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  • Not the popular game show it once was

    Wheel Of Fortune has officially become unwatchable. It has become so cheap. Prize Puzzles and the Express make it easy for a runaway, Both halves of the car no longer appear on the wheel in the first round, Contestants waste money on vowels these days, The current theme song and puzzle solve cues sound like crap, and there are way too many small puzzles and too many unwinnable bonus rounds. Wheel Of Fortune is unwatchable these days. I miss the old episodes from the early 80s and early 90s, back when the daytime version was in existence. Unfortunately, Sony had all those taken off YouTube because of copyright issues. The copyright rules are crap. It's not just Wheel Of Fortune. There's barely anything good on TV anymore. Most of the programs on TV these days, especially on the local stations, are garbage. That's why I don't watch the local stations on TV. I don't watch Wheel Of Fortune. And now that it's 2016, Wheel Of Fortune will eventually meet its demise because of how cheap it's become. I bet Merv Griffin would be turning over in his grave right now the way show has gone these days

  • Show going downhill/Changes to the show

    Wheel of Fortune has become virtually unwatchable. It has become so cheap. They took out the Jackpot Round, They take the prize wedge off the wheel after Round 2, Prize Puzzles made it easy for a runaway, Both halves of the car no longer appear on the wheel in the first round, Contestants waste money on vowels nowadays, The current theme song and puzzle solve cues sound terrible. Why not go back to the 1997 theme song and 1997 puzzle solve cues?, the lowest value on the wheel was raised from $300 to $500 back in 2014, and WAY too many small puzzles.

    It's like they're telling contestants how much money they can make. I thought the whole idea of the show was to make money. I'm pretty much done with Wheel of Fortune. It's unwatchable nowadays. I miss the old eps from the late 90s ad early 00s. Unfortunately, Sony had all those taken off YouTube because of the copyright shit. The copyright rules are bullshit. It's not just Wheel. There's barely anything good on TV anymore. Most of it nowadays is garbage (especially on MTV). That's why I barely watch TV anymore. I don't even watch Wheel of Fortune as often as I used to. And now that it's 2016, Wheel of Fortune has just lost themselves a viewer because of how cheap it's become. I bet Merv Griffin would be turning in his grave right now the way show has gone these days
  • Food and Drink Category

    Since it's conception, the Food and Drink category has NEVER, EVER been both food and drink. It has always been one or the other, but NEVER both. It would be clearly appropriate to either correctly update, rename, or entirely eliminate this politically incorrect category altogether. This, and deliberately, stupidly buying totally obvious vowels (likely coached to do so by directors) are primary reasons I have completely stopped watching what was previously our totally favorite family game show. It's obvious you only have to be a total moron to be on this show. Winning is seemingly only a matter of being less stupid than your opponents.
  • wheel of Fortune

    i have looked at this program from the day it started. i am 87 and will be 100 next year 2016, I would like to be on this am a WWii vet i really don't think that I look my age. i see that Pat and Vanna also keep looking good. I am a retired Veteran. 27 yes. combst fighting the Japs. Radio Operator and gunner on a B24 the Distinquished Flying Cross, 4 Air Medals plus other awards. Married over 70 yrs. had one son and two grandkids. I Luv wheel of fortune because it also helps keep my mind alert. I would like to be the oldest contestant that this program ever had. note. I also still drive my car each William L Grisaitis 558 Queens Mirror Circle Casselberry Fl 21707
  • GSN the show

    I don't like the show but I love the game
  • The most boring game show on TV.

    Complete waste of time! This show is overrated, unoriginal and ridiculously boring. It has no educational value. Pat Sajak and Vanna White serve no real purpose for this show whatsoever. The introduction of Pat Sajak and Vanna White is the most boring part of this show and the digital letterboard that has been in use since 1997 is the primary reason Vanna White is as useless as an old newspaper. The categories are boring and watching contestants spin the Wheel and call out one random letter after another just to solve some random puzzle is just as boring. This show is filled with ridiculous gimmicks like the Toss-Up puzzles and the $1,000 bonus on the Final Spin. This show is nothing but a shell of its former self. There are nearly 200 TV stations that currently broadcast this show every night, and every TV station should definitely get rid of this show, the sooner the better. Count me as one of a number of people that cannot wait for this show to come to an end once and for all.
  • Winning Cars

    If I spin the wheel and get 4 CAR tags would I win 2 cars?
  • New Website

    It's not working! I can't get in, and I've tried several different ways. I keep getting an error message that the website can't be found. One time I actually got a part of the old site with a redirect to the new site, but that didn't work, either. Need to get it fixed -- soon, please!
  • One of a good enjoyable showings ever to hit TV

    Wheel of Fortune really seemed to do well. It is well paced, fun and exciting although the excitment did settle down after a while. Sill, I`d enjoy wacthing this now and again.

