What's My Line? - Season 16

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  • EPISODE #729
    EPISODE #729
    Episode 1

    Game 1: John Zavalopoulos (or maybe Zavalepoules) - "Sponge Diver" (self-employed; his handwriting was hard to decipher; the 1947 severe outbreak of red tide is mentioned as having killed the sponge beds; recovery took until 1957; from Tarpon Springs, FL)

    Game 2: Miss Sheryl Slate - "Packs Popsicles" (salaried; this is a summer job until September when she will be an Ohio State College student; from Harrisburg, PA)

    Game 3: Marty Allen (3/23/1922 - 2/12/2018) & Steve Rossi (5/25/1932 - 6/22/2014) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Hello Dere! Allen & Rossi"

    Game 4: Bill Johnson - "Sells Fire Engines" (salaried; he works for American LaFrance Corp., Bill made sure Mr. Daly added, "the oldest and largest in the business"; from Huntington Station, Long Island, NY)

  • EPISODE #730
    EPISODE #730
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Jerry Herman (b. 7/10/1931) - "Songwriter, Wrote Hello, Dolly!" (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as Mr. X and the panel was not blindfolded and the regular questioning format was used; self-employed)

    Game 2: Mrs. Patricia Hupperts - "Wine Steward (in Restaurant)" (salaried; Dorothy thought that she owned a dress identical to Patricia's, and asked Patricia if her dress was made by Louis Estevez, but Patricia replied no; she is a sommelier at The Tenderloin Room in the Chase Park Restaurant; while at work, she wears a chain of service around her neck and carries a brass cup; from St. Louis, MO)

    Game 3: Henry Fonda (5/16/1905 - 8/12/1982) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Susan Haber - "Stockbroker" (salaried; shapely; it sounded like Mr. Daly said she was with Mae Lichtenstahl & Co., but then Bennett announced she was with McManley & Co.)
  • EPISODE #731
    EPISODE #731
    Episode 3

    Game 1: A male chef who looked like a member of the British singing group "The Beatles"

    Game 2: A male manager of a babysitting service

    Game 3: Arthur Godfrey (8/31/1903 - 3/16/1983) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for the moderator of the Brazilian WML.


    Gil's logs also indicate: "No Set I.D. From Here Out" . .moreless
  • EPISODE #732
    EPISODE #732
    Episode 4

    Game 1: David Aylott (aka Dave Aylott) - "Makes False Eyelashes" (self-employed; tall, deep voice, male pattern baldness; he owns and operates Eylure of London, pronounced Eye-Lure of London, a British manufacturer which makes false eyelashes out of components such as human hair, sable fur, and mink fur; his very successful products are sold worldwide; although it was not mentioned on the program tonight, he co-founded the company with his brother, Eric Aylott, a noted makeup artist; David stated that he was a former "movie-maker" for 20 years, and he has a long list of over 100 credits at IMDb, mostly from the silent film era; from London, England)

    The cosmetics company that David and Eric Aylott founded is still in business as of 2006 and mentions the brothers in the historical sketch of the business:

    Game 2: Miss Dianne Steiner - "Issues Tickets to Overtime Parkers" (salaried; she works for the Finance Department of the City of Beverly Hills; while on duty, she wears a uniform; from Beverly Hills, CA; see more notes below)

    Game 3: Steve Lawrence (b. 7/8/1935) & Eydie Gorme (8/16/1928 - 8/10/2013) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Huntley & Brinkley."

  • EPISODE #733
    EPISODE #733
    Episode 5
    Game 1: Miss Betty Caywood - "Broadcasts Baseball Games" (salaried; she also has a Master's Degree in English and was a former speech therapist; from Kansas City, MO)

    Game 2: Mrs. Pearl Keyser - "Sells Tickets at Box Office (for Arlene's New Play)" (salaried; she is the assistant treasurer at the Morosco Theatre on Broadway; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Steve Allen (12/26/1921 - 10/30/2000) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Forest Ranger" in reference to Buddy Hackett's comical guesses at this occupation tonight.

    Game 4: George Taylor - "Makes & Sells Cheesecake" (self-employed; John may still have been recovering from his earlier gaffe, but he was still willing to make a good joke and stated "Forest ranger" as George Taylor's occupation overlay screen appeared; Taylor owns and operates a total of three cheesecake bakeries; he owns one bakery in New York called "Le Cheesecake Elegant" and two bakeries in New Jersey called "The Cheesecake Pantry"; he was a former welder until his wife taught him how to bake; from Hackensack, NJ) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #734
    EPISODE #734
    Episode 6

    Game 1: Clete Boyer (2/9/1937 - 6/14/2007) and Ken Boyer (5/20/1931 - 9/7/1982) - Three occupation overlay screens were shown - "The Boyer Brothers" and "World Series 3rd Basemen" and "Clete Boyer, New York Yankees / Ken Boyer, St. Louis Cardinals" (as Mystery Guest Duo, and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used; they signed in as Cletis and Ken Boyer; both are salaried; out of 13 children, there are 7 brothers in the Boyer family and they have all been professional baseball players!)

    Game 2: Miss Terry Wein - "Interviewer For Political Polls" (salaried; she works for Louis Harris & Associates, Inc.; aka Lou Harris and Associates, Inc.; John said that her employer works closely with CBS News on election nights; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Phyllis Diller (7/17/1917 - 8/20/2012) (as Mystery Guest #2) One solid laugh-filled game! Too short though! Dorothy recognized her voice!

    Gil Fates' logs show that both EPISODE #734 and EPISODE #735 were "5 Minutes Short" but no explanation was given why. - Suzanne

  • EPISODE #735
    EPISODE #735
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Brian Epstein (9/19/1934 - 8/27/1967) - "Theatrical Manager for The Beatles, etc." (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as "Mr. X" and the panel was not blindfolded and the regular questioning format was used; salaried; from London, England)

    Game 2: Mrs. Heather Reynolds - "Professional Dog Walker" (self-employed; just today, she started her own company called Walk-A-Dog, and can walk 6 dogs at one time; prior to this, she worked for another dog-walking company; she walks the dogs in Central Park; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Tony Bennett (b. 8/3/1926) (as Mystery Guest #2) He promoted his Thursday opening at the Copa.

