What's My Line? - Season 7

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  • EPISODE #302
    EPISODE #302
    Episode 29

    Game 1: Jacques Plante (1/17/1929 - 2/27/1986) - "Professional Ice Hockey Player (Goalie For Montreal 'Canadiens')" (salaried; he is a NHL goalie for the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team; he won the prestigious Vezina Trophy which is an annual award given to the goalkeeper judged to be the best at this position as voted by the general managers of all NHL clubs; from Montreal, Canada)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jules Lederer (Ann Landers)(7/4/1918 - 6/22/2002) - "Writes Advice To Lovelorn Column" (as Mystery Guest #1, she signed in under her husband's name to avoid name recognition of her pen name of Ann Landers, and the panel was not blindfolded; salaried; she writes an advice column for the Chicago Sun Times; she donated her winnings to the Heart Fund in memory of Fred Allen; strangely, her pen name of Ann Landers was never mentioned once; currently from Chicago, IL; originally from Sioux City, Iowa)

    Game 3: Cyd Charisse (3/8/1922 - 6/17/2008) (as Mystery Guest #2) Cyd also donated her winnings to the Heart Fund.

    Game 4: Miss Toshiko Akiyoshi (b. 12/12/1929) - "Jazz Pianist" (salaried; she signed her name in Japanese characters only; she is also a composer; she spoke limited English; she is currently a student attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA while studying composition; Steve Allen invited her to be a guest on his "Tonight!" show at any time; originally from Tokyo, Japan)
  • EPISODE #301
    EPISODE #301
    Episode 28

    Game 1: Emmett Kelly (12/9/1898 - 3/28/1979) - "Clown" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular contestant questioning format is used; salaried; he appears in his full tattered "sad clown" costume; there is no post-game conversation since he is not allowed to speak in costume, as Arlene explains)

    Game 2: Mrs. Helen Moore - "Mud Bath Attendant" (salaried; she works at the Moore Mud Bath Hotel where she tends to the needs of female customers; from Waukesha, WI)

    Game 3: Dinah Shore (2/29/1916 - 2/24/1994) (as Mystery Guest #2) Her segment is missing from the kinescope and is lost to history. See additional notes below.

    Game 4: Mrs. Selma Gitelman - "Truant Officer" (salaried; from Merrick, Long Island, NY)
  • EPISODE #319
    EPISODE #319
    Episode 46
    Game 1: Clifton Daniel (9/19/1912 - 2/20/2000) - "Newspaperman, Assistant Foreign News Editor, New York Times" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; salaried; husband of Margaret Truman)

    Game 2: Miss Jayne DeClue - "Teaches Course For Expectant Parents" (salaried; she works at The Maternity Center in NY; from Queens Village, NY)

    Game 3: Ted Lewis (6/6/1890 - 8/25/1971)(as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #279
    EPISODE #279
    Episode 6
    Game 1: Lt. Ed Lyon - "U.S. Army Nurse, Only Man in the Nurse Corps to be Commissioned" (salaried; it was unusual, but the last 3 words in his occupation overlay screen were hand written!; John said he was an anesthetist; he said he was 6 feet 5.5 inches tall; from Kings Park, NY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Nancy Sheppard - "Trick Rider in Rodeos" (salaried; she is currently performing at Madison Square Gardens; from Globe, AZ)

    Game 3: Hal March (4/22/1920 - 1/19/1970) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Edward Hemphill - "Makes Sleep Masks" (self-employed; after his game, John had the men panelists hold up their masks, and stated that they were made by Hemphill; elderly; from San Francisco, CA; see notes below) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #289
    EPISODE #289
    Episode 16
    Game 1: Miss Catherine Farrell - "Makes Kilts" (self-employed; she makes them for both men and women; originally from Scotland, currently from New York)

    Game 2: Lt. Kevin Hanlon, chief Malone Jones, electrician's mate Jack Roberts, engineman Philip Thompson and engineman Charles Annabel (Lieutenant K. Hanlon signed in for the crew as "Kevin Hanlon & Friends") - "The Entire Crew of U.S. Submarine X-1" (salaried; the USS X-1 midget experimental submarine is a 49-feet 7-inch craft that was launched on September 7, 1955 at Oyster Bay, NY; all men are from Washington, D.C.)

    Kevin Hanlon (b. 12/25/1926)
    Malone Jones (8/31/1920 - 11/23/2000)
    Jack Roberts
    Philip Thompson
    Charles Annabel

    Game 3: Margaret Sullavan (5/16/1911 - 1/1/1960) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Richard Herdick - "Hippopotamus Keeper" (salaried; he works at the Zoological Gardens; from New York, NY)
  • EPISODE #288
    EPISODE #288
    Episode 15
    Game 1: Jack Straus (1/13/1900 - 9/19/1985) & Bernard F. Gimbel (4/10/1885 - 9/29/1966) - "Head of Macy's Department Store" & "Head of Gimbel's (The Competition)" (as Mystery Guest Duo, and the panel is blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used; both are salaried)

    Game 2: R. C. Harrington (Russell Chase Harrington)(11/9/1890 - 8/7/1971) - "The Commissioner of Internal Revenue (Head of U.S. Income Tax Department)" (salaried; John said he was sworn in on December 5, 1955, replacing T. Coleman Andrews; from Providence, Rhode Island)

    Game 3: Martha Raye (8/27/1916 - 10/19/1994) (as Mystery Guest) She donated her $50 winnings to the Nephrosis Foundation for Children.