    I love this show! I've been watching it since I was 2 and I still continue to watch and play along today! It helped me spell and everything!
  • Should be ashamed!!!

    I used to be a fan of this show, but after seeing how the young man was CHEATED out of his chance at a million I won't be again! His pronunciation of "curio" was not a factor, he was saying the word! Wheel of fortune should make an offical apology to him. This was a disgrace!
  • A Classic and Knowledgeable Show!

    I am so glad this show is still on! I always love to see what new prizes and puzzles they come up with. I always go along and try to solve them. The visual displays on this show is OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful and hi-tech. The contestants are always happy and chirpy, and who can blame them for being on the best game show on TV today?! There is great support from contestant to contestant, the puzzles are hard but not mind boggling for geeks that can't hold up to Jeopardy, and the colors and lights keep you engaged. Perfecto!
  • Looking for an episode.....

    I am looking for the Wheel of Fortune episode that aired Friday 4/6/12. Can someone please tell me where I can find this to watch online? Thanks!!!!!!
  • I play on Nintendo.

    I play Wheel Of Fortune on Nintendo be so nice if the money and prizes you win on there was real money and prizes.
  • I learned my alphabet watching this show.

    Wheel of Fortune is easily one of my favorite game shows out there. It's certainly a classic and Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been brilliant over the years. I started watching this show when I was exceptionally young and my parents have told me I learned my ABC's watching this show everyday at 6 during my toddler ages. Certainly one of the best shows altogether, forget the game show genre, and anyone who doesn't like it has been brainwashed by this new crap that has been put on TV today.
  • There is no summary because this show is not a show at all, it is a game show!

    This show is really boring. Please stay away from it because the show has know real meaning to it. I mean seriously the game show is guessing words and winning money. Everytime someone wins the game and they go to the bonus round, it is a unfair. The host guy says if you win the guess the bonus word you can win $100 000. But guess what, no one ever even lands on it. The odds are so slim and not in your favour. My point is please stay away from this show.
  • this is the worst show in the history of making shows

    like i said this must be the worst show in the whole planet. my grandfather watches it that is pretty bad so you teens who are watching this show you must like old show. i think this show is so boring that i could fall a sleep when i watch is good idea so when i have to go to sleep i will watch this show i could sleep just like that
  • this show is horrible!!!!!! i hate this show. its so boring and what is vanna's purpose on it?? this is modern times they can electronically show the letters!!

    Complete waste of time! This show should have been cancelled long ago. It is so dumb. It is so overrated and unoriginal, i mean with the price is right out there this show is dumb. Vanna's purpose is just... Hello-digital age, the letters can be electronically shown. The set is also just sooo cheap looking. The catagories are boring, boring, boring and this buy a vowel is so stupid. The price is right now that is a classic. I have rarely seen anyone win anything on this show and on Price is right you are guaranteed a win. This show needs to be gotten rid of.
  • perfect

    players spin a wheel and guess letters to get money and try to solve the board. it sounds boring kind of but it is fun. i like watching and i get a lot of them right. i love when i get them right, and the people spinning keep on spinning, guess a letter, get it wrong, and the next person gets it. overall, it is a pretty fun game show i think. i only just started watching it recently but it is fun and i usually do well on it. overall grade for this game show is an A+ from me
  • Good show.

    It's not horrible or not that bad for anyone.But it's not better than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Jeopardy.Of course that it doesn't really ask questions,they just guess what the word is.It's a good show and it's not bad for anyone like me.Some of the words are like hard and some of them are easy.Well,it's not very horrible at all and it's very great as one of the best game shows ever made.It's not a bad show,but it doesn't compete with Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.It's really a best game show that has been ever made.
  • I just can't help myself

    We watch Wheel of Fortune every single night over dinner. My mom and I started watching it together when I was in high school. It became a family thing. So, when I got married and moved into my own house, it continued. I just love Vanna and Pat. Sure, they are are cheesy and don't seem to be aging as much as they should, but they are fun. I always think I could do better than the contestants! Plus, I can still impress my husband when I get clues with only a few letters. I especially love it when there are loony contestants! It makes the show much more interesting :)
  • Classic game show!

    Very classic game show that is still going strong. As the show is been there since the 1970's with original host Chuck Woolry who would later go onto Love Connection and Scrabble fame. But really didn't go through the roof until Pat Sajak and Vanna White took it over. I think they both are like brother and sister to me. Though everybody thought they were like a couple. Still, it makes you play with the audience. And gets you involved with the game. It has staying power due to those two and audience involvement. Keep it up Sajak & White! As Merv Griffith is smiling from above.
  • One of the greatest game shows of all time. Although it could use a little fixing.

