What's New Scooby-Doo?

Season 2 Episode 4

High-Tech House of Horrors

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 04, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

A man gives a group a tour to a futuristic house called S.H.A.R.I. (Super Home of Artificial Robotic Intelligence). Just then, a woman named Jane goes to the bathroom to check on her make up. The AI is watching this and traps her inside by flooding the room. The man tries to call the AI to stop it, but it doesn't respond, leaving Jane to be trapped.

Meanwhile, the gang arrives to a fair where there are the inventions from the future. Scooby and Shaggy to a food court and pose as repairmen to make a conveyor belt long enough to get all of the food to them. Fred tries to ride a hovercar, but it sends him out of control, taking Scooby and Shaggy with him. Daphne and Velma try the makeover of the future. The latter doesn't want to try it, but the former pushes her to the machine, changing her look. When Daphne gets into it, she's still the same. She and Velma see Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred getting into trouble with the hovercar.

For the afternoon, the gang heads to the house of the future. Daphne points out that if it is the most popular attraction of the fair, then why is no one there. Velma is upset to find it close indefinitely. Suddenly, two boys are exiting the house scared because it tries to attack them. Daphne thinks that it couldn't do that, and Scooby and Shaggy think that it is haunted.

Just then, a man introduces himself as Professor Laslow Oswald, the inventor of S.H.A.R.I. and shows the gang about it in order to prove them that there is nothing wrong with the house.

He escorts the gang to the kitchen where the computer is chopping the watermelons. When Shaggy says about removing the seeds, it does what he said. He and Scooby have decided to make something on their own.

Back in the kitchen, they made a giant burrito. Suddenly, when they tried to heat it up, they are getting cooked. Scooby is suddenly stopped by a sinister looking robot, who kicks him.

Meanwhile, Fred checks on a remote control where the holographic football players appear. Oswald shows Velma that he has a watch that allows him to communicate and monitor each centimeter of the house. Suddenly, Scooby and Shaggy show up being tired from the chase and try to relax in the massaging chairs. The latter is given a drink by the same robot who kicked the former out of the kitchen. Scooby growls at it as a result. He tries to tell the gang that the robot is a threat, but Daphne refuses to believe that. Oswald calls it Jeeves and it cleans up the mess Scooby made when he growled at it. With this, the professor has proven the gang that there is nothing wrong with the house. However, Scooby is suspicious of Jeeves.

By the time the gang leave for the night, they realize that Daphne is missing and they go back to the house to look for her. They have stumbled into a basement where Daphne is taken hostage by the AI of the house. Scooby and Shaggy go on one way while Fred and Velma take the other way.

The former two go to a room. Just then, they leave when the AI is scaring them with its laugh. Meanwhile, Fred and Velma go to a room where they find the wires to a panel are messed up. Suddenly, they get chased by nanobots and Fred has managed to electrocute them.

A man thinks that is not enough and Fred knows him as Horatio Hidalgo, the one who owns a reality show known as Scare Factor. It is a show where he puts himself into dangerous situations and will try to survive them. He comes to the house to find Jane Miller, the one who is missing from the tour two days ago.

Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy are relaxing in the massaging chairs. Just then, the computer is trying to scare them by using holograms of Daphne.

Fred and Velma find one of the boys in a devise about to be in trouble with a laser going to cut him in half. When the latter is about to deactivate it, the other is not happy about his joke being ruined and turns off the laser. He has no intention to kill his own brother. Velma asks them about what are they doing back in the house, and the older one is trying to scare the younger one. The latter is chasing the former afterwards. Fred begins to suspect that one of them sabotaged the house in order to scare the other one. Just then, Velma remembers Oswald's watch.

She and Fred try to communicate with Oswald through his watch. However, the line is cut off and Fred wonders how did it happened.

Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy are getting scared. Suddenly, the latter is given a drink by Jeeves as it reveals to be the robot who attacked Scooby in the kitchen. It grabs him and Shaggy and throws them to the trash compactor where they would be crushed by it.

Fred and Velma hear their screams and try to stop the device, but it wouldn't work. Just then, the boxed versions of Scooby and Shaggy arrive, but they survived.

The gang goes to a passageway where they find Daphne and Jane trapped. Fred tries to rescue the former, but to no avail. Velma tries to turn off the containers by connecting her mini-computer to the central computer. However, the AI doesn't want that and turns on the sprinkles to destroy the mini-computer. Fortunately, Velma has freed Daphne and Jane, and the gang is chased by Jeeves.

After the chase, they run into Horatio, and Velma begins to suspect that he is the bad guy so that he would do anything to get footage of his show. The gang sees Jeeves shutting down the door to the entrance. Velma has finally get the case solved and what's left is to capture the robot. However, Scooby and Shaggy refuse to distract, not even for Scooby Snacks, but Velma brings them the new and improved Scooby Snacks, which they are persuaded.

In the hallways, Scooby disguises as a female robot to lure Jeeves into a trap. After running away from it, the gang sends Jeeves getting wet, destroying him.

Because it is just the robot, Fred thinks that Oswald might be the culprit, but Velma states that his watch goes dead when she and Fred try to contact him. When Shaggy asks her who is the culprit, Velma replies that it is the house itself.

The AI admits to be responsible for trapping the tourists because Oswald took credit for everything and never gets any attention. Because of that, it tries to get attention by scaring the gang with wind. When Daphne asks what to do, Velma tells the gang to just sit and do nothing. The AI is yelling to get attention and it is shut off. It turns out that it wanted attention all this time.

Horatio asks the gang to sign the release forms, but the gang refuses and leaves.

The next morning, the older brother dares the younger one to eat the burrito with a genetically engineered horse radish. Just as he is about to do it, Shaggy uses it on his sandwich and eat it, and the brothers are cheering that he has won the dare. Suddenly, Jeeves arrives and scares Shaggy and the brothers. However, it is revealed that Scooby did it.
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