What's My Line? - Season 15

CBS (ended 1967)


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  • EPISODE #728
    EPISODE #728
    Episode 53
    Game 1: Mr. & Mrs. O. L. Lambert, Jr. - "Window Washers" (salaried; husband and wife team; they are union members who do their window-washing work while standing on scaffolding; Mrs. Lambert said safety-harness belts were not used very much in California; from El Cajon, CA)

    Game 2: Miss Sura Malek "Makes & Sells Cotton Candy" (salaried; she works for her father who owns and runs several concessions at Palisades Park; see notes below about her father's 1952 WML appearance; from Fort Lee, NJ)

    Game 3: Paul Anka (b. 7/30/1941) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Marc Massaro - "Raises Racing Pigeons" (self-employed; left-handed; he raises and sells these trained birds; he is also a college student; from West Haven, CT) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #727
    EPISODE #727
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Colonel Chuck Yeager (b. 2/13/1923) (Charles Elwood Yeager) (he signed in as C.E. Yeager, and the panel was not blindfolded) - Two occupation overlay screens were shown: "First Pilot to Break The Sound Barrier" and "Commandant of Space Pilot School" (salaried; born in Hamlin, WV, currently in CA; trains at the Air Force Space Pilot School, actually known as ARPS or USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School, at Edwards Air Force Base, California; On October 14, 1947, Yeager broke the sound barrier over the town of Victorville, California.)

    Game 2: Miss Snooks Rourk - "Shoes Horses" ("Snooks" is a nickname and John Daly explains that Snooks doesn't like her real first name which was never divulged; self-employed; she charges $6 to reset a horseshoe and $8 for a new horseshoe; to reset a horseshoe means to remove the horseshoe, trim the hoof, then reattach the same horseshoe; she will be starting college in the fall; Snooks is quite bold as she tells John "you better not" in regards to mentioning her real name, and later on when she says "I can take care of myself" during the funny segment with Steve Lawrence; from Miami, FL)

    Game 3: Bob Cummings (6/9/1910 - 12/2/1990) (as Mystery Guest) Bob Cummings promoted his 1964-1965 television series, "My Living Doll." He said that he used his "Grandpa" voice to try to fool the panel.
  • EPISODE #726
    EPISODE #726
    Episode 51
    Game 1: Jimmy Kline - "Porpoise Trainer (Trains Porpoises For New York World's Fair)" (salaried; he is employed by the Miami Seaquarium in Miami, Florida, but is currently training the porpoises at the Florida exhibit of the 1964 New York World's Fair; from Pallas, Pennsylvania)

    Game 2: Miss Isabel Bernier - "Shoeshine Girl" (salaried; she works at Monkey Shines, 52nd St. & Broadway, New York, NY; from Manhattan, NY, NY)

    Game 3: Tony Randall (2/26/1920 - 5/17/2004) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: James H. Geist (he didn't dot any i's so his surname may have been Gust, but it was pronounced as Geist) - "Sells Sawdust" (self-employed; left-handed; he sells 800 lb. bags for his company, Miami Sawdust Supply Co.; from Miami, Florida) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #725
    EPISODE #725
    Episode 50
    Game 1: Miss Florence Hayashi - "Policewoman" (salaried; she is employed in the field of public education by the City of Hamilton Police Department; John said that she carries a snub nose .38 revolver; she also knows a small amount of judo; from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

    Game 2: Robert DeMartine (b. 1926 or 1927- 4/10/2008) (aka Bob DeMartine - pronounced as DeMartini) - "Tent Maker" (salaried; he sells and rents all tent for Eureka Tent & Awning Co. which was established in 1895; Eureka made the tents that went to Mt. Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary; Eureka is renting out a tent for the IBM stockholders' meeting which is 60 feet by 400 feet in Bob is the son-in-law of Arthur C. Legg, who is the son of the company founder; from Binghamton, NY; after his game, listen to John Daly say, "His name should be Omar" - this comment would be considered politically incorrect today, but back in 1964, John undoubtedly meant no harm; Eureka! - their logo contains the exclamation point - which is now a division of Johnson Outdoors Inc., is still in business today in 2006 and their web site states that in the 1950s, it was Bob DeMartine who recognized Eureka's untapped potential and moved the company from a local level to an international one)

    Game 3: Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/1916) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Stephanie Beall (pronounced as Bell) - "Plays Billiards (to Demonstrate Tables)" (salaried; she works for American Machine & Foundry Co. "AMF" and demonstrates billiard tables for the home; from Massapequa, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #724
    EPISODE #724
    Episode 49
    Game 1: Billy Spencer (William Spencer)(b. 6/28/1949) - "Professional Water Skier (Men's World Champion)" (self-employed; teen boy, age 15; last year in 1963 at age 14 Billy won the "VIIIth World Water Ski Championship" Tournament in Vichy, France under the training of Joe Cash; the title lasts for two years; Billy also instructs water skiing and skis barefoot too; from Sarasota, FL)

    Game 2: Dan Walston - "Manufactures Telephones" (salaried; he is an engineer for Western Electric Co.; he is developing the new Touch Tone (push button) telephone, which is currently on display at the N.Y. World's Fair; from Indianapolis, IN)

    Game 3: Carol Channing (b. 1/31/1921) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Walter White, Jr. - "Prints Credit Cards (American Express Company)" (salaried; African-American; he prints American Express plastic charge cards; from New York, NY)
  • EPISODE #723
    EPISODE #723
    Episode 48
    Game 1: Bobby Nichols (b. 4/14/1936) - "Professional Golfer (1964 PGA Champion)" (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as Mr. X and the panel was not blindfolded; self-employed; at age 16 he was in a bad auto accident, but made a comeback in golf; from Louisville, KY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Julia S. Berolzheimer - "Makes Shoelaces" (self-employed; such a cute contestant, she smiles all the way through her game; she is the Vice-President of her company, Diamond Braiding Mill; she stated that her company's shoelaces are permanently pressed; from Tarpon Springs, FL)