    Game 4: Mr. Grove Thomas - "Musician, Plays Washboard in Night Club Band" (salaried; he performs in Greenwich Village at the pub called 'Your Father's Mustache' aka 'Your Father's Moustache' and 'YFM'; his band is named 'The G-String Struggler' and he plays the washboard with knives; the club was formerly named 'The Red Garter'; from San Francisco, CA)

    Gil Fates' logs show that both EPISODE #734 and EPISODE #735 were "5 Minutes Short" but no explanation was given why. - Suzanne . .moreless
  • EPISODE #736
    EPISODE #736
    Episode 8

    Game 1: Craig Breedlove (b. 3/23/1937) - "Professional Speed Driver, Set New Speed Record 526 M.P.H." (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as Mr. X and the panel was not blindfolded and the regular questioning format was used; self-employed; he set the record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Bonneville, UT; his 3-wheeled jet engine speed vehicle was named Spirit of America; various problems included losing his steering control, trouble with his brakes and crashing into a lake; the vehicle engine was a military surplus J47 model; his sponsors were Shell Oil Company and Goodyear Tire Company; from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jane Thomas (later known as Jane Chastain) (b. 9/16/1938) - "Predicts Weekly Football Scores on Television" (salaried; along with sports anchor/reporter Ed Thilenius, she co-hosts the TV program "Coach Friday" on television station WAGA-TV in Atlanta, Georgia; Jane and Ed predict the scores of the upcoming college football games, and later in the week, they compare their predictions against the actual scores to see who had the most correct predictions; she is in her second year of this occupation; last week, she was named the Honorary Coach of the Slippery Rock State College football team; from Atlanta, GA; see more notes below)

    Game 3: James Garner (4/7/1928 - 7/19/2014) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Robert Hyney - "Puts Stripes on Chewing Gum" (salaried; he works for the Beechnut Company; from Fort Plain, NY; although not mentioned, the specific product was Beechnut's 'Fruit Stripe' fruit-flavored gum which came in 5 flavors; lime, lemon, orange, cherry and mixed fruit)

  • EPISODE #737
    EPISODE #737
    Episode 10

    Game 1: "Nurses For Newborn Babies (U.S. Army Hospital)" (two U.S. Army men)

    Game 2: "Organizes Tiger Hunts" (a female)

    Game 3: Robert Goulet (11/26/1933 - 10/30/2007) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there wasn't enough time for a Japanese girl disc jockey. She later appeared on EPISODE #740.

    Tonight's two sponsors: Kellogg's, American Tobacco Company

    I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004)
    . .moreless
  • EPISODE #738
    EPISODE #738
    Episode 11
    Game 1: Luis Miguel Dominguin (11/9/1926 - 5/8/1996) - "Spain's Celebrated Bullfighter" (as Mystery Guest #1, the panel was blindfolded and the standard mystery guest questioning format was used; self-employed; his English skills were limited, so John Daly did much of the speaking during his game; Arlene stated that she had just read a book by Peter Viertel titled "Love Lies Bleeding" that had been dedicated to Dominguin; Dominguin stated that Viertel was a good friend of his, but he had not yet read the novel because he could not read English, but the book's Spanish translation was due out in a few days so he would be reading it soon; upon exiting the stage, Dominguin shook hands with Bennett, but in the more European style, after Groucho jokingly kissed his own wrist, Dominguin kissed Groucho Marx on both of Groucho's cheeks; see notes about Dominguin below)

    Game 2: Jed Johnson, Jr. (12/27/1939 - 12/16/1993) - "Congressman Elect, Youngest in Congress Since 1797" (salaried; from Chickasha OK, he is the newly elected Democrat member of the House of Representatives, representing Oklahoma; he is currently 24 years old and is under the constitutional age requirement of 25 years of age, therefore, he won't be able to legally serve until he turns age 25 on December 27, 1964; he donated his game winnings to the Oklahoma College For Women Chapel Fund in Chickasha, Oklahoma and mentioned that his mother was an alumnus of this college)

    Game 3: Anne Bancroft (9/17/1931 - 6/6/2005) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #739
    EPISODE #739
    Episode 12
    Game 1: Miss Marty O'Connor - "General Manager of Football Team, Chicago Panthers" (salaried; she manages this semi-pro league football team and "does everything except the coaching" per Mr. Daly; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 2: Jack Schlanker - "Moves Haystacks (From Fields to Barns, Etc.)" (self-employed; from Forbes, ND)

    Game 3: Elizabeth Ashley (b. 8/30/1939) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Michael Motto - "Toll Collector For New Verrazano Bridge" (salaried; he is a Bridge & Tunnel Operator for the City of New York; from Brooklyn, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #740
    EPISODE #740
    Episode 13
    Game 1: Miss Reiko Yukawa (she signed her name in Japanese characters) - "Disc Jockey" (salaried; from Tokyo, Japan, she appears on 3 radio programs and television also; she wore a kimono and her English was somewhat limited; she said her radio station's most popular music group was the Beatles)

    Game 2: Jim Blevins - "President of Popcorn Company" (self-employed; he is the president of the Pops-Rite Popcorn Company; from Nashville, TN)

    Game 3: Buddy Hackett (8/31/1924 - 6/30/2003) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Its me" (with no apostrophe) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #741
    EPISODE #741
    Episode 14
    Game 1: Mrs. June S. Bass - "Justice of the Peace" (salaried; from Wilson, NC)

    Game 2: Mr. Ross Sobel - "Golf Pro on Ocean Liner" (John described him as both salaried and self-employed; he works for Eastern Steamship Lines on the vessel Ariadne; from Coral Gables, FL; listen for Bennett's "Golf of New Mexico" pun)

