What's My Line? - Season 9

CBS (ended 1967)


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  • EPISODE #378
    EPISODE #378
    Episode 1
    Game 1: Mrs. Edith Frerichs - "Cook For County Jail" (salaried; she prepares the food at home and takes it to the jail; from Alliance, Nebraska)

    Game 2: Mrs. Myrl Emma Dech - "Makes Cigars" (salaried; she makes White Owls for the General Cigar Company; from Allentown, Pennsylvania)

    Game 3: Buster Keaton (10/4/1895 - 2/1/1966) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Sue Voigt - "U. S. Mailman" (salaried; very tall; she is a college student at the University of North Carolina; she has a 15 mile postal route; from Manhasset, Long Island, NY)
  • EPISODE #379
    EPISODE #379
    Episode 2
    Game 1: Ernie Kovacs (1/23/1919 - 1/13/1962) - "What's My Line Panelist" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, naturally!; the regular questioning format is used; salaried; the production staff left the question mark off the show name in Ernie's overlay screen; Ernie sprays perfume from an atomizer bottle and smokes a cigar)

    Game 2: Mrs. Shizue Kato (3/2/1897 - 12/22/2001) - "Member Of Japanese Senate" (salaried; she signs her name in Japanese; from Tokyo, Japan; see notes below)

    Game 3: Doris Day (b. 4/3/1924) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Michael Parisi & James Parisi (identical twin brothers) - "Bartenders" (salaried; they work at Kotter's Tavern; from Berkley MI)
  • EPISODE #380
    EPISODE #380
    Episode 3
    Game 1: Erle Stanley Gardner (7/17/1889 - 3/11/1970) - "Mystery Writer" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; he writes Perry Mason, and the Perry Mason television series is scheduled to begin next week)

    Game 2: Mr. V. Torriani - "Operates Cable Car In Swiss Alps" (salaried; he speaks both Russian and English during his game; from St. Moritz, Switzerland)

    Game 3: George Sanders (7/3/1906 - 4/25/1972) (as Mystery Guest #2) We learn that he plays the piano and he sung on "The Perry Como Show" last night.
  • EPISODE #381
    EPISODE #381
    Episode 4

    Game 1: Mrs. Felisa R. Gautier (1/9/1897 - 9/16/1994) - "Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico" (salaried; from San Juan, Puerto Rico)

    Game 2: Reimar Westerlind - "Designs Girdles" (salaried; from a small town in Sweden that sounded like "Kungshelven")

    Game 3: Patti Page (11/8/1927 - 1/1/2013) (as Mystery Guest) She has been awarded 9 gold records to date.

  • EPISODE #382
    EPISODE #382
    Episode 5
    GUEST MODERATOR: Bennett Cerf (5/28/1898 - 8/30/1971)

    Game 1: Bill Cameron - "Sells Plastic Toothpicks" (self-employed; he designs the toothpick, hires the Bakelite Corporation to manufacture them, and then sells the finished resin product to hotels and restaurants; as he exited, he gave each panel member a sample toothpick; from Thompson, CT)

    Game 2: Henry J. Kaiser (5/9/1882 - 8/24/1967) - "Industrialist" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; he promoted his "Kaiser Hawaiian Village Hotel" development at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii; the luxury resort compound is still in use in 2008 as the "Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa")

    Game 3: Julie London (9/26/1926 - 10/18/2000) (as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #383
    EPISODE #383
    Episode 6
    Game 1: Arthur Henderson (8/27/1893 - 8/28/1968) - "Member of the British Parliament" (salaried; he is a member of Britain's House of Commons, representing the two cities of Rowley Regis and Tipton in Staffordshire county; from London, England)

    Game 2: Miss Marilyn Moe (her professional name) - Mrs. Marilyn Stader (her married name)(b. 4/21/1939)- "Hollywood Stunt Woman" (self-employed; her famous husband Paul Stader taught her this profession in which she has been working for three years; from Malibu, CA)

    Game 3: Danny Thomas (1/6/1912 - 2/6/1991) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Henry R. Borchers - "Sells Fire Hydrants" (salaried; from Shrub Oak, NY)
  • EPISODE #384
    EPISODE #384
    Episode 7
    Game 1: Elsa Maxwell (5/24/1881 - 11/1/1963) - "Another Party Giver" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; her occupation reads "another" because tonight's guest panelist, Mike Todd, is also throwing a huge party in New York)

    Game 2: Irving Horn - "Ties Knots in Salami (300 to 400 per Hour)" (salaried; as he exited, he gave Ernie Kovacs a cigar, and Ernie promptly reciprocated and gave him one of his own; from Brooklyn, NY)

    Game 3: Pat O'Brien (11/11/1889 - 10/15/1983) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: George T. Purves, Jr. - "Makes Folding Beds" (self-employed; John said he owned a roll-away bed company that sounded like "Stope, Inc." or "Scope, Inc."; from Indianapolis, IN; 2008 net research shows that Mr. Purves holds several U.S. patents related to folding beds and convertible sofas)
  • EPISODE #385
    EPISODE #385
    Episode 8
    Game 1: Mr. Magnus Bucher - "Runs School For Yodelling" (self-employed; after his game, he yodels; from Boulder, CO)

    Game 2: Miss Geraldine Palmer - "Corset Fitter" (salaried; she works in department stores and represents the Peter Pan Corset Company; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Irene Dunne (12/20/1898 - 9/4/1990) - "U.S. Delegate to United Nations" (as Mystery Guest; Thursday is "United Nations Day" and they are celebrating their 12th anniversary.)

