What's With Andy?

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What's With Andy?

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"What's With Andy?" is a cartoon series that's about the antics of a boy named Andy Larkin, his friend Danny Pickett, and the citizens of East Gackle who he is constantly tricking. He loves to have fun, and prank people. He's enemies with his sister Jen, and Peter Lik & Andrew Leech who are always forcing him to do things (or get beat up). He openly admits he's in love with Lori Mackney. One of these days he will pull enough pranks to get listed in the "World Record Books," but until then he'll have to face the music when pranks go wrong (which is pretty often with him).

"What's with Andy?" currently airs in Canada and Europe only. Check your local listings for channels, and times. Air times for TeleToon[Canada(est)]:Daily at 4:00am CHARACTERS

ANDY LARKIN: The star of the show who is obsessed with pranks. An "artist of pranks", he loves the sheer thrill of pulling practical jokes on everyone in his small town, including the mayor! Pranking aside, he is a very normal teenager who is interested in a certain girl at his school along with giving his sister a hard time and hanging out with his best bud.

JEN LARKIN: Andy's big sister (by two years) who attends the same school. With her attractive looks and intelligence, she is very active and popular at school. A strong participant, competitor and winner at many things- cheerleading (she's the captain), student council (she's the president), etc. The only stain on her shiny plate is... of course, her pest brother!

AL and FREIDA LARKIN: Parents of Andy and Jen. Al was a prankster when he was younger so Andy is a chip off the ol' block! While Al has mellowed out by maturity and sense of responsibility, he often indulges Andy's antics in order to teach the boy a lesson. Freida is the 'psychologist' of the family; she reads on child psychology books in an attempt to understand her kids (especially Andy). She is a pillar of the community, very involved in committees and fundraising.

DANNY PICKETT: A very loyal best friend and partner-in-crime of Andy, Danny is the perfect sidekick. He seems to know and anticipates what Andy is thinking or doing. Danny is often the voice of reality and caution for Andy.

LORI MACKNEY: The girl of Andy's dreams- she's cute and smart. Andy has publicly professed his crush on her although she seems just a bit put-off by Andy's unsatiable desire for pranking. Lori has told Andy that she considers him "cute" (to his delight) which is a sign that she secretly likes him back.

PETER LIK and ANDREW LEECH: 'Lik' and 'Leech' as they are called at school, are typical second-rate school bullies. Andy is their victim, but then again Lik and Leech are usually victims of Andy's pranks! Lik is the punk with the purple hair and is the leader of the two. Leech is the shorter and ugly one.

CRAIG BENETT: The jock of the school- handsome and strong (can be gullible sometimes). Jen thinks he's the coolest. Andy doesn't think so! Whenever Andy gets the chance, he makes sure that Craig is at the receiving part of his pranks.

TERI: Jen's friend and fellow cheerleader.

MARTIN BONWICK: A naive nerd and the hapless victim of almost everyone's, especially Andy's.

JERVIS COLTRANE: Height-challenged but a strong challenger against Andy for Lori's heart.

PRINCIPAL DEROSA: Principal of Andy's school. Very strict, unforgiving and easy to jump to conclusions. He's constantly suspicious of Andy but thinks Jen is the greatest.

VICTOR MUSHKOWITZ: Know as 'Mush', is a cool pizza delivery guy who appears in a few episodes, usually helping Andy with one of his pranks.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Al "Dad" Larkin / Martin Bonwick ( Voice ) (2001-2002)

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Craig Benett ( Voice ) (2001-2002)

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Andy Larkin ( Voice ) (2001- )

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

Danny Pickett ( Voice ) (2001-2002)

Danny Cooksey (I)

Danny Cooksey (I)

Peter Lik ( Voice ) (2001-2002)