Wheel of Fortune - Season 8

Daily 6:30 PM on Premiered Jan 01, 1975 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Pat Sajak, Bonus Round Premiere
    Pat Sajak, previously the weatherman for KNBC in Los Angeles, was selected as Chuck Woolery's replacement. Pat would be the first to tell you that his goals at the time never included hosting the most successful game show in American history. With Wheel doing only above average at the time, Pat imagined he'd host the show for a few years and move on to something bigger and better. It turned out that it was Wheel that got bigger and better.Way better than that unpredictable L.A. weather, huh? Pat's first spin o' the wheel. Pat's puckish behavior was evident even in this first episode, which was Teen Week. His performance included a few opening day jitters however. Game show fan David Hammett reflects that, later in his first week on the air, a contestant picked a vowel incorrectly, to which Pat replied, "Good try, why don't you spin again?" Naturally you then heard Nancy Jones off camera screaming at him that it was in fact the next player's turn. Perhaps the most unpleasant moment for Pat during his first show was the second shopping round, in which a contestant with $3,000 opted to not pick the expensive hot tub in the showcase and instead purchased the other 14 prizes in the showcase, which led to a 2 1/2 minute marathon voice over for announcer Jack Clark.moreless