    Game 4: Mrs. Ann T. Mikoll (b. 11/18/1929) - "Judge" (salaried; 27 years old; she works in the Ordinance Court in the mornings and the Children's Court in the afternoons; from Buffalo, NY)
  • EPISODE #386
    EPISODE #386
    Episode 9
    Game 1: William Walsh - "Golf Caddy" (salaried; 81 years old; he works at the prestigious Victoria Golf Club and has caddied for the Duke of Windsor and Bing Crosby; from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

    Game 2: Mrs. Grace Peterson - "Makes Anti-Snoring Device" (salaried; she works for the Detroit Stamping Company which is now known in 2005 as DE-STA-CO Industries; the anti-snore electric device is placed under the pillow and can be activated to wake the sleeping person so he rolls over and stops snoring; from Detroit, MI)

    Game 3: Spring Byington (10/17/1886 - 9/7/1971) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #387
    EPISODE #387
    Episode 10
    Game 1: Douglas Leigh (5/24/1907 - 12/14/1999) - "Designs and Constructs Broadway's Spectacular Electric Signs" (self-employed; he signed in as X to avoid name recognition; he donated his game winnings to the Correspondents Fund of the Overseas Press Club)

     Game 2: Miss Loretta Bowman - "Issues Marriage Licenses (Issued The One to Bing Crosby and Kathy Grant)" (salaried; she has been in this employment for 10 years; the newlyweds, Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant Crosby, had obtained their license at 8:30 AM; from Las Vegas, NV)

    Game 3: Jack Lemmon (2/8/1925 - 6/27/2001) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss/Dr. Gundega Kravis - "Dentist" (self-employed; from Thistletown, Ontario, Canada)
  • EPISODE #388
    EPISODE #388
    Episode 11
    Game 1: Miss Sharon Laschen - "Professional Wrestler" (self-employed; if she had one, her professional name was not stated; she is involved in many sports and her brother plays baseball in the New York Yankees farm system; they discuss a form of team wrestling called Battle Royale; from Milwaukee, WI)

    Game 2: John Lorrell (8/23/1917 - 3/2001) - "England's Top Male Model" (self-employed; left-handed; nice smile; handsome; from London, England)

    Game 3: Gale Storm (4/5/1922 - 6/27/2009) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #389
    EPISODE #389
    Episode 12

    Game 1: Joey Alfidi (5/28/1949 - 2/3/2015) - "World's Youngest Symphony Conductor" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded, but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; adorable Joey is 8 years old, is wearing short pants and steps up on a box to sign in; he has been a pianist since age 3 and is also a virtuoso on a number of other musical instruments; when asked, Joey said he didn't like Rock 'n Roll music)

    Game 2: Mrs. Benna Gordon - "Makes Hand Painted Diapers" (self-employed; from Fort Worth, Texas)

    Game 3: Eva Gabor (2/11/1919 - 7/4/1995) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Mr. Lothar P. Quitschorra - "Pudelschoenheitsmeister (Poodle Clipper)" (salaried; originally from Berlin, Germany and currently from Houston, Texas; he kisses both Arlene's and Dorothy's hands as he exits)

  • EPISODE #390
    EPISODE #390
    Episode 13
    Game 1: Miss Ninon Naturel - "Fire Eater" (self-employed; from Paris, France)

    Game 2: Graham Hall - "Crocodile Hunter" (self-employed; he is currently in the United States at the Reptile Jungle in Slidell, Louisiana, "teaching the crocks to behave" as John jokingly explained it; from Bulawayo, Rhodesia, Africa - in Southern Rhodesia, which is now known as Zimbabwe)

    Game 3: Margaret O'Brien (b. 1/15/1938) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #391
    EPISODE #391
    Episode 14

    Game 1: Mr. Robert Wutherspoon - "Mayor of Inverness, Scotland" (salaried; the panel is blindfolded because the chief magistrate is dressed in kilts and a full uniform with his office regalia; the regular questioning format is used; the elderly Lord Provost is in America on a goodwill visit to promote Scotland tourism to the American and Canadian Scots; he talks at length, almost 90 seconds, about seeing the Loch Ness Monster in person; from the borough of Inverness, Scotland)

    Game 2: James A. Sperre - "Street Cleaner" (self-employed; he contracts privately with the residents; from Elmira, New York)

    Game 3: Errol Flynn (6/20/1909 - 10/14/1959) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #392
    EPISODE #392
    Episode 15
    Game 1: Phyllis Cerf (Mrs. Bennett Cerf) (4/13/1916 - 11/25/2006) & Edith Young (11/10/1911 - 6/1965) - "Co-Authors of Book of Games" (as Mystery Guest Duo and the panel is blindfolded but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed; see notes below)

    Game 2: "Professional Santa Clauses" (all 4 are salaried; their names are as follows)

    - Mrs. Pat Lockwood (from New York, NY; she works at Andrews variety store in New York City)

    - Michael Falcone (from New York, NY; he works at Macy's department store in New York City)

    - Richard Rigsby (from Miami, Florida; he works at Richards department store in Miami, FL)

    - Theodore H. Kratzke (from Roslyn, Pennsylvania; he works at Strawbridge & Clothier department store in Jenkintown, PA)

    Game 3: Joan Crawford (3/23/1905 - 5/10/1977) (as Mystery Guest #2)
  • EPISODE #393
    EPISODE #393
    Episode 16
    Game 1: Mr. Chu Ng Yung or Yong (name approximate, John pronounced it phonetically as Chu Nik Young) - "Teaches English" (salaried; he signs in using three Asian or Chinese characters; from Singapore)

