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  • EPISODE #828
    EPISODE #828
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Mr. Ray Barnett - "Sells Eyelash Curlers" (salaried; from Roslyn Heights, Long Island, NY; he is the Vice-President in charge of merchandising for Kurlash Co., Inc. of Rochester, NY; he said that his product has been in existence for 47 years, therefore, the eyelash curler was invented in 1919)

    Game 2: Miss Louise Tesner (b. 12/25/1942) - "Municipal Judge" (salaried; from Milwaukee, WI, she was elected the misdemeanor judge for St. Francis, WI; she is in her 3rd year of law school)

    Game 3: Pearl Bailey (3/29/1918 - 8/17/1990) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #827
    EPISODE #827
    Episode 51
    Game 1: David DeWan (b. 3/14/1943) - "Runs Dating Service By Computer" (self-employed; from Boston, MA; approximately age 23; his computer dating service, which he owns and operates, is named "Contact" and arranges blind dates through the use of computerized data gathered from questionnaires; he enters the dating data into a Honeywell computer and employs the use of "IBM machines" which refer to the card reading machines which read IBM punch cards; he is also a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; he said that he has ideas for yet more computerized data applications; indeed, in 1974, David DeWan and Mitchell Kertzman founded CSI, Computer Solutions, Inc., based in Burlington, MA, which reached sales into the millions; see associated vintage newspaper article below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jackie Frankel - "Sells Airplanes" (salaried; very pretty brunette; she is a pilot and sells Cessna airplanes for Aviation Activities, Inc.; Mr. Daly said she was a former model and television commercial actress; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 3: Walter Brennan (7/25/1894 - 9/21/1974) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #826
    EPISODE #826
    Episode 50
    Game 1: Claud Mullen - "Harness Racing Driver" (self-employed; he races at the Audubon Raceway in Henderson, KY; from Frankfort, IN; he will be age 88 next month in September 1966, therefore, he was born in September 1878)

    Game 2: Mrs. Martha Lubarsky - "Raises Bats for Research" (her occupation overlay screen featured illustrations of two bats; salaried; she works for the Department of Physiology at the University of Indiana Medical Center; the bats are studied for circulatory research; from Indianapolis, IN; her husband is in dental school)

    Game 3: Nancy Sinatra (b. 6/8/1940) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Charles Cadey - "Grows Roses (Developed 'Arlene Francis' Rose)" (salaried; Arlene's rose is a fragrant Hybrid Tea Rose, golden yellow in color, which Mr. Daly said was developed in 1956; Charles is the President of Jackson & Perkins Nursery; it is believed that the rose was actually developed by his long-time employee, Eugene S. Boerner, see notes below; from Newark, NJ; on his way out, Charles presented both Suzy and Arlene with rosebuds) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #825
    EPISODE #825
    Episode 49
    Game 1: Mrs. Carolyn Smallwood - "Tax Collector" (salaried; African-American; she was appointed to her job; she is the Deputy Collector of Tax for her hometown of Rutherford, NJ; she collects real estate property taxes and business taxes)

    Game 2: Richard T. Armstrong - "Clam Digger" (self-employed; he has been digging clams for 5 summers as he saves money for college; he collects 3 to 4 bushels daily, and said it is hard work; he is a pre-med student at Stoneybrook University on Long Island; from Huntington, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Shelley Winters (8/18/1920 - 1/14/2006) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Shelagh Sloan (b. 9/15/1935) - "Professional Stilt Walker (Circus Act)" (salaried; from London, England; she is the only female stilt walker with the Ringling Brothers Circus; her name is pronounced as Sheila, although spelled Shelagh; John said that in 1962, her husband was a contestant, but John did not mention his name; on EPISODE #644 of December 23, 1962, Barrie Sloan was indeed a contestant, then working for the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus; pictures of the famous stilt-walking Sloan family can be seen at the STILTWALKERS URL below)

  • EPISODE #824
    EPISODE #824
    Episode 48

    Game 1: Mrs. Evelyne Boren (b. 1939) - "Underwater Stunt Girl (For Films and TV)" (salaried; statuesque, about 6 feet tall; originally from Munich, Bavaria, Germany, currently from La Jolla, CA; Mr. Daly stated that she had done stunts in the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball" and also appeared in episodes of "Sea Hunt" and "The Aquanauts"; he said she rode a 300 lb. turtle and a killer whale; he said she has worked for Ivan Tors Film Company; in 1966, Ivan Tors produced the 1966 film, "Namu, the Killer Whale" so this is probably the killer whale she worked with; as of 2004, she is an artist specializing in watercolors and has many net references; she also made an appearance on a color episode of "To Tell The Truth")

    Game 2: Mr. Richard F. Gehle - "Sells Bird Cages" (salaried; his surname rhymes with "Daly"; he works for the Andrew B. Hendryx Company of New Haven, CT, which has been in business since 1869 and ships their bird cages and wire products worldwide; from Newtown CT)

    Game 3: Marty Allen (b. 3/23/1932) & Steve Rossi (5/25/1932 - 6/22/2014) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Hello Dere! Allen & Rossi."

