Wheel of Fortune

Season 14 Episode 5

End of 3 Eras: NBC Studios, Shopping, and Rolf

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Jun 30, 1989 on



  • Notes

    • This date marked the last date that Wheel of Fortune recorded at NBC studios. It also marked the last date that the shopping format was used. When the show moved to CBS daytime 2 weeks later, the contestants were playing for cash (albeit not much), and Rolf Benirschke was not invited along for the ride. Truth be told, by the time Rolf's last episode came around, he was a lot more comfortable in front of the camera, but CBS must have decided they wanted to go with a more familiar face.
      An interesting note, the champion on this episode (Joe) was nowhere to be found when Wheel re-surfaced on CBS 2 weeks later, even though the show was still using returning champions at that point. Also of note: Rolf never tried his hand at television in any form after this endeavor, and it's rumored that he doesn't like to talk about his stint as the host of America's most popular game show. These days, Rolf is actively involved in the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America.

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