    Game 2: Mrs. Lois Hill - "Mink Trapper" (self-employed; she said that no other mammal eats a mink because they taste bad; from Priest Lake, Idaho)

    Game 3: Sophie Tucker (1/13/1889 - 2/9/1966) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Amy Edwards - "Private Detective" (salaried; she also performs examinations for insurance companies; from New York City, NY)
  • EPISODE #394
    EPISODE #394
    Episode 17
    Game 1: John Tuck, Jr. (8/15/1932 - 8/14/1984) - "Navy Lieutenant (Commanded South Pole Base)" (salaried; long beard; age 25; the International Geophysical Year is mentioned; from Auburn, Massachusetts)

    Game 2: Mr. K. J. Bossart (Karl J. Bossart) (2/9/1904 - 8/3/1975) - "Rocket Designer U.S.A.F. Atlas Missile" (salaried; he works in the Convair Astronautics Division of General Dynamics where he is the Overall Technical Director for the Atlas Missile Project; last Tuesday, the Atlas Missile was launched at Cape Canaveral; he estimated being able to reach the moon without passengers in 1-2 years; he donated his game winnings to the Red Cross; from San Diego, California)

    Game 3: Cyril Ritchard (12/1/1897 - 12/18/1977) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss/Dr. Phoebe F. Rosen - "Psychiatrist" (self-employed; she donated her game winnings to the Manhattan State Hospital Patients' Fund; from New York City, NY)
  • EPISODE #395
    EPISODE #395
    Episode 18
    Game 1: Jolie Gabor (9/29/1896 - 4/1/1997) - "Mother of Gabor Sisters" and "Owns And Operates Jewelry Store" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel is blindfolded but the regular questioning format is used; self-employed)

    Game 2: Clem Swagerty - "Entertainment Director at San Quentin Prison" (salaried; his official title is Supervisor of Recreation; from San Anselmo, California)

    Game 3: Anthony Perkins (4/4/1932 - 9/12/1992) (as Mystery Guest #2) He signed in as Tony Perkins.

    Game 4: Miss Irene M. Peterson - "Sells Life Insurance For Dogs" (salaried; the dogs must be pedigreed and pass a medical exam; she does not sell insurance for cats; from Brooklyn, New York)
  • EPISODE #396
    EPISODE #396
    Episode 19
    Game 1: Miss Jackie Carroll - "Professional Hypnotist" (self-employed; 18 years old; she works with doctors and dentists and sometimes performs small demonstrations of her skills; from Miami, FL)

    Game 2: Mr. Jan Bergendahl - "Whaler" (salaried; from Norway)

    Game 3: Pat Boone (b. 6/1/1934) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #397
    EPISODE #397
    Episode 20

    HOLLYWOOD ANNOUNCER: Roy Rowan (1/25/1920 - 5/10/1998)

    ORIGINATION: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, California

    THE LOOK OF THINGS: The panel's desk and the moderator's desk are very similar to the New York set, but they are not the same pieces of furniture. CBS did not truck out the New York studio set for this special West Coast edition. There are differences that can be spotted, such as the nameplate plaques on John's desk, and the look of the logo text on the front of the panel's desk. - Suzanne (2008)

    Game 1: Duke Snider (Edwin Donald "Duke" Snider) (9/19/1926 - 2/27/2011) - "Center Fielder Los Angeles Dodgers" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; salaried)

    Game 2: Mrs. Phoebe Ann Rumley - "Army Sergeant (WAC's)" (salaried; elderly Women's Army Corps Sergeant 1st she has 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren; from Somers, MT)

    Game 3: Bob Cummings (6/9/1910 - 12/2/1990) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Bill Maher - "Runs School For Bartenders" (self-employed; he owns and runs 3 bartender schools around the country; from Arcadia, CA)
  • EPISODE #398
    EPISODE #398
    Episode 21

    Game 1: Mike Stepovich (Michael A. Stepovich)(3/12/1919 - 2/14/2014) - "Governor of Alaska" (salaried; the territory of Alaska is seeking statehood to become the 49th state; from Juneau, Alaska)

    Game 2: Mrs. Sue Kraft - "Bee Keeper" (self-employed; John said a by-product of her business is honey; from New Hope, PA)

    Game 3: Ralph Bellamy (6/17/1904 - 11/29/1991) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #399
    EPISODE #399
    Episode 22
    Game 1: "Agents for Panelists" The four contestants are below and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used:

    - 1. Gloria Safier (10/19/1921 - 10/9/1985) - "Mulhare's" (self-employed; she is the woman who is wearing pearls)

    - 2. Elizabeth Schenk - "Bennett's" (salaried; she books Bennett's lectures; she works for the Lee Keedick Lecture Bureau)

    - 3. Martin Goodman (3/20/1914 - 1/4/1992) - "Arlene's" (self-employed; he is the man who is wearing glasses)

    - 4. Mark Hanna (10/28/1898 - 8/14/1958) - "Dorothy's" (self-employed; he is the man without glasses)

    Game 2: Mrs./Dr. Claire Tamblyn - "Administers Anasthetic (Anesthesiologist)" (self-employed; from Prairie Village, KS)

    Game 3: Xavier Cugat (1/1/1900 - 10/27/1990) & Abbe Lane (b. 12/14/1931) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

    Game 4: Miss Betty Gallo - "Truck Driver (For Newspaper)" (salaried; she pushes a hand truck for the Stamford Advocate newspaper; from Stamford, CT)
  • EPISODE #400
    EPISODE #400
    Episode 23

    Game 1: James Roosevelt (12/23/1907 - 8/13/1991) - "U.S. Congressman" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded, but the regular questioning format was used; salaried; he donated his game winnings to the American Medical Center which was formerly known as "JCRS" - Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society - in Denver, Colorado)

