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  • The pranks, humour and the story is really great, but the art is horrible :(

    Title: could say more :)

    Theme song: really go

    Story: A troublemaker Andy who makes everyones lives even worse. Well, he could be a goodguy a bit more often.

    Art: like I said the art is horrible! Andys principal whats-his-name-again is square and huge, while Andy himself doesn't have any muscles, and has a giant head. All the teenagers have lousy body proportions as well...

    Humour: I hate those american fart jokes everywhere. But this is the first cartoon where there could be fart humour.Andys dog could fart less, because it's getting annoying.

    Misc: In one episode it was hinted that Andys father was the graet prankster too O_O !

    In conclusion: A funny show, which could teach some troublemakers how to make good pranks.
  • Quite good

    Well... I only watched a few episodes, so I can't say much about it. Only the fact that I kinda like it. It's nice, the episode I have saw were funny and intelligent. The cartoons are original and have quite good plots. You can always watch them when you are bored or when it's raining. Yes. That kind of cartoons. But, general speaking the acrtoon is ok, as I have said already. I don't know what else to say about it. But you can watch it. You will not regret it. I didn't. What's with Andy = the good deal ..
  • I loved the first and second season, but the rest........

    What's with andy used to be an awesome show!I used to watch it all the time until they started making new episode's. I thought "hey, there finally making new episodes, i'll bet they'll be awesome"! but......... they started making boring and dumb episodes that made me fall asleep at the scene. they always ended up with andy saying something to the audience while he is chased by a mob of people in his underwear or not. they used to be classic pranks but now it's just boring pranks. there are good episodes Like that time andy goes to kindergarten, unlike a dumb one like him hiding under the house. this show needs fine tuning.
  • What's with Andy? is a Canadian animated series that debuted in September 2001. It was originally an interactive Flash movie with completely different voice actors and a promotion for FOX Kids. However, it ended up airing on Teletoon.

    The protagonist of the series is Andy Larkin, a mischievous teen who calls himself "the world's greatest prankster". The show follows him as he tries to perform incredibly well-thought out and elaborate practical jokes on people. He lives in the fictional town of East Gackle, Alberta (2nd and 3rd seasons only). He constantly breaks the fourth wall when the screen freezes.

    Andy's best friend, Danny Pickett, helps him out with almost every prank. He's enemies with his sister, Jen Larkin, and the bullies Peter Lik and Andrew Leech. Andy lusts for a girl named Lori Mackney and usually tries to impress her.
    Its a VERY-FUNNY show, worth seeing, when u're sad:D:D, or only for pleasure:D:D:D:D
  • Juvenile, Yes. Inmature, Yes. Interesting, Surprisingly, Yes. Although it may be slightly childish, "What's With Andy" is, as my classification says, a decent show.

    "What's With Andy" is one of those shows where you go, "It Seems Lame, But I Want To Watch It". Although, quote from my summary, it seems Juvenile and Inmature, "What's With Andy" is quite an interesting show. Some of the pranks are..different..but they still keep you glued to your seat, just to see what's in store for Andy Larkin's latest victim. Some of Andy's pranks are just plain outrageous, and the outcome isn't what you'd expect it to be. Of course, Not all Television shows are meant to be 100% Non-Fictional. Andy's pranks probably wouldn't happen in reality, but that's not saying that they'd NEVER happen. And if they did, the community would probably have this prankster arrested, and possibly even charged for god knows what. Although, the community would probably have a good laugh before putting the jokester behind bars. Personally, I'd like to see someone try to perform one of Andy Larkin's famed pranks. It'd be quite interesting to watch the full process of how a proper and professional prank is fully executed. And when the prank is sucessfully pulled of, I wouldn't die of laughter, but I'd get a couple of "giggles" of some sort. But, In a Nutshell, "What's With Andy" is a show that will entertain you, So I recommend that you just take a glimpse of it, and then you can decide whether "What's With Andy" is a show worth watching.
  • Whats with this show?