    Game 4: Manuel Guara (b. 1/1/1930) - "World's Champion Jai Alai Player" (self-employed; he plays his sport at the jai alai fronton in Miami, Florida; he donated his winnings to the National Children's Cardiac Hospital in Miami, FL; originally from Valencia, Spain)
  • EPISODE #291
    EPISODE #291
    Episode 18

    Game 1: Mark Goodson (1/24/1915 - 12/18/1992) & Bill Todman (7/31/1916 - 7/29/1979) - Two overlay screens read "Television Producers Goodson and Todman" and "Creators and Producers of What's My Line" (as Mystery Guest Duo, and the panel is blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used; both are self-employed; the second overlay screen omitted the question mark after WML)

    Game 2: Miss Agnes Von Rosen - "Bullfighter" (self-employed; she began this occupation two years ago and suffered a concussion; she stated she was divorced; from Stockholm, Sweden)

    Game 3: Jackie Cooper (9/15/1922 - 5/3/2011) (as Mystery Guest #2)

  • EPISODE #282
    EPISODE #282
    Episode 9
    Game 1: Florence Chadwick (11/9/1918 - 3/15/1995) - "Florence Chadwick, Famous Channel Swimmer" (self-employed; she does not sign in, John simply calls her Miss X, she wore glasses in an attempt to disguise herself from the panel; she set a new swimming record, 13 hours and 55 minutes to swim the English Channel from England to France)

    Game 2: Mrs. Darlene Sellek - "Trains Chimpanzees" (self-employed; sweet personality; from Aurora, IL)

    Game 3: Jean Simmons (1/31/1929 - 1/22/2010)(as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Edward Cairns - "Makes Firemen's Hats" (self-employed; he states his height is 6'4"; he presents John with what he calls a "little token," a miniature fireman's hat with a shield that reads "What's My Line?, Chief John Daly"; from Upper Montclair, NJ)
  • EPISODE #290
    EPISODE #290
    Episode 17

    Game 1: Lt. and Mrs. Vernon Post & Lt. and Mrs. David Baxendale - "Salvation Army Band" (as Mystery Guest Quartet, and the panel is blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used; salaried; after their game, they stand and play the classic holiday song "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" on their 4 brass instruments)

    Game 2: Miss Sylvette de Aldrey - "What's My Line? Panelist in Puerto Rico" (salaried; very pretty; from San Juan, Puerto Rico; in her country, the panel show is called "Juego Dodge," which translates from Spanish to English as "Dodge Game" and is the top TV show; after her game, she joins the panel when Arlene invites her to do so, and plays the mystery guest round, but excuses herself from playing the final game and explains that she has met the contestant)

    Game 3: Peter Lind Hayes (6/25/1915 - 4/21/1998) & Mary Healy (4/14/1918 - 2/3/2015) (as Mystery Guest Duo) (Peter Lind Hayes appears with a prop knife through his head.)

    Game 4: Johnny Marks (11/10/1909 - 9/3/1985) - "Songwriter, Wrote 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'" (self-employed; it wasn't mentioned, but he wrote the words and music to the famous song in 1949, by adapting a verse written in 1939 by his brother-in-law, Robert L. May, for a Montgomery Ward department store promotional children's book; from New York, NY)

  • EPISODE #313
    EPISODE #313
    Episode 40

    Game 1: Frank Lloyd Wright (6/8/1867 - 4/9/1959) - "World Famous Architect" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; almost age 89; he carries a cane and is hard of hearing; the entire panel stood up out of respect for this famed American architect who displayed his wit tonight)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jane Scarff (6/14/1928 - 12/14/2011) - "Hog Buyer" (salaried; from New Carlisle, Ohio)

    Game 3: Liberace (5/16/1919 - 2/4/1987) (as Mystery Guest #2) His signature included a lovely drawing of a grand piano complete with his trademark candelabra on top.

  • EPISODE #308
    EPISODE #308
    Episode 35
    Game 1: Marguerite Higgins (9/3/1920 - 1/3/1966) - "Foreign Correspondent" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; salaried; she recently appeared on "Meet the Press")

    Game 2: Miss Grace Kelley - "Issues Marriage Licenses" (salaried; John jokes about her similarity in name to the actress Grace Kelly; from Detroit, MI)

    Game 3: Edgar Bergen (2/16/1903 - 9/30/1978) (as Mystery Guest #2) Edgar Bergen signed in using only the name of his ventriloquist dummy, Mortimer Snerd.
  • EPISODE #304
    EPISODE #304
    Episode 31

    Game 1: Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan & Faye Emerson - "Panel of I've Got A Secret" (as Mystery Guest Team and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used)

    Bill Cullen (2/18/1920 - 7/7/1990)
     Jayne Meadows (9/27/1919 - 4/26/2015)
    Henry Morgan (3/31/1915 - 5/19/1994)
    Faye Emerson (7/8/1917 - 3/9/1983)

    Game 2: Ben Frick - "Octopus Fisherman" (self-employed; no relation to last week's Ford Frick; from Dungeness Bay, Sequim, Washington)

    Game 3: Imogene Coca (11/18/1908 - 6/2/2001) (as Mystery Guest #2)

  • EPISODE #294
    EPISODE #294
    Episode 21
    Game 1: Mr. M. A. Palmaro (7/20/1907 - 11/21/1969) - "Consul General From Monaco" (salaried; he hopes to kiss the bride, Grace Kelly, at her upcoming April 19, 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier; his first name was never announced; currently from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Max Allen McKay - "Jailer" (salaried; elderly but with a regal presence; she has been the jailer at Bardstown Jail since 1950 when she succeeded her husband; from Bardstown, Kentucky)