    Game 2: Rodd Redwing (8/24/1904 - 5/29/1971) - "Teaches Gunplay to Movie 'Cowboys'" (self-employed; of Native American descent; he wore a business suit; he said he can fast-draw a Colt 45 and shoot a target the of a quarter from 20 feet in 2/10ths of a second; John stated that Redwing has coached movie stars such as Alan Ladd, Glen Ford, Jerry Lewis, Henry Fonda, the Lone Ranger and Ronald Reagan; from Manhattan, NY, NY)

    Game 3: Patrice Munsel (5/14/1925 - 8/4/2016) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Game 4: Arthur Theobald - "Tea Taster" (salaried; he has been employed by the J. Lyons & Company for 42 years, ever since he was 16 years old; amazingly, he has tasted over 7 million cups of tea; from Northwood, Middlesex, England)

  • EPISODE #401
    EPISODE #401
    Episode 24
    Game 1: Miss Mary Blythe - "Men's Barber" (salaried; she works at the Garden City Barber Shop in Tucson; she had previously been a member of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron - WAFS - for 3 years; her barber school coursework lasted 7 months; she also sings in the Monte Vista night club; from Tucson, AZ)

    Game 2: Ed Becker (Edward Becker) - "Chorus Boy in Broadway Musical Produced by Dorothy's Husband" (salaried; he is employed by Dorothy Kilgallen's husband Dick Kollmar and sings in the chorus of the play called "The Body Beautiful"; he also dances in the musical play, and portrays the character named "Dominic"; from Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Phil Silvers (5/11/1911 - 11/1/1985) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #402
    EPISODE #402
    Episode 25
    Game 1: Robert Mirabello - "U. S. Weather Forecaster" (salaried; he tracks storms for the United States government; he said his surname means "beautiful sea"; from Brooklyn, NY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Mildred Beery (pronounced by John Daly as Berry) - "Makes Horses' Hats" (salaried; for 75 years, the historic Cooley family has ridden their horses through the streets of St. Augustine, Florida, and the horses now wear Beery's fancy hats; John showed us a sample hat, and it was an upside-down wicker cornucopia decorated with a brim and ribbons, and holes for the horses' ears; from St. Augustine, FL)

    Game 3: Milton Berle (7/12/1908 - 3/27/2002) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #403
    EPISODE #403
    Episode 26
    Game 1: Donald Farrell - "Airman First Class U.S.A.F. Spent 7 Days in Space Chamber" (he signed in as "X" and the panel was not blindfolded, but they should have been, because Dorothy recognized him and disqualified herself; salaried; regarding his week-long isolation in the space chamber, he said he was lonesome but busy; more notes below; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Mrs. Mayte Morris - "Bartender" (salaried; 78 years old; she has worked at the Rock City Hotel for 15 years and before that she owned her own place in Cleveland; from Little Valley, New York)

    Game 3: Judy Holliday (6/21/1921 - 6/7/1965) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Arthur Glowka - "Dives for Diamonds in Brazilian Rivers" (self-employed; from Scarsdale, New York)
  • EPISODE #404
    EPISODE #404
    Episode 27
    Game 1: Edward J. Kelly, Noreen Kelly & Bernard Kelly - "Judges" (all salaried; Edward Kelly is the father of Noreen & Bernard Kelly; he is a superior court judge, while Noreen & Bernard are municipal court judges; from Medford, Oregon)

    Edward J. Kelly (1904 - 6/11/1968)
    Noreen Kelly (b. 3/7/1934)
    Bernard Kelly

    Game 2: Albert F. Seymour - "Makes Bathtubs" (salaried; he is an iron molder for the American Standard Company and has been making bathtubs for over 30 years; from Ferndale, Maryland)

    Game 3: Lena Horne (6/30/1917 - 5/9/2010) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Gerry Thompson - "Trains Trotting Horses" (self-employed; from "up around Albany, New York")
  • EPISODE #405
    EPISODE #405
    Episode 28

    Game 1: Robert Briscoe (9/25/1894 - 3/11/1969) - "Manufactures Kosher Meat Products In Ireland" (self-employed; he is the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland; he is of the Jewish faith; he gave Bennett a lengthy and somewhat rude explanation as to why two plays were not performed in Dublin - notice that Bennett does not clap for him, which is a sign that Bennett was angered, but Bennett does recover enough to shake his hand when he walks past the panel; after his game, Briscoe gave John an Irish pipe; from Dublin, Ireland)

    Game 2: Mike Stoller (b. 3/13/1933) & Jerry Leiber (4/25/1933 - 8/22/2011) - "Rock 'n Roll Composers (Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Don't, Etc.)" (self-employed; they have been in partnership for 7 years; both are from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Jack Paar (5/1/1917 - 1/27/2004) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a woman lawyer who was also Miss America's sister. A woman who fits this exact description, Mrs. Gwen Falkenberg of Overland Park, Kansas, eventually makes an appearance on "WML?" EPISODE #417 of June 1, 1958. Mrs. Falkenberg is the sister of Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America 1958. - Suzanne (2008, updated 2010)

  • EPISODE #406
    EPISODE #406
    Episode 29

    Game 1: Sir Hubert Wilkins (10/31/1888 - 11/30/1958) - "Arctic Explorer" (he signed in as "X" and the panel was not blindfolded; salaried; very charming personality; he was the first to fly over the Arctic Ocean; currently from Montrose, Pennsylvania; for 16 years he has been a member of the U. S. Army's Quartermaster Corps and visits the Arctic each year to test equipment; see notes below)

    Game 2: Clyde W. Farrar, Jr. - "Egg Inspector" (salaried; he inspects and grades eggs for the Virginia Department of Agriculture; from Portsmouth, VA)

    Game 3: Peter Lind Hayes (6/25/1915 - 4/21/1998) & Mary Healy (4/14/1918 - 2/3/2015) (as Mystery Guest Duo) Peter Lind Hayes wrote on the blackboard "Who was that lady?" before he and his wife Mary Healy signed in. This was a reference to their recently opened Broadway play, "Who Was That Lady I Saw You With?" which ran at the Martin Beck Theatre for a total of 208 performances.