    Wheel of Fortune is a pretty simple show. You spin a huge colorful wheel with thousands of dollars on it and pick a letter and hope it's up there. The show has been good enough to last a total of 32 years when you add the runs of the daytime show which ran on NBC from 1975-1989, 1991-1992, and CBS from 1989-1991 as well as the highly popular nighttime syndicated show which has ran since 1983. Overall the show is still as good as it was since I can remember but the show in my opinion could use some fine-tuning. The show now mostly relys on cheap gimmicks to get people to tune in even though they have been the #1 show in syndication since 1983. This has really started in recent years starting in the late 90s when the "Jackpot" round was introduced which was soon followed by the "Toss-Up" round and "Mystery" round. These aspects slow the game down and makes the show a fake, artificial, shell of it's former self. I made this judgement based upon watch reruns of the show from the 80s on GSN and in my opinion the show was more watchable and more exciting because there was more game instead of cheap gimmicks and actually in some cases even gave away more money than the show does today. If there was one more thing I could change I would bring back the old theme song from the 80s and early 90s because thats one of the little things that made those early episodes what they were. I bet you can't even hum the theme they got now. In all "Wheel of Fortune" is still a great game show for the whole family to enjoy after all these years but it still use a little tweaking to bring it back to it's prime.
  • I loved it when i was little but not as much anymore.

    Wheel of Fortune was a show that i had to watch like every night when i was like 5 years old. NOw days I would just watch this show once in a while. There are gameshows out there that I watch more often the wheel of fortune. Im not saying this is a bad show, id watch it more often if i knew when it was on. I know its on at 7:00 i just don't know the days that its on. You dont have to be smart to be on the show like deal or no deal, so when im older i might try it out.
  • Pretty good game show

    This is probably one of the oldest game shows of all time (not including The Price is Right), and one of the more enjoyable shows in game show history with host Pat Sajac and creator Merv Griffin, who also created Jeopardy. The show dates back to the 1970s, with it's first debut, and it still goes strong to the present day 21st century. The show now has a Wheel-Watchers Club, where Wheel of Fortune watchers can possibly win trips or cars that contestants win on the show. In my opinion, this is a pretty decent game show, and I will probably still hold that opinion for years to come.
  • This show is great show. But the host Pat SaJac is boring and he is to nice ,I like mildly stern hosts.

    This show is a fun show to watch but I would never start recording this show. I got some piece of advice for the Wheel of fortune crew get a new host and new hostess. But you don't have to take my word for all this I'm saying. I don't get the part about the "womans Touch" everyone knows their no such thing as luck. I don't believe in luck , luck is a big nothing.
  • Although Wheel of fortune is a definite classic, it is WAY past its prime.

    I used to love this show when I was little, when they had the REAL Wheel of fortune theme song. Also, I did like the old puzzle better than the new one. The Wheel of Fortune out there is good, but doesnt compare at all to the first one. They went from the small, nice size wheel to the big, bulgy one during the mid-late 90s. Also, they continue to make it harder for you to win big in the bonus round, because of the big wheel with probably half to 3 quarters of it $25,000. Although I do love the new look and style, I dont think it stacks up to the old school version of Wheel of Fortune. I remember how Vanna White would get a special entrance, and they didnt take as many commercial, now they dont do none of that.
  • Well since its been going so long it's more like a daily yearly fix.

    I like game shows to an extent, but this is one of the ones I'm really into. My family actually started the whole phase. I personally never liked it until they started watching it. I think the concept of the game is great and that is why it has been around so long. Also, the game is not the only fun thing to watch. I like watching the contestants. Sometimes they are so stupid! The things they guess for the most simple answer never ceases to amaze me. I will continue to watch this show as long as it is around, which will probably be awhile.
  • This is a game show that doesn't require much intellect to win.

    Wheel of Fortune! pits three contestants against each other to see who can solve the puzzles first. At the end, a winner is chosen and then they play one more round for the ultimate prize. Even though this game is very competetive and suspenseful, it doesn't require the players to use a great deal of brainstorming. Sometimes, the puzzles are too easy and yet, a contestant will still get it wrong and it's frustrating. Whenever a contestant spins the wheel, they are applauded for no reason by the audience and I find it ridiculous. This show is only good when you want to kill some time or you have nothing to do.
  • For 31 years Wheel Of Fortune has always been the best game Show.

    I'm not even a fan of game shows, but I still sit down every night and watch this show because it is so entertaining. I dont think it would even be that great if it didnt have Pat and Vanna..I mean, their like.... the dynamic duo..Its awesome how theres a different theme every week, and different prizes according to that theme..and also, the wheel is soo colorful!! I mean, have you ever seen a more colorful wheel before?? well not me..and also, WOF is very suspensful because when they spin, you just hope they dont get the bankrupt but then..aaawwwwww...but ya..just thought i'd write a review about it..
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