    Game 3: Eddie Fisher (8/10/1928 - 9/22/2010) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #742
    EPISODE #742
    Episode 15
    Game 1: Count Philippe de LaFayette - "Sells Champagne" (salaried; he works for G.H. Mumm & Co. Champagne; from Paris, France, he is a 5th generation descendent of Major General LaFayette who fought in America's Revolutionary War against the British)

    Game 2: Norman Yeend - "Tunes Victor Borge's Piano At Theater Everyday" (salaried; he works for Steinway & Sons; Victor recognized him and disqualified himself from game play; Norman has also tuned Dorothy Kilgallen's piano, while she was not at home; from Staten Island, NY)

    Game 3: Joan Crawford (3/23/1905 - 5/10/1977) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #743
    EPISODE #743
    Episode 16
    Game 1: Mr. Dee Darnay (b. 5/9/1926) - Two occupation overlay screens were shown: "CBS Makeup Artist" and "Makes Up What's My Line? Panel" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; John referred to Dee as "Mr. X" and did not mention whether or not "Dee" was a nickname for a longer name; salaried; Dee was born in the United States and is currently from New York, NY; John said that Dee has worked at CBS for "8 or 9 years" and is a makeup artist for several Goodson-Todman programs and also for CBS News; John mentioned that Dee was previously an actor and a stage director, having appeared in "The Time of the Cuckoo" in New York, and also having appeared with a national company in "A Streetcar Named Desire"; John did not state how long ago Dee's acting career took place, but to pinpoint his career, Arthur Laurents wrote "The Time of the Cuckoo" in 1952 and the play was staged on Broadway from October 15, 1952 to May 30, 1953 at the Empire Theatre; Tennessee Williams wrote "A Streetcar Named Desire" and it was staged on Broadway in 1947, the national touring company named "The Streetcar National Company" took the play on tour in 1949)

    A 3-photo collage of Dee Darnay on "What's My Line?" is here:

    Game 2: Mrs. Norma L. Olmsted - "Counts Dogs for Town Census" (salaried; she works for the Westchester County government, where tax fees are assessed for dog ownership; from Yorktown Heights, NY)

    Game 3: Jack E. Leonard (4/24/1910 - 5/9/1973) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mr. Royce Caracappa - "Department Store Santa Claus" (salaried; he works at Lord & Taylor department store; he is age 21 and is also an actor; he is thin, but did not fool Dorothy, who single-handedly guessed his line; from Queens, NY)
  • EPISODE #744
    EPISODE #744
    Episode 17
    Game 1: Mrs. Eddie Mae Koonce (pronounced as "Edie") - "Steeplejack" (self-employed; she paints items such as flagpoles, smokestacks and water towers; John said that her method is to "sand them going up and paint them going down"; in reply to a question from Bennett, she said that she has never taken a fall; from Houston, TX)

    Game 2: Mr. Noel Levine - "Makes Shower Curtains" (self-employed; he is the President of "Hygiene Industries, Inc.," which John said is one of the largest makers of shower curtains in the United States; from Hewlett Bay Park, NY)

    Game 3: Gene Kelly (8/23/1912 - 2/2/1996) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Glen Kaufman - "Professional Magician" (self-employed; Glen stood on a stool to reach the sign-in board; he is 9 years old and is also a school student; from Wayne, NJ)

    There were 3 sponsors tonight, per Gil Fates' WML show logs:

    Procter & Gamble
    S.C. Johnson
    Kellogg's . .moreless
  • EPISODE #745
    EPISODE #745
    Episode 18
    Game 1: Miss Sue Huxley aka Susan Huxley - "Grooms & Feeds Prize Cattle" (salaried; she is the grand-niece of famous author Aldous Huxley who wrote "Brave New World" and she is the granddaughter of the prominent English biologist Julian Huxley; these Huxleys are descendents of the famed English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley who was known for his defense of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution; she studied animal agriculture and animal genetics in school and is now employed by Cyrus S. Eaton of Northfield, Ohio; from London, England, she has been in the USA for 8 months and became engaged to an American man over the recent Christmas holidays)

    Game 2: Pierre Hill - "Makes Diaper Pins" (self-employed; he is the Vice-President of the Frederick Allen Company which makes self-closing safety diaper pins which are made from steel and feature plastic ends; from York, PA)

    Game 3: Jason Robards Jr. (7/26/1922 - 12/26/2000) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #746
    EPISODE #746
    Episode 19
    Game 1: Miss Mary Hazel Ash - "Plays Bugle at Race Track" (at the Arizona Downs Paradise Race Track; she is an Arizona State University student and also plays the coronet in their band; from Goodyear, AZ)

    Game 2: Malcolm Beyer - "Imports Caviar" (for restaurants such as "Iron Gate" and "21"; he imported 22 tons of caviar last year; the current 1965 caviar price is $45 per pound; he is a retired USMC Brigadier General; from the very ritzy Quogue, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Lee Remick (12/14/1935 - 7/2/1991) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: John M. Behan - "Director of School For Dogs" (from West Redding, CT, he runs a dog training facility named the "K-9 College") . .moreless
  • EPISODE #747
    EPISODE #747
    Episode 20
    Game 1: Rudolf Wanderone Jr. aka Minnesota Fats (1/19/1913 - 1/15/1996) (his name is often misspelled as Rudolph Wanderone) - Two occupation overlay screens were used: "Professional Picket Billiards Player" and "The Famous Minnesota Fats" (salaried; he signed his first name "Rudolf" with an "f"; he was born in New York but is currently from Dowell, Illinois; Wanderone is the vice-president of Rozel Industries, Inc. of Lincolnwood, Illinois and he participates in exhibition games under their sponsorship; in addition, Rozel Ind. is the publishing company which released his February 1965 paperback book titled "The Minnesota 'Fats' Book of Billiards: A Complete Summary of All Billiard Games - Pocket and Carom")

    Game 2: Mrs. Veda E. Humphrey - "Makes Store Window Dummies" (self-employed; her company was originally called 'Veda's Mannequin Hospital' but was renamed to 'Veda's Mannequins' when she expanded her operations and began manufacturing the mannequins; from St. Louis, MO)