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who was an income tax investigator. - Suzanne (2008)

  • EPISODE #407
    EPISODE #407
    Episode 30

    Game 1: Stirling Moss (b. 9/17/1929) - "Auto Racing Driver" (he signed in as "Y"; self-employed; he mentions that he drove an Aston Martin at Sebring Raceway in Florida, but lost the race due to gear box problems; he also mentions Europe, Monaco and Italy; from London, England)

    Game 2: Miss Grace van Hulsteyn & Miss Betsy Nelson - "Make Nose Warmers" (self-employed; they crochet and sell strap-on nose warmers which feature a tassel on the end of the nose; Betsy modeled a sample of their product; the girls are both seniors at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania; Grace is from Bryn Mawr, PA and Betsy is from Richmond, VA)

    Game 3: Anita Ekberg (9/29/1931 - 1/11/2015) (as Mystery Guest #2) She signed in as Anita Steel Ekberg.

    Game 4: Mrs. Mae Bamber - "Mayor of Southport, England" (salaried; John explained that her correct title is Mr. Mayor; from Southport, Lancashire County, England)

  • EPISODE #408
    EPISODE #408
    Episode 31
    Game 1: Thomas Lee - "Jockey" (salaried; of Chinese descent; he rides race horses for thoroughbred horse trainer Mr. William Christmas and spoke of the injuries he has received from his career as a jockey; from Ocean City, New Jersey)

    Game 2: Mrs. Hilda Broughton - "Fish Counter For U.S. Government" (salaried; smiled a lot; as fish climb the ladders and swim over the dams, she counts and identifies fish for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers; John mentioned that Dow Dam has 85 steps and Utila Dam has 90 steps - and then added "that's a lot of DAM steps"; from Portland, Oregon)

    Game 3: Hope Lange (11/28/1933 - 12/19/2003) & Don Murray (b. 7/31/1929) (as Mystery Guest Duo) They are Mr. and Mrs. Don Murray.

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who was a probation officer. This person was also unable to appear on the following week's show. - Suzanne (2008)
  • EPISODE #409
    EPISODE #409
    Episode 32
    Game 1: John Perona (8/7/1892 - 6/10/1961) - "Owns and Operates El Morocco, Famous New York Night Club" (as Mystery Guest #1 and the panel was blindfolded but the regular questioning format was used; self-employed; his famed restaurant is on East 54th Street in Manhattan, NY and features zebra strips on the seat coverings)

    Game 2: Mr. Kinlock Anderson - "Makes Kilts" (self-employed; he is dressed in a kilt and is employed by William Anderson and Sons Kilt Makers, which is chartered by the Queen as an official royal kiltmaker; from Edinburgh, Scotland)

    Game 3: Greer Garson (9/29/1903 - 4/6/1996) (as Mystery Guest #2)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a person who was a probation officer. This person was also unable to appear on the previous week's show. - Suzanne (2005)
  • EPISODE #410
    EPISODE #410
    Episode 33
    GUEST MODERATOR: Clifton Fadiman (5/15/1904 - 6/20/1999)

    Game 1: Mrs. Ruth Patterson - "Human Cannonball" (salaried; she is currently appearing nightly at Madison Square Garden; she is shot 150 feet in distance and travels 55 to 60 feet up in the air; from Nashville, TN)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jeannine Breyer - "Makes Dog Collars" (self-employed; she designs and makes jeweled dog collars exclusively for poodles; she gave her demonstration collar to Bennett Cerf on her way out, after Kip informed her that Bennett owned a poodle; from Pasadena, CA)

    Game 3: Bob Hope (5/29/1903 - 7/27/2003) (as Mystery Guest)

    Per Gil Fates' handwritten logs, there was not enough time for the next scheduled contestant, a ballet dancer who Gil described as a "rough-looking guy." This person, George Church, eventually appears on EPISODE #415. - Suzanne (2008)
  • EPISODE #411
    EPISODE #411
    Episode 34
    GUEST MODERATOR: Clifton Fadiman (5/15/1904 - 6/20/1999)

    Game 1: Father Hugh Michael Beahan (3/24/1920 - 7/21/1980) - "Disc Jockey" (salaried; there are 3 priests in this radio sideline occupation, and also mentioned were Father Moore of Steubenville and Father Smith of Santa Fe; in 1953, Fr. Beahan had also launched a television series on WOOD-TV called "Fifteen with Father"; with his deep baritone voice, he is heard on the Michigan radio station WGHN, where he does not play any rock and roll music, he laughingly stated; from Grand Rapids, MI; there are many net references to this media pioneer who would later become Monsignor Beahan)

    Game 2: Roy Rogers - "Hairdresser" (self-employed; he has a full beard, a receding hairline and thinning hair on top of his head; when asked, he stated that he was not related to the famous cowboy actor with the same name; he owns a beauty parlor and is a hair stylist; he has grown his beard for the 150th anniversary - or sesquicentennial - of Greensboro, North Carolina; he said he was from both Durham, NC and Greensboro, NC)