    Game 3: Peter Lawford (9/7/1923 - 12/24/1984) (as Mystery Guest #2) He signed in as "Lassie" which might be a reference to the episode of July 12, 1964 when Arlene said of the mystery guest, "Let's face it, he's either a doctor, a lawyer, or a dog." A second explanation was submitted below, which explains that this also may have been referring to Lawford's starring role in the 1945 film, "Son of Lassie." . .moreless
  • EPISODE #722
    EPISODE #722
    Episode 47
    Game 1: John Fulton (5/25/1933 - 2/8/1998) - "Bullfighter" (self-employed; he is the first American to earn the full matador title in Spain, while two other American men have attained this status in Mexico; in Spain, Fulton has fought bulls at the Seville Bullring, aka the Sevilla Bullring, which is known in Spain as the Plaza de la Maestranza; John said that in Spain, bullfighting is considered an art form; Fulton also performs in Mexico, and will be in the ring in Tijuana this coming August 1964; Fulton is also an artist who paints pictures; from Philadelphia, PA)

    NOTE: John Fulton had earlier changed his name from John Fulton Short because Spanish-speaking people had trouble pronouncing "Short." Although it was not mentioned tonight, John Fulton made a previous appearance on "WML?" EPISODE #184 of December 6, 1953, under the name John F. Short. - Suzanne (2008)

    Read about John Fulton at the John Fulton Society Website:

    Game 2: John Vadas - "Develops and Tests Candy Flavored Lipsticks" (salaried; he works for the Cutex division of Cheseborough-Ponds Inc.; from Stamford, CT)

    Game 3: Jack Palance (2/18/1919 - 11/10/2006) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #721
    EPISODE #721
    Episode 46
    Game 1: Miss Gigi Mackh (aka Gloria Mackh) - "Ski Instructor" (salaried; tall; from Vienna, Austria; she is an Austrian government licensed ski instructor; she is also currently "Miss Austria" and will be in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant to be held on August 1, 1964 in Miami Beach, FL; she is also a champion water skier)

    Game 2: Mrs. Ann Quinlan (9/14/1892 - 11/19/1965) - "President of Pretzel Company" (self-employed; she owns Quinlan Pretzel Co. of Reading, PA; she said that Quinlan's Pretzels invented the pretzel twisting machine and revolutionized the entire pretzel industry; Robert Q. Lewis recognized her name and guessed her identity on his first question, although the game played on a few more turns; from Wyomissing, PA)

    Game 3: E.G. Marshall (6/18/1914 - 8/24/1998) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: John Henderson - "Paints Bridges (George Washington Bridge, etc.)" (salaried; he works for the Port Authority of N.Y.; from Fords, NJ)
  • EPISODE #720
    EPISODE #720
    Episode 45
    Game 1: Peter Gabel (b. 1/28/1947) - "Son of Arlene Francis and Martin Gabel" AND "Guide at N. Y. World's Fair" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; Peter stumped the panel; John mentioned that Peter had just graduated from Deerfield Academy and would next be attending Harvard University)

    Game 2: Miss Joyce Ivey- "Sorts Mosquitoes (U.S. Gov't Research)" (salaried; John said that she works for the national public health service in the Communicable Diseases Center in Atlanta, Georgia, which is now known as the Center for Disease Control or CDC; she sorts 180 species of mosquitoes, after the insects are dead, to determine which species carry which viruses for research of prevention of communicable diseases; in June 1964, she graduated from Tift College in Forsyth, Georgia, having majored in both chemistry and biology; from Atlanta, GA)

    Game 3: Sue Lyon (b. 7/10/1946) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #719
    EPISODE #719
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Mr. N. E. Skinner - "Washes Bulls (For Cattle Shows And Sales)" (self-employed; he owns the Skinner Washing Service company, and has washed over 100,000 bulls with pressure machinery; from Broken Bow, NE)

    Game 2: Mrs. Fern V. Miller (11/29/1892 - 2/1981) - "Superintendent of U.S. Mint, Denver, CO" (salaried; Fern Miller was appointed by then-President John F. Kennedy in May 1961; she donated her game winnings to the Kennedy Library; from Platteville, CO)

    Game 3: Carroll Baker (b. 5/28/1931) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mr. Juan E. Metzger (he signed in as J. E. Metzger)(11/4/1918 - 9/6/1998) - "Makes Yogurt" (salaried; he is the head of the Dannon Yogurt Co.; he didn't speak much, but when he did, a slight accent was noticeable; see more notes below; from White Plains, NY)
  • EPISODE #718
    EPISODE #718
    Episode 43
    Game 1: Mrs. Irene McGillicuddy - "Chiropractor" (self-employed; she is age 77 and has been in practice since 1919; her patients lovingly call her Grandma; from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Game 2: Mrs. Karon Epperson (pronounced as "Karen") - "Sells Motorcycles" (self-employed; Karon and her husband own and operate Honda of Dayton; from Dayton, OH)

    Game 3: Frank Fontaine (4/19/1920 - 8/4/1978) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #717
    EPISODE #717
    Episode 42
    Game 1: Mrs. Florence Latham - "Drives Garbage Truck" (self-employed; Florence and her husband own and operate the Latham Sanitation Company; from Deep River, CT)

    Game 2: Carl F. Ehrenberg - "Sells Babies' Cribs" (salaried; he works for the Port-a-Crib Company; the crib is 40" x 30" and he said it had four uses as follows: a crib, a playpen, a car bed, and a bassinet; from St. Louis, MO)