    Game 3: Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (7/5/1902 - 2/27/1985) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #293
    EPISODE #293
    Episode 20
    Game 1: Mrs. Sue Ford - "Makes Pizza Pies In Italian Restaurant" (salaried; extremely shy; she signed her signature in Japanese characters only; she has been in America for two years and works at Ciro's Pizza in Mt. Kisco, NY; originally from Japan)

    Game 2: Lloyd G. Farrar - "Counts Whales (For U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)" (salaried; he discusses the California Grey Whale which he said had been almost extinct but now numbers 5000; from San Diego, California)

    Game 3: Edward G. Robinson (12/12/1893 - 1/26/1973) (as Mystery Guest) He smokes a cigar.

    Game 4: Mrs. Cara Joslyn - "Paper Hanger" (self-employed; John tells us that she is "86 years young"; from Sioux Falls, South Dakota) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #280
    EPISODE #280
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Captain J. L. Goldberg (Joshua Goldberg) - "U.S. Navy Chaplain" (salaried; John said he was a naval champion too; Goldberg said that he represents the Layman's National Committee that sponsors Bible Week, which begins tomorrow; he spoke their motto - "Make the bible known. Make it your own."; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Alfred Maschino - "Plays Rear End of Horse (in Vaudeville)" (self-employed; from Sarasota, Florida)

    Game 3: Jimmy Dorsey (2/29/1904 - 6/12/1957) & Tommy Dorsey (11/19/1905 - 11/26/1956) (as Mystery Guest Duo) The overlay screen read "The Dorsey Brothers"

    Game 4: Ludwig Maschino - "Plays Front End of Horse (in Vaudeville)" (this game was intentionally truncated by John Daly in the first few seconds; the guest did not sign in and no occupation overlay screen was shown; John walked over to the board and stated that he was introducing Mr. Maschino, "the other part of the horse"; John did not state the relation between the two men, who may have been brothers or possibly cousins; while back sitting at his desk, John stated the guest's full name, and amidst the laughter of the audience, it sounded like Ludwig Maschino) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #281
    EPISODE #281
    Episode 8
    Game 1: Herman Wouk (b. 5/27/1915) - There were two overlay screens: "Herman Wouk, Author of Marjorie Morningstar and The Caine Mutiny" and then while seated, "Author" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used and the game continued until the exact identification was made by name; self-employed; after his game, we learn that Wouk previously worked for Fred Allen for 5 years, from 1936 to 1941, writing plots for sketches, until Wouk enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1941)

    Game 2: Miss Charlotte Whitton (3/8/1896 - 1/25/1975) - "Mayor of Ottawa (Capital of Canada)" (salaried; Her Worship Whitton is the first woman to hold this position, and she is in her third term; she has a charming sense of humor; from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

    Game 3: Van Heflin (12/13/1908 - 7/23/1971) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mrs. Relly Weinreb - "Wig Designer" (self-employed; John does not ask her if "Relly" is a nickname; she speaks with a Hungarian accent; originally from Hungary, currently from Brooklyn, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #275
    EPISODE #275
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Miss Margaret Devereaux - "Nurse" (salaried; John stated that she is "Miss Michigan 1956"; from Howell, MI)

    Game 2: Mrs. Mary Civello - "Makes Horse Blankets" (salaried; from Bellerose, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Joe E. Lewis (1/12/1902 - 6/4/1971) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Joe E. COPA Lewis"

    Game 4: Mr. Lee Stath - "Man On The Flying Trapeze" (self-employed; he joked that he didn't have enough money for a haircut; from Texas, his hometown was not named) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #284
    EPISODE #284
    Episode 11
    Game 1: Mr. Thor Thors (11/26/1903 - 1/11/1965) - "Ambassador to United States From Iceland" (salaried; he is also a United Nations ambassador; originally from Iceland; currently from Washington, D.C.; Dorothy guessed his line)

    Game 2: Miss Betsy Sherman - "Bill Collector" (salaried; she works for National Credit Exchange in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA; she stumped the panel)

    Game 3: Phil Silvers (5/11/1911 - 11/1/1985) (as Mystery Guest) He signed in as "Sgt. Bilko" He was guessed by the entire panel in unison, and then was quite chatty after his game.
  • EPISODE #295
    EPISODE #295
    Episode 22
    Game 1: Walter Brent - "Boxes Kangaroo (Vaudeville Act)" (self-employed; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 2: Robert Kloepper, Ph.D. - "Tests Atom Bombs" (salaried; he works for UCLA, and they have a contract with the Atomic Energy Commission; John said that Robert told him that he and his wife never miss an episode of WML; from Lawrence, KS)

    Game 3: Victor Borge (1/3/1909 - 12/23/2000) (as Mystery Guest) He signs in as "Victor Borga" then changes the "a" to an "e" to read "Victor Borge" . .moreless
  • EPISODE #316
    EPISODE #316
    Episode 43
    Game 1: "11 Guys from Cincinnati" is how Ted Kluszewski signed in for the group - "The Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team" (as Mystery Guest Team) (salaried; the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; Ted sat next to John and the rest of the team stood behind them; the ball team won two games today; the eleven team members of the 1956 Cincinnati Reds who appeared are listed below; their game winnings were donated to the Cincinnati Sandlot Baseball Fund)