    Game 3: Jane Powell (b. 4/1/1929) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #412
    EPISODE #412
    Episode 35
    Game 1: Mrs. Isabel Brewer - "Performs Nightclub Song & Dance Act" (self-employed; she is known professionally as Grandma Darling and is 76 years old; she was born in England but is currently living in New York, NY)

    Game 2: Don Rose (6/28/1930 - 9/18/2009) - "Head Rowing Coach - Columbia University Crew" (salaried; from Waldwick, NJ)

    Game 3: Gracie Fields (1/9/1898 - 9/27/1979) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Marie Worthington - "Dog Catcher" (salaried; from Elkins Park, PA, which she said is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA)
  • EPISODE #413
    EPISODE #413
    Episode 36
    Game 1: Mrs. Estelline Ball (aka Estelline Pike) (6/5/1908 - 6/8/1990) & Mr. James Ball (b. 6/28/1935) (mother and son) - "Sword Swallowers" (salaried; they work different venues; from Texas, but they didn't name the city; for a net bio of Estelline Pike, visit the URL below)


    Game 2: Arthur "Slim" Vaughan - "Tree Surgeon" (self-employed; he owns the All American Tree Surgeon and Landscaping Company; Slim said that his long hair and his long beard are his personal trademarks; he also said that he eats Kellogg's cereal each morning - this was funny since Kellogg's was the sponsor of this episode; from both Sunland, CA and Tujunga, CA, which he termed as "Sunland-Tujunga, California, in the green Verdugo Hills" which he described as "the most beautiful place in the world"; great personality - great sense of humor - fun game - see more notes below)

    Game 3: Tennessee Ernie Ford (2/13/1919 - 10/17/1991) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #414
    EPISODE #414
    Episode 37
    Game 1: Rudolph Pratt - "Raises Fleas For U. S. Department of Agriculture" (salaried; he works in the entomology research division of the USDA; from Orlando, FL)

    Game 2: Mrs. Emma Thayer (Emma Redington Thayer) (4/5/1874 - 11/18/1973) - "Writes Murder Mysteries (Lee Thayer)" (self-employed; all smiles; under her pen name of Lee Thayer, she has authored 57 murder mystery novels and is working on her 58th book; her publisher is Dodd Mead Publishing Co; John Daly said she was over 80 years old - in fact, she was age 84 at the time of this appearance - she almost reached age 100!; from Berkeley, CA)

    Game 3: Miyoshi Umeki (5/8/1929 - 8/28/2007) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Humberto Bonfante O'Byrne - "Broadcasts Yankee Baseball Games In Spanish" (salaried; he broadcasts on radio station WHOM to one million local Spanish-speaking fans in the vicinity of Yankee Stadium in New York; originally from South America, currently from New York, NY)
  • EPISODE #415
    EPISODE #415
    Episode 38
    Game 1: Miss Rosalie Perelman - "Demonstrates Mattresses In Store Window" (salaried; she demonstrates the Englander brand of vibrating mattress; from Philadelphia, PA)

    Game 2: Colonel Shoshana Gershom - "Head of Israeli Women's Army" (salaried; she is the commander of the women's auxiliary; she is in America on behalf of Israel's 10th anniversary, promoting the State of Israel Bond issue in the United States - these bonds aided Israel in developing its economic infrastructure; born in Russia, currently from Israel)

    Game 3: Steve Allen (12/26/1921 - 10/30/2000) (as Mystery Guest) See complete transcript below! He signed in as "Steve Kellogg Allen" but he crossed out "Kellogg" before he wrote "Allen."

    Game 4: George Church - "Ballet Dancer" (self-employed; John saw him dance at a party hosted by NY restaurateur Toots Shor in Philadelphia; George originated the role of the gangster "Big Boss" in "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" which was a ballet number in the 1936-1937 Rodgers & Hart Broadway play "On Your Toes"; he has the broad-shouldered look of a football player; from New York, NY)

    MADE IT THIS TIME: The final contestant, George Church, was scheduled to have been a guest on EPISODE #410, but the show ran out of time and he did not appear; Gil Fates described him as a "rough-looking guy" in the handwritten show logs. - Suzanne (2008)
  • EPISODE #416
    EPISODE #416
    Episode 39
    Game 1: Mrs. Rildia Bee O'Bryan Cliburn (10/14/1896 - 8/3/1994) - "Piano Teacher (Van Cliburn's Mother)" (she signed in as "Mrs. X" to avoid name recognition and the panel was not blindfolded; self-employed; she donated her game winnings to the Crippled Children's Treatment Center in her hometown of Kilgore, Texas; see notes below)

    Game 2: Mrs. Pearl Spooner - "Makes Bullet-Proof Vests" (self-employed; when her husband died, she took over management of her company, the Spooner Armour Company, which she said is the only company that makes a real bulletproof vest; from New York, NY)

    Game 3: Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/1916) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Eugene Zeller - "Makes Mink-Trimmed Golf Tees" (self-employed; he owns The Mink Tee which is located in Springfield, Massachusetts; from Longmeadow, MA)
  • EPISODE #417
    EPISODE #417
    Episode 40
    Game 1: Mrs. Gwen Falkenberg (b. 8/29/1931) (Gwendolyn Van Derbur Falkenberg) - "Lawyer" (self-employed; her beauty was commented upon; she works at the law firm of Henry & Anderson; John Daly was right, as she did eventually become a partner in the law firm of Henry, Shankel, Gilman, Falkenberg & Rainey; she is the sister of Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America 1958; from Overland Park, Kansas; Gwen was originally scheduled to appear as the fourth contestant on "WML" EPISODE #405 of March 9, 1958, but the program ran short of time)

    Game 2: Peter J. Lomagistro - "Operates Skirt-Blowing Machine at Amusement Park" (salaried; he works at the Rockaways' Playland Amusement Park in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY; from Inwood, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Betty Hutton (2/26/1921 - 3/12/2007) (as Mystery Guest) She has a visible bruise on her right upper arm, possibly sustained during a dance rehearsal or dance sequence.