    Game 3: Gina Lollobrigida (b. 7/4/1927) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Danny Ferguson - "Professional Soccer Player" (salaried; he is a member of The International Soccer League; from Edinburgh, Scotland; John said that he is currently a fullback but has played many positions on the soccer field; this is not his first trip to America, he told John he was also here four years ago; he had not yet visited the 1964 N.Y. World's Fair but John urged him to attend; his soccer team, named the "Heart of Midlothian Football Club" played in a tournament today on Randall's Island, New York and defeated the Brazilian team named "Bahia of Brazil") . .moreless
  • EPISODE #716
    EPISODE #716
    Episode 41
    Game 1: Sheilah Graham (9/15/1904 - 11/17/1988) - "Hollywood Columnist" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; her column is syndicated by the North American Newspaper Alliance; John mentioned her 1958 book, "Beloved Infidel" and her new 1964 book, "The Rest of the Story")

    Game 2: Mr. T. G. Clark - "Rents Graduation Caps & Gowns" (salaried; he works for the Collegiate Cap & Gown Service; from Greenwich, CT)

    Game 3: Helen Hayes (10/10/1900 - 3/17/1993) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #715
    EPISODE #715
    Episode 40
    Game 1: Miss Elaine LéGaro - "Magician's Assistant (Gets Sawed in Half, Etc.)" (salaried; Arlene commented on her excellent diction; Elaine LeGaro is performing at the General Cigar Pavilion at the 1964 N.Y. World's Fair; from Philadelphia, PA)

    Game 2: John Lange - "Makes Peanut Butter" (salaried; he works for Skippy Peanut Butter; Arlene noted his physical resemblance to evangelist Billy Graham; from University Park, TX)

    Game 3: Liberace (5/16/1919 - 2/4/1987) (as Mystery Guest) His signature included a lovely drawing of a grand piano complete with his trademark candelabra on top.

    Game 4: Joe Crane (2/23/1902 - 2/25/1968) - "Inspects & Packs Parachutes" (self-employed; he owns and operates the Joe Crane & Co. Parachute Loft in Mineola, Long Island, New York; he is also the Chairman of the Board of the Parachute Club of America; from Westbury, Long Island, NY)

    Joe Crane's biography is on the web:

    Sponsor 1: J.B. Williams (Geritol)
    Sponsor 2: Procter & Gamble (Crest toothpaste with Floristan)
  • EPISODE #714
    EPISODE #714
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Mr. Tracy Barnes - "Balloon Pilot" (self-employed; he pilots hot air balloons for advertising and promotional ventures for businesses such as radio stations and television stations; he has broken 6 records and recently reached an altitude of almost 7 miles; for a 1964 New York World's Fair stunt, he will be piloting a balloon from Texas to New York; from Minneapolis, MN)

    Game 2: Stan Erlandson - "Makes Snuff" (salaried; he is the head of U.S. Tobacco Company's snuff division; some of his snuff products are flavored with aromatic and essential oils; from Villa Park, IL)

    Game 3: Jayne Mansfield (4/19/1933 - 6/29/1967) (as Mystery Guest) At the date of tonight's appearance, she is 31 years old. . .moreless
  • EPISODE #713
    EPISODE #713
    Episode 38
    Game 1: Mrs. Mayme Ward - "Sews Blankets for Horses and Elephants" (self-employed; articulate; in conjunction with the Wisconsin Historical Society, she makes highly decorated blankets for use in the upcoming 4th of July circus and parade in Milwaukee; sponsored by Schlitz Beer, the festivities are named "A Day in Old Milwaukee"; she now looks grandmotherly, but John mentioned that up until she was 50 years old, Mrs. Ward had formerly been a flying trapeze artist; from Baraboo, WI)

    Game 2: Mrs. Ruth Bussey - "Supermarket Check-Out Girl (1964 Checker of the Year)" (salaried; she works for B & B Supermarket in Tampa, Florida; as part of her contest winnings for the 1964 Grocery Store Checker of the Year award, she received a two-week vacation in Hawaii and a mink stole; from Tampa, FL)

    Game 3: Jack Lemmon (2/8/1925 - 6/27/2001) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #712
    EPISODE #712
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Bill Hartack (12/9/1932 - 11/26/2007) - "Jockey (Four Time Kentucky Derby Winner)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; John mentioned that he broke the track record riding the horse Northern Dancer)

    Game 2: Manley J. Luckey - "Makes Sober Meters (to Test Intoxication)" (self-employed; he owns Luckey Laboratories, Inc.; to use his device, the subject breathes into a mouthpiece and if the subject is intoxicated, the crystals inside the attached balloon turn green; his measuring device is currently being used exclusively by law enforcement agencies but he is working on distributing a smaller home version; from San Bernardino, CA)

    Game 3: Beatrice Lillie (5/29/1894 - 1/20/1989) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #711
    EPISODE #711
    Episode 36

    Game 1: Jim McClellen - "Hippopotamus Trainer" (salaried; he works at Jungleland in Thousand Oaks, California, which he said was 30 miles north of Los Angeles; he trains a one-ton mother hippo and her son; he teaches them simple tricks such as sitting and lying down, and even puts his own head inside the hippo's mouth; from Thousand Oaks, CA)

    Game 2: Miss Brenda Berlin - "Fingerprint Examiner for Ontario Police Department" (salaried; she has been a fingerprinting technician for the Ontario provincial police department for 2 months; from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    Game 3: The McGuire Sisters (as Mystery Guest Trio)

    Christine McGuire (b. 7/30/1926)
    Dorothy McGuire (2/13/1928 - 9/7/2012)
    Phyllis McGuire (b. 2/14/1931)

    Game 4: Gordon Tallman - "Makes Golf Tees" (salaried; coincidentally, he was quite tall; he works for the Bullard Lumber Company; from Hyde Park, UT)

  • EPISODE #710
    EPISODE #710
    Episode 35

    Game 1: Yogi Berra (5/12/1925 - 9/22/2015) - "Manager of N.Y. Yankees Baseball Team" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; after his game, his wife Carmen Berra joined him on stage for a very brief cameo appearance; she was only named as Mrs. Yogi Berra; they were wed on January 26, 1949)