  • EPISODE #823
    EPISODE #823
    Episode 47
    Game 1: Miss Gunelf Bertson - "Usher at Shea Stadium, Home of N.Y. Mets" (salaried; originally from Sweden, now from New York; she has been an usher for 2 years now; she is also a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City)

    Game 2: Miss Peggy Huguley - "Sells Elevators" (salaried; she is the Vice-President of Ace Elevator Corp.; she graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in mechanical engineering; from Charlotte, NC)

    Game 3: Jean Pierre Aumont (1/5/1911 - 1/30/2001) & Marisa Pavan (b. 6/19/1932) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre Aumont." . .moreless
  • EPISODE #822
    EPISODE #822
    Episode 46
    Game 1: Mrs. Lynne Jordan - "Dives 40 Ft. Into Tank on Horseback" (salaried; she works at Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ, and dives into 10 feet of water; from Orlando, FL)

    Game 2: Lawrence Burriss - "Makes Soda Straws" (salaried; he works for the Stone Straw Corp.; Mr. Daly said that in 1888, Mr. Stone invented a straw out of beeswax; Lawrence said plastic straws are now becoming popular; he said that his company has a product on the moon, and explained that they produced the plastic tubing that houses the electrical wires inside of the 1958 automated unmanned Moon probe Explorer I; from Waverly, OH)

    Game 3: Jayne Mansfield (4/19/1933 - 6/29/1967) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Linda Biederman - "Rock & Roll Drummer" (self-employed; she is a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati in her home town of Cincinnati, OH; she founded her band, "The Blooming Lot," with 3 other young men)

    STEEL PIER DIVING HORSES: What's My Line? loved the Steel Pier diving horses featured in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and featured this occupation 4 times: EPISODE #314 of June 10, 1956; EPISODE #451 of February 8, 1959; EPISODE #577 of August 20, 1961; and EPISODE #822 of July 17, 1966. See photos at this web site dedicated to the diving horses! - Suzanne (2006)

  • EPISODE #821
    EPISODE #821
    Episode 45

    Game 1: A supermarket check-out girl

    Game 2: A person who designs buttons

    Game 3: James Mason (5/15/1909 - 7/27/1984) (as Mystery Guest)

    There was no fourth game this evening. There wasn't enough time for an "Usher at Shea Stadium." That person, Miss Gunelf Bertson, later appeared on EPISODE #823 of July 24, 1966.

    I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2004) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #820
    EPISODE #820
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Bill Yerkes - "Sells Surfboards" (salaried; he is employed by Keller's Surf Shop in Lavalette, NJ; Bill will be a sophomore at Ithaca College next year; selling surfboards is Bill's summer occupation; Bill reached the finals in the Atlantic States Competition last year; from Pemberton, NJ; as of 2004, Bill owns Balsa Bill Surf Shop in Satellite Beach, Florida; as of the next GSN airing in 2008, he also owns a second shop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; visit his web page listed below and see more notes below about Bill's personal recollections about his appearance on tonight's show)

    Balsa Bill Surf Shop

    A vintage photo of Keller's Surf Shop in Lavalette, New Jersey

    Game 2: Mrs. Flossie Malott - "Gives Tests For Drivers' Licenses" (salaried; she was appointed by Indiana's Commissioner of Motor Vehicles; from Peru, IN)

    Game 3: Joan Crawford (3/23/1905 - 5/10/1977) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #819
    EPISODE #819
    Episode 43
    Game 1: Mary Quant (b. 2/11/1934) - "Leading British 'Mod' Fashion Designer" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was not blindfolded; the normal questioning format was used; self-employed; she signed in as "X X" and then drew her "Mary Quant daisy logo" out of circles, but Mr. Daly unknowingly referred to it as a tree; from London, England; she just received the Queen's "OBE" award - Order of the British Empire; her Fall collection is being promoted by J.C. Penney Company; see more notes below)

    Game 2: Mr. Cecil Ellis - "Builds Saunas (Finish Dry Heat Baths)" (self-employed; originally from England, now from Middlefield, CT; he and his Finish wife own the C.E. Sauna Corp.; he stated you can get a good quality sauna for $2000)

    Game 3: Carroll Baker (b. 5/28/1931) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Kathie Dibell (2/19/1938 - 12/7/2004) - "Sports Writer (Associated Press)" (salaried; she is ending 4 years of employment with the Associated Press and taking a job with the Baltimore Sun newspaper; from New York; she was later known as Kathie Dibell Briley; see notes below)
  • EPISODE #818
    EPISODE #818
    Episode 42

    Game 1: Steve Allen (12/26/1921 - 10/30/2000) (as Contestant) - "Sells Motorcycles" (self-employed; Yes, this is THE Steve Allen! He owns "Steve Allen Honda" on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA; in addition to selling Honda motorcycles, he also sells both Vesper and Lambretta scooters; Steve stated he was from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Samantha Brooks - "Fire Eater (Night Club Act)" (salaried; she works in various nightclubs; from San Francisco, CA; she told Bennett that fire had no taste; she said that her costume is made out of jersey, which won't flame but will melt)

    Game 3: Jerry Lewis (3/16/1926 - 8/20/2017) (as Mystery Guest) Jerry started to sign in, and the chalk broke. This was probably done deliberately. He then slapped a caricature graphic of himself on the sign-in board. This was a first! . .

  • EPISODE #817
    EPISODE #817
    Episode 41
    Game 1: David Merrick (11/27/1911 - 4/25/2000) (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded) The 3 overlay screens read "David Merrick, Broadway Producer" - "Hello Dolly, Gypsy, Irma La Douce" - "Oliver, Becket, Cactus Flower, etc."

