What's With Andy?

Season 3 Episode 10

She Pranks Me, She Pranks Me Not

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2006 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • When Andy wants Lori to help him prank, the name of the store behind her is named "Shane's video". But a few seconds later the name changes to "Shane's".

    • Andy's usually calls himself the world's greatest "prankster", but at some points throughout this episode he calls himself the world's greatest "pranker".

    • When Andy is talking to Shirley at the beginning of the episode, the girl next to him is wearing a purple shirt. But a few seconds later she is wearing a white shirt.

    • Why is Craig in Andy's class? He is older and is usually in Jen's class not in Andy's.

  • Quotes

    • Andy: Danny, tomorrow, I want you to record everything that Lori does.
      Danny: I don't know, it seems kinda-
      Andy: Don't you still owe me a dollar?
      Danny: Where's the camera?

    • Andy: Uh, dad, can I ask you a question?
      Mr.Larkin: Ok, Andy, ask me anything.
      Andy: It's about... girls.
      Mr.Larkin: Well, lookee here! There's a great documentary on CBC tonight about- There are birds and there are bees, and...
      Andy: (to us) Sad isn't it?

    • Lori: What's with Andy?
      Danny: How could you ask that? First you lead him on, give him hope for the future, then you crush his dreams under that cute little size four pump of yours. You are a cold blooded unfeeling witch! What was the name of that Casanova website?
      Lori: Humph! (puts her book down and puts Danny's shirt over his head)
      Danny: Ok, catch you later!

    • Andy: I can't believe Lori said those things about me. I don't pick my nose, scratch myself!
      Danny: When anybody's watching.
      Andy: What?
      Danny: I said, you're always, um, body washing!
      Andy: And my breath does not smell!

    • Andy: Look, Craig. If you don't criticize my pranks, I promise I won't pull anymore on you. Deal?
      Craig: Um...ok. (Andy shocks Craig with a buzzer on his hand)

    • Andy: Hi, I'm Andy Larkin. (shocks Shirley with a buzzer on his hand)
      Shirley: Woah!
      Andy: The world's greatest prankster.
      Shirley: Oh yeah? Well, how would you like to become the world's greatest emergency room patient?

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