    Game 2: Miss Susie Vankovich - "Milks, Feeds & Grooms Elsie the Cow (at N.Y. World's Fair)" (salaried; nice smile; she works for The Borden Company; from Logan, WV)

    Game 3: Louis Jourdan (6/19/1921 - 2/14/2015) (as Mystery Guest #2)

  • EPISODE #709
    EPISODE #709
    Episode 34
    Game 1: Frederick Baker - Town Crier of Stratford-On-Avon, England" (salaried; he has been in America since Friday, but is going home tomorrow night so he can be in England on Thursday, April 23, 1964 for the 400th birthday celebration of William Shakespeare, who was believed to have been born in 1564; this darling elderly man gave examples of his vocal work after his game; from Stratford-On-Avon, England)

    Game 2: Miss Sydney Ann Zatzkin (written as Sydneyann Zatzkin) - "Usher at Shea Stadium, New Home of N.Y. Mets Baseball Team" (salaried; while on the job, she wears an 1890s costume of a bowler hat, striped jacket and a skirt; the Mets won today, 6 to 0; she is also a freshman college student at Hofstra College in Hempstead, Long Island, NY; she stated she is from Beechhurst, NY)

    Game 3: Edie Adams (4/16/1927 - 10/15/2008) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: John Hannon - "Makes Surfboards" (self-employed; he owns and operates Hannon Surfboards; his surfboards are made of polyurethane foam and fiberglass, not wood; from Garden City, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #708
    EPISODE #708
    Episode 33
    Game 1: Mr. Lee Shephard & Miss Lee Shepherd - "Television Weather Reporters" (both salaried; their names sound the same, but are not spelled the same; they both work for TV stations, Mr. Lee Shephard works at WTOP & Miss Lee Shepherd works at WJBK; Mr. Lee Shephard is from Washington D.C. & Miss Lee Shepherd is from Detroit, MI)

    Game 2: Mr. Claude Goodyear - "Makes Nitroglycerine" (salaried; he works for the National Powder Company in Eldred, PA, where he has been employed for 13 years; see company notes below; from Olean, NY)

    Game 3: Barbra Streisand (b. 4/24/1942) (as Mystery Guest) She signed in as "Barbraesi?? ? Streisand" complete with the three question marks.

    Game 4: Mr. Mac Scherer - "Grinds & Packs Pepper" (salaried; he works for Pride of India Pepper Estates, Ltd.; from Brooklyn, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #707
    EPISODE #707
    Episode 32

    Game 1: Mr. Lowell Thomas (4/6/1892 - 8/29/1981) - "News Commentator" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; he said he had been continuously broadcasting for 34 years; he donated his game winnings to help the people of Alaska who had recently suffered a devastating earthquake)

    Game 2: Miss Christine Bertholt - "Circus Juggler (Hangs By Hair From Top of Arena)" (salaried; after her occupation overlay screen was shown, a publicity photograph of her was shown, seen in full costume and hanging by her hair 75 feet above the ground; she is currently performing for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden; from Essen, Germany)

    Game 3: Van Cliburn (7/12/1934 - 2/27/2013) (as Mystery Guest #2) He donated his game winnings to the Interlochen Music Camp which he said has been training young musicians for 28 years.

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who sells false teeth.

    Sponsor: Geritol

  • EPISODE #706
    EPISODE #706
    Episode 31
    Game 1: Miss Lynne Palmer - "Astrologer (Makes Up Horoscopes)" (self-employed; John explained that she uses the positions of the planets in relation to her client's birthdates to draw up their personal astrological charts; she meets with clients either at her home or theirs; she said that she does not make predictions and that she primarily helps her clients with their problems by providing consultation, analysis and guidance; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Jimmy Dawson (James Dawson) - "Raises Rabbits" (self-employed; Jim is also a school student who appears to be about age 16; he began his part-time job of breeding rabbits as a 4-H project and now owns 700 rabbits; his mother and father also help him with his business which he termed "a family project"; he is saving his business income for college; from Shepherdsville, KY)

    Game 3: Bette Davis (4/5/1908 - 10/6/1989) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #705
    EPISODE #705
    Episode 30
    Game 1: Mrs. Elaine Mason - "Prepares Income Tax Returns" (self-employed; she owns and operates D & E Mason Income Tax Service; she stumped the panel; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 2: Mr. Ed Dempsey - "Makes Aspirin Tablets" (salaried; he works for the Norwich Pharmaceutical Company; he produces 9 million aspirin tablets per day; from Norwich, NY)

    Game 3: Louis Armstrong (8/4/1901 - 7/6/1971) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Satchmo," his famous nickname, which is short for "Satchel Mouth." . .moreless
  • EPISODE #704
    EPISODE #704
    Episode 29
    Game 1: Tom Madden - "Rents Geese (To Eat Weeds)" (self-employed; he rents geese primarily to cotton farmers; 2 geese per acre do the work of one man in clearing the fields of unwanted wild grasses such as Johnson grass; from Kennett, MO)

    Game 2: Miss Pam Sanders - "Foreign Correspondent (Just Returned from Viet-Nam & Laos)" (salaried; she worked for 2 years for Time Magazine; from Manilla, Philippines)

    Game 3: Allan Sherman (11/30/1924 - 11/20/1973) (as Mystery Guest) He almost stumped the panel! . .moreless
  • EPISODE #703
    EPISODE #703
    Episode 28

    Game 1: Stan Musial (11/21/1920 - 1/19/2013) (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded; full mystery guest game rules applied; other than his name, there was no occupation overlay screen; his nickname is "Stan The Man" and he has just retired as a professional baseball player; John mentioned that Stan was recently appointed to direct the "President's Council on Physical Fitness" heath awareness program under President Lyndon B. Johnson; John also mentioned that he and Stan have a mutual friend in restaurant owner Toots Shor)

    Game 2: Mrs. Nancy Henry - "Inspects & Packs Adhesive Bandages (Band-Aids)" (salaried; African-American; she works for the Johnson & Johnson Company; from Somerset, NJ)

    Game 3: Steve Allen (12/26/1921 - 10/30/2000) (as Mystery Guest #2) He first signed in as "Ted Mack" of the "Original Amateur Hour" fame, then crossed it out and wrote his own name.

