What's New Scooby-Doo?

The WB (ended 2006)





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  • another scooby doo spinoff.but this time scooby and his friends arent in early 60-is and early 70-is,they are in todays modern world.that was an epic faliur!

    first of all why did they moved the plot in our time?i loved the old scooby way better.and the sweet 60-is music played in the background.but in a new version they changed that and added some unfitting music.they changed their clothes.why?i only like that velma is out or that tacky sweater but i dont like other changes.scooby has a new voice that is so annoying and hardly says anithing anymore.the gang dont go to cemeterys and castels and scary places,they now go to lame places like dog shows and campuses.where is the mistery in that?and they changed freds personality.he was smart before and always knew what to do.now he is so stupid and full of himself!and the animation is horrid.they looked better with dots for eyes.now they look so creepy.and their skin is yellow now!why?and in some episode when they go to japan asians had grey skin!and plus they were chased by police for a crime they did not do.that sort of crap would never happen in old scooby doo!this show stinks and im glad its canceled!