What's New Scooby-Doo?

Season 2 Episode 4

High-Tech House of Horrors

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 04, 2003 on The WB

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  • A house that "Comes" alive to have people be captured.

    Dah! They shouldn't of gone inside that house of the futrue if he maybe it "come" alive. He should of warned them or something. Now about that man on a roll to be put on tape to get of situations like the hosue ""should"" - not - of put him in. I guess maybe that house was "Made" for it. AMyeb that man was jsut out of his mind or something. I say they shouldn't of made that "Fair of the Future" becasue it jsut doesn't fell right that this stuff is "Future" beacsue it was just invented and not from the future!