    Game 4: Mr. Toni Willson - "Buys & Sells Honey" (salaried; John did not ask if Toni was a nickname for a more formal name such as Antonio; Toni is employed by his family firm, R.B. Willson Company; he is also involved with horticultural exhibitions such as the New York Flower Show, and the International Flower Show, where he sells beeswax candles made from genuine beeswax; from Yonkers, NY)

  • EPISODE #702
    EPISODE #702
    Episode 27

    Game 1: Miss Kay Day - "Trains Race Horses" (self-employed; she is licensed by the state of New Mexico and trains horses at Sunland Park, NM, since parimutuel wagering is not legal in her home state of Texas; from El Paso, TX)

    Game 2: Lewis Kert - "Diplomatic Courier for U.S. State Department" (salaried; he transports government documents to foreign countries such as Panama, Frankfurt, Germany and Beirut, Lebanon; there is some kinescope damage which causes the film to jump around a bit during his game; from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 3: Debbie Reynolds (4/1/1932 - 12/28/2016) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Hugo W. Castello (4/22/1914 - 3/28/1994) - "Sword Maker, Makes Fencing Foils, Sabres, etc." (self-employed; he owns and operates the Castello Fencing Equipment Company; he is also a teacher at New York University and leads the New York University Fencing Team; in addition, Hugo Castello is also a NCAA Fencing Champion for New York University and has also authored fencing books; from New York, NY)

  • EPISODE #701
    EPISODE #701
    Episode 26
    Game 1: Paul B. Keenan - "Elevator Operator & Guide at Washington Monument" (salaried; he works for the National Park Service which is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of the Interior; he wears a U.S. Park Ranger uniform while on duty; he stumped the panel; from Washington, D.C.)

    Game 2: Miss Suzanne Zvanut - "Beer Tester" (salaried; she works for Falstaff Brewing Company and is a graduate microbiologist; from St. Charles, MO)

    Game 3: Bert Lahr (8/13/1895 - 12/4/1967) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Thomas Lenane - "Head of Marriage License Bureau" (salaried; as the head of the licensing bureau, he can also perform the marriage ceremony and legally wed couples; marriage licenses cost $4 each; he has been on the job for 13 years and in that time has performed 50,000 ceremonies; from New York, NY)moreless
  • EPISODE #700
    EPISODE #700
    Episode 25

    Game 1: A.C. Nielsen Jr. (Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr.) (4/8/1919 - 10/3/2011) - Runs Television Rating Service (Nielsen Ratings)" (he signed in as "Mr. X" to avoid name recognition and the panel was not blindfolded; self-employed; he is the president of his TV ratings firm)
    Game 2: George Boyce, Jr. - "Makes Snowshoes" (salaried; clipart of a pair of snowshoes was shown on his occupation overlay screen; he works for Snowcraft, Inc. which manufactures wood snowshoes; from Norway, Maine, which is located in Oxford County)
    Game 3: Carol Burnett (b. 4/26/1933) (as Mystery Guest #2)
    Game 4: Michael Lenarsey (12/25/1904 - 11/25/1990) - "Jackie Gleason's Valet" (salaried; his occupation is also known as a Gentleman's Gentleman; from West Palm Beach, FL)

  • EPISODE #699
    EPISODE #699
    Episode 24
    Game 1: Johnny Mercer (11/19/1909 - 6/25/1976) - "Songwriter" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; self-employed)

    Game 2: Irving Kantor - "Makes 'Beatle' Wigs" (salaried; he is employed by Lowell Toy Mfg. Corp; the mop-top wigs sell for $2.98 each and they are producing 20,000 wigs per day and have "well over" 300,000 orders to fill; after his line was shown on the screen, a photograph of the Fab Four was briefly shown; from New York, NY)

    Photos of the Lowell Beatle Wig are on this web site:

    Game 3: Jane Fonda (b. 12/21/1937) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Joel Grossman - "Sells Mustard" (salaried; he works for French's Mustard Company which is owned by Reckitt & Colman; from Fort Lee, NJ)
  • EPISODE #698
    EPISODE #698
    Episode 23
    Game 1: Mr. Elman Folkenberg (Pastor Elman J. Folkenberg) - "Runs Clinic on How to Stop Smoking" (salaried; Pastor Folkenberg is also a Seventh-day Adventist clergyman; Pastor Folkenberg will be travelling soon to Portland, Oregon to conduct a stop-smoking clinic; Pastor Folkenberg also co-wrote a book with his medical doctor associate, Dr. J. Wayne McFarland, titled "How to Stop Smoking in Five Days"; see notes about their stop-smoking procedure below; from South Lancaster, MA, which he said is near Boston, MA)

    Game 2: Miss Dee-Dee Winner (Diana Lois Mary Elisabeth Winner) - "Owns and Races Greyhounds" (self-employed; she said that Greyhounds dogs are used for racing between the ages of 2 and 5; she credited and praised her trainer Phil Wilmot; originally from New York, now from Miami, FL)

    Game 3: George Burns (1/20/1986 - 3/9/1996) (as Mystery Guest) Smoking a cigar, naturally! . .moreless
  • EPISODE #697
    EPISODE #697
    Episode 22

    Game 1: Mrs. Alice Gilbert (b. 7/1/1932) - "Justice of the Peace" (salaried; she does not wear a judicial robe while she works; she is a attorney, but due to the current laws of her state, a law degree is not necessary for her to hold her job on the bench; she donated her game winnings to the Northwestern University Law School Alumni Fund; from Birmingham, MI in Bloomfield Township)

    Game 2: Mrs. Cissy Browne - "Sells Water Skis" (salaried; she travels all over the country as a travelling saleswoman for Pan American Skis, Inc., which manufactures high quality water skis that are made of Honduran mahogany wood; as of 2006, vintage Pan Am Honduras mahogany hardwood skis are still being sold on internet auction sites; from Memphis, TN)

    Game 3: Jonathan Winters (11/11/1925 - 4/11/2013) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #696
    EPISODE #696
    Episode 21
    Game 1: Miss Jerri Whittington (Geraldine Whittington)(9/11/1931 - 1/23/1994) - "Secretary to President Johnson" (salaried; she described President Lyndon Johnson with the following words and more, "great warmth, fair, kind, a perfectionist"; Jerri was the first African-American secretary in the White House; from West Rider, MD)

    Game 2: Mr. Sabin Segal - "Sells Bird Seed" (salaried; he is the Sales Manager for Hartz Mountain Products and he sold 2 million dollars of bird seed last year; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Van Heflin (12/13/1908 - 7/23/1971) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Joan Higgins (Joan Fairfax) (b. 6/24/1946) - "Band Leader (All Girl Orchestra)" (self-employed; blond; as "Joan Fairfax and Her All Girl Orchestra" she leads a 14 piece all-girl band which is currently performing at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City; she has quite a few net references due to her July 1959 to July 1960 Canadian CBC musical variety television show called "The Joan Fairfax Show"; she is also a trained coloratura soprano singer and plays the piano and accordion; from Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
  • EPISODE #695
    EPISODE #695
    Episode 20
    Game 1: Mrs. Marion Ladewig (10/30/1914 - 4/16/2010)(Miss Marion Van Oosten) - "Professional Bowler (U.S. Champion)" (she signed in under her maiden name of Marion Van Oosten to avoid name recognition; John told the panel that she was both salaried and self-employed; she has won many bowling honors, including "Best Woman Bowler" 9 times, "Women's All-Star Tournament Champion" 8 times and "World Invitational Champion" 4 times; FYI, the "Women's All-Star Tournament" is now called the "Women's U.S. Open"; she said that the highest bowling score she ever obtained is 299; she is also employed by Brunswick Corporation and promotes their bowling products through exhibition games; from Grand Rapids, MI)

    Game 2: Mr. W.J. Kelly - "Banana Inspector" (salaried; to inspect and test bananas, he measures the temperature of the pulp and when the thermometer reads that the temperature is in the 50s Fahrenheit, the fruit is ready for market; this game was slightly flawed because John did not realize that bananas contain seeds and gave an incorrect answer which prompted discussion in the post-game chat; from Baltimore, MD)

    Game 3: Noel Coward (12/16/1899 - 3/26/1973) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #694
    EPISODE #694
    Episode 19
    Game 1: Miss Harriet Goldstein - "Taxicab Driver" (salaried; to obtain her license, she had to obtain a chauffeur's license, pass a geography test, and pass a medical physical; read more about the cab medallions below; from Brooklyn, NY)

     Game 2: Carl Otto - "Makes Corn Cob Pipes" (salaried; he is the president of the Missouri Meerschaum Pipe Company which annually produces between 8 and 10 million corn cob pipes; from Washington, Missouri, which is near St. Louis, MO)

    Game 3: Pearl Bailey (3/29/1918 - 8/17/1990) (as Mystery Guest) Pearl Bailey promoted her appearance at the Royal Box of the Americana Hotel.

    Game 4: James P. Walsh - "Sells Garbage Cans" (salaried; he works for the Wheeling Corrugating Company, which is a division of Wheeling Steel Company; he sells corrugated steel garbage cans; from Secaucus Center, NJ) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #693
    EPISODE #693
    Episode 18
    Game 1: Abe Rosenberg - "Makes Ear Muffs" (self-employed; his earmuffs are made from soft, fur-like mouton lamb; John stated that Mr. Rosenberg wanted his game winnings to be donated to the American Cancer Foundation, which may be the previous name of the American Cancer Society; from Flushing, NY)

    Game 2: Richard Guthrie - "Pulls Rickshaw (At Shopping Center)" (self-employed; Caucasian teenager; using a rickshaw that Richard and his father built, Richard pulls mall shoppers and their purchases to their cars in the parking lot of the Chris-Town Shopping Center Mall in Phoenix, Arizona; Richard said that he wore casual work clothes that consisted of beachcombers and a short-sleeved, loose fitting white shirt; the Chris-Town Mall is now known as the Phoenix Spectrum Mall; Richard will be attending BYU - Brigham Young University - as a freshman in the spring of 1964; from Phoenix, AZ)

    Note: Richard Guthrie makes a second Goodson-Todman appearance on the June 21, 1965 episode of "I've Got a Secret," which was hosted by Steve Allen. Richard's "secret" on "IGAS" was the same occupation he used to stump the "WML?" panel tonight. - Suzanne (2008)

    Game 3: Ginger Rogers (7/16/1911 - 4/25/1995) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Jacqueline Scarr - "Stockbroker" (salaried; she stated that she was an Ex-Mrs., meaning she was either widowed or divorced; she is a licensed stockbroker at Bache and Company and deals in stocks and securities; originally from Paris, France; currently from New York, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #692
    EPISODE #692
    Episode 17
    Game 1: Msgr (Monsignor) John Romaniello (9/12/1900 - 10/21/1985) - "Manufacturers Noodles" (salaried; originally from New Rochelle, NY; currently from Hong Kong; using donated wheat flour, corn meal, milk powder and other foodstuffs supplied by the United States Food Service through the Food For Peace Program, Father Romaniello runs a foreign aid charity food program and manufacturers 1 million pounds of noodles each month in a Hong Kong noodle factory, thereby feeding 400,000 Communist "Red" Chinese refugees each month; see more information in his 1985 AP obituary below)

    Game 2: Miss Carol Stone - "Personal Christmas Shopper For Men (in Department Store)" (salaried; she works for Bonwit Teller's '721 Club'; from Delray Beach, FL, temporarily in NYC)

    Game 3: Mark Goodson (1/24/1915 - 12/18/1992) & Bill Todman (7/31/1916 - 7/29/1979) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They currently have 35 half-hour programs on television, and this is the 14th Christmas of What's My Line?