    Game 3: Ann Sothern (1/22/1909 - 3/15/2001) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #748
    EPISODE #748
    Episode 21
    Game 1: Miss Sandi Kane - "Demonstrates Exercise Equipment" (salaried; Sandi works for Diversified Products Corp. of Opelika, Alabama; she is from Atlanta, GA)

    Game 2: Bob Angell - "Sells Knitting Needles" (salaried; he is the regional manager for Susan Bates Knitting Needles Co; he politely corrected Mr. Daly who said his company name was C.J. Bates & Son; I suspect the name Mr. Daly gave is the holding company as these two companies seem to be related, or maybe there had been a recent spinoff; the contestant said they produce aluminum, wood and plastic knitting needles; from Rochester, NY)

    Game 3: Jack Lemmon (2/8/1925 - 6/27/2001) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #749
    EPISODE #749
    Episode 22
    Game 1: Mrs. Nell Duncan - "Guard on Armored Car" (salaried; she works for the Gainesville Armored Car Company which is owned by her husband; she carries a 38 caliber gun while on the job; from Gainesville, FL)

    Game 2: Mrs. Dorothy Chase - "Pickles Herring" (self-employed; she is the founder of Betty Lee Products, Inc., or maybe it's Bette Leigh Products, Inc., the spelling is uncertain since there are no net references to this former fish-packing company which John said she first started in her kitchen, and then later moved to her laundry room, before presumably moving out to a factory in Mamaroneck; from Mamaroneck, NY)

    Game 3: Jimmy Durante (2/10/1890 - 1/29/1980) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as Jimmy Francis Durante, and his appearance is a sheer delight!

    Game 4: Mr. Lee Guilfoyle - "Teaches Parachute Jumping" (salaried; he works as the manager for Lakewood Sport Parachute Center, aka Lakewood SPC; from Lakewood, New Jersey)
  • EPISODE #750
    EPISODE #750
    Episode 23

    Game 1: Melvin McNickle (1914 - 7/9/1986) & Marvin McNickle (1914 - 8/19/2007) (identical twin brothers) - "Major General (U.S. Air Force)" (both are salaried; Melvin F. McNickle is the commander of the Oak Leaf Oklahoma City Air Material Area; Marvin L. McNickle is the commander of the 9th Tactical Air Force; they are both graduates of the University of South Dakota; they donated their game winnings to the Air Force Aid Association; respectively from Oklahoma City, OK & Sumter, SC) Game 2: Miss Carole Ridings - "Makes Surfboards" (self-employed; her company, U.S. Surfboard Sales, makes several models including The Rocca; when Mr. Daly asked her if it was Miss or Mrs., she replied that it was "Miss, for business reasons"; from Fort Lauderdale, FL) Game 3: Floyd Patterson (1/4/1935 - 5/11/2006) (as Mystery Guest) . .

  • EPISODE #751
    EPISODE #751
    Episode 24

    Game 1: Gloria Swanson (3/27/1899 - 4/4/1983) (as Mystery Guest #1) She was also a mystery guest during the first year of What's My Line? Indeed, she appeared on EPISODE #20 of October 15, 1950, which also happened to be Bennett Cerf's first appearance on WML.

    Game 2: Miss Annette Clark - "Plays Records For Dancing in Discotheque (Night Club)" (salaried; African-American; she works at the L'Interdit disco in The Gotham Hotel; from Manhattan, NY; The Gotham Hotel became The Peninsula Hotel in 1988 when it was purchased and later renovated to its former 1905 glory.)

    Game 3: Jayne Meadows, Phyllis Cerf, Martin Gabel, and Richard Kollmar (as Mystery Guest Spouses) - "Wives & Husbands of the Panel" Their signatures were pre-signed on the board. Jayne had signed in as Jayne Meadows Allen.

    Jayne Meadows (9/27/1919 - 4/26/2015)
    Phyllis Cerf (4/13/1916 - 11/25/2006)
    Martin Gabel (6/19/1911 - 5/22/1986)
    Richard Kollmar (12/31/1910 - 1/7/1971)


  • EPISODE #752
    EPISODE #752
    Episode 25
    Game 1: Miss Sandra Brown - "Hand Feeds Whale Underwater (in Marine Show)" (salaried; she works at the new "Aquatarium" at St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, where she performs her act 5 times per day; she is also a college student at St. Petersburg Jr. College; from St. Petersburg, FL; she wore a heart-shaped pendant necklace similar to Arlene's necklace; The Aquatarium was in operation from June 30, 1964 until it became defunct and closed in 1978; see a vintage postcard of this marine aquarium at the URL below)


    Game 2: Mr. Buz Hello (aka Bastian Hello)(b. 8/29/1923) - "Rocket Engineer (Gemini Space Project)" (salaried; John commented on his unusual surname; he works for the Martin Company, engineering the Titan II booster for the Gemini program; info from the net, of which there is a lot - after 13 years at Martin, he then worked for Rockwell International; from Lutherville, MD)

    Game 3: James Mason (5/15/1909 - 7/27/1984) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #753
    EPISODE #753
    Episode 26
    Game 1: Miss Sua Murphy - "Newsboy (Sells Newspapers in Restaurants & Night Clubs)" (self-employed; Sua's name is pronounced as "Soo-ah" and she sells morning papers in New York City; Mr. Daly said she is also an aspiring actress; Dorothy disqualified herself from this round since she had previously met Sua in restaurants such as P.J. Clark's; Dorothy said that Sua dresses in pants and a Jackie Coogan cap, with her hair tucked up in her hat; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: William Nash - "Sells Revolving Doors" (salaried; he works for International Steel Co.; his doors sell for $3000 to $25,000; from Evansville, IN)

    Game 3: Tommy Sands (b. 8/27/1937) & Nancy Sinatra (b. 6/8/1940) (as Mystery Guest Duo) Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Sands . .moreless
  • EPISODE #754
    EPISODE #754
    Episode 27
    Game 1: Pete Sa - "Makes Pizza" (self-employed; his pizza business in Metuchen, New Jersey is named "Wot a Place, Pete Sa's Pizza"; Mr. Daly spelled the unusual spelling of his business name; Pete said his surname was of Portuguese origin; from Edison, NJ)

    Game 2: Scott Tutt - "Makes Artificial Snow for Skiing" (salaried; he works for "Metropolitan Ski Slopes, Inc." which fabricates snow for use at Van Courtland Park, NY; age 19; originally from Doylestown, PA; currently from New Jersey)

    Game 3: Lucille Ball (8/6/1911 - 4/26/1989) (as Mystery Guest) She signed in as "Lucy".

