What's My Line?

CBS (ended 1967)


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  • Season 12 Episode 29: EPISODE #556

  • GOOF: Dorothy accidently called Mrs. Alexandra by the name "Mrs. Alexander" during the second game. - Suzanne

  • Season 12 Episode 7: EPISODE #535

  • VERBAL GOOF: Twice, Dorothy addressed Mrs. Chong as "Mrs. Chang." - Suzanne

  • SCORING GOOF: During Danny Kaye's game, John failed to flip a card for the second "no" answer. - Suzanne

  • Season 12 Episode 4: EPISODE #532

  • MAJOR GOOFS!!! Besides John's transposition of words at the beginning of the mystery guest round, as well as his scoring mistake during the mystery guest round when he mistakenly flipped a card on a correct answer, there were two other mistakes made on this episode. After the first game was concluded and Bennett was talking to the young usherette, he mistakenly referred to the "San Francisco Giants" as the "New York Giants." We'll excuse Bennett, because this was only three years after the Giants left Manhattan for San Francisco. Another goof was made after the final game. As Miss Arora stood up to leave John's desk, you could very faintly hear a brief snippet of the show's closing theme "Rollercoaster." - Sargebri

  • In a rare scoring goof, one of the panelists asked if Red Skelton's name would ever appear in the Entertainment section of the newspaper. John said the answer was yes, but then flipped a card and said "one down and nine to go." John was never called on his scoring error and the card remained flipped. - agent_0042

  • In one of his rare goofs, John, as the mystery guest round is about to start, asks the panel, "Are the blindfolds all in panel, place?" - W-B

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