    The Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team:

    Ted Kluszewski (9/10/1924 - 3/29/1988),
    Johnny Temple (8/8/1927 - 1/9/1994),
    Wally Post (7/9/1929 - 1/6/1982),
    Gus Bell (11/15/1928 - 5/7/1995),
    Frank Robinson (b. 8/31/1935),
    Ed Bailey (4/15/1931 - 3/23/2007),
    Smoky Burgess (2/6/1927 - 9/15/1991),
    Ray Jablonski (12/17/1926 - 11/25/1985),
    Roy McMillan (7/17/1929 - 11/2/1997),
    Johnny Klippstein (10/17/1927 - 10/10/2003) and
    Joe Nuxhall (7/30/1928 - 11/15/2007)

    Game 2: George Hoxie - "Photographer, Took Bennett Cerf's Passport Picture" (self-employed; John told him not to sign in; after the occupation overlay screen, a large photo of Bennett was shown; after the game, John held up a small copy of Bennett's passport photo; some of Hoxie's photography work can be seen on the net; from Oxford, OH)

    Game 3: Bob Hope (5/29/1903 - 7/27/2003) & Linda Hope (b. 7/28/1939) (as Mystery Guest Duo) "Bob Hope and Daughter Linda Hope"
  • EPISODE #297
    EPISODE #297
    Episode 24
    Game 1: Jules Montenier (3/23/1895 - 8/20/1962) - His two overlay screens read: "Dr. Jules Montenier, Creator & Manufacturer of Stopette" and "Our Sponsor (For Past Six Years)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; in a thick French accent, he said that he loves the show and watches it each Sunday; John praised him for being a sponsor who did not interfere with the production of the series; more notes below)

    Game 2: John Anderson (2/14/1899 - 2/15/1976) - "Captain of S.S. United States (World's Fastest Ocean Liner)" (salaried; John W. Anderson holds the rank of Commodore in the United States Lines; from Bergenfield, New Jersey; more notes below)

    Game 3: Jayne Mansfield (4/19/1933 - 6/29/1967) (as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #324
    EPISODE #324
    Episode 51
    Game 1: Mrs. Alice Roeser - "Nurse For Baby Gorilla (Forest Park Zoo, Fort Worth, Texas)" (salaried; she spends her day with a baby gorilla named Mike which was purchased from Holland for $5000; the zoo has had Mike for 3 months and will soon be acquiring a female gorilla also; from Ft. Worth, TX)

    Game 2: Miss Beth Dawn - "American Airlines Stewardess (Flew Dorothy and Bennett to Chicago)" (salaried; from Jackson Heights, NY)

    Game 3: Silvana Mangano (4/21/1930 - 12/16/1989) (as Mystery Guest) The overlay screen misspelled her first name, reading: "Sylvana Mangano - Famous Italian Actress"

    Game 4: Oscar Laredo - "Lifeguard at Y.M.C.A." (salaried; he stated he was 78 years old; the panel commented on his wonderfully friendly personality; from Norwich, NY)
  • EPISODE #283
    EPISODE #283
    Episode 10
    Game 1: Miss Lila Elson (b. 12/14/1934) - "John Daly's Secretary" (salaried; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Maj. Arthur Murray (b. 12/26/1918) - Rocket Plane Test Pilot, U. S. Air Force)" (salaried; the previous year, on August 26, 1954, after 13 tries, Major Arthur Murray, USAF, piloted the Bell X-1A research airplane, launched from a B-29, to a record altitude of 90,440 ft. or 17 miles, the highest so far attained by man in this new world's record; he also piloted the first powered flight of the Bell X-1B in October 1954; from Harrisburg, PA)

    Game 3: Harry Belafonte (b. 3/1/1927) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mr. Kirpal Singh - "Marine Engineer (Civilian Employee, U. S. Navy)" (salaried; he signed his signature both in his native Indian Urdu language and in English; he wore a turban; John stated that his photo had appeared in Life magazine in connection with Hartmann Luggage; originally from India, currently from Brooklyn, NY; see more notes below)
  • EPISODE #322
    EPISODE #322
    Episode 49
    Game 1: Richard J. Daley (5/15/1902 - 12/20/1976) - "Mayor of Chicago" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used; salaried)

    Game 2: Mrs. Elizabeth Williams - "Model" (salaried; she is a professional commercial model with several agents; John said she is 81 years old; very jovial; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 3: Carol Morris (b. 4/8/1936) - "Miss Universe 1956" (as Mystery Guest #2; salaried; before winning the beauty pageant, she was a junior at Drake University preparing for a teaching career; from Ottumwa, IA)

    Game 4: Charles L. Barrison - "Counts Mosquitoes" (salaried; this is his summer job, as he is a college student at Rutgers University; he works for the Hudson County, New Jersey, Exterminating Commission and if there are enough mosquitoes in the traps, they spray pesticides; from Jersey City, NJ)
  • EPISODE #277
    EPISODE #277
    Episode 4

    Game 1: "Drives Greyhound Bus" (A little old grandma who drives a Greyhound bus)

    Game 2: Jackie Gleason (2/26/1916 - 6/24/1987) posing as "Bus Driver Ralph Kramden" from his television series (as Mystery Guest #1)