    Game 4: Miss Gerda Einboch - "Crocodile Hunter" (self-employed; she has worked in Australia and will next be working in New Guinea; from Vienna, Austria)
  • EPISODE #418
    EPISODE #418
    Episode 41
    Game 1: Miss Rona Leveine - "Uniformed Doorman (For Manhattan Restaurant)" (salaried; nice smile and good diction; attractive night doorman at New York's elegant Le Valois restaurant which is located at 45 E. 58th Street and specializes in French cuisine; from New York, NY)

    Game 2: Geoffrey Ford - "Teaches School for Horse Players" (self-employed; he conducts lectures and teaches people how to properly wager and bet at the racetrack; his first drew 257 participants; from New York City, NY)

    Game 3: Fred Astaire (5/10/1899 - 6/22/1987) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Miss Nina Lawson - "Wig Fitter for Metropolitan Opera" (salaried; this is her first season with The Met; originally from Scotland; currently from New York City, NY)
  • EPISODE #419
    EPISODE #419
    Episode 42
    Game 1: David H. Brown (David Howell Brown or David Hywel Brown) - "Whale Trainer at California Marineland" (salaried; he works at the large aquarium in Rancho Palos Verdes, California; his middle name is Welsh and he has a British accent; the pilot whale he trains is the only whale in captivity and it has learned to jump through hoops, sing, wave goodbye, let a man ride on its back and other tricks; currently from Redondo Beach, CA)

    Game 2: Mrs. Jeanne Farrell - "Bill Collector" (self-employed; from Cincinnati, OH)

    Game 3: Bob Crosby (8/23/1913 - 3/9/1993) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mr. Lee Keener - "One-Man Band" (salaried; after his game, Robert Q. Lewis stated that he'd like to book this guest for his own TV show; from Yuma, AZ)
  • EPISODE #420
    EPISODE #420
    Episode 43

    Game 1: Miss Mary G. Ross - "Designs Rocket Missiles and Satellites" (Lockheed Aircraft)" (salaried; she works in the advanced designs department and holds Masters degrees in math and science; John mentions that some of her projects are the size of 4-story buildings at Cape Canaveral; from Los Altos, California)

    Game 2: Mrs. Wilda Widmeyer (her first name rhymes with Hilda) - "Baseball & Softball Umpire" (self-employed; she works with amateur baseball and softball teams; from Fergus, Ontario, Canada)

    Game 3: Andy Griffith (6/1/1926 - 7/3/2012) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Dr. Alois S. Knapp - "Owns and Operates Nudist Camp" (self-employed; he owns the Zorro Nature Park in his hometown of Roselawn, Indiana)

  • EPISODE #421
    EPISODE #421
    Episode 44
    Game 1: Cpl. R. K. Beecham (Richard King Beecham) - "Dog Catcher at Marine Base" (salaried; age 22, today is his birthday; Corporal Beecham appears in full USMC uniform; originally from Philadelphia, PA, currently from Parris Island, South Carolina)

     Game 2: Mrs. Kathy Gretschman - "Ferryboat Captain" (self-employed; she operates the ferry named "Bertha" which provides service between Running Water, South Dakota and Niobrara, Nebraska; in an unusual move, her occupation overlay screen was shown for a second time when the cards were at $30 down - possibly because John was letting the panel get so far afield in the questioning about animals - a connection which was never fully explained to the panel - but we can possibly assume that John was figuring that household animals would sometimes benefit from her ferry services when in the vehicles with their owners, because he did agree that the animals she dealt with were domesticated - however - when one of the panelists asked if the animals were either cats or dogs, she replied no; maybe she also transported livestock; in short, this was an inconsistent game; John Daly was asleep at the wheel; from Springfield, SD)

    Game 3: Sophia Loren (b. 9/20/1934) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Larry Gilbert - "Telephone Operator" (salaried; he works for General Telephone Company in his hometown of Mahomet, IL)
  • EPISODE #422
    EPISODE #422
    Episode 45
    Game 1: Henri La Mothe - "High Diver, Dives 40 Feet Into Two Feet of Water" (self-employed; he is a "flat" diver, and lands on his firm stomach muscles; from both New York and New Jersey; he leaves after questioning, exiting by the sign-in board, and does not meet the panel)

    Game 2: Mrs. Cecelia Neville - "Hog Show Judge" (self-employed; pretty blond; she has also judges cattle; from Lafayette, Indiana)

    Game 3: Benny Goodman (5/30/1909 - 6/13/1986) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #423
    EPISODE #423
    Episode 46
    Game 1: Bill Quinn (7/13/1919 - 8/28/2006) - "Governor of Hawaii" (salaried; Governor William Quinn was born in Rochester, NY and raised in St. Louis, Missouri; currently from Honolulu, Hawaii)

    Game 2: A. Purves Pullen (2/2/1909 - 10/18/1992) - "Professional Bird Imitator" (salaried; his stage name is Dr. Horatio Q. Birdbath and he works for TV station KOVR in Stockton, CA; from Vacaville, California; more notes below)