    Okay, for me personally, i think that TV producers are creating way too many crappy tv shows. It seems like they just make a few crappy tv shows that last for one season, so why can't we just have TV shows that is good and last a while? Anyways, i don't think this is a good tv show. Its kinda weird....some of the humor is not appropriate, and i think that others should spend their time doing something more useful instead of watching 20 minutes of garbage. Uh, yeah, that is what i think of this tv show. . .
  • Its pretty awesome, but the series is starting to go down hill now.

    I'v been watching whats with Andy?, for years now. I have always found it to be very interesting, and the stories that he tells are Great. The animation in what's with Andy? is one of a kind, its preety good to look at but not all that great. I feel The voice actors for the show fit right in perfecty with the charcters. Some of his adventures are abit out to lunch and some abit unbelieveble, but hey its a cartoon! In other words, what's with andy is one of my favourite shows on Teletoon for years now, and i hope they don't replace it with a dumb show.
  • This is such a hilarious show, I don't even know where to begin with.

    Well, I'll begin anyways. Prank and field was a classic.
    It was exciting, smart and overall funny. I really liked
    all dressed to go, lights cameras oops and mostly episodes
    in the later seasons. Although, I feel What's with andy
    is changing all the time. I guess it's a good thing to
    do something different once in a while. Other than that, I really enjoy watching the show because of it's silliness.
    Also, the lottery episode was pretty intense and funny. I
    have a feeling that the creators are going to change everything and make the show completely different in the
    new episodes which are airing now.
  • One of the best prankster jokes ever, with the greatest pranks ever.

    Whats with Andy is a funny show about Andy and his sidekick Danny. Both go out and pranks alot. However, their pranks aren't like other pranks, these are huge pranks.

    The good thing about this show is how they always try to keep on topic and how the pranks mostly always backfire and Andy running. However, watching over 20 episodes, you usally know whats going to happend after the first 10 minutes. At the begining of a show it shows Andy being tormented, or being beat up, or running away from a mod (only two episodes didn't include this), So All you must know is what the prank is, and you know whats going to happen. There is really no point is whacting the last five minutes however.

    What makes this show also good is how andy parents don't give Andy as much punisment as he diserves, Andy just keeps on pranking.

    An other thing that makes this show so good is how Andy and his sister fight alot, and how that is what the Americian family mostly does, by what I heard.

    Whats With andy is not only a prank show, but it includes a love story about Andy and Lori, and Jen and Creg.
  • What's with andy? is a cartoon about Andy and his friend Danny that plays pranks on the town's people of east East Gackle.Andy's dream to become the World's Greatest Prankster,in dreaming this he comes up with the out of this world pranks.

    Well,I'v been watching whats with Andy? for years now.I have always found it to be very interesting,and the stories that he's tells are Great.The animation in what's with Andy? is one of a kinded,its preety good to look at but not all that great.I feel The voice actors for the show fit right in perfecty with the charcters.Some of his adventures are abit out to lunch and some abit unbelieveble,but hey its a cartoon!In other words what's with andy is one of my favourite shows on Teletoon for years now,and i hopw they don't replace it with a dumb show.
  • I personaly think that the show is incredibly funny!!! I like it because...

    It's funny, crazy, and full of action! I think to myself "why don't they make a movie in theatres for this show?" My top 5 fav characters would be: 1] Andy[I mean come on, who's fav isn't Andy?] 2]Danny [the second Banana] 3] Lori [why doesn't Andy just play a little tonsil hockey with her and get it over with {If ya know what I mean}? She likes him anyways]
    4]Mush[DELIVERY!!!] 5]uh,probably Martin [I think he's a bit loony 'cause on "beat the bomb" he started freaking out when Andy and Danny told him that miss E. Gackle and Bumbo couldn't bring him his his dough.] My favorite episode would be "Teendreamboat"!!!