    Game 3: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (12/9/1909 - 5/7/2000) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    I have supplied the contestant data from Gil Fates' handwritten show logs which do not include the names of the regular contestants. - Suzanne (2005) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #325
    EPISODE #325
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Del Webb (5/17/1899 - 7/4/1974) and Dan Topping (6/11/1912 - 5/18/1974) - "Owners of New York Yankees Baseball Team" (as Mystery Guest Duo and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; self-employed)

    Game 2: Mrs. Phoebe Blunk - "Police Woman" (salaried; she is a traffic cop; from St. Louis, MO)

    Game 3: Walter Pidgeon (9/23/1897 - 9/25/1984) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Michael Drukman - "Stuffs and Links Hot Dogs" (salaried; from Boston, MA)
  • EPISODE #314
    EPISODE #314
    Episode 41
    Game 1: Charles Atlas (10/30/1892 - 12/23/1972) - "Charles Atlas, Famous Muscle Builder" (as Mystery Guest #1 but the panel was not blindfolded; he signed in as Mr. X to avoid name recognition; the regular questioning format is used; John instructed the panel to find out both his occupation and his name; self-employed)

    Game 2: Miss Anne Carruthers - "Makes Wigs" (salaried; she works for Mr. Wright at Warner Brothers; from Woodland Hills, CA)

    Game 3: Jane Powell (b. 4/1/1929) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Sara Detwiler - She was given two overlay screens: "Dives 45 Feet Into Tank..." and "On Horseback! (Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ)" (salaried; she dives into about 10 feet of water; the panel was very intrigued by her occupation and John said he wanted to see the show; from Apopka, FL)

    STEEL PIER DIVING HORSES: What's My Line? loved the Steel Pier diving horses featured in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and featured this occupation 4 times: EPISODE #314 of June 10, 1956; EPISODE #451 of February 8, 1959; EPISODE #577 of August 20, 1961; and EPISODE #822 of July 17, 1966. See photos at this web site dedicated to the diving horses! - Suzanne (2005)

    Click link below:

  • EPISODE #278
    EPISODE #278
    Episode 5
    Game 1: Raymond Fadden - "Operates Scoreboard at Ebbets Field" (salaried; this is the former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, which later became the Los Angeles Dodgers; this guest is very quiet and reserved, which is remarked upon; this is the 6th World Series he has personally worked; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Victor G. Perry - "Professional Pickpocket (Night Club Act)" (self-employed; from London, England; he tells a story and in the process, plugs Arpege Perfume; see notes below)

    Game 3: Lucille Ball (8/6/1911 - 4/26/1989) & Desi Arnaz (3/2/1917 - 12/2/1986) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They take turns signing in as "Lucy + Desi" . .moreless
  • EPISODE #305
    EPISODE #305
    Episode 32

    Game 1: Karl E. Rissland - "Official Racetrack Bugler" (salaried; he works for all the horse racetracks in the NY area, including Jamaica, NY; he has been horse race bugling for 16 years; he is an expert trumpeter, and has also held the First Trumpet Chair for the New York Symphony Orchestra, the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra; from Greenfield Center, NY; in a 1996 reprint from the International Trumpet Guild Journal, we learn that Karl Rissland held the First Trumpet Chair Section with the San Francisco Symphony from 1929 to 1930 - he is listed as K. Rissman)

    Game 2: Edwin T. Bale - "Trains Tigers (Ringling Brothers Circus)" (salaried; the circus is in town at Madison Square Garden; he goes in the ring with 11 tigers; from Denmark)

    Game 3: Ray Bolger (1/10/1904 - 1/15/1987) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Jeanne Streit (12/26/1924 - 4/8/2012) - "United Nations Interpreter" (salaried; she has been with the U.N. for 9 years; she was born abroad; from New York, NY)

  • EPISODE #286
    EPISODE #286
    Episode 13
    Game 1: Edmund Baughman (5/21/1905 - 11/6/1978) - "Chief of U.S. Secret Service" (salaried; next week, he will be featured in Look magazine with both his picture and story, because he is one of ten people who have won the first annual Career Service Award which is being given by the Civil Service League; from Philadelphia, PA)

    Game 2: Mike Bizic (probably Michael Bizic) - "Dog Catcher" (salaried; he showed his many credentials on television; from Sewickley, PA)

    Game 3: Jack Palance (2/18/1919 - 11/10/2006) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Louise Engelke - "Makes Santa Claus Beards & Moustaches" (salaried; from Astoria, Long Island, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #296
    EPISODE #296
    Episode 23
    Game 1: Randolph Churchill (5/28/1911 - 6/6/1968) - "British Foreign Correspondent (Here For IKE - EDEN Meetings)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; he smokes a cigarette during the game; from England)

    Game 2: Floyd Carlson (5/14/1917 - 4/9/1984) - "Helicopter Pilot (Will Fly Desi & Lucy to Jamestown, NY Tomorrow)" (salaried; he is a test pilot for Bell Aircraft; John Daly said that he was the third man in the United States to obtain his helicopter license; from Richland Hills, TX)

    Game 3: Kim Novak (b. 2/13/1933) (as Mystery Guest #2) She signs the board left-handed.
  • EPISODE #300
    EPISODE #300
    Episode 27
    Game 1: Mrs. Martica Hartley - "Conducts Tours Under Water" (self-employed; she works with her husband as an underwater tour guide; she works in a diving helmet and a swimsuit; she mentions that she walks on the ocean floor; she is of British heritage from Bermuda)

    Game 2: William Neely - "Tattoo Artist" (self-employed; from Denver, Colorado)

