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  • Season 8 Episode 37: EPISODE #362

  • GOOF: There was no nameplate for John Daly. - Suzanne (2008)

  • GOOF: At the beginning of game 4, John incorrectly referred to Adolphe Menjou as "Ralph Menjou." - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 8 Episode 39: EPISODE #364

  • GOOF: There are no nameplates for either John Daly or the panel members tonight. - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 8 Episode 41: EPISODE #366

  • GOOF: There were no nameplates on the panel's desk. - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 8 Episode 50: EPISODE #375

  • ERNIE KOVACS WAS HIRED AS A PERMANENT PANELIST: In the "Comments" section of Gil Fates' handwritten log for "What's My Line?" EPISODE #375 of August 11, 1957 is a note underneath Ernie Kovacs' name which says, "begins as panelist." The comment for EPISODE #386 of October 27, 1957 reads, "not a good Kovacs show." We'll never know all the details of how or why, but the comment for EPISODE #387 of November 3, 1957 states, "Kovacs last regular show." In this short stretch of time, almost three months, Ernie Kovacs appeared as a regular panelist on only 9 episodes. Including his "guest panelist debut" on EPISODE #369 of June 30, 1957, Ernie made a total of 10 panel appearances over the span of the entire CBS series. In addition, he appeared twice as a mystery guest, for a total of 12 appearances. Even though the historical logs show that he was hired as a regular panelist by Goodson-Todman, this fact was never specifically announced on the series. It was, however, strongly hinted at on at least two occasions: On EPISODE #378 when John announced that Ernie would be gone for a few episodes; and on EPISODE #379 when Ernie's mystery guest overlay screen read "What's My Line? Panelist." - Suzanne (2008)

    IF IT QUACKS LIKE A DUCK: Since Ernie Kovacs' tenure as a regular panelist was so short, these few appearances will be, for all intents and purposes, viewed historically as "guest panelist" appearances. - Suzanne (2008)

  • Season 9 Episode 8: EPISODE #385

  • HOOVER DAM - PART I: GOOF: John Daly was incorrect: Hoover Dam is located in Boulder City, Nevada, which is 35 miles from Las Vegas. The dam is not near Boulder, Colorado, the home of the first guest. The two cities are 800 miles apart. - Suzanne (2005)

    HOOVER DAM - PART II: Though it was known as Hoover Dam both in the early years of construction in the early 1930's, as well as at the time of tonight's show and beyond, upon the 1932 Presidential election defeat of its namesake, Herbert Hoover, his successor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, made it a priority to change the dam's name to what had been originally intended, Boulder Dam (after its base of Boulder City, Nevada). In later years, during the controversy of whether or not to restore Herbert Hoover's name to the dam, legendary NBC News anchor and commentator David Brinkley suggested that the former President settle the matter by changing his name to "Herbert Boulder." - W-B (2008)

  • Season 9 Episode 15: EPISODE #392

  • GOOF: John made a mistake during the game with the four professional Santa Clauses. As John gave Dorothy a "No," he flipped a card and said, clear as a bell, "three down and three to go." Of course, he should have said, "three down and seven to go." Nobody on the panel seemed to notice his mathematical faux pas. With the next flip, everything was back in order with "four down and six to go." - Lee McIntyre (2005)

  • Season 9 Episode 28: EPISODE #405

  • "WML?" OVERLAY GOOF WATCH: On the occupation overlay for songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the title of one of their compositions, "Jailhouse Rock" (a Number One hit for Elvis Presley in 1957), was displayed as "Jail House Rock," with the first part presented as two words ("Jail House") rather than one word ("Jailhouse"). - W-B (2008)

  • Season 9 Episode 32: EPISODE #409

  • GOOF: Dorothy Kilgallen identified John Perona. However, Mr. Daly made what could be considered a mistake on this round. He gave a "no" to Arlene when she asked if you would go to this place at a specific time of day. Arlene called his attention to his mistake in the post-game conversation, to no avail.

    TRIP: John Daly and the Scotsman talked about John Daly's upcoming "around the world" trip.

    IGNORED?: For some reason, it appears that Orson Welles ignores Dorothy tonight. Some feel that he actually snubbed her.

    FUNNY GOOF: Greer Garson's spot turns into one of funny confusion. Because of a goof by Welles, the panel has her gender wrong for several questions.

    - WML Fan (2004)

  • Season 9 Episode 53: EPISODE #430

  • GOOF: Oops! In the final game, John Daly accidently referred to Tom Poston as "Tony Poston" and apologized quickly! - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 10 Episode 2: EPISODE #432

  • FILM GLITCH: In the second game, right after John Daly flipped the cards for Joe Karitas (the chief house painter at the White House) the video image fades to black for a few seconds. - Dragonlew (2009)

  • A "FIRESTONE" GOOF: During the intros, Bennett mentions John's new gig as host of ABC's "The Voice of Firestone," but erroneously refers to the program as "The Firestone Music Hour." - W-B (2009)

  • Season 10 Episode 3: EPISODE #433

  • GOOF: As John Daly was spelling out loud Rich Knerr's surname at the sign-in board, John said, "K - N - double E - R" which is incorrect. - Suzanne (2003)

  • Season 10 Episode 7: EPISODE #437

  • GOOF: During the first game, Arlene states that dice are "four-sided." In reality, they are six-sided. - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 10 Episode 10: EPISODE #440

  • GOOF: While speaking to Raymond Berry, Bennett pronounced Johnny Unitas' surname as "YOU-na-toss" and not the correct "you-NY-tas." - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 11 Episode 15: EPISODE #494

  • GOOF: After Mrs. Perian Conerly signs in and is speaking to John Daly, a crew member (or possibly her husband, who was waiting backstage to join her after her game) can be seen peeking through the curtains in the background. - Suzanne (2009)

  • Season 11 Episode 27: EPISODE #504

  • GOOF: Gisele MacKenzie's overlay screen misspelled her name as "Giselle MacKenzie." - W-B (2009)

  • Season 11 Episode 40: EPISODE #516

  • Sounds of New York: During the final game, a car horn can be heard honking three times after John says, "In a manner of speaking, yes." - Garrison Skunk (2003)

  • Season 11 Episode 48: EPISODE #524

  • GOOF: Twice, during the second game, John Daly called Dirk Bogarde by the wrong name. John called him "Derek" or "Derrick" instead of "Dirk." Nobody noted the error, and John later called him by his correct name. - Suzanne (2005)

  • Season 11 Episode 51: EPISODE #527

  • GOOF: John makes a rare verbal goof in this episode. Going into the second commercial, he says, "We'll be back after this alternate word - or rather - this word from our alternate sponsor." After they return from the break and are saying their goodbyes, Bennett, with a straight face, teases John by saying, "...and an alternate good night to you, John." - Garrison Skunk (2005)

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