODE #451 of February 8, 1959; EPISODE #577 of August 20, 1961; and EPISODE #822 of July 17, 1966. See photos at this web site dedicated to the diving horses! - Suzanne (2005)

  • EPISODE #450
    EPISODE #450
    Episode 22
    Game 1: Ingemar Johansson (9/22/1932 - 1/30/2009) - "Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Europe" (self-employed; the panel is blindfolded; in a stunning game, Martin begins the questioning and identifies Ingemar all by himself)

    Game 2: Mr. J. R. Hanahan (James R. Hanahan) - "Termite Exterminator" (self-employed; he owns the Ex-Termite Company; from Columbia, SC)

    Game 3: Burl Ives (6/14/1909 - 4/14/1995) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: John E. Eberle - "Beer Tester" (salaried; he works for Piel Brothers Brewing Company in Brooklyn New York; they are the makers of Piel's Beer; from Brooklyn, NY)
  • EPISODE #449
    EPISODE #449
    Episode 21

    Game 1: Mrs. Honey Ray - (b.6/22/1915 - d.2/20/2006) "Target in Knife-Throwing Act" (self-employed; her hair is described as being bright red in color; she and her partner-husband perform under the professional name of Del Rio & Rosita; from Toronto, Canada)

    Game 2: Mrs. Helen Corwin - "Makes Saddles" (self-employed; John states that she makes beautiful saddles; she has also tied as the All-Around Cowgirl at rodeos; from Blythe, CA; Helen will again be a "What's My Line?" contestant on EPISODE #846 of January 22, 1967)

    Game 3: Paul Newman (1/26/1925 - 9/26/2008) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #448
    EPISODE #448
    Episode 20

    Game 1: Louis Morisset (4/21/1915 - 12/6/1968) - "The M.C. of 'What's My Line?' in Canada" (salaried; Monsieur Morisset is the master of ceremonies or moderator of the French-speaking Canadian version of What's My Line?, and John says the name of the show in French is "Chacun son Métier"; John lets Morisset flip all the cards over at the end of his game; coincidentally, Louis and John slightly resemble each other; the French Canadian version was broadcast in Canada from 1954 to 1959; from Montréal, Canada; earlier, on EPISODE #242 of January 23, 1955, a panelist on the French Canadian version, Nicole Germain, appeared as a contestant and also as a guest panelist for Game 2 only)

    Game 2: Mrs. Irene Cullinan (b.1894 - d.1960) "Night Watchman (For the Merchants of Newton, Kansas)" (salaried; she is 64 years old, wears a badge, carries a '38 caliber revolver and has sent approximately 100 people to jail over the years; she has never used her gun, but says she is not afraid to if needed; she has been known as The Merchant Police for 24 and one-half years, and this is her first night off; to help out, the merchants are taking turns watching her beat and minding the stores while Mrs. Cullinan appears on WML; from Newton, Kansas)

    Game 3: Richard Boone (6/18/1917 - 1/10/1981) (as Mystery Guest) He is dressed in a cowboy outfit for his 1957-1963 television series "Have Gun - Will Travel," in which he plays the character "Paladin."

  • EPISODE #447
    EPISODE #447
    Episode 19

    Game 1: Bob Rhay (1/29/1921 - 6/17/2012) - "Warden of Washington State Penitentiary" (salaried; the prison is also known as the Walla Walla State Penitentiary, and it is located in Walla Walla, WA; at 37 years old, he is the youngest prison warden in America; he is a sociologist; from the state of Washington)

    Game 2: Mrs. Dixie Qualset - "Masseuse" (salaried; she works at Josephine's; last month, Shane McCarthy, the director of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, designated Dixie as Miss Youth Fitness of the USA; from Omaha, Nebraska; she made a second Goodson-Todman appearance on "To Tell The Truth" on February 7, 1960)

    Game 3: Joseph Cotten (5/15/1905 - 2/6/1994) (as Mystery Guest) "Arlene's Co-Star on Broadway"

    Game 4: Tom Holmes & Tom Watson - "Lifeguards" (salaried; they watch over swimmers at Miami Beach; they are also police officers; from Miami, Florida; note the joke on their surnames, Holmes & Watson, as in Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson)

  • EPISODE #446
    EPISODE #446
    Episode 18

    Game 1: Miss Jerry Sue Bradley - "Deputy Sheriff" (salaried; she works for the Harlan County Sheriff's Office; from Loyall, Kentucky)

    Game 2: Mr. A. W. Clark - "Makes Foot Warmers" (self-employed; he makes an outdoor foot warmer which is heated by the use of lighter fluid, similar to the popular hand warmers of the day; from Waco, Texas)