    "...we run in circles, BOTH WAYS!!! DELIVERY!!! DELIVERY!!!..."

  • In the Netherlands ...

    In the Netherlands this show is still broadcast only old episodes and its really stupid and absolutely not funny and very ignoring :)And I dont know why I watch it sometime, actually I do know why, I think because during the day there aren't nice cartoons or series and only stupid series like this one and thats why but its stil stupid and a blessing that its been ended!!
  • Great one! Always funny and easy to assimilate. Everything set and just waiting for you to enjoy.

    “What’s with Andy?” is one of the best Fox Kids’ shows.

    It is true that everything in it is strictly set and there is nothing surprising in any of the episodes. From the very beginning every character receives its description and always does what you expect from him/her. Actually, I believe that this is a very nice thing in such shows. One shouldn’t expect from a kids’ show about “the world’s greatest prankster” to have an elaborate screenplay. Such shows are mainly made in order to entertain and “What’s with Andy?” surely is entertaining. I think the characters are model ones and you can easily understand and distinguish them.

    Andy is the world’s greatest prankster. Danny is the perfect sidekick who does the dirty work. Lik and Leach are the boneheads whom Andy should avoid but on whom he cannot stop playing practical jokes. Jen is the always annoying sis that is a perfect victim for the prankster duo Andy-Danny (have you ever wondered why those two have such easily troubled names?). And, of course, there is Lori – the great jokester beloved. All the other minor characters are also strictly set and some of them are really nice. Such is grandpa Larkin who used to be “the greatest prankster”.

    As a whole, this is a very nice show that will make you laugh with no need of knowing anything about it. Every episode can be watched alone and most of them are very cute and amusing. I can claim that this is one of the best non-engaging shows that I’ve ever seen.
  • garbage

    not funny at all. the pranks are either dumb or impossible for any kid to pull off. the people in the town must be retarted to not notice when htis kid is doing something. and why are his friends all dinks? that little kid with the big classes and a pizza man who lives in his moms basement?


    I like TV show What'sWithAndy?, because I have older sister ,like Andy and she is ussually rude to me.I have a friend like Danny and ...
    So, what'swithAndy is my favorite TV show of all times.
    Andy rulezzz!
    I can't wait when new series will start(If it will start)!
    Andy rulezzz!
  • Getting worse

    This show isnt bad but its getting worse every new season.The first season is not that bad.It was quite funny and good.But when the new season came the show lost a lot of performance.It wasnt as funny and good as the first season.The pranks werent even as funny as before and some pranks were just stupid.I recommend not to watch this show.
  • Andy the word's greatest prankster

    This show is great, it makes you laugh, its so funny. Andy is just an amazing character, clever, funny. The stuff he does is amazing. Danny always ok. The episodes are all orginal, and get better each time. I love this show, Andy's really the king of pranks. It also has the never getting the perfect girl (Lorri) or screwing up in front of her idea. This show might even give you some ideas, i know it did for me.
  • The World`s Greatest Prankster is...

    ...ANDY LARKINS!!!

    This show is awesome. Continuing it would be a good idea! Andy is da bomb. It`s the funniest show (besides Family Guy) ever! Who agree`s so far?

    No really, some of these are pranks only seen on What`s With Andy?.

    My favourite prank so far is the one where Andy & Danny get three pigs & number them 1, 2, & 4. Then they put all 3 pigs into the school, causing everyone to look for the third pig.

    This show is a real laugh out loud!

    No really. What`s with Andy?
  • An original idea, but needs work.

    Not one of my favorite shows, but What's With Andy is a show enjoyed by many. Andy is a boy who goes to school and endures issues that are brought out within his family and at school whilst trying to accomplish his goal to become the ultimate prankster. Needs a lot of work, though, before I can fully enjoy it, myself. Admittedly, though, although some of the pranks are lame and sometimes annoying, the theme song for Season 2 is better than it's preceding season making it more enjoyable.

    All in all, a below-average show that is far from perfect.