What's With Andy?

Season 3 Episode 8

Pranks are in the Air

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2006 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Andy is in the library he is wearing a watch. But when he is talking to Danny a few seconds later he is not wearing one.

    • When Craig and Jen are walking to get lunch, you can see that all the trays are white. But a few seconds later, a red tray appears on top.

    • The books that Lori are carrying turn blue when they were just green a second ago.

    • How could normal glue from a glue stick get Jervis stuck to his chair?

    • In the scene after Mrs.Larkin throws a pillow at Mr.Larkin, the colour of Mr.Larkin's watch turns to his skin colour.

    • At the beginning when Andy and Mr.Larkin are watching tv, it gets louder all of a sudden to tell about the contest, but nobody had the remote.

  • Quotes

    • Andy: Hey congrats Jervis, you went from wee-wee pants to sticky bum-bums in less then a year.

    • Andy: Dr.Amore thinks that all these manly men are ready to show the ladies their sensitive side. You know cry, confess secrets, the works.
      Danny: Sounds like my dad when he comes home really late.

    • Mr.Larkin: Woman, get my supper ready now.
      Mrs.Larkin: He said be assertive, not be an idiot.
      Mr.Larkin: Okay. Woman, I'm making supper right now and that's final.

    • Andy: (sniffs the air)Do you smell that Danny?
      Danny: Oh no. I'm not falling for that again. Especially not on egg salad sandwich day.
      Andy: No, my old factory challenged friend. It's not digested eggs, it's the smell of love in the air. Or in this case pranks, in the air.

    • Andy: Hey Jervis, that's really romantic, sticking your loves favourite things to your bum-bum. Personally I'd carry them in a knapsack.

    • Mrs.Larkin: Andy, you know how gassy popcorn makes him.
      Andy: Dad's a grown man, and if he wants to eat-
      Mrs.Larkin: I'm talking about Spank, and you know it.

  • Notes

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