    Game 3: Celeste Holm (4/29/1917 - 7/15/2012) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Roswitha Poetrsch - "Elevator Operator" (salaried; she works for the prestigious Bonwit Teller department store; her German surname is pronounced as "Perch"; originally from Hamburg, Germany but now living in America, where she said she intends to stay)

  • EPISODE #445
    EPISODE #445
    Episode 16

    Game 1: Captain DeRief A. Greene (b. 7/2/1929) - "Commanding Officer of Nike Missile Base" (salaried; African-American; handsome; soft-spoken; Captain Greene works for the United States Army Air Defense Command and commands the Nike missile base in Washington, D.C.; his missile battery is currently comprised of the Nike Ajax Missile but is now in the process of converting to the second-generation member of the Nike family, the Nike Hercules Missile; the Nike Hercules was test-fired last week and it can travel at 2,000 mph and hit a target 14 miles up; Capt. Greene has been in the U.S. Army for 7 years and was previously a paratrooper during the Korean war, where he was awarded a Bronze Star; from Maryland, city not named)

    Game 2: Miss Margarette Hines - "Makes Kilts" (self-employed; she owns the Blue Brown Shop in North Hampton, Massachusetts; from both North Hampton, MA & Centerville, MA which is located on Cape Cod; she evidently produced high quality work because some of her items can be seen for sale in 2005 in online auctions and vintage clothing web sites)

    Game 3: Jayne Meadows (9/27/1919 - 4/26/2015) (as Mystery Guest) She was initially dressed in a beard and padded Santa Claus suit, but took it off during her game, revealing a gown and huge rhinestone necklace which was commented upon.

    Game 4: William Cruttenden (or William Cruttendon) - "Town Crier" (salaried; the guest wrote "Bill" on the sign-in board, but John told him not to sign in because they were short on time; the surnames seen here are the most common spellings of his name; after his game, he gives a sample of his town call, where his job has been continually held since the year 1205 for an amazing 753 years; from Hastings, England, which is on the southern coast of England)

  • EPISODE #444
    EPISODE #444
    Episode 15

    Game 1: Frederick Richmond signed in as "Duke of Richmond and Gordon" but his full name is Frederick Gordon-Lennox, 9th Duke of Richmond (February 5, 1904 - November 2, 1989) - "Owns and Operates Race Track" (he told John Daly that his friends call him Frederick Richmond; self-employed; his racetrack, named Goodwood Race Track, is in Sussex, England and is located on his ancestral estate; he is also the President of British Travel Association and he is in New York to help with the opening of their new headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York; the racetrack is still in existence and has a web page, they offer horse racing, automobile racing, estate tours and much more; John commented often upon the guest's excellent sense of humor; from Sussex, England) Biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Gordon-Lennox,_9th_Duke_of_Richmond Goodwood: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/

    Game 2: Milton R. Cohen - "Makes 'Galoshes' for Dogs" (self-employed; his product is called "Dry Paws"; John shows a Macy's Department Store advertisement for them; he donates his WML winnings to the ASPCA, which is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; from Teaneck, New Jersey)

    Game 3: Kathryn Grant Crosby (b. 11/25/1933) (as Mystery Guest) . .

  • EPISODE #443
    EPISODE #443
    Episode 14
    Game 1: Thomas Schippers (3/9/1930 - 12/16/1977) - "Thomas Schippers, Conductor of Metropolitan Opera" (salaried; he signed is as "X" to avoid name recognition, and the panel was not blindfolded; he is 28 years old and has been conducting at The Met for 3 years now; very handsome; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Larry French - "Chicken Plucker" (salaried; this is his part-time job, because he is currently a college student at the University of Oklahoma; from Norman, Oklahoma)

    Game 3: Jose Ferrer (1/8/1912 - 1/26/1992) (as Mystery Guest #2) He signed in as José Ferrer.
  • EPISODE #442
    EPISODE #442
    Episode 12

    Game 1: Major General J. E. Briggs (James E. Briggs) (5/6/1906 - 2/25/1979) - "Superintendent of U.S. Air Force Academy" (salaried; he is the second superintendent of what Dorothy jokingly referred to as "West Point of the Air" which is in reality the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado; he has earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal; originally from Rochester, NY; currently from Colorado Springs, CO)

    Game 2: Mrs. Barbara Harding - "Makes Pizza Pies" (salaried; she works in North Long Beach and cooks about 400 pizzas each night; from Long Beach, CA)

    Game 3: Anna Maria Alberghetti (b. 5/15/1936) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Oscar Tapper - 7th Grade School Teacher" (salaried; he is an exchange teacher for one year only and is from England; he is teaching history, English, and social studies at Memorial School in his temporary home town of Eatontown, NJ)

  • EPISODE #441
    EPISODE #441
    Episode 11
    Game 1: Edmund G. Brown, Sr. (Edmund "Pat" Brown) (4/21/1905 - 2/16/1996) - "Attorney General and Governor Elect of California" (salaried; the panel was blindfolded; from Sacramento, CA)

    Game 2: Count Vasco da Gama - "Sells and Repairs Pool Tables" (self-employed; he is the 17th direct descendent of the famous explorer; from Brookline, MA, which is also Arlene's home town and it is near Boston, MA)

    Game 3: Harry Belafonte (b. 3/1/1927) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mrs. Atsuko Kemuri or Kamouri - "Movie Critic" (salaried; she signed her name in Japanese characters, so the exact spelling of her name is unknown; from Tokyo, Japan)
  • EPISODE #440
    EPISODE #440
    Episode 10
    Game 1: Miss Rita Francis Gaglio - "Men's Barber" (salaried; she cuts men's hair at a barber shop at 5509 Church Avenue, Brooklyn; she is also a semi-professional singer on the weekends; from Brooklyn, NY)

    Game 2: Arnold Mallis - "Breeds Flies, Ants, Spiders, Etc. For Research" (salaried; he works for Gulf Oil Company in their research laboratory; from Pittsburgh, PA)

    Game 3: Charles Boyer (8/28/1899 - 8/26/1978) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Raymond Berry (b. 2/27/1933) - "Professional Football Player" (salaried; he played a game today at Yankee Stadium and is an "end" for the Baltimore Colts; from Paris, TX)
  • EPISODE #439
    EPISODE #439
    Episode 9
    Game 1: Dr. Joseph P. Moffa (Joseph P. Moffa, DDS) - "Dentist in Federal Prison" (salaried; Dr. Moffa is a commissioned officer; net references show that later on in life, Joseph Moffa, DDS worked for the U.S. Public Health Services Hospital in San Francisco, CA; from El Paso, TX)

    Game 2: Bob Lentz - "Professional Goose Caller for Hunters" (salaried; this is his weekend job, because he is also a freshman at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois; after his game, he performed some excellent goose calls; from Cairo, IL)

    Game 3: Robert Wagner (b. 2/10/1930) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Alice Ashley - "Diamond Cutter" (salaried; there was only 90 seconds for her game and John never asked her hometown)
  • EPISODE #438
    EPISODE #438
    Episode 8
    Game 1: Mrs. "Duchess" Geyer - "Tattoo Artist" (self-employed; when she signed in, she added the quotation marks around her first name; later in the game, she explained that "Duchess" is a nickname but never gave her actual name; she had a case of the giggles tonight; her most requested tattoo is a dagger through a heart; from Ogden, Utah)

    Game 2: Dick Winslow - "Plays Piano on Airplane" (salaried; he works for The Hacienda Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, which owns a plane and flies patrons between Burbank, California and Las Vegas, Nevada; the flight's duration is one hour and ten minutes; from Jennings Louisiana)

    Game 3: Imogene Coca (11/18/1908 - 6/2/2001) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Tom Collins - "Tour Guide on Sightseeing Bus" (salaried; he is in America on 5 weeks vacation; from London, England)
  • EPISODE #437
    EPISODE #437
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Miss Cora Jean Bronkema - "Paints Dots on Dice" (salaried; she works for the H.E. Mason company; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 2: Mr. Les Downing (Officer Leslie Downing) - "Flying Traffic Cop" (salaried; the details of the traffic ticket that he issued to the driver of the car that Bennett was riding in are below; from Hammond, Indiana)

    Game 3: Gordon MacRae (3/12/1921 - 1/24/1986) (as Mystery Guest) He promoted his appearance next Thursday at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC.
  • EPISODE #436
    EPISODE #436
    Episode 6
    Game 1: Chuck Carlisle (Lt. Cmdr. Charles Carlisle) - "Executive Officer of Atomic Submarine Sea Wolf (Submerged for 60 days)" (salaried; from Darlington, Idaho)

    Game 2: Mr. Solon Gray - "Makes Diaper Pins" (salaried; he works for the Ready Pin company, which John said was the best known diaper pin company in the United States; from Montpelier, Vermont)

    Game 3: Joe E. Lewis (1/12/1902 - 6/4/1971) (as Mystery Guest) He signed his name and "COPA" on the sign-in board. "COPA" was a reference to his current engagement at New York's Copacabana nightclub, which he promoted during his appearance.

    Game 4: Miss Anna M. Waller - "Buys Dogs for U.S. Army and Airforce" (salaried; she works with the Quartermaster General's office and procures German Shepherd dogs which are between the ages of 9 months to 3 years for special training as canine guards on missile bases and other government installations; from Harrisburg, PA)
  • EPISODE #435
    EPISODE #435
    Episode 5
    Game 1: Rudelph Schlein (the camera did not zoom in on his signature after he finished writing his name, but there are net references to the early 49er Schlein family from Placerville, California) - "Gold Prospector" (self-employed; John verifies that his name is Rudelph and not Rudolph; he has a long white beard and is 75 years old; he has been gold prospecting since the age of 5; he is hard of hearing and has a cute personality - he could be described as a ham; from Garden Valley, CA, which is in the mountains above and to the east of Sacramento, 12 miles from Placerville)

    Game 2: Miss Norma M. Kurtz - "Shears Sheep" (self-employed; from Woodstown, NJ)

    Game 3: Darryl F. Zanuck (9/5/1902 - 12/22/1979) (as Mystery Guest) During his game, a propeller airplane flies over the studio and can be heard.

    John announced that there was no time for the next game, but that the New York Yankees trainer Gus Mauch had been scheduled to appear. - Suzanne (2003)
  • EPISODE #434
    EPISODE #434
    Episode 4

    Game 1: Jack O'Dell - "Night Watchman at Girls' School" (salaried; he works nights at St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Virginia; during the day, he is a law student at the University of Richmond School of Law; from Newport News, VA)

    Game 2: Carroll Long - "Chicken Auctioneer" (salaried; he holds daily chicken auctions in Selbyville, Delaware; in addition, he also delivers a daily television market report in Salisbury, Maryland; after his game, he performed an interesting sample of his song-like chicken auctioneering patter; from Salisbury, MD)

    Game 3: Roy Rogers (11/5/1911 - 7/6/1998) (as Mystery Guest) The Roy Rogers Rodeo opened last Thursday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

    Game 4: Miss Lari Silber - "Writes Advice to Lovelorn Column" (salaried; she works for McFadden Publications and writes a column titled "I Need Advice" under her pen name of Jane Evans; from New York, NY) . .

  • EPISODE #433
    EPISODE #433
    Episode 3
    Game 1: Paul Butler (6/15/1905 - 12/30/1961) ("Democratic") & Meade Alcorn (10/20/1907 - 1/13/1992) ("Republican") - "Chairmen, National Political Parties" (salaried; the panel was blindfolded; they both request donations to the political party of the viewer's choice)

    Game 2: Rich Knerr (Richard Knerr)(6/30/1925 - 1/14/2008) - "Also Makes Hula Hoops (Partner of Last Week's Hula Hoop Maker)" (self-employed; he is the co-founder of the Wham-O company along with his partner, Arthur "Spud" Melin, who was a contestant last week; from Arcadia, CA)

    Game 3: Robert Young (2/22/1907 - 7/21/1998) & Jane Wyatt (8/12/1910 - 10/20/2006) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They begin their fifth season of "Father Knows Best" tomorrow.

    Announcer: Bern Bennett
  • EPISODE #432
    EPISODE #432
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Arthur "Spud" Melin (Arthur K. Melin)(12/30/1924 - 6/28/2002) - "Inventor and Manufacturer of Hula-Hoops" (self-employed; Spud Melin - and his unnamed partner Richard Knerr who will be a guest next week - jointly own the Wham-O toy company; from Pasadena, CA)

    Game 2: Joseph J. Karitas (7/6/1901 - 3/1983) - "Chief House Painter at White House (Washington D.C.)" (salaried; he has a civil service job and has been at the white house for 14 years, 8 of them as chief painter; he paints inside and outside, and said that Mrs. Eisenhower is a wonderful decorator with a good color sense; from Greenbelt, MD)

    Game 3: Ed Sullivan (9/28/1901 - 10/13/1974) (as Mystery Guest) This is the episode in which he wears the "Neanderthal Man" mask!

    Announcer: Bern Bennett
  • EPISODE #431
    EPISODE #431
    Episode 1
    Game 1: Major J.F.D. Johnston - "Buckingham Palace Guard" (salaried; the panel is blindfolded because he appears in his full-dress uniform including his tall bearskin hat and sword; the regular questioning format is used; Major Johnston was born in Burma and is currently from London, England)

    Game 2: Miss Helen Straub - "Professional Fire Eater" (self-employed; she entertains at private parties and uses background music such as "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire"; from Pewee Valley, KY)

    Game 3: Eva Marie Saint (b. 7/4/1924) (as Mystery Guest)