    Game 2: Miss Jennie Golby - "Wine Steward (in Restaurant)" (salaried; she is a sommelier at the Menzies Hotel in her home town of Sydney, Australia)

    Game 3: Peter Fonda (b. 2/23/1940) & Henry Fonda (5/16/1905 - 8/12/1982) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Henry Fonda & Son!" The overlay screen read "Henry Fonda and son Peter Fonda"

    Game 4: Mrs. Maria Kastner - "Operates Dude Ranch" (self-employed; with her husband, she operates the White Stallion Ranch in her hometown of Hillsdale, NY; she teaches horses to do tricks; Mr. Daly said she was a former showgirl and photographer's model) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #816
    EPISODE #816
    Episode 40
    Game 1: Jack Benny (2/14/1894 - 12/26/1974) - "Concert Violinist" (as Mystery Guest #1, he signed in as "Kubelsky" and the panel was blindfolded; salaried; Jack Benny's birth name is Benjamin Kubelsky)

    Game 2: Mrs. Christine Burns - "Makes Horse Collars" (self-employed; she makes horse collars for The Southern Collar Company; the collars cost $20 - $60; from Shelbyville, TN)

    Game 3: Vince Edwards (7/9/1928 - 3/11/1996) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #815
    EPISODE #815
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Miss Carolyn Arnold - "Sells Vacuum Cleaners Door-to-Door" (salaried; she demonstrates and sells vacuums for Kirby Vacuum Cleaners; she is the only woman in the Detroit office; Mr. Daly said that "this little girl" lugs 60 lbs. of gear; from Detroit, MI)

    Game 2: Emmett Ashford (11/23/1914 - 3/1/1980) - "Major League Baseball Umpire" (salaried; African-American; Mr. Daly said that this personable man is sometimes known as the "Maury Wills of Umpires" for his entertaining he just made his Yankee Stadium debut; he was the first black umpire in major league baseball; Mr. Daly asked him to yell out "STRRRRRIIIIKE," and while Emmett did stand up and pantomime his field gestures, he was too shy to yell his famous word, so, Mr. Daly had to yell out his own impersonation of Ashford yelling "Strike"; from Los Angeles, CA)

    Game 3: Soupy Sales (1/8/1926 - 10/22/2009) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #814
    EPISODE #814
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Their leader Ralph Maglione signed in as "Ralph J. Maglione & Guests" - "U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Precision Flying Team" (salaried; Mr. Daly said that this coming Saturday, they will be performing at McGuire Air Force Base in Wrightstown, NJ; the fighter pilot team members who appeared are as follows;

    Lt. Col. Ralph J. Maglione (1926 - 7/15/1990) (Leader; from Akron, OH)
    Lt. Chris Paterakis (Left Wingman; from Modesto, CA)
    Capt. Buster McGee (Right Wingman; from La Jolla, CA)
    Capt. Hank Canterbury (Slot Man; from Huntsville, AL)
    Capt. Bobby Morgan (Solo Position; from Pendleton, SC)
    Capt. Bob Beckel (Solo Position; from Walla Walla WA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Adeline Southwick - Sells Sweepstakes Tickets" (salaried; she works for the New Hampshire Sweepstakes Commission; in 2 years they have raised 5 million dollars for NH state education; from Salem, NH)

    Game 3: Gwen Verdon (1/13/1925 - 10/18/2000) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Helga Collberg - "Radio Operator on Ship" (salaried; she works for the Merchant Navy of Norway; her husband is also employed by them as a Chief Engineer; she prefers cargo vessels more than passenger vessels; from Oslo, Norway) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #813
    EPISODE #813
    Episode 34
    Game 1: Peter Tofts - "Makes Superman 'Fly' in the Broadway Musical" (salaried; he is a special effects man for the Broadway musical "It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman" which was performed at the Alvin Theatre and ran from March 29, 1966 to July 16, 1966, for a total of 129 performances; he wears a torso harness and jumps off a 14 foot ladder; his weight counterbalances Superman and makes him appear to fly; from London, England)

    Game 2: Frank M. Bottley - "Grows Garlic" (self-employed; from Hazelton, PA; he is a retired government employee who had been in this new occupation for 2 years; he grows Elephant Garlic which is 8 times larger than generic garlic)

    Game 3: Natalie Wood (7/20/1938 - 11/29/1981) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #812
    EPISODE #812
    Episode 33
    Game 1: Mrs. Anne Darcy Gloy - "Dog Catcher" (salaried; her official title is Dog Control Officer and she was appointed by the city council of Jackson, Wyoming; she once caught 10 dogs on a busy day; from Jackson WY)

    Game 2: Don Friedman - "Tests Drums (for Musical Instrument Company)" (salaried; he works for Rogers Drum Company in Cleveland, Ohio, and tests the Dyna-sonic Snare Drum, which he said was the best in the world, partly due to its floating snare frame; net references as of 2004 back up his claim; Mr. Daly said that Don was once a professional drummer; from Cleveland, OH; as of 2004, he plays drums & percussion in a klezmer band in Cleveland named Yiddishe Cup which was formed in 1988; the band's web site defines klezmer music as a hybrid of Eastern European Jewish folk music, American swing, Yiddish theater tunes and Israeli horas; klezmer means "village musician" in Yiddish)

    Game 3: Arthur Godfrey (8/31/1903 - 3/16/1983) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #811
    EPISODE #811
    Episode 32
    Game 1: Mrs. Donna Zink - "Steve Allen's Secretary" (she signed as "X" and only Jayne Meadows was blindfolded; salaried; she has been employed by Steve Allen since 1959; she had also just recently played Steve's secretary in a television commercial; Mr. Daly made it clear that this was just one role, and that she was normally his regular secretary, or perhaps one of them, as Jayne indicated that there may have been several secretaries between them both)

    Game 2: Mrs. Aldora Manegini - "Breaks Eggs (22,500 Per Day)" (salaried; she works for wholesaler R.W. Thayer Food Products Inc. in Oakland, CA; the eggs are broken by hand, frozen and shipped to bakeries, etc., and also used in the manufacture of mayonnaise; from San Lorenzo, CA)

    Game 3: Lee Remick (12/14/1935 - 7/2/1991) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Marguerite Keller - "Drives Trailer Truck" (salaried; she works for the Clay Hyde Trucking Company; she drives a 65 foot tractor-trailer truck; from Lakeland, FL) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #810
    EPISODE #810
    Episode 31
    Game 1: Mrs. Nancy Pegelow - "Nurse for Baby Gorilla (Baltimore Zoo)" (salaried; she takes care of two gorillas named Hercules and Silver; from Baltimore, MD)

    Game 2: Mr. Gino Macrypodio - "Gondolier from Venice, Italy" (self-employed; the panel was not initially given his location and they later fished for it, but it did not help them much; he owns and operates 2 gondolas, and is a 5th generation gondolier in his family)

    Game 3: Woody Allen (b. 12/1/1935) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Cary Grant." . .moreless
  • EPISODE #809
    EPISODE #809
    Episode 30

    Game 1: Walter Cronkite (11/4/1916 - 7/17/2009) - "CBS Television News Anchor" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded; John mentioned that during WWII, Cronkite was in the first B-17 raid out of London)

    Game 2: Mrs. Renée Nemiroff - "Federal Income Tax Examiner" (salaried; Renee is a Field Auditor for the IRS; she is a UCLA graduate with a degree in accounting; she began her job last July; from Woodland Hills, CA)

    Game 3: Art Carney (11/4/1918 - 11/9/2003) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .

  • EPISODE #808
    EPISODE #808
    Episode 29

    Game 1: Mrs. Micky Hickman & Mrs. Rene Porter (identical twin sisters) - "Blackjack Dealers in Gambling Casino" (both salaried; both from Reno, NV; Mrs. Hickman works at Harolds Club Casino; Mrs. Porter works at Harrah's Casino; the sisters were dressed in identical fur-hemmed dresses)

    Game 2: Mrs. Evelyn Gray - "Stitches Baseballs" (salaried; she work for H. Harwood and Sons Company which John said has been in business for 108 years; all the balls are hand-stitched with figure eight stitching; she said a good stitcher could finish a ball in 9.5 minutes; from Natick, MA)

    Game 3: Carol Burnett (b. 4/26/1933) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Harold Levine - "Makes Kites" (self-employed; he is the President of Allen Whitney Company, which produces the Space Bird Kite, possibly spelled Spacebird Kite; from New Haven, CT) . .

  • EPISODE #807
    EPISODE #807
    Episode 28
    Game 1: Miss Ruth Anson (b. 10/11/1944) - "Television News Reporter" (salaried; she works for TV station KABC; from Los Angeles, CA; she is also a student at UCLA)

    Game 2: Joe Dogan - "Makes Horseradish" (salaried; he is the general manager of the Thor-Shackel Horseradish Company in Burr Ridge, Illinois; he is also the President of the National Association of Horseradish Packers; from Chicago, IL; over 24 years later, in a Chicago Sun-Times newspaper article dated March 15, 1990, Joe Dogan was listed as having been the general manager of the Thor-Shackel Company for over a quarter of a century)

    Game 3: Robert Preston (6/8/1918 - 3/12/1987) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #806
    EPISODE #806
    Episode 27
    Game 1: Mr. Radford DuBois - "Raises & Sells Turtles (For Pets)" (self-employed; he runs the DuBois Turtle Farm and sells 1 million turtles annually, half of those to the Woolworth's chain; from Yazoo City, Mississippi; he is also a Representative in the Mississippi state legislature; he is a Green Beret, more specifically, a Major commanding a National Guard unit; in addition to breeding turtles, he also raises catfish)

    Game 2: Miss Christina Vogt - "Writes Advice to Children Newspaper Column" (salaried; from McPherson, Kansas, she is in the 5th grade at Galva School in Galva, KS; her column is carried in "The Hutchinson News" of Hutchinson, Kansas; John stated that this is a Pulitzer Award winning newspaper)

    Game 3: Paul Ford (11/2/1901 - 4/12/1976) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #805
    EPISODE #805
    Episode 26
    Game 1: The Supremes (as Mystery Guest Trio)

    Diana Ross (b. 3/26/1944)
    Mary Wilson (b. 3/6/1944)
    Florence Ballard (6/30/1943 - 2/22/1976)

    Game 2: John T. Pennel (7/25/1940 - 9/26/1993) - "Sells Wine" (salaried; he wholesales wine to United Vintners, the large grape-grower cooperative that owns Italian Swiss Colony Wine; see more wine notes below; John Pennel is also a pole vaulter, and he held world records in 1963, 1966 and 1969)

    Game 3: Lana Turner (2/8/1921 - 6/29/1995) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mrs. Katharine Montgomery - "Assistant to Racetrack Bookie" (salaried; this elderly woman is from Hayling Island, Hampshire, England, and she handles the betting payoffs)
  • EPISODE #804
    EPISODE #804
    Episode 25
    Game 1: Mrs. Cecile Ritzwaller - "Makes Bar Stools" (self-employed; she and her husband own "Bar Stools Unlimited" in Fort Worth, Texas, and offer 100 styles of bar stools; from Ft. Worth, TX)

    Game 2: Miss De De Hodges - "Logger (Cuts Down Trees)" (salaried; she and her father work for the Halquist Brothers of Plains, Montana; she uses a 17-lb. gas-powered chain saw; she quit school to pursue this occupation; from Thompson Falls, MT)

    Game 3: Eddie Albert (4/22/1906 - 5/26/2005) & Eva Gabor (2/11/1919 - 7/4/1995) (as Mystery Guest Duo) "Co-Stars, TV Series, Green Acres"
  • EPISODE #803
    EPISODE #803
    Episode 24
    Game 1: Mrs. Verda McCartney - "Makes Mouse Traps" (salaried; she is employed by McGill Metal Products, which is one of the two largest makers of mousetraps; they produced 4 to 5 million per year; from Marengo, IL)

    Game 2: Miss Rosemary Smith (b. 8/7/1937) - "Automobile Race Driver" (salaried; from Dublin, Ireland, she was named the Outstanding Woman Driver of 1965; she drives a Sunbeam Alpine auto; she has many net references)

    Game 3: Harry Belafonte (b. 3/1/1927) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who distributed tickets for CBS television shows.
  • EPISODE #802
    EPISODE #802
    Episode 23
    Game 1: Mrs. Sheva Rapoport - "Dentist" (self-employed; from Allentown, Pennsylvania, this attractive blond periodontist graduated with honors from Temple University Dental School; as a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, she promoted their "National Children's Dental Health Week"; from the net, we sadly learn that Sheva Rapoport, DDS passed away from breast cancer in July 2002 at age 65; she had been married to U.S. Magistrate Judge Arnold C. Rapoport for 39 years; see below for a note from her son Jed)

    Game 2: Lt. S. S. Beasley - "Military Jet Pilot" (salaried; he is a lieutenant in India's military; his first name is never given; a resident of India, he is temporarily in Las Vegas, NV at Nellis Air Force Base taking flight lessons in an F-86 SabreJet aircraft; he has been in America for 6.5 months and will be returning home in a week; he wore a business suit and a turban)

    Game 3: Carol Channing (b. 1/31/1921) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who made kites. . .moreless
  • EPISODE #801
    EPISODE #801
    Episode 22

    Game 1: Sam Spiegel (11/11/1901 - 12/31/1985) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Film Producer: The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, The African Queen, Etc."

    Game 2: Mrs. Joyce Romer - "Demonstrates & Sells Motorcycles" (salaried; she works for Honda of Indianapolis; Bennett told us she was a redhead; from Indianapolis, IN)

    Game 3: Hugh O'Brian (4/19/1925 - 9/5/2016) (as Mystery Guest #2)

  • EPISODE #800
    EPISODE #800
    Episode 21

    The contestant guest data was taken from the WML show logs of Gil Fates. - Suzanne

    Game 1: Maury Wills (b. 10/2/1932) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Baseball Player and Nightclub Singer"

    Game 2: A person who "Makes Bubble Bath"

    Game 3: Dinah Shore (2/29/1916 - 2/24/1994) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: A person who "Shoes Horses for the Philadelphia Police Department" . .moreless
  • EPISODE #799
    EPISODE #799
    Episode 20
    Game 1: Henry A. Barnes (12/16/1906 - 9/16/1968) (as Mystery Guest #1) - "Henry Barnes, Traffic Commissioner of N.Y.C." (salaried; Henry Barnes and John discussed Henry's new changes for New York, including changing 5th Avenue into a one-way street heading Southbound, and changing Madison Avenue into a one-way street heading Northbound. Also mentioned were Henry's radio shows with both Carol Reed and Jack Sterling. Many of Henry Barnes' traffic innovations are still in use today in 2007. For more Henry Barnes information, see EPISODE #602 of February 18, 1962.)

    Game 2: Mrs. Louise Davidson - "Designs Door Knobs" (self-employed; her company is named Novelties by Louise, and she makes doorknobs out of many diverse items, including abalone shells; from Whittier, CA)

    Game 3: Mickey Rooney (b. 9/23/1920) (as Mystery Guest #2) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #798
    EPISODE #798
    Episode 19

    Game 1: Hugh M. Hefner (4/9/1926 - 9/27/2017) (as Mystery Guest #1) "Editor-Publisher Playboy Magazine" (John stated that his publication has been in existence for 12 years)

    Game 2: Jack Albert (b. 7/8/1923) - "Launch Director for all Gemini Space Flights" (salaried; Lt. Col. Jack Albert recently received an Exceptional Service Award from NASA; originally from Dansville, NY; he is a West Point graduate and has 9 children)

    Game 3: Polly Bergen (7/14/1930 - 9/20/2014) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Victoria Weldon - "Charters Yachts" (salaried; originally from Ireland, currently from Paris, France; she now books yachts to the Mediterranean from Paris, but her company is opening a new office in New York to book yachts to the Caribbean)

  • EPISODE #797
    EPISODE #797
    Episode 18
    Game 1: Mrs. Mary McLung "Makes Bread Boxes" (salaried; she works for Chromex, Inc. in her hometown of Cleveland OH; her breadboxes sell for about $10)

    Game 2: Charles Cabibi "Runs School for Barbers" (salaried; from Brooklyn, NY, he runs the Atlas Barber School in Manhattan; he also has a Masters Degree in Romance Languages from Columbia University)

    Game 3: Geraldine Chaplin (b. 7/31/1944) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Werner Guggenheim "Sells Music Boxes" (salaried; from Queens, NY, he is the sales manager for Elpe Marketing Industries, Inc., which is the music box division of Thorens Music Box Company; the music boxes sell at prices ranging from $3.50 to $100; the two most requested adult tunes are "I Love You Truly" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"; the two most requested children's tunes are "Brahms' Lullaby" and "Rock-a-bye Baby" which are housed in stuffed animals instead of music boxes; although not stated on WML, the Thorens "pin" movements in these music boxes are made in Switzerland; Thorens is also known for some of the highest quality turntables in the world) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #796
    EPISODE #796
    Episode 17
    Game 1: Alan Jay Lerner (8/31/1918 - 6/14/1986) (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded) "Author & Lyricist, My Fair Lady, Gigi, Camelot, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (He said he is thinking about writing a work on the life of clothing designer Coco Chanel; see more notes below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Doris Mahelick - "Police Commissioner" (salaried; she is the Police Commissioner of Bergen County, New Jersey; from Wallington, NJ; she has 141 officers under her guidance)

    Game 3: Buddy Hackett (8/31/1924 - 6/30/2003) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Newton Fig"

    Game 4: Herbert Mayers - "Mink Auctioneer" (salaried; he works for Hudson's Bay Company, where he has been employed for 27 years; from New Hyde Park, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #795
    EPISODE #795
    Episode 16

    Game 1: Sister Francis Marie - "Head of Military Academy" (salaried; The Sister, who was a member of the religious order Sisters of Saint Francis, appeared in her habit; she is the headmistress at the St. Aloysius Military Academy, which teaches 3rd to 8th grades; from New Lexington, OH)

    Game 2: Wilford Schuster - "Sells Mistletoe" (self-employed; from Priddy, TX, he ships 100,000 lbs. of mistletoe around the country; it takes him all year to get ready)

    Game 3: Lauren Bacall (9/16/1924 - 8/12/2014) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Marvin Terban - "Department Store Santa Claus" (salaried; he works at Macy's; he is also a Latin and grammar teacher; originally from Chelsea, MA; currently from NYC; listen as Arlene cutely says, "Santy Claus." . .

  • EPISODE #794
    EPISODE #794
    Episode 15
    Game 1: Mrs. Belle Heinrich - "Bus Driver" (salaried; she works for National City Bus Lines; from El Paso, TX; she has 4 great-grandchildren; Tony told her she resembles the lady on Fanny Farmer candy boxes; see notes below)

     Game 2: William T. Smith - "Grows Christmas Trees" (self-employed; from Big Flats, NY; he is a senior at Cornell University; he owns and operates two Christmas tree farms and grows 100,000 trees annually, which he wholesales to Christmas tree lots)

    Game 3: Kate Smith (5/1/1907 - 6/17/1986) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #793
    EPISODE #793
    Episode 14
    Game 1: Bud Sagendorf (3/22/1915 - 9/22/1994) - "Writes & Draws Comic Strip Popeye" (as Mystery Guest #1 but the panel was not blindfolded; he signed in as "X" to avoid name recognition; self-employed; he produces the comic strip for King Features Syndicate; originally from Santa Monica, CA; currently from Connecticut; Forrest "Bud" Sagendorf said that for Popeye's upcoming 37th birthday, Popeye was finally getting his own brand of Spinach; Arlene punned, "I hope it's covered with Olive Oyl!" and got a laugh from the audience; the "Popeye the Sailor" comic strip was originally created in January 1929 by E. C. Segar; Sagendorf was Segar's longtime assistant and took over when Segar died)

    Game 2: Mrs. Ethel Russell - "Raises Swans" (self-employed; from Great Oak / Chestertown, MD; she sell pairs of swans; she said they fly 100 mph and have a 9-foot wing spread)

    Game 3: Edward G. Robinson (12/12/1893 - 1/26/1973) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Georgiana Miranda (b. 7/1935) - "Assistant District Attorney" (salaried; from Jamaica, Long Island, NY, she was appointed by Queens County District Attorney Frank O'Connor)
  • EPISODE #792
    EPISODE #792
    Episode 13
    Game 1: Mrs. Bertha Meana - "Flying Instructor" (salaried; she works for Pilgrim Aviation Company; at age 65, she has just returned from 2 years in Peru with the Peace Corps; she is also a parachute rigger and a helicopter pilot; she has a degree in metallurgy; currently from New London, CT; she had an German accent and is originally from Persia)

    Game 2: Mr. Onil Mercier - "Sells Hockey Sticks" (salaried; from Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada; he owns Melot & Freiers Company, or Mélot & Freyers, which phonetically sounded like Maylot and Frayers when said by Mr. Daly, but as of 2004 I can't find any net references so the spelling may be incorrect; there also used to be a company named Victoriaville Hockey Sticks, which is now out of business, that may have evolved from Onil Mercier's company; he makes both wood and professional fiberglass hockey sticks)

    Game 3: Hayley Mills (b. 4/18/1946) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Judy Story - "Makes Coats for Dogs" (self-employed; from New York City, NY; her dog coats are made in several designs, including a Santa coat for Christmas; Mr. Daly said they are sold in fine department stores and mentioned Lord & Taylor, and Hammacher Schlemmer)
  • EPISODE #791
    EPISODE #791
    Episode 12
    Game 1: Mrs. Billie Anderson - "Raises Turkeys" (self-employed; from Forestburg, TX; she owns the "Gobble Hollow Turkey Farm"; when her company name is said with a Texas accent, it sounds the way Mr. Daly pronounced it, "Gobble Holler Turkey Farm"; she raised 50,000 "Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys" in the past year)

    Game 2: Richard H. Oller, Jr. - "Makes False Eyelashes" (self-employed; from New York City, NY; he owns Ingeborge Company and produces very light permanently curled synthetic fiber eyelashes that are applied under your own lashes with adhesive; he said they are more natural looking than human hair eyelashes; Arlene seemed interested in his product)

    Game 3: Ray Milland (1/3/1907 - 3/10/1986) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Eileen Henry - "Gives Out Parking Tickets (New York Traffic Cop 'Meter Maid')" (salaried; from Long Island, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #790
    EPISODE #790
    Episode 11


    Game 1: Mrs. Norma Walker - "Mayor" (salaried; from Aurora, CO, she is their first woman mayor; they have a population of 65,000 and are the 4th largest city in Colorado; she ran on a non-partisan ticket, but Bennett questioned her until she revealed that she was a Democrat)

    Game 2: Jim Koane - "Makes Flag Poles" (salaried; he is the Assistant Vice-President of American Flag Pole Company; from West Islip, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Maureen O'Sullivan (5/17/1911 - 6/23/1998) (as Mystery Guest) She promoted her Broadway play: "The Subject Was Roses."

    Game 4: Miss Jean Herrschoft - "Men's Barber" (salaried; she works at Andre's Barber Shop in Greenlawn, Long Island, NY; from Centereach, NY; Arlene asks her, "Are they still wearing the long hair cuts?") . .

  • EPISODE #789
    EPISODE #789
    Episode 10

    Game 1: Mr. Spoony Singh (aka Spoony Singh-Sundher) (10/20/1922 - 10/18/2006) - "Owns & Operates Wax Museum" (self-employed; from Hollywood, CA, he founded the Hollywood Wax Museum in 1965; he wore a dark turban and a light-colored fully-buttoned knee-length Nehru jacket; Mr. Daly correctly guessed that he was of the Sikh religion; he said his wax museum contains 60% movie star figures, and 40% religious and political figures; he stumped the panel; Spoony Singh died at age 83 on October 18, 2006 at his home in Malibu, California. He suffered from congestive heart failure; more notes below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Katherine W. Stone - "Sells Dynamite" (salaried; she works for Atlas Powder Company; from Madisonville, KY)

    Game 3: Joey Heatherton (b. 9/14/1944) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Elinor Kaine (b. 3/7/1936) - "Football Writer (For Newspapers, Magazines, Etc.)" (self-employed; from New York City, NY; she writes 2 syndicated columns; one is a sports column for women, and the other is called "The Football News"; see notes below)
  • EPISODE #788
    EPISODE #788
    Episode 9

    Game 1: William Price - "Grows Pumpkins" (self-employed; this 16-year-old student has grown 4000 to 5000 pumpkins over the previous 4 years as he saves money for college; Mr. Daly called him Bill; from Warsaw, NY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Karen Pryor - "Porpoise Trainer" (salaried; she works at Sea Life Park, 15 miles from Waikiki Beach on Oahu's Makapuu Point, Hawaii; she performs 10 shows per day; from Honolulu, HI)

    Game 3: Andy Griffith (6/1/1926 - 7/3/2012) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Betsy Ross - "Stockbroker" (salaried; she works at H. Henson Company on Wall Street, NYC; Bennett made sure she had no relation to "flags"; from Harrison, NY)

  • EPISODE #787
    EPISODE #787
    Episode 8
    There are no regular contestants this evening. The challengers are three mystery guests. The panel is blindfolded for all three rounds.

    Game 1: Danny Kaye (1/18/1911 - 3/3/1987) (as Mystery Guest #1)

    Game 2: Yves Saint Laurent (8/1/1936 - 6/1/2008) (as Mystery Guest #2) - "Fashion Designer" (The panel was blindfolded, but the normal questioning format was used.)