    Game 3: Dorothy Lamour (12/10/1914 - 9/22/1996) (as Mystery Guest)
  • EPISODE #424
    EPISODE #424
    Episode 47
    Game 1: Donald E. Gray - "Teaches Course for Expectant Parents" (salaried; he works for the Clara Elizabeth Fund for Maternal Health; he has achieved a Master of Arts degree in education; from Flint, Michigan)

    Game 2: Mrs. Rae V. Biester (8/15/1892 - 3/14/1984) - "Head of U.S. Mint, Philadelphia, PA" (salaried; Rae Biester is the Superintendent of the United States Mint; from Drexel Hill, Philadelphia)

    Game 3: Kathryn Grayson (2/9/1922 - 2/17/2010) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Peter R. Kaplan - "Private Detective" (salaried; he works for the Metropolitan Detective Agency; he is also a student at Princeton University; from Paterson, New Jersey)
  • EPISODE #425
    EPISODE #425
    Episode 48

    Game 1: Miss Linnie Kincaid - "Professional Wrestler" (self-employed; her professional name, if different, was not given; from Daytona Beach, Florida)

    Game 2: Rev. Frank E. Pulley - "Raises Worms" (Reverend Pulley is in semi-retirement from his Episcopal Church where he does supply work; this small occupation is a sideline of his; we were never told why he raises them, but it might have been for fishing bait; from Louisburg, North Carolina)

    Game 3: Esther Williams (8/8/1921 - 6/6/2013) (as Mystery Guest)

  • EPISODE #426
    EPISODE #426
    Episode 49

    Game 1: Richard Cobb - "Women's Fashion Editor" (salaried; he works for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper; prior to his current fashion editing job, he was a police reporter; from Norfolk, Virginia)

    Game 2: Sam James - "Bull Fighter" (self-employed; he performs in Peru, which we learn while he is making his exit and Arlene asks where he fights, while shaking his hand, and then she repeats it loud enough for the microphone to pick up her words; we were never told his stage or professional name; from New York)

    Game 3: Van Cliburn (7/12/1934 - 2/27/2013) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Roseanne Schaulee or Schauley or Schaula (her surname was hard to read, the end letters could have been an "ee" with a dropped flourish, or an "ey" or even an "open letter a" - but it was pronounced as Shala, rhyming with Paula) - "Nurse" (salaried; she works at Doctors Hospital in New York City, NY; originally from Milburn, New Jersey)

  • EPISODE #427
    EPISODE #427
    Episode 50
    Game 1: Edward D. Stone (3/9/1902 - 8/6/1978) - "Architect, Designed U.S. Pavilion Brussels World's Fair" (he signed in only as "E.D.S." to avoid name recognition; self-employed; John did not ask what city he was from, but he was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas; he has many net references)

    Game 2: Miss Florence Martin - "Pajama Model" (salaried; from Chicago, Illinois)

    Game 3: Althea Gibson (8/25/1927 - 9/28/2003) (as Mystery Guest) She won the Wimbledon tennis tournament twice, in 1957 & 1958.

    Game 4: John Dailey - "Harness Race Horse Driver" (self-employed; John Daly jokingly says "Henry Smith" while the contestant is signing in; John Dailey is also a lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School; from Albion, NY)
  • EPISODE #428
    EPISODE #428
    Episode 51

    Game 1: Mr. Dale Fogle - "Garbage Collector" (salaried; from New Kensington, Pennsylvania)

    Game 2: N. Orloff (Nicholas Orloff) - "United Nations Interpreter" (salaried; he is the Chief U.N. Interpreter and has worked there for many years, specializing in the Russian language; from Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY)

    Game 3: Eydie Gorme (8/16/1928 - 8/10/2013) & Steve Lawrence (b. 7/8/1935) (as Mystery Guest Duo)

    Game 4: Miss Carrie Hooley - "Bus Conductor" (salaried; she is visiting the United States for 5 weeks while she is on vacation; she is employed in her hometown of London, England)

  • EPISODE #429
    EPISODE #429
    Episode 52
    Game 1: Miss Dana Craig - "Night Club Bouncer" (salaried; she works at the Chi Chi Club in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California; she is employed by the mayor of Avalon, Roy Taylor, at this nightclub which he owns; she is adept at judo; from Santa Catalina Island, CA)

    Game 2: Frank Bisignano - "Cook on U.S. Navy Blimp" (salaried; he works on "test and development" USN blimps with extended flights that can last up to 48 hours in duration; he said that the favorite dish of the enlisted personnel is steak; from Trenton, New Jersey)

    Game 3: Dick Powell (11/14/1904 - 1/2/1963) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Natalie Carbone Mangini (b. 8/24/1928) - "Atomic Scientist" (salaried; she works for Westinghouse; she discussed the Nautilus II nuclear powered submarine, and also how she was responsible for developing chemical procedures for the shipping port power reactor; she did graduate work at Carnegie Tech; from Crabtree, Pennsylvania; John announces that today is her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Natalie!)
  • EPISODE #430
    EPISODE #430
    Episode 53

    Game 1: William L. Hughes (10/7/1901 - 5/17/1971) - "Detective Superintendent at Scotland Yard" (salaried; he has worked at Scotland Yard for 33 years; he served with Winston Churchill during World War II; originally from Pittenweem, Scotland, currently from London, England)

    Game 2: Greta Andersen (b. 5/1/1927) (she signed in as "Mrs. John Sonnichsen" to avoid name recognition) - "Professional Distance Swimmer" (self-employed; from Copenhagen, Denmark)

    Game 3: Polly Bergen (7/14/1930 - 9/20/2014) (as Mystery Guest)

    Game 4: Mrs. Kay Sinclair - "Marriage Counselor" (self-employed; from Hollywood, CA)