    Game 3: Betty Hutton (2/26/1921 - 3/12/2007) (as Mystery Guest) She mentions she is "Mother of the Year" for the "City of Hope" leukemia research for children.
  • EPISODE #287
    EPISODE #287
    Episode 14
    Game 1: George Axelrod (6/9/1922 - 6/21/2003) - The two overlay screens read: "George Axelrod, Author of 'The Seven Year Itch' and 'Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter'" and "Playwright" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded; the "regular contestant" questioning format was used, but the game was played until the identification was made by name; self-employed; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Miss Jeanne McLemore - "Licensed Wrestling Promoter" (salaried; she has been employed by her dad since 1951, and he is now unfortunately ill; from Dallas, TX)

    Game 3: Vivian Blaine (11/21/1921 - 12/9/1995) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Don Sipp (probably Donald Sipp) - "Girdle Salesman" (salaried; he works for the Jansen Company; from Pasadena, CA) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #298
    EPISODE #298
    Episode 25
    Game 1: Mark Wayne Clark (5/1/1896 - 4/17/1984) - His two overlay screens read: "General Mark Clark" and "College President, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; salaried; he is the national campaign chairman for the Heart Foundation for the third year in a row; his wife, Maurine Doran Clark, recently wrote a book titled "Captain's Bride, General's Lady: The Memoirs of Mrs. Mark W. Clark" which is being serially published in Woman's Home Companion magazine)

    Game 2: Miss Dorothy McMahon - "Owns and Operates Steam Bath For Men" (self-employed; from Portland, Oregon)

    Game 3: Richard Rodgers (6/28/1902 - 12/30/1979) & Oscar Hammerstein II (7/12/1895 - 8/23/1960) (as Mystery Guest Duo) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #311
    EPISODE #311
    Episode 38
    Game 1: John Anderson (2/14/1899 - 2/15/1976) - "Skunk Breeder" (self-employed; from Forestburg, TX)

    Game 2: Lee Quinn & Mary Ann Quinn - "Steeplejacks" (self-employed; husband and wife; two years from tonight, they will make an appearance on "To Tell The Truth"; from Los Gatos, CA)

    Game 3: Art Linkletter (7/17/1912 - 5/26/2010) (as Mystery Guest) While signing in, Art drew a "smiley face" as the dot over the "i" in his surname.
  • EPISODE #274
    EPISODE #274
    Episode 1
    Game 1: James P. Mitchell (11/12/1900 - 10/19/1964) - "Secretary of Labor of the United States" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used; salaried; he states that 65.5 million Americans are employed; he is on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross and mentioned that the Emergency Flood Relief Drive had exceeded their goal of 10 million dollars and had received 11 million dollars in donations)

    Game 2: Miss Rose Kouzoutzakis - "Sells Dynamite" (self-employed; she was good-natured about the panel's inability to pronounce her surname, which got so bad at one point that John apologized to her; from Athens, Greece)

    Game 3: Jean-Pierre Aumont (1/5/1911 - 1/30/2001) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Miss Vani Maris - "Snake Hunter" (self-employed; she works in Chihuahua, Mexico; Dorothy Kilgallen shuddered at the thought of snakes when her line was revealed; from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #310
    EPISODE #310
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Miss Julia Hamblet (b. 5/12/1916) (Colonel Julia E. Hamblet) - "Commandant of Women's Marine Corps" (salaried; she donated her winnings to the Navy relief fund in honor of Armed Services Week; she held her post from May 1, 1953 to March 1, 1959; from Winchester, MA)

    Game 2: Miss/Dr. Gloria Alessio (Gloria Alessio, DDS) - "Dentist" (self-employed; from Berwyn, IL)

    Game 3: Peter Lawford (9/7/1923 - 12/24/1984) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Charles Di Giovanni (9/13/1930 - 12/28/1958) & Ed Carr - "Batboys of Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Yankees" (both salaried)
  • EPISODE #276
    EPISODE #276
    Episode 3
    Game 1: Major A. N. Richie - "Buckingham Palace Guard" (salaried; the panel was blindfolded since he was in full uniform complete with his tall bear hat; he is a member of the Scots Guards Guard Order; from London, England)

    Game 2: Robert DeNoyelles - "Sells Candy For Dogs" (salaried; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Joe Di Maggio (11/25/1914 - 3/8/1999) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Celia Plaut - "Hatcheck Girl" (salaried; elderly, Gil Fates' logs list her as age 70; John states that she works at - what sounded like - "The Cafe Gwensey" or maybe "Glensee" or "Quincy" in NYC, there was too much audience applause to discern the exact name of the cafe in New York City; John stated that Celia Plaut had been mentioned in Dorothy's newspaper column this week, but no details were given as to why Dorothy didn't recognize her name; from New York, NY) . .moreless
  • EPISODE #303
    EPISODE #303
    Episode 30
    Game 1: Mr. Ford Frick (12/19/1894 - 4/8/1978) - "Commissioner of Baseball" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular contestant questioning format is used; salaried)

    Game 2: Philip Harben (10/17/1906 - 4/27/1970) - "Demonstrates Cooking on British Television" (salaried; his show airs mainly on the BBC; he has been a guest on the U.K. WML? and has written 10 books; from London, England)

    Game 3: Linda Darnell (10/16/1923 - 4/10/1965) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: George Aston - "Breeds Goldfish" (self-employed; he breeds 10 to 12 million goldfish annually; from Canada)
  • EPISODE #309
    EPISODE #309
    Episode 36