    Game 4: Miss Benita Caress - "Issues Passports" (salaried; she is an agent in the U.S. Passport Office in Rockefeller Center; from Little Neck, Long Island, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #755
    EPISODE #755
    Episode 28

    Game 1: Mrs. Patsy T. Mink (12/6/1927 - 9/28/2002) (as Mystery Guest #1, but the panel was not blindfolded) - "U.S. Congresswoman" (from Honolulu, HI, Rep. Patsy Mink was Hawaii's Democrat member of the House of Representatives; she is also a lawyer; see notes below)

    Game 2: Albert N. Brooks - "Makes Piggy Banks" (self-employed; he is the President of Brooks Creations, Inc., which Mr. Daly said is the largest maker of piggy banks in the U.S.; from Lincolnwood, IL)

    Game 3: Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, and Alan Arkin (as Mystery Guest Trio, their signatures were pre-signed on the board) - "Entire Cast of Broadway Hit LUV" (written by Murray Schisgal, this comedy play ran for 901 total performances)

    Anne Jackson (9/3/1925 - 4/12/2016)
    Eli Wallach (12/7/1915 - 6/24/2014)
    Alan Arkin (b. 3/26/1934)

    Game 4: Ron Rex - "Apprentice Chef at Waldorf Astoria Hotel" (salaried; this cute young chef was ending his second year of training and wished to make it his career; originally from Canton, OH, currently from NYC)

  • EPISODE #756
    EPISODE #756
    Episode 29
    Game 1: Lillian Briggs (6/3/1932 - 4/11/1998) - "Jazz Trombonist (Teaching Arlene to Play Trombone)" (as Mystery Guest #1, but only Arlene is blindfolded; Lillian signs in as Miss X; self-employed; Lillian is teaching Arlene how to play the trombone for the Broadway play "Mrs. Dally" which is taken from the William Hanley work, "Mrs. Dally Has a Lover"; Martin Gabel is producing this play which will open in September 1965; Lillian also has a night club act; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Mr. Burl Barhite - "Makes Midget Submarines (For Sport & Research)" (salaried; Burl is the foreman for Perry Submarine Builders, Inc. which makes small 2 to 6 men submersible "Perry Cubmarine" submarines; from West Palm Beach, FL)

    Game 3: Art Carney (11/4/1918 - 11/9/2003) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #757
    EPISODE #757
    Episode 30
    Game 1: Paul P. Haney (7/20/1928 - 5/28/2009) - Two occupation overlay screens were used: "Voice of Ground Control During Space Shoot" and "Paul Haney of NASA" (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as Mr. X and the panel was not blindfolded; salaried; originally from Akron, OH, now from Houston, TX; he is the Public Affairs Officer at the Houston Manned Spacecraft Center, which was later known as the Johnson Space Center; Haney appears because on March 23, 1965 the first two-man space flight took place with the launch of the Gemini-III capsule crewed by Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young)

    Game 2: Mrs. Mary Procter - "U.S. Income Tax Examiner" (salaried; she is a Tax Technician for the IRS in Shreveport, LA; from Bossier City, Louisiana)

    Game 3: Robert Mitchum (8/6/1917 - 7/1/1997) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Allen J. Albala - "Makes Nail Polish" (salaried; he is a chemical engineer and the Production Supervisor for Cutex brand, which was then owned by Lambda Pharmacal Laboratories, Inc.; from Stamford, CT)
  • EPISODE #758
    EPISODE #758
    Episode 31
    Game 1: Johnny Olson (5/22/1910 - 10/12/1985) - "Announcer for What's My Line?" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded; salaried; excellent game - Johnny Olson has so much personality!)

    See Randy West's "Johnny Olson Tribute" site here:

    Game 2: Mr. Morrill A. Mace - "Publishes New York City Telephone Book" (salaried; he is the Assistant Vice-President of the New York Telephone Company; he publishes 156 telephone directories for the state of New York; from Darien, CT)

    Game 3: Maurice Chevalier (9/12/1888 - 1/1/1972) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Jean Murphy - "Manages Pool Room" (salaried; she manages "Valley Cue" billiards and pool room in her hometown of Emerson, NJ) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #759
    EPISODE #759
    Episode 32
    Game 1: John Daly - "Circus Clown" (salaried; he is a teenager, and is no relation to our host; from West Des Moines, IA, he works in a travelling circus with his father William B. Daly; on the job, he is known as "Little John"; John and his father are currently appearing at a circus in West Hempstead, NY; he was evidently nervous for his WML appearance, and barely smiled at all, but he looked cute in his tailored Beatles-type suit)

    Game 2: Mrs. Adele May Jawer - "Makes Bibs for Lobster Eaters" (self-employed; from East Meadow, Long Island, NY, she is the President of A & A Lobster Bib Company which makes disposable paper bibs for several hundred local restaurants; as she exits the stage, check out the dingle-balls on the hem of her dress!; as of 2006, there is no reference on the Internet to her company, it may no longer exist)

    Game 3: George Jessel (4/3/1898 - 5/24/1981) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as Georgie Jessel

    Game 4: Floyd Moore - "Operates San Francisco Cable Car" (salaried; he is a Grip Man on the Cable Car on Powell & Hyde Streets, San Francisco, CA)
  • EPISODE #760
    EPISODE #760
    Episode 33
    Game 1: Miss Sharon Wilhoit - "Usher At New Astrodome Stadium in Houston" (salaried; she is the director of 300 ushers, which are called Spacettes; originally from IL, now from TX)