    Game 3: Bette Davis (4/5/1908 - 10/6/1989) (as Mystery Guest #3)
  • EPISODE #786
    EPISODE #786
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Mrs. Sharon Hutchens & Jesse Ratcliffe (mother & son) - "U.S. Army Privates" (salaried; from Roanoke, VA; Sharon is with the WACS in Fort Jackson, SC; Jesse is in Battery D with the 4th Missile Battalion in Edgewood, MD)

    Game 2: Jack Premo - "Sells Water" (self-employed; from Staten Island, NY, he owns Premo and Son Transportation Co.; his name was pronounced "Primo" but spelled as listed; John Daly mentioned a current 1965 New York water shortage; water restrictions had been put on the population of NY due to the drought)

    Game 3: Oscar Levant (12/27/1906 - 8/14/1972) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #785
    EPISODE #785
    Episode 6

    Game 1: Miss Nora Chang - "Inspector in Hong Kong Police Department" (she signed her name in Chinese characters; salaried; Bennett was the only show member who correctly pronounced her name; her Hong Kong job position is the American equivalent of a lieutenant; she is also a judo expert)

    Game 2: Mr. G. W. Dick (3/29/1916 - 9/30/2002) - "Runs Television Rating Service" (salaried; from Potomac, MD, he is the President of the American Research Bureau, which publishes the Arbitron Report; he explain that they gather data by three methods: 1. Some families in New York have an information-collecting device attached directly to their television sets. 2. Some families phone in the data. 3. Some families keep a personal diary.; He discussed the specific Arbitron ratings for What's My Line?: In November 1950, they had a 20.4% share which represented 4.5 million viewers. In March 1965, they had a 21% share which represented 20 million viewers.)

    Game 3: Gordon MacRae (3/12/1921 - 1/24/1986) & Sheila MacRae (9/24/1920 - 3/6/2014) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

  • EPISODE #784
    EPISODE #784
    Episode 5
    Game 1: Sean Connery (b. 8/25/1930) (as Mystery Guest #1)

    Game 2: Miss Sue Logelin - "Fills Orders for World Series Tickets" (salaried; she is a student in the junior at the University of Minnesota; John jokingly asked if she brought tickets to the baseball games for him and the panel; from Minneapolis, MN)

    Game 3: Henry Fonda (5/16/1905 - 8/12/1982) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Al LaBohm - "Inspects Telephone Poles" (salaried; he takes a core sample every 5 years to check for deterioration; from Bellmore, Long Island, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #783
    EPISODE #783
    Episode 4
    Game 1: Mrs. Ida Bergeron - "Inspects Dice" (salaried; she works for B.C. Wills & Company in Reno, NV; originally from Southbridge, MA)

    Game 2: Mr. Sonny Allen - "Whale Trainer" (salaried; he works at the Aquarama Aquarium in Philadelphia, PA; he trains two North American pilot whales; there are 22 in captivity; they learn tricks such as jumping 17 feet out of water, and jumping through a hoop)

    Game 3: Woody Allen (b. 12/1/1935) (as Mystery Guest) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #782
    EPISODE #782
    Episode 3

    Game 1: Miss Elisabeth Woods - "Gathers and Packs Worms" (salaried; she works for the Quebec Bass Supply Company in Lachine, Quebec, Canada; a team of 80 to 100 people collect 300,000 to 400,000 night crawler earthworms each night; originally from Oxfordshire, England; currently from Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

    Game 2: Miss Deedee Thompsen - "Doorman For N.Y. Restaurant" (salaried; she works at Johnny Johnston's Restaurant in her home town of New York City, NY; she also parks the patrons' cars; Johnny Johnston's Charcoal Room is located at 846 Second Avenue in NYC)

    Game 3: Muhammad Ali (1/17/1942 - 6/3/2016) (as Mystery Guest) The overlay screen read, "Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)" . .

  • EPISODE #781
    EPISODE #781
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Miss Marie McDonald (9/2/1937 - 9/1/1966) - "Broadcasts Traffic Reports From Helicopter" (salaried; she works for radio station WWDC and is heard on a network owned by the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation; she covers the states of Maryland and Virginia; her rush-hour motto is, "If you're in a jam, here I am!"; from Silver Spring, MD; see more notes below regarding Miss McDonald)

    Game 2: Mrs. Edith Silver - "Gives Bagpipe Lessons" (self-employed; from Pennington, NJ, she learned how to play the bagpipe from a Scotsman)

    Game 3: Edgar Bergen (2/16/1903 - 9/30/1978) & Candice Bergen (b. 5/9/1946) (as Mystery Guest Duo) The overlay screen read, "Edgar Bergen and daughter, Candice Bergen" John Daly referred to her as "Candy."
  • EPISODE #780
    EPISODE #780
    Episode 1
    Game 1: Miss Vonda Kay Van Dyke (b. 5/19/1943) (as Mystery Guest #1, and the panel was blindfolded; she signed in as "Vonda Kay, Miss America 1965") - The overlay screen showed "The Current Miss America, Vonda Kay Van Dyke" (she is the outgoing Miss America; she was also voted Miss Congeniality; she was Miss Arizona 1964; she appeared in a long gown and her crown; she said she will probably be returning to Arizona State University where she is majoring in speech at their College of Education; the upcoming Miss America Pageant will be held next Saturday on CBS per Mr. Daly)

    Game 2: Mr. H. Keith Bannister - "Makes Sleeping Bags" (salaried; he is the manager of Woods Bag & Canvas Co.; they have outfitted important prestigious expeditions such as those for Admiral Byrd and Sir Hubert Wilkins; from Ogdensburg, NY)

    Game 3: Allen Ludden (10/5/1917 - 6/9/1981) & Betty White (b. 1/17/1922) (as Mystery Guest Duo)