Wheel of Fortune (Australia)

Weekdays 5:00 PM on Seven Network Premiered Jul 27, 1981 In Season


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  • After a year of remaking they changed the set, hosts and rules, brought it back in 2006 and now itf fabulous...

    After a year of remaking they changed the set, hosts and rules, brought it back in 2006 and now its fabulous...

    After the new host in 1996 tookover the show lost all of its great audience. Now that they have a new host and co-host the show has humour and it's better than ever.

    It's stange because I am quite young and I watch it, only because it has humour. I Also love the new modern set which is better than the old one which hwas patheticly old.

    The first episode of the new set was great because someone took home the car!!!
  • WHAT A REMAKE! Great new set, and great first episode with winner taking home the car.

    A fantastic new Wheel of Fortune with new set, new hosts and some new technology. The new set boasts 36 LED tubes (24 on wheel, 12 on puzzleboard) and Martin MAC700.

    Larry Emdur, and Laura Csortan bring a new kind of thrill to the show with Larry\\\'s big smile, and their combined humour. The Wheel has now regained its television audience, which it lost when Tony Barber took over as host in 1996.
  • Brought back after a year of remaking.

    This year Wheel of Fortune is brought onto daily tv after a year of redoing it. With new hosts Larry Edmur (swapped channels after nine's Price is Right is axed) and Laura Csortan (Great Outdoors) who add humour to the old classic as Laura is twice the height of the small Larry Edmur. Even though they were redoing it nothing much has changed if anything has so it is still the same as before. First night back the car goes off to everyone's surprise. A fantastic return to tv to replace old MASH repeats which have been going on forever 10/10.