    Game 2: Mr. Jan Diederik Medendorp - "Repairs and Restores Windmills" (self-employed; Jan is a Dutch millwright from the Province of Zuid-Holland - Southern Holland - which is an area in The Netherlands known for its windmills; Jan has been working in Holland, Michigan for the past 6 months reconstructing an authentic 200 year-old Dutch windmill called "De Zwaan" - The Swan - which is a gift from The Netherlands to Holland, MI; as of 2006, the windmill is still located at Windmill Island and is the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the United States)

    Game 3: Marian Anderson (2/27/1897 - 4/8/1993) (as Mystery Guest)

    Visit this page with links to many video and sound files:
    Marian Anderson: A Life in Song
    http://www.library.upenn.edu/exhibits/rbm/anderson/index.html . .moreless
  • EPISODE #761
    EPISODE #761
    Episode 34
    Game 1: Miss Penny Early - "Exercises Race Horses" (from Chicago, IL, she works with horse trainer Tom Jolley; Mr. Daly said the Kentucky Derby is this coming Saturday)

    Game 2: Mrs. Helen Boyle - "Makes Dynamite Blasting Caps" (for Atlas Chemical Industries; from Tamaqua, PA; she joked that if the panel saw her in her pinstriped coveralls, they would think she had escaped from jail)

    Game 3: Barbra Streisand (b. 4/24/1942) (as Mystery Guest) She signs in as "My name is Barbra" and also underlined her name.

    Game 4: Mrs. Delores Joiner -"Radioman 2nd (U.S. Navy) WAVE" (originally from Tampa, FL, now from NY; Mr. Daly said she had been Miss Armed Forces 1965)

    SPONSORS: Per Gil Fates' WML logs, the three sponsors tonight were Ford Motor Company, Kellogg Cereal, and American Tobacco Company. . .moreless
  • EPISODE #762
    EPISODE #762
    Episode 35
    Game 1: Miss Paula La Cross - "Target in Knife Throwing Act" (a high school senior, she works with her father Paul La Cross; she spins at 120 RPM and he outlines her form with knives, sometimes he is even blindfolded; from St. Albans, VT)

    Game 2: Mr. Myron J. Greenfield - "Makes Bubble Bath" (he is the President of Tom Fields Ltd. which makes 25 varieties of bubble bath including Champagne, Bathtub Gin, and Tinkerbell for the kids; from Teaneck, NJ; see notes below)

    Game 3: Jack Jones (b. 1/14/1938) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #763
    EPISODE #763
    Episode 36
    Game 1: Mrs. Gloria Roeder and her 5 daughters: Michelle, Pamela, Gail, Donna & Sue - "Run Exercise Class on TV" (salaried; Gloria's 6th daughter, Shirley, was not able to appear because she had hurt herself skateboarding; the 3-year-old exercise class is seen all the way to the West coast, although not in New York; Gloria's husband is a Commander in the U.S. Navy, and he is stationed at the Defense Information School, Fort Slocum, New Rochelle, NY)

    Gloria Roeder (9/29/1923 - 9/2/1995)
    Michelle Roeder (b. 1/15/1958)
    Pamela Roeder (b. 12/1/1953)
    Gail Roeder (b. 8/19/1952)
    Donna Roeder (b. 6/19/1950)
    Sue Roeder (b. 2/18/1956)

    Game 2: Mr. Brackett Hill - "Moves Houses" (salaried; he moves boats, too; from Tilton, NH, he was in the of 1927 at Tilton School; John Daly was in the Tilton School of 1930; Mr. Hill moved a 112 year-old church to Tilton School)

    Game 3: Soupy Sales (1/8/1926 - 10/22/2009) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #764
    EPISODE #764
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Miss Pat McGee (b. 8/23/1945) - "Demonstrates Skateboards" (salaried; pretty blond; she is employed by and demonstrates a skateboard made by Vita-Pakt Citrus Company of Covina, California, and when John said he was confused by this, and asked Pat "did this develop from the boxes they pack oranges in?" Pat chuckled and explained that the company had branched out into other fields; Arlene began the questioning and identified Pat's profession all by herself, but John flipped all the cards anyway; John said that Pat was on the cover of Life magazine this week, shown standing on her hands on a skateboard; Pat said that prior to skateboarding, she surfed for 7 years, but explained to John that this was not in preparation for skateboarding and went on to say that skiers hone their skills on skateboards; she is currently in New York demonstrating her athletic skills at Macy's department store; from San Diego, California)

    It is no longer there, but a nine-minute segment of this episode used to be on YouTube.com with the following description: 1965 Skateboard Champion Patti McGee on the WHAT'S MY LINE? TV show -- Pat McGee, "The Blonde Skateboarding Goddess" of the 1960's on the TV quiz show WHAT'S MY LINE? If you don't know who Pat is, she was the first Professional Girl Skateboarder. Sponsored by Hobie, she was on the cover of the 3rd SKATEBOARDER magazine in 1965 and made the cover of LIFE magazine the same year.

    Game 2: Dick Hull - "Operates Automobile Crushing Machine (For Scrap Metal)" (salaried; he stumped the panel; after his line was revealed, Bennett mentioned the scene of the auto being crushed by a similar machine in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" and asked Mr. Hull if that scene was accurate. Mr. Hull replied that he operated a different kind of crusher, a portable one; from Ottumwa, Iowa)

    Game 3: Liza Minnelli (b. 3/12/1946) (as Mystery Guest) Liza is guessed very quickly. Arlene mentions that they were sure she would be on last week and then Bennett says almost disdainfully, "And what do we get? Soupy Sales!"

    Game 4: Miss Yoshiko Yatsuwe or Yatsue (phonetic approximation) - "Television News Reporter" (salaried; Japanese girl; she signed her name in Japanese characters; Bennett determines that she appears on television, but asks if she is part of the Japanese WML program, which gets a "no" when the game is called for time; John describes her as the "Walter Cronkite of Japan"; from Tokyo, Japan)

    Sponsors as shown in Gil Fates' show logs:

    Sherwin Williams Paint
    Yardley of London
  • EPISODE #765
    EPISODE #765
    Episode 38
    Game 1: Miss Phyllis Leppert (Phyllis Leppert, R.N.) - "Teaches Class for Expectant Parents" (salaried; she is a Registered Nurse and a midwife and works at the Maternity Center Association; she holds a Masters degree in nursing; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Mr. Sidney Epstein - "Makes Glue" (salaried; he is the Vice-President of Columbia Cement Co; from Woodmere, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Robert Goulet (11/26/1933 - 10/30/2007) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Bob Goulet." . .moreless
  • EPISODE #766
    EPISODE #766
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Mrs. Beverly Sites - "Keeper of Poisonous Snakes (For Research Lab)" (salaried; she works with snake venom expert Dr. Joseph Gennaro, aka Joseph F. Gennaro, Ph.D., at the University of Louisville Medical School; they are developing an anti-venom serum for snake bites for the Louisville Public Health Service; she cares for 249 snakes; from Louisville, KY)

    Game 2: Bill Sorenson - "Makes Trampolines" (self-employed; Bill is the President of the American Athletic Equipment Co., which Mr. Daly said was formerly known as the American Trampoline Co.; his trampolines range from a small $39 unit to the $700 college model; he is involved with college athletic programs; from Jefferson, IA)

    Game 3: Anthony Newley (9/24/1931 - 4/14/1999) and Joan Collins (b. 5/23/1933) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as Tony Newley & Joan Collins; an overlay screen also showed "Mr. & Mrs. Newley."

    Game 4: Mrs. Bonnie Porter - "Champion Water Skier (Appearing at New York World's Fair)" (salaried; she is appearing at the Florida Pavilion in the Florida Citrus Water Ski Show; from Baytown, TX) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #767
    EPISODE #767
    Episode 40
    Game 1: Mrs. Joan Dempsey Klein (b. 8/18/1924) - "Municipal Court Judge" (salaried; from Los Angeles, CA, she was appointed to the Los Angeles Municipal Court by California Governor Pat Brown; in earlier years, she had been a member of Buster Crabbe's swimming team; she is still a judge in 2006 and has numerous net references)

    Game 2: Ron Hoffman - "Trains Fleas (for Flea Circus)" (self-employed; originally from Long Beach, CA, currently from Atlantic City, NJ; his travelling act, the Coyote Gulch Flea Show, will soon be opening at the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City, NJ)

    Game 3: Tallulah Bankhead (1/31/1902 - 12/12/1968) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Jean Karch - "Sells Safes" (self-employed; she owns and operates the Floyd Lock & Safe Company in her home town of Minneapolis, MN) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #768
    EPISODE #768
    Episode 41
    Game 1: Mrs. Lola Morrow - "Secretary to Gemini Astronauts" (salaried; she works at Cape Kennedy, FL; she said her job was varied and had no set daily routine; from Windsor, CT)

    Game 2: Robert Scanlon - "Makes Moth Balls" (salaried; Robert is the Director of Manufacturing for Enoz Moth Balls Corp., which is a division of Borden Chemical Co.; the active ingredient in his product is paradichlorobenzene; from Arlington Heights, IL)

    Game 3: Art Linkletter (7/17/1912 - 5/26/2010)(as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Beryl O'Malley - "Window Washer" (self-employed; she performs private and commercial work, up to the 3rd floor only; from Parsippany, NJ)
  • EPISODE #769
    EPISODE #769
    Episode 42
    Game 1: Mrs. Doris Young - "Professional Skin Diver" (self-employed; from Nassau, The Bahamas, she and her husband own "Underwater Tours, Ltd."; she had previously attended Columbia University where she became a dental hygienist)

    Game 2: James Kidder (1915 or 1916 - 5/9/2001) - "Makes Bridal Gowns" (self-employed; from Winchester, MA, he and his wife Priscilla Kidder design and sell wedding gowns at their business, "Priscilla of Boston"; Mr. Daly said their dresses were expensive, reaching $600; they went on to much fame and have several net references)

    Game 3: George Hamilton (b. 8/12/1939) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #770
    EPISODE #770
    Episode 43
    Game 1: Miss Sheila Bell - "Sells Hairpieces For Men" (salaried; from Macon, GA, she works for "Taylor Topper, Inc." selling toupees called "Taylor Toppers"; the business is owned by former Senator Glen Hearst Taylor, a Democrat from Idaho who was also a singing cowboy)

    Game 2: Mr. Sal Arena - "Sells Vitamins For Cats, Dogs, Etc." (salaried; he works for U.S. Vitamin & Pharmaceutical Corp.; his products include Pervenol & Pervelene for cats and dogs; he also sells Chevenol, which is a vitamin product for horses; from New York City, NY)

    Game 3: Ethel Merman (1/16/1908 - 2/15/1984) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Eleanor Cummins - "Private Detective" (salaried; she works for Fidelity Detective Bureau of NYC, from Woodside, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #771
    EPISODE #771
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Miss Becky Blood - "Garbage Collector" (self-employed refuse worker; she is a recent high school graduate who is earning money to attend Gorham State Teacher's College; from South China, Maine)

    Game 2: Joe Porcheddu - "Makes Fireworks" (salaried; he works for the Illinois Fireworks Company where he is a Vice-President; he is a 7th-generation pyrotechnician; from Danville, IL)

    Game 3: Trini Lopez (b. 5/15/1937) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #772
    EPISODE #772
    Episode 45
    Game 1: Mrs. Rosalind Paige - "Takes Bets at Race Track" (salaried; she takes certain bets called the "Twin Double" at the Monticello Raceway for the trotting horse races; to win the "Twin Double," one must pick 4 winning horses; Rosalind said that female racetrack employees may take bets from the public - but only male employees may pay out the bets to the winners; from Monticello, NY)

    Game 2: Miss Mary Jane Polglase - "Makes Rubber Bands" (salaried; she works for the Eberhard Faber Co., where she makes from 5 to 10 million rubber bands per day; from Wilkes-Barre, PA)