    Game 1: William O. Douglas (10/16/1898 - 1/19/1980) - "Justice of United States Supreme Court" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; Bennett mentions that Justice William Douglas has written many books)

    Game 2: Robert Bregenzer - "Designs Girdles" (salaried; he formerly designed dresses for 3 years; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 3: Mary Healy (4/14/1918 - 2/3/2015) (as Mystery Guest #2) "Mrs. Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy"

    Game 4: Ted Greves (Theodore Greves) - "Private Detective" (self-employed; he mentions that he weighs 455 lbs.; from Battle Creek, MI)

  • EPISODE #299
    EPISODE #299
    Episode 26
    Game 1: Miss Denise Fischer - "Brewery Guide" (salaried; she works at Pabst Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; she was runner-up in the Miss Wisconsin pageant; she is currently in another contest being run by TV station WXIX; from Waukesha, Wisconsin)

    Game 2: Boyd Perrigo (9/11/1918 - 1/16/1972) - "Buffalo Hunter for State Park Commission" (salaried; he thins buffalo herds for conservation purposes; he is the expert marksman on the new 1956 movie coming out called "The Last Hunt" starring Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger and Lloyd Nolan; from Hermosa, South Dakota)

    Game 3: Robert Taylor (8/5/1911 - 6/8/1969) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mr. A. G. Blaser (1904 - 1959) (Albert Blaser) - "Headwaiter at Maxim's Restaurant in Paris, France" (salaried; world-travellers Dorothy and Bennett disqualify themselves a few questions into the round; from Paris, France)
  • EPISODE #312
    EPISODE #312
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Nat Ladenson - "London Taxi Cab Driver" (self-employed; from London, England)

    Game 2: Miss/Dr. Carolyn Taylor (Captain Carolyn Taylor, MD) - "U.S. Army Doctor" (salaried; her patients are male; from Portland, OR)

    Game 3: Ozzie Nelson (3/20/1906 - 6/3/1975) & Harriet Nelson (7/18/1909 - 10/2/1994) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

    Game 4: Peter Andretti - "Operates Roller Coaster at Coney Island" (salaried; from Brooklyn, NY)
  • EPISODE #317
    EPISODE #317
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Seymour Rabinowitz (5/8/1926 - 7/11/2007) - "Judge (He Married Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller)" (salaried; he signed in as X to avoid name recognition; he donated his winnings to the Washington Irving Boy Scouts Council; from White Plains, NY)

    Game 2: Miss Betty Miller (Seaman Betty Miller, USN) - "Navy Barber (Men Only)" (salaried; she works at the Naval Security Station in Washington, DC; from Walton, NY)

    Game 3: Sugar Ray Robinson (5/3/1921 - 4/12/1989) (as Mystery Guest) "Middleweight Champion"

    Game 4: Don Stewart - "Sells Baby Bottles" (salaried; he stated that he sells the Hygeia brand of baby bottle made by Ball Brothers Company of Muncie, Indiana; he donated his winnings to the American Cancer Fund; from Hillsdale, MI)
  • EPISODE #307
    EPISODE #307
    Episode 34
    Game 1: Chester Gould (11/20/1900 - 5/11/1985) - "Chester Gould - Creator of 'Dick Tracy'" (John told Chet Gould not to sign in; salaried; his overlay screen included a drawing of Dick Tracy's profile; from Woodstock, IL)

    Game 2: Miss Nola Rognley - "Exercises Race Horses at Pimlico Racetrack" (salaried; she gave John a written invitation to the Preakness Race on May 19, 1956; from Baltimore, MD)

    Game 3: Hedda Hopper (5/2/1885 - 2/1/1966) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Anne Marie Hollier - "2nd Lieutenant in French Air Force" (salaried; she is in America as a guest of the 3,500th U.S. Air Force recruiting wing to learn American recruiting and training methods; from Paris, France)
  • EPISODE #285
    EPISODE #285
    Episode 12
    Game 1: Richard Kollmar (12/31/1910 - 1/7/1971) - There were two overlay screens: "Dick Kollmar (Dorothy Kilgallen's Husband)" and "Broadway Producer, Plain and Fancy" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the "regular contestant" questioning format was used; self-employed)

    Game 2: George Petty (4/27/1984 - 7/21/1975) - "Artist George Petty (Creator of the Famous Petty Girl)" (to avoid name recognition, he did not sign in, instead, he was called Mr. X; self-employed; this pin-up creation was an American icon that lasted from 1933 to 1956; he told John he was currently working on Esquire magazine's calendar; from Scottsdale, AZ)

    Game 3: Garry Moore (1/31/1915 - 11/28/1993) (as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #306
    EPISODE #306
    Episode 33

    Game 1: Fontana (Micol Fontana) (11/8/1913 - 6/12/2015) - "Italian Dress Designer (Designed Margaret Truman's Wedding Dress)" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used; self-employed; see notes below)

    Game 2: Wilfred Denno (5/4/1904 - 6/2/2001) - "Warden of Sing Sing Prison" (to avoid name recognition, John told Wilfred L. Denno not to sign in; salaried; he donated his winnings to the "school building program" at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Ossining, NY, in care of Father Marino)

    Game 3: Eddie Fisher (8/10/1928 - 9/22/2010) & Debbie Reynolds (4/1/1932 - 12/28/2016) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They signed in as "Debbie Reynolds and friend"

