What's My Line?

CBS (ended 1967)


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  • Season 3 Episode 53: EPISODE #118

  • SIGNING IN DIFFICULTIES: During Mr. Hersholt's signing in with his real name (after crossing out Dr. Christian) he puts enough pressure on the art paper to make it move within the frame. - cattaur (2008)

  • THE NAMEPLATE: When Jean Hersholt's mystery challenger spot began, there was no nameplate for him on the desk. Not long into the segment, John Daly, while still seated in his chair, is caught on camera reaching over and placing Jean's nameplate in the holder. - agent_0042 (2008)

  • GOOF: After greeting the panel at the end of his game, mystery guest Jean Hersholt makes a U-turn after shaking Dorothy's hand. He heads back to the curtain entrance spot, and in doing so, nearly bumps into the final contestant who is entering to sign in. - Garrison Skunk (2004)

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