    Game 3: Jack Dempsey (6/24/1895 - 5/31/1983) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #773
    EPISODE #773
    Episode 46
    Game 1: Mrs. Nancy Moses (her professional name is Nancy Zacchini, of the famed Zacchini Family) - "Human Cannonball" (salaried; she is shot out of a cannon at 125 mph; she is currently performing in the Florida Pavilion at the N.Y. World's Fair; from Ocala FL)

    Game 2: Al Seipp - "Sells Suntan Oil" (salaried; he work for Coppertone Co.; from Santa Monica, CA)

    Game 3: Milton Berle (7/12/1908 - 3/27/2002) (as Mystery Guest) He signs in as "Sophia Loren" . .moreless
  • EPISODE #774
    EPISODE #774
    Episode 47
    Game 1: Carol Channing (b. 1/31/1921) & Ginger Rogers (7/16/1911 - 4/25/1995) (as Mystery Guest Duo) The overlay screen showed: "Ginger Rogers Replaces Carol Channing In Hello, Dolly! August 9th"

    Game 2: Mr. Drew Frazer - "Sells Sauna Baths (Finnish Dry Heat Baths)" (salaried; he works for The Viking Sauna Company and his saunas sell for $1200 to $2500 and reach an average temperature of 185 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit; from New York City, NY)

    Game 3: Lucille Ball (8/6/1911 - 4/26/1989) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Edward Arenson, Jr. - "Makes Fudge (at N.Y. World's Fair)" (salaried; he is known as Eddie the Fabulous Fudge Maker and his candy business is in the Wisconsin Pavilion at the N.Y. World's Fair; from Toledo, OH; he is a pre-med student at Cornell University; per the net, he graduated from Cornell in 1967 and went on to earn his medical degree from Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia, PA; Edward B. Arenson, M.D.) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #775
    EPISODE #775
    Episode 48
    Game 1: Mrs. Janice Fletcher - "U.S. Mailman" - (salaried; from Kansas City, MO, she and her husband are both mail carriers for the United States Post Office; she walks her route and carries a mailbag for the Westport Station)

    Game 2: Leonard DiIorio - "Packs Garlic" (salaried; he works for the California Sprout & Celery Company in Chicago, IL; he is a student at Loyola College and this is his summer job; from Chicago, IL; it was mentioned that garlic is a member of the lily family)

    Game 3: Jill St. John (b. 8/19/1940) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Maggie Baran - "Runs Cat Sitting Service" (self-employed; she cat-sits for up to 3 cats; she works in the clients' homes; she advertises in the yellow pages of the phone book; from New York, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #776
    EPISODE #776
    Episode 49
    Game 1: Vicar Stanton Tate - "Parachute Jumps to Fight Forest Fires (U. S. Forest Service)" (salaried; he is a "smoke jumper" during the summer, and is a Vicar of the Episcopal Church in his home town of McCall, ID)

    Game 2: Mrs. Judy Hunt - "Makes Saddles" (salaried; she works for the Phil Harris Saddle & Shoe Shop in her home town of John Day, Oregon; John Daly mentioned her town name was one letter off!; their saddle prices begin at $225 and have no price limit; in 2004, used Phil Harris show saddles sell for thousands of dollars)

    Game 3: Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/1916) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #777
    EPISODE #777
    Episode 50
    Game 1: Miss Pamela Painter - "Gold Miner" (self-employed; she runs a river-dredging gold mining operation in Brazil; she has been in Brazil for 3 years and at the Amazon Jungle Tapajos River - or Rio Tapajós - for one year; she has studied geology, and was a very articulate contestant; from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Pauline Howard - "Horse Race Handicapper, Gives Tips For Bettors on Radio" (salaried; she is heard on radio station CJAD which is known as the "Voice of CBS in Montreal"; she is associated with the Blue Bonnet Race Track and others; from Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

    Game 3: Allan Sherman (11/30/1924 - 11/20/1973) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #778
    EPISODE #778
    Episode 51
    Game 1: Mrs. Mary Ay - "Manages Professional Wrestlers" (self-employed; her company is named WorldMar Corp.; one of her clients is world champion Antonino Rocca; from New York City, NY; her surname is pronounced "a" not "eye" although Dorothy makes this mistake once)

    Game 2: Daniel Levin - "Makes Ice Cubes" (salaried; he works for G.M. Ice Butlers, Inc.; the ice cubes are sold in convenient 8 lb. bags; from Arlington, VA)

    Game 3: Steve Lawrence (b. 7/8/1935) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #779
    EPISODE #779
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Miss Janell Jernigan - "Raises Goats" (self-employed; from Goldthwaite, TX, she will be a senior at Southern Methodist University in the fall; this is her summer job; she is a member of the American Angora Goat Breeders Association; her goats are prized for their long silky coats which are used to make mohair yarn; from the net - she was a member of the Goldthwaite High School Class of 1962, and married Class of 1961 student Charles Sherwood; Charles and Janell Jernigan Sherwood had two children, Brady and Bonnie)

    Game 2: Daniel McCullough - "Operates Merry-Go-Round (at Coney Island)" (salaried; from Brookville, Long Island, NY; Daniel's historian/author father Edo McCullough also works with him at the carousel, and Daniel's grandfather James J. McCullough invented moving targets for mechanical shooting galleries used at amusement parks)

    Game 3: Betty Grable (12/18/1916 - 7/2/1973) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Norma Gorman - "Sells Swimming Pools" (salaried; from Wyckoff, NJ; Mr. Daly said she sells the "Buster Crabbe Pool" for Ray Westdyk Swimming Pools, Inc.; as seen on the net, she is probably related to Edward Gorman of Edison, New Jersey who founded Cascade Industries Inc. in 1949 which manufactures prefabricated in-ground vinyl-lined swimming pools; in the early 1960s, Cascade, Inc. expanded overseas, and by the late 1960s sold their "Buster Crabbe" pool in 28 countries; he was also associated with Esther Williams before she started her own pool company; Ed Gorman is still in business in 2004) . .moreless