    Game 4: T. F. Flock (Tim Flock aka Julius Timothy Flock - although he signed in as "T. F. Flock" )(5/11/1924 - 3/31/1998) - "Champion Stock Car Race Driver" (self-employed; NASCAR Champion, although the term NASCAR was never used tonight; Tim's next race is this coming Sunday outside of Langhorne, PA; from Atlanta, GA)

  • EPISODE #315
    EPISODE #315
    Episode 42

    Game 1: Arthur Murray (4/4/1895 - 3/3/1991) - "Teaches Dancing" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; his wife and dancing partner, Kathryn Murray, is also mentioned)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jennie Reiter - "Imports Beer" (self-employed; she imports the Danish beer Tuborg and the German beer Augustina; John failed to ask her home town)

    Game 3: Vic Damone (6/12/1928 - 2/11/2018) & Pier Angeli (6/19/1932 - 9/10/1971) (as Mystery Guest Duo) "Mr. and Mrs. Vic Damone"

    Game 4: Wilbert Baumgardner - "Inspects Bee Hives for State of Ohio" (salaried; his occupation overlay screen contained an error; he does not work for the State of Ohio, rather, he works for the county government, Trumbull County, Ohio; from Hubbard, OH)

  • EPISODE #318
    EPISODE #318
    Episode 45
    Game 1: Miss Kim Meyer - "Egg Farmer" (self-employed; she is also Miss Florida; she is the co-owner of Russell's Poultry Farm with her father; she purchased her fashionable shoes from Joseph LaRose in her hometown of Jacksonville, FL - we know this because Dorothy asked her!)

    Game 2: Miss Carol Tegner (Tegnér) - "Teaches Judo" (self-employed; with her brother, she runs the National Judo Association judo schools in Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, California; she holds the rank of first degree brown belt; she also works with judo dogs; from Hollywood, CA)

    Game 3: Margaret Truman (2/17/1924 - 1/29/2008) (as Mystery Guest) "Mrs. Clifton Daniel" (daughter of President Harry S. Truman)

    Game 4: Ed Staley and Mario J. Collura - "Train Announcers, Pennsylvania Station, NY - Arrivals / Departures" (both salaried)
  • EPISODE #321
    EPISODE #321
    Episode 48
    Game 1: Miss Elizabeth Doonan - "Bus Conductor" (salaried; she has been in this occupation for 20 years; from the Newton / Nairn area, which is outside of Glasgow, Scotland)

    Game 2: George Thorpe - "Exercise Instructor in Ladies' Reducing Salon" (salaried; about age 20; he works for a chain of salons which was not named; from Webster Groves, MO)

    Game 3: James Mason (5/15/1909 - 7/27/1984) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Dorothy Jambrek - "Alimony Clerk" (Receives and Makes Payments - Municipal Court)" (salaried; she handles 550 active accounts; from Kenosha, WI)
  • EPISODE #320
    EPISODE #320
    Episode 47

    Game 1: Frank Marshall (3/9/1900 - 10/10/1969) - "Makes Ventriloquists' Dummies" (he signed in as X to avoid name recognition; self-employed; he carved Jerry Mahoney and other wooden dummies and puppets; from Chicago, IL)

    Game 2: Miss Jo-Ann Hagen - "Professional Boxer" (she signed in with the hyphen in her first name, but her name is seen on the net as JoAnn Hagen Verhaegen; self-employed; John said that she had boxed and beaten men; from South Bend, IN)

    Game 3: Jerry Lewis (3/16/1926 - 8/20/2017) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #323
    EPISODE #323
    Episode 50

    Game 1: CBS Newscasters - Charles Collingwood, Walter Cronkite, Douglas Edwards, Eric Sevareid and Robert Trout - "CBS Convention News Correspondents" (as Mystery Guest CBS News Team; the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; Cronkite sat by John and the remaining four men stood behind the desk; John explained that they are all old colleagues of his from his CBS days, but now jokingly called them his enemies because he reports for ABC News)

    Charles Collingwood (6/4/1917 - 10/3/1985)
    Walter Cronkite (11/4/1916 - 7/17/2009)
    Douglas Edwards (7/14/1917 - 10/13/1990)
    Eric Sevareid (11/26/1912 - 7/9/1992)
    Robert Trout (10/15/1909 - 11/14/2000)

    Game 2: Merrill L. Connally (4/9/1921 - 9/4/2001) - "Peanut Farmer" (self-employed; he is also a county judge and a delegate to the convention; tall; more notes below; from Floresville, TX)

    Game 3: Perle Mesta (10/12/1882 - 3/16/1975) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Victor Milazzo - "Makes Political Campaign Buttons" (self-employed; John holds up a button Milazzo made that says 'Relax'; from Chicago, IL)
  • EPISODE #292
    EPISODE #292
    Episode 19
    Game 1: Miss Patty Berg (2/13/1918 - 9/10/2006) - "Professional Golf Champion Patty Berg" (to avoid name recognition, she does not sign in; self-employed; she was awarded the "Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year" for 1955 as voted by sports writers and broadcasters; John mentions that she won this honor 3 times - 1938, 1943 & 1955; she also travels nationwide, putting on golfing clinics and exhibitions for Wilson Sporting Goods)

    Game 2: Mrs. Marie D'Elia - "Master Sergeant U.S. Army Military Police" (salaried; she works at Fort Dix, New Jersey; from West Chester, Pennsylvania)

    Game 3: Gary Crosby (6/27/1933 - 8/24/1995) (as Mystery Guest) He is the son of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee.