What's New, Mr. Magoo?

CBS (ended 1978)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Rip Van Magoo/Secret Agent Magoo

      Rip Van Magoo falls asleep after bowling and drinking with a group of gnomes. He wakes up only to find that twenty years have past. He goes on a search for his family.

      Thinking he is watching over his aunt's home while she is away, Mr. Magoo ends up in a spy compound and by pure accident messes up the spy's plans to set off a bomb.

    • Magoo's Driving Test/Shutterbug Magoo
    • Jungleman Magoo/Millionaire Magoo
    • McBarker, the Wonder Dog/Spaceman Magoo
      Mr. Magoo
    • Miniature Magoo/Roamin's Magoo
    • Gold Rush, Magoo/Magoo's Fountain of Youth
      Mr. Magoo hears about the California gold rush and sets off to make his fortune. He has problems getting to camp due to his vision and even more when he gets there. The camp foreman is scamming the workers out of their money but Magoo may be too much for him to handle.moreless
    • Come Back, Little McBarker/Magoo's Pizza
    • Boo, Magoo!/Magoo's Yacht Party
    • Good Neighbor Magoo/Kidnap Caper Magoo
      Mr. Magoo
    • Choo Choo, Magoo/For the Birds, Magoo
      Magoo (inadvertently) saves the day when the train he is on is boarded by an Old West train robber.
    • A Magoo Bagatelle/Tut Tut, Magoo
    • Caveman Magoo/Museum Magoo

      Museum Magoo:  Mr Magoo mistakenly enters a museum instead of a department store while looking for a gift for a friend's birthday.

    • Magoo's Monster Mansion/Mountain Man Magoo

      Magoo's Monster Mansion: Mr. Magoo plans to spend the night at a nice motel, but mistakenly enters a haunted mansion. Luckily, he leaves the mansion before the Vampire who lived there and his assistant could get him.

      Mountain Man Magoo: Mr. Magoo rides piggyback on an airplane thinking he is on top of a mountain.

    • Lion Around, Magoo/Unglued Magoo
      Lion Around, Magoo

      Magoo and McBarker go hunting for a lion and get mixed up with all kinds of animals.

      Unglued Magoo

      Magoo and McBarker get mixed up with a spy and his secret plans for the XB4265-C, a nuclear powered blimp.
    • Motorcycle Magoo/Who's Zoo, Magoo?

      Motorcycle Magoo: While Waldo is out shopping for a motorcycle a landscape crew shows up at the Magoo house. Quincy takes the riding lawnmower for a test ride believing it to be Waldo's new motorcycle.

      Who's Zoo, Magoo: Mr. Magoo is on his way to the picnic grounds for a class reunion but goes to the local zoo instead where he thinks the animals are his classmates.

    • Baby Sitter Magoo/Mr. Magoo's Concert

      Baby Sitter Magoo: Mr. Magoo is asked by his neighbor Mrs. Roberts to babysit her children. But Magoo and McBarker mistakenly go to a spaceship occupied by two friendly green aliens wanting to experiment with them, leading into out-of-this-world gags!

      Mr. Magoo's Concert: Mr. Magoo goes to a rock concert with Waldo and his friends. After he drops them off and parks the car he walks into a construction site next door to see the show.

  • Specials
    • No episodes have been added for this season of What's New, Mr. Magoo?.