What's New Scooby-Doo? - Season 1

The WB (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Roller Ghoster Ride!
    Episode 107
    An amusement park full of extreme rides is haunted by the Roller Ghoster, a speed-happy spectre who frightens patrons off the thrill rides.
  • Riva Ras Regas
    Episode 106
    A big star's debut concert in new Las Vegas is sabotaged by a ghost from old Las Vegas.
  • The Mystery Machine is haunted and begins to act like Christine (the menacing car in the Stephen King novel) towards the gang.
  • 1/1/02
    Civil War ghosts Jed and Caleb, brothers who fought as soldiers on opposite sides of the war, come to life in New Orleans.
  • Space Ape at the Cape
    Episode 103
    An alien that grows taller tries to keep the Space Shuttle from launching.
  • 3-D Struction
    Episode 102
    A giant dinosaur, "El Oloroso," comes to life and rampages through a museum in Central America.
  • A see-through ice monster menaces a snowboarding competition.
  • The Unnatural
    The Unnatural
    Episode 13
    The ghost of an old baseball player named Cab Craig starts haunting the baseball stadium. Scooby and the gang have to find out who it is.
  • 2/22/03
    While visiting Italy the gang battles a zombie gladiator who appears to be responsible for causing volcano erruptions.
  • 2/15/03
    A purple phantom starts threating the production of "Spy Me A River" and the gang set out to find the villain.
  • Toy Scary Boo
    Episode 10
    The gang investigate on this mystery where activated toys are taking over the toy store. They suspect a really interested fanatic is involved with the case. When he actually comes clean, the gang thought they were right all along. But they weren't.
  • She Sees Sea Monster at the Sea Shore
    The gang goes on a trip to the islands where they are gonna vacation when they encounter a sea serpent known as Motoshondu.
  • Safari, So Goodie!
    Episode 8
    When the gang travels of the safari, They discover the animals changing to a yellow color and doing strange things. They have to solve the mystery or else that stuff might happen to Scooby.
  • 11/9/02
    The crew goes to a roller coaster park because of Scooby and Shaggy having their new ride built there and they run into some ride mischief with a ghost called The Roller Ghoster and it seems to break rides around the park.
  • Riva Ras Regas
    Episode 6
    The gang goes to Las Vegas to meet teen pop singer Lindsay Pagano, but they soon end up trying to uncover the mystery of a deceased magician who's haunting the theatre that Lindsay's performing at.
  • When the Mystery Machine comes to life and begins driving by itself, the gang tries to find the clues.... Which leads them to The Mystery Kids, the band who formerly owned the Mystery Machine.
  • 10/5/02
    Ghosts re-enact a duel every night in a New Orleans graveyard.
  • 9/28/02
    The gang must stop a shape-shifting alien before NASA's shuttle mission is aborted.
  • 3-D Struction
    Episode 2
    Daphne's uncle sends the gang to Costa Rica for the opening of a museum exhibit on dinosaurs. When our heroes meet archeologist Melbourne O'Reilly, he reveals the legend of a dinosaur-spirit who's supposed to get revenge on anyone who disturbs these bones. So when the gang sits down to enjoy a new 3-D dino-film in the museum's theatre, it's not that surprising when the dinosaur jumps off the screen -- and into the audience. It's up to the gang to figure out who's really "behind this devastating dinosaur disaster."moreless
  • In the opener, the amateur sleuths travel to a mountain resort to watch a snowboarding competition and end up investigating rumors of a snow creature that is attacking the participants. Olympic snowboard medalist Chris Klug provides the voice for his animated alter ego.
  • Scooby Doo in Arabian Nights
    Scooby and Shaggy are hired to be the food taste testers of an Arabian Prince, but not surprisingly, they get carried away and eat all the food. The prince is outraged and sends the guards after the duo; they manage to hide in the prince's harem but just as the prince is selecting a wife- the role which Shaggy apparently fills perfectly. In order to avoid marriage, Shaggy tells two stories to the prince in hopes of lulling him to sleep.moreless
  • 1/1/05
    When Scooby and the gang return to Coolsville for Valentine's Day, they discover that teenagers are being kidnapped form Lover's Lane -- and they are the prime suspects. To make matters worse, Shaggy learns that his former girlfriend is now dating JC Chasez!
  • 1/1/03
    The gang's Italian vacation is interrupted by misdeeds in the ancient city of Pompeii, leading to an ominous visit into the mouth of the maybe not-so-dormant volcano Vesuvius.
  • 1/1/03
    Toys come to life in the local shopping mall, and the gang stays overnight to investigate.
  • 1/1/03
    The gang visits the set of a spy movie and encounters the ghost of a teen idol.
  • 1/1/03
    The spectre of a famous ballplayer appears to stop a current home run-hitting star from breaking his record.
  • The gang's tropical island vacation gets ruined when they stumble across a boat-smashing sea monster. The terrifying ocean creature, Notto Mori, is reputedly the "spirit of the island."