    Game 4: Edgar Franken - "Santa Claus at Macy's Department Store" (salaried; originally from London, England, now from NY; he also works as an actor)
  • EPISODE #691
    EPISODE #691
    Episode 16
    Game 1: Miss Katherine Stubergh - "Makes Figures For Wax Museums" (self-employed; she is currently working for Walters International Wax Museum which will have wax figure exhibits at the upcoming 1964 New York World's Fair; from Los Angeles, CA)

     Game 2: Richard Cramer - "Sells Doorknobs" (salaried; he is employed by both Kwikset Locks and the American Door Corporation; his territory covers Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Delaware; from Laurel, MD)

    Game 3: Victor Borge (1/3/1909 - 12/23/2000) (as Mystery Guest) He scribbled ALL over the sign in board, including the Geritol frame; he does a great job of disguising his Danish accent! . .moreless
  • EPISODE #690
    EPISODE #690
    Episode 15
    Game 1: Mrs. Marion L. Tarr - "U.S. Customs Inspector" (salaried; she works for the U.S. government at the Miami International Airport; today is her birthday!; from Miami, FL)

    Game 2: Joseph S. Peplinski & Jack Peplinski - "Puts Laces in Footballs" (salaried; they both work for the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in Chicago, Illinois; the brothers have been in this business for 37 & 38 respective years; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 3: Sophie Tucker (1/13/1889 - 2/9/1966) (as Mystery Guest) Last of the Red Hot Mamas - John was quite impressed with her doughnut-shaped mauve feather hat.

    Game 4: Walter J. Buckert, Jr. - "Sells Light Bulbs" (salaried; he works for General Electric Company; from Palisades Park, NJ)
  • EPISODE #689
    EPISODE #689
    Episode 14

    Game 1: Colonel Harland Sanders (9/9/1890 - 12/16/1980) - "Head of Southern Fried Chicken Company" (self-employed; originally from Henryville, Indiana; now from Shelbyville, KY; see more notes below)

    Game 2: Miss Paula Murphy - "Automobile Test Driver, Set New Women's Speed Record" (salaried; she drove at an average speed of 161.29 mph in a Studebaker Avanti at the Bonneville Salt Flats; from Granada Hills, CA)

    Game 3: Alan King (12/26/1927 - 5/9/2004) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Shirlee Hirschberg - "Truant Officer" (salaried; she stated the correct title of her job is "attendance teacher"; this game causes John to joke that Bennett was a truant as a child, and Bennett is visibly upset at John's joke; from New York, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #688
    EPISODE #688
    Episode 12

    Game 1: Mr. Y.A. Tittle (Yelberton Abraham Tittle) (10/24/1926 - 10/8/2017) (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used) - "Quarterback New York Giants Football Team" (salaried; his line was guessed rather quickly)

    Game 2: Miss Flora S. Goldfarb - "Ties Knots on End of Frankfurters" (salaried; she works for Hebrew National Kosher Products; she said she did not have to measure the hot dogs because her company uses - what sounded like - a "linka machine" which pre-measures the length of the meat product; from Brooklyn, NY)

    Game 3: Charles Boyer (8/28/1899 - 8/26/1978) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mr. Louis Pearlman - "Sells Feathers" (salaried; he works for Gregory & Goldberg; he sells feathers, including marabou feathers, which are the downy feathers of marabou storks used for trimming garments; from Forest Hills, NY)

  • EPISODE #687
    EPISODE #687
    Episode 11
    Game 1: James Van Niekerk - "Hunts Crocodiles" (self-employed; from North Rhodesia, Africa, his crocs sell for $1 per inch, measured around their girth; he also explained some of the differences between crocodiles and alligators)

    Game 2: Miss Grace Stafford (as Contestant, aka Mrs. Walter Lantz)(11/7/1903 - 3/17/1992) - "Voice of Woody Woodpecker" (salaried; from California, the city was withheld from the panel; she gave a brief Woody Woodpecker "laugh" after her game; more information about her below)

    Game 3: James Stewart (5/20/1908 - 7/2/1997) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Meeg Blommeberg - "Men's Barber" (salaried; originally from Sweden, now from Brunswick, NJ; she works for Helmar Larsen's Barber Shop where she exclusively cuts men's hair; Helmar Larsen also owns a beauty shop for women's hair care needs; note that this singular profession was WML's most frequently used occupation over the years)
  • EPISODE #686
    EPISODE #686
    Episode 9
    Game 1: Miss Billie Jean Moore - "Raises Mice for Research" (salaried; she works for North Carolina State College and has been employed by them for 4 years; she raises 6 different colors of mice; from Raleigh, NC)

    Game 2: Mr. C. W. Mundy - "Paints Flagpoles" (self-employed; 85 years old; he has been painting flagpoles for 65 years; he moves up and down their 100 foot height in a bosun's chair; from Plainfield, NJ)

    Game 3: Ethel Merman (1/16/1908 - 2/15/1984) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #685
    EPISODE #685
    Episode 8
    Game 1: William Crowl (he signed in as Wm Crowl) - "Captain of Glass-Bottom Boat named Arlene Francis" (salaried; African-American; from Ocala, Florida, he has been a captain for 35 years; this tour boat in Silver Springs, FL was named after Arlene Francis when she visited Silver Springs in 1957 with her 1954-1957 television series "Home." The special boat views 25 varieties of fish and assorted vegetation; the panel was stumped!)

    Game 2: Mrs. Donna Spence - "Makes Horseshoes for Race Horses" (self-employed; she and her husband own and operate Racehorse Shoes, Inc. and produce shoes for trotting horses; when used for racing, the horses wear out a pair of shoes in a week to ten days; from Pinebluff, NC)

    Game 3: Carol Lawrence (b. 9/5/1932) (as Mystery Guest) She was charming and perky! . .moreless
  • EPISODE #684
    EPISODE #684
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Murray Spitzer - "Makes Cosmetics for Dogs, Nail Polish, Perfume, Etc." (self-employed; he owns and operates the Animal Hygiene Research Company; from Brooklyn, NY)

    Game 2: Miss Pattie Thomas - "Evangelist (Travelling Preacher)" (self-employed; she is affiliated with the Assembly of God church; from Tulsa, OK)

    Game 3: Groucho Marx (10/2/1890 - 8/19/1977) (as Mystery Guest) Groucho signs in as "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith" with no explanation. . .moreless
  • EPISODE #683
    EPISODE #683
    Episode 5

    Game 1: Miss Tamara Krassina - "Teaches English at Moscow College" (salaried; pretty girl; from Moscow, Russia; in addition to her teaching job at Moscow College for Foreign Languages, she is also currently working as an interpreter for the touring Moscow Circus; this his her first trip abroad and the circus tour lasts 12 weeks; as part of the tour, the Moscow Circus is performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City; as she was leaving the stage, she handed out gifts of small Moscow Circus lapel pins to John and the panel)

    Game 2: Henry Mundinger (6/17/1897 - 12/1980) - "Operates Scoreboard at Yankee Stadium, Chief Electrical" (salaried; he operates 5000 buttons on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard!; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Eydie Gorme (8/16/1928 - 8/10/2013) (as Mystery Guest) Mrs. Steve Lawrence!

  • EPISODE #682
    EPISODE #682
    Episode 4

    Game 1: Mrs. Lillian Kirchgasler - "Nurse for Fischer Quintuplets" (salaried; from Aberdeen, SD, location information which was initially withheld from the panel; Lillian works at St. Luke's Hospital; the Fischer quints were born on September 14, 1963 to small-town farmers Mary Anne & Andrew Fischer; 4 girls and 1 boy; these quintuplets made international news because they were the first surviving set of quints born in the United States; they were spontaneously occurring, with no use of fertility drugs)

    Game 2: Miss Danielle Marc - "Sells American Newspapers in Paris" (salaried; she works for the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune, which she sells on the famed Champs-Élysées in Paris, France)

    Game 3: Gordon MacRae (3/12/1921 - 1/24/1986) and Sheila MacRae (9/24/1920 - 3/6/2014) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

  • EPISODE #681
    EPISODE #681
    Episode 3
    Game 1: Mrs. Marilyn Levishon - "Referee in Boxing Kangaroo Act" (self-employed; she and her husband perform boxing matches with 'Sydney The Boxing Kangaroo'; from Lakewood, CA)

    Game 2: Paul Taylor - "Makes Church Bells" (self-employed; from Loughborough, Leicestershire County, England, his family has owned the John Taylor Bellfoundry for 200 years, though the bell foundry dates back to the 14th century; his foundry installed the new carillon in the Washington National Cathedral)

    Game 3: Allen Funt (9/16/1914 - 9/5/1999) (as Mystery Guest) - "Allen (Candid Camera) Funt" (Smile, you're on Candid Camera!) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #680
    EPISODE #680
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Miss Marilyn Patch (b. 4/17/1951) - "Ventriloquist, Star of Weekly Television Show" (salaried; age 12; Marilyn's TV show named 'Marilyn and Calico' airs on the CBS-affiliate station WHDH in Boston on Saturday mornings from 7AM to 8AM; Calico is a donkey; Marilyn is exceptionally bright and articulate for her young age; her parents are songwriters and write her show material and some of her songs; Dorothy Kilgallen guessed her line in one set of questions; at Arlene's request, Marilyn sang a short song titled 'We Wish We Had It, But We Ain't'; Marilyn had dimples and her brunette hair was fashioned in "Shirley Temple style" shoulder-length ringlets; she wore a dress with a ruffled pinafore; from Natick, MA)

    Marilyn Patch is now known as Marilyn Arnone, you can read about Marilyn's career at her web page:

    Game 2: George Jackson - "Tea Taster" (salaried; he works for the Tetley Tea Company; originally from Auckland, New Zealand; currently from Williamsport, PA)

    Game 3: Hermione Gingold (12/9/1897 - 5/24/1987) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Mary Johnson - "Makes Football Helmets" (salaried; she works for the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in Chicago; she adds the foam rubber to the helmets; she is from Elmwood Park, IL)
  • EPISODE #679
    EPISODE #679
    Episode 1
    Game 1: Don Piccard (b. 1/13/1926) (he signed in as "X" to avoid name recognition and the panel was not blindfolded) - "Sells Passenger Balloons (Don Piccard)" - (a clipart balloon graphic was also shown on the WML occupation overlay; salaried; Donald L. Piccard works for Raven Industries and sells hot air balloons; he is from Sioux Falls, SD; see more information below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Connie Greene - "Raises Pigs" (self-employed; she raises Hampshire pigs for breeding and show; from Ainsworth, Iowa)

    Game 3: Mitch Miller (7/4/1911 - 7/31/2010) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Barbara Shulman - "Kindergarten Teacher" (salaried; pretty; she teaches children at Public School #59, also known as PS